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From Andreas Veithen <>
Subject Re: Axis Website update
Date Mon, 27 Dec 2010 21:28:53 GMT
On Mon, Dec 27, 2010 at 19:16, Nadir Amra <> wrote:
> So then updates to the site can only be done on a release boundary?

The basic constraint is to maintain consistency between the published
site and the site sources. In practice this indeed means that the site
is only refreshed during a release. However:

* One can do manual edits to the generated site, provided that the
site sources are also updated (so that the updates are not lost when
the site is regenerated). I did that with the Axis2 site in order to
fix a couple of broken links after the 1.5.3 release. Unfortunately
people tend to forget to update the site sources, leaving it to other
people to clean up the mess when doing a new release (see r1042149 and
* Technically, nothing would prevent us from republishing the site
from the trunk without doing a release. However, this means that the
site may contain information (e.g. in the Javadoc) that is not
applicable to any release. Also, I don't know any project at the ASF
that does this.

> If true, that does not  seem too flexible, does it?

Maven sites are fine for some type of documentation (such as Javadoc,
reference documentation or information that doesn't change much), but
it is definitely not flexible enough for some type of content (e.g.
tutorials). Some time ago there was a discussion about this and the
consensus is that we need something else (which would be in addition
to the Maven sites, at least during a transition phase) that would
allow to publish content with a simpler procedure. At that time,
Confluence (with the auto-export plugin) was the only CMS available
and I like that system, although it's not perfect. However, the future
of this at the ASF is uncertain because the infra team would like to
get rid of it in favor of their own custom built solution.

> Nadir Amra
> Andreas Veithen <> wrote on 12/27/2010 11:04:50 AM:
>> From: Andreas Veithen <>
>> To:
>> Date: 12/27/2010 11:07 AM
>> Subject: Re: Axis Website update
>> The changes for AXIS2-4912 were applied to the site sources in the
>> trunk. That was after I prepared the 1.5.4 release. The site currently
>> online is the one generated from the 1.5.4 release and therefore
>> doesn't contain these changes. The normal way to get them published is
>> with the next release. If that is 1.6, then the changes will be
>> included automatically. If the next release is 1.5.5, then the site
>> changes need to be merged to the 1.5 branch first (I did that for
>> 1.5.4, and I plan to do the same for 1.5.5, if there is another
>> release from the 1.5 branch).
>> Andreas
>> On Sun, Dec 26, 2010 at 06:51, Afkham Azeez <> wrote:
>> > Chanaka had submitted a few site patches, and I think these have been
>> > committed to the SVN. If so, why hasn't the site
>> > still been updated?
>> >
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