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From Ivan <>
Subject Axis2 1.7.0 integration with Apache Geronimo ?
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2011 15:50:35 GMT
Hi, devs:

    This is Ivan from Geronimo project, in the past few months, I was
working on the Axis2 1.7.0-SNAPSHOT integration with Geronimo 3.0-SNAPSHOT,
and also investigating JAX-WS 2.2 CTS failures of Axis2 running in the
Geronimo environment. You might see that I asked some questions and opened
some JIRAs for Axis2 :-) ,  and you guys helped me a lot in the process.
Now, with some local changes of the JIRAs below, I got a much better
integration result.

        (AXIS2-5062) Connection is not released while using JAXWS client API
(AXIS2-5039) Override the SOAPAction from the SOAPMessage MIME header if it
is explicitly configured later
(AXIS2-5023) Ambigious use of isElementData in the Block interface
(AXIS2-5022) Support addressing meta data with policy 1.5 framework
(AXIS2-5040) Ignore the methods while no webmethod annotation and no
webservice annotation on the declaring class
(AXIS2-5034) Incorrect exception name is used for fault message while
creating AxisService from WSDL
(AXIS2-5001) SOAPMessage.getSOAPHeaders() return null while no headers in
the soap envelope
(AXIS2-4996) Exclude content-length header while chunked is enabled

For most of these JIRAs, I have attached the patches and response to the
some comments from some dev members. Could you help to review these JIRAs ?
I would like to see those issues could be fixed or whether I miss anything.

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