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From Jay Sullivan <>
Subject Re: Having trouble interfacing with WCF
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2011 18:26:29 GMT
On Thu, Aug 4, 2011 at 11:41 AM, Martin Gainty <> wrote:

>  here is a dirt simple ServiceClient that works with rampart engaged
> ...
>         ServiceClient client = new ServiceClient(ctx, null);
>         Options options = new Options();
>         options.setAction("urn:echo");
>         options.setTo(new EndpointReference(args[0]));
>         options.setProperty(RampartMessageData.KEY_RAMPART_POLICY,
> loadPolicy(args[2]));
>         client.setOptions(options);
>         client.engageModule("addressing");
>         client.engageModule("rampart");

I have a few questions:

I'm using wsImport to generate stub classes.  Is creating a ServiceClient
necessary, or does the stub do this for me?
What does setAction("urn:echo") do? And what does options.setTo(new
EndpointReference(args[0])) do?
What does setProperty(KEY_RAMPART_POLICY, ...policy...) do? Must I set this?
My policy is pulled from the WSDL by WsImport, so how would I use this
instead of loadpolicy(args[2])?

if you think your rampart mar is META-INF only (generally 2k size or less)
> best to download rampart from sourceforge

Well, rampart-1.6.0 has rampart-1.6.0.mar which is 9343 bytes, and
rampart-1.5.5 has rampart-1.5.5.mar which is  2704 bytes.  I notice
rampart-1.5.1.mar is 9327 bytes, so I'm guessing rampart-1.6.0 is the full

and build the rampart.mar for policy,trust and rampart-VERSION
> you're going to need to place
> rampart-policy-<VERSION>.mar
> rampart-trust-<VERSION>.mar
> rampart-<VERSION>.mar
> in WEB-INF\modules folder

:( ... I don't know anything about META-INF and WEB-INF, and don't know what
you mean "build the rampart.mar for policy, trust and rampart".  Where is
this WEB-INF folder? Should I be able to ignore it if I use the "non
META-INF only" module?

generally 1.5.1 was the last blessed Rampart version..i havent tried 1.6

And what version of Axis2 are you using?

Jay Sullivan

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