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From Sadeep Jayasumana <>
Subject Improvements to Axis2 Transports
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2011 07:57:52 GMT
Hi Devs,

I'm planning to do the following improvement to Axis2 transport framework.

Currently, Axis2 transport framework reads certain configuration information
related to transport listeners (server core pool size, max pool size, server
queue length, etc) from a property file found in the classpath. This
property file is named "<transport-name>.properties" and this name is not
configurable. Because of this, when there are two or more transport
listeners with the same name, they cannot have independent configurations.
(They cannot have different pool sizes, queue lengths etc.)

After my improvement, user will be able to include all the configuration
information inside axis2.xml's <transportReceiver> element itself, without
using <transport-name>.properties file. Therefore, all the transport
listeners listed in axis2.xml will be able to have independent
configurations. However, to keep backward compatibility, values will still
be read from the properties file and values present is axis2.xml's
<transportReceiver> element will override those read from the properties

Does this sound like a good improvement? Your inputs are welcome.

Sadeep Jayasumana

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