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Subject [1/3] beam-site git commit: Blog: "Media recap of the Apache Beam graduation"
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2017 19:33:25 GMT
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Blog: "Media recap of the Apache Beam graduation"


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Author: Davor Bonaci <>
Authored: Wed Feb 1 10:02:07 2017 -0800
Committer: Davor Bonaci <>
Committed: Wed Feb 1 11:32:24 2017 -0800

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@@ -0,0 +1,52 @@
+layout: post
+title:  "Media recap of the Apache Beam graduation"
+date:   2017-02-01 00:00:01 -0800
+excerpt_separator: <!--more-->
+categories: blog
+  - davor
+One year ago today Apache Beam was accepted into incubation at the Apache
+Software Foundation. The community's work over the past year culminated, just
+over three weeks ago, with an [announcement]({{ site.baseurl }}/blog/2017/01/10/beam-graduates.html)
+that Apache Beam has successfully graduated as a new Top-Level Project at the
+foundation. Graduation sparked an additional interest in the project, from
+corporate endorsements, news articles, interviews, to the volume of traffic to
+our website and mailing lists.
+Corporate endorsements include Google, PayPal, Talend, data Artisans, and
+others. You can read more in the following blog posts:
+* Google: "[Apache Beam graduates to a top-level project]("
by Tyler Akidau.
+* Talend: "[The Future of Apache Beam, Now a Top-Level Apache Software Foundation Project]("
by Jean-Baptiste Onofré.
+* Talend: "[Apache Beam Your Way to Greater Data Agility]("
by Shane Kent.
+* Google: "[Apache Beam graduates from incubation: Try it today on Google Cloud Dataflow]("
by Frances Perry.
+News coverage started with the Apache Software Foundation’s press release in
+[Nasdaq GlobeNewswire](,
+and followed by coverage in many independent outlets. Some of those in English
+* ZDNet: "[Apache Beam and Spark: New coopetition for squashing the Lambda Architecture?]("
by Tony Baer.
+* Datanami: "[Google Lauds Outside Influence on Apache Beam]("
by Alex Woodie.
+* InfoWorld / JavaWorld: "[Apache Beam unifies batch and streaming for big data]("
by Serdar Yegulalp, and republished in [JavaWorld](
+* JAXenter: "[In a way, Apache Beam is the glue that connects many big data systems together]("
by Kypriani Sinaris.
+* OStatic: "[Apache Beam Unifies Batch and Streaming Data Processing]("
by Sam Dean.
+* Enterprise Apps Today: "[Apache Beam Graduates to Help Define Streaming Data Processing]("
by Sean Michael Kerner.
+* The Register: "[Google must be Beaming as Apache announces its new top-level projects]("
by Alexander J. Martin.
+* SiliconANGLE: "[Apache Software Foundation announces two more top-level open source projects]("
by Mike Wheatley.
+* SD Times: "[Apache Beam goes top level]("
by Alex Handy.
+Graduation and media coverage helped push Beam website traffic to record levels.
+The website traffic, measured in unique sessions per hour, peaked at more than
+15 times above the previous week’s numbers. In a steady state, the traffic is
+several times larger than before graduation.
+Hopefully these perspectives entice you to join us on this exciting ride, either
+as a user or a contributor, as we work towards our first release with API
+stability. If you’d like to try out Apache Beam today, check out the latest
+[0.4.0 release]({{ site.baseurl }}/get-started/downloads/). We welcome
+contribution and participation from anyone through our mailing lists, issue
+tracker, pull requests, and events.

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