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From Yunxi Zhang <>
Subject RE: wsdl2java eclipse plugin error
Date Sun, 07 Aug 2011 19:51:20 GMT

Hi, Harshana,
Thank you for your reply. The wsdl sample file i used is the different one from yours, which
i got from shown below:<?xml version="1.0"?>
<definitions name="StockQuote"


       <schema targetNamespace=""
           <element name="TradePriceRequest">
                      <element name="tickerSymbol" type="string"/>
           <element name="TradePrice">
                      <element name="price" type="float"/>

    <message name="GetLastTradePriceInput">
        <part name="body" element="xsd1:TradePriceRequest"/>

    <message name="GetLastTradePriceOutput">
        <part name="body" element="xsd1:TradePrice"/>

    <portType name="StockQuotePortType">
        <operation name="GetLastTradePrice">
           <input message="tns:GetLastTradePriceInput"/>
           <output message="tns:GetLastTradePriceOutput"/>

    <binding name="StockQuoteSoapBinding" type="tns:StockQuotePortType">
        <soap:binding style="document" transport=""/>
        <operation name="GetLastTradePrice">
           <soap:operation soapAction=""/>
               <soap:body use="literal"/>
               <soap:body use="literal"/>

    <service name="StockQuoteService">
        <documentation>My first service</documentation>
        <port name="StockQuotePort" binding="tns:StockQuoteBinding">
           <soap:address location=""/>

But, I'm not sure if different wsdl files can make the result different. The plugin I used
just popped up a warning window in the last step shown in figure below:
After I clicked on the finish button, a warning window just popped up with errors
Sorry, I have no idea how to print out the stack trace for this error message. Could you tell
me how to do that?
By the way, the IDE i used is myEclipse 8.6, the version of axis2.jar is 1.6.0, and the os
is Mac os 10.6.8. 
Hope this information is clear.
Many thanks

Date: Sun, 7 Aug 2011 22:44:15 +0530
Subject: Re: wsdl2java eclipse plugin error

Hi Yunxi,
On 7 August 2011 20:00, Yunxi Zhang <> wrote:

Hi, guys,

I'm using the wsdl2java eclipse plugin to generate a java file from a wsdl file which is sample
wsdl file from w3c web site . 
I believe you are referring to
I used this and was able generate both skeleton and client without any issue.

But i got an error in the last step where popped up a window giving the information "An error
occurred while completing process -java.lang.InterruptedException".

You might have got the error message after the above text in the message box. Can you let
us know the complete error message and the stack trace on your console?
Thanks and Regards,

Harshana Martin
 I've search this error information on line, but found out other users got the different error
information like mine. Has anyone got any idea about this? Thank you.

Best regards,



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