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From 少鹏 隋 <>
Subject A tough question about axis2
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2012 01:39:08 GMT
Dear Developers:
    Sorry to trouble you.
    Hello,I am a Master Student using your brilliant axis2 which makes me feel happy since
it is so flexible and robust.Now my team and I are developing a small project by using it.But
there are tough questions I still don't understand after I've saw the axis2 quick guide&
the axis2 architecture & some posts in some forum and ur offical website.So could you
please help me for the questions as follows.
    As we know,when a request comes to tomcat,tomcat will searc the corresponded container
and see whether  an instance of this servlet class exists,if so,the request will use it and
don't create a new instance.OTHERWISE ,a new servlet instance will be created . So there is
always only one instance of servlet for a certain class available in the tomcat.With respect
to axis2,we know that,it is a project that should be placed under the webapps folder.So its
mechanism is the same with the the common JSP project,is not it?
    The Question ,I am now wondering, is that:given that there are many clients for a available
webservice now,some class(denoted as Clazz) which provide the api of the webserive.So when
different requests from various clients come to axis2,how does axis2 deal them?By saying that,I
mean,do they clients share the same "Clazz" instance,OR each client has a instance respectively
of Clazz.It is my puzzle!!!
    In my opinion,each request has a instance,since if you don't use context,the instance
variable in Clazz cannot share values,or put it in another way,Only using a cetain context
can we share a instance variable.Say,if we use the ConfigurationContext in a webservice class
and we put a value in this context,different clients can share it.
    If you can provide me some tips or reference,better!
    Thank you for taking a time to check my emails.
    Hope you are happy.
    Best Regards,
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