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From Amila Jayasekara <>
Subject [Rampart] Upgrading WSS4J and OpenSAML versions used by Rampart
Date Tue, 03 Jan 2012 07:56:55 GMT
Hi All,

Current Rampart trunk uses WSS4j 1.5.13. But WSS4J 1.6.4 is available
with more features and bug fixes. It will add a great value to Rampart
if we can migrate to WSS4J 1.6.4. Therefore we are working on
upgrading WSS4J version to 1.6.4. We are planning to do this in
following steps,

1. Upgrade OpenSAML version in Rampart trunk. Rampart currently uses
both 1.1 and 2.2.3. We need to upgrade OpenSAML version to 2.5.1-1.
This is the opensaml version used by WSS4J.
2. Upgrade WSS4J version in trunk to 1.6.4, with minimum code changes.
Objective of this step is to upgrade WSS4J version of Rampart and make
sure all existing unit tests pass.
3. Change Rampart code to use new WSS4J 1.6.4 API's and features and
stabilize the code. This includes SAML2 features and Kerberos
4. Add more integration tests.

As mentioned above we are planning to do above changes in trunk it
self. The current Rampart releases (1.6.x) will remain supporting
WSS4J 1.5.x.
Relevant Jiras for OpenSAML and WSS4J version upgrades are stated in
[1] and [2]. Will create Jiras for new features as we proceed with

Comments/Feedback and Objections are welcome on above approach.


Thank you

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