install a copy of SOAPUI from:

...for each service request..

put SOAP request into input request buffer
press/click "send request"

report back what you see

Saludos Cordiales,

From: oscaster@hotmail.com
To: java-user@axis.apache.org
CC: java-dev@axis.apache.org
Subject: Log xml request file
Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2015 13:07:17 +0100


   Please could anyone show me how to log the soap message I mea the xml file of an Axis2 request?

   Let me explain.

    I have developed a stand alone app which call two web services.

    I performed one client with ADB
    I performed the other client with XML beans

  I´m getting an error in my clients and I was wondering to know exactly which soap message I´m sending in order to try it in SOAP ui and knows if it works.

  In the past I now I did it several time ago that´s why I asked about it.

 I have been looking on Gloogle with no successful after trying serveral solutions I found on Internet.

  The problem also is that because I´m getting an error I can´t use anything at all related to Axis LastContext.

 Thanks in advance
Kind regards,