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Subject [beam] branch aaltay-patch-1 created (now 2b16d12)
Date Fri, 22 Feb 2019 22:35:41 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

altay pushed a change to branch aaltay-patch-1
in repository

      at 2b16d12  [BEAM-6736] Upgrade gcsio dependency to 1.9.15

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new 7f3b74c  Welcome to Dataflow!
     new ec739e8  Let's get this party started.
     new 13a46e0  Add TextIO.Read.{,.Bound}.withoutValidation() method and plumb the validate_source value.
     new c266ce3  Fix some misc. warnings.
     new 146b8c8  Logging improvements - decrease level for scary looking but inert credential and upload messages - increase user counters to INFO - change aggregator example to really be empty lines - add brief logging to DirectPipelineRunner
     new a4d86f9  Removed shuffle pool options.
     new 8767bb0  Fixes a bunch of warnings in the transforms package.
     new cda8313  Set the sdk major_version to 0. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=82113067
     new 22af2f3  Example Usability improvements: - print description when missing required options - document BigQuery dataset creation requirements - standardize example instructions
     new 5581b9f  Add an easy option for configuring the autoscaling algorithm. Leave the default as NONE, but now basic, experimental autoscaling can be enabled with: --maxNumWorkers=20 --autoscalingAlgorithm=BASIC
     new 3aa2343  Fixing a few more warnings. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=82120439
     new a77a8ab  Remove type parameter from CalendarWindows
     new 1aca9d2  Dataflow launch: cleanup a subset of checkstyle warnings in the SDK.
     new 7fb008f  Markdown-ify README [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=82162508
     new 5586b61  Serializables is a very inefficient encoding for AccumulatingCombineFn.Accumulators, should be avoided.
     new 0d4061a  KeyedState: Add ParDo test that runs on service and triggers PARTITION_KEYS reshardings, and covers more cases on DirectPipelineRunner.
     new c14dbde  Bundle the SDK within the examples jar.
     new 344a78d  Fixing up a few more warnings. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=82170636
     new f2cd3ce  Make checkstyle violations errors. Fix existing violations. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=82175161
     new dfa53aa  Revert change to set the sdk major_version to 0. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=82178016
     new 622c858  Canonicalize temp folder path before globbing in IOFactoryTest. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=82183712
     new 904ffe9  Dataflow launch: provide build and run instructions in on GitHub.
     new 4d91458  Fix FileIOChannelFactory to allow specifying filename alone (that is, without the directory information) for inputs and outputs.
     new 43a04eb  Dataflow launch: enable Embed-Transitive option when bundling. The default behavior of the bundle plugin is to embed only direct dependencies, i.e., it does not embed transitive dependencies. Setting this option enables transitive dependency embedding.
     new 170351e  Update documentation links.
     new 9e90654  Dataflow launch: update pom.xml for certain modules. In the context of bringing in dependencies from group, move exclusion of Guava transitive dependency to the first instance of the dependency in the POM file.
     new 6ad5210  Dataflow launch: update pom.xml for certain modules. In the context of bringing in dependencies from group, add exclusion of Guava transitive dependency to all dependencies.
     new 83b44d5  Update
     new 9161131  Updating links to canonicals
     new 60035b4  Add a missing for windowing. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=82255231
     new aab6b6d  Maven: turn off trimStackTrace. Before the fix, only top level Exceptions are shown, e.t.c. InvocationTargetException and the root Exception is trimmed. Currently, it shows the full stack trace.
     new 96b0834  Fix typos in
     new df87208  Dataflow open-sourcing: Add file explaining contribution rules.
     new 3db16e5  In GroupAlsoByWindowsDoFnTest, match values in arbitrary order. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=82539405
     new 45b78ea  Generalize type signature of KV.of
     new b287073  Cleanup: clarify fake exceptions and error messages in Tests, it helps to find the real tests failure when people go through logs.
     new 5cf3ed1  Add support for enum defaults on PipelineOptions using the enum name.
     new c4c96bb  Testing: add CombineTest cases for windowing.
     new 73251c1  Add support for using ServiceLoader to register PipelineOptions and PipelineRunners with the SDK.
     new 7c9b182  Insert reshard for RequiresKeyedState for DirectPipelineRunner
     new d255b28  Do not advance the iteration in getProgress() and updateStopPosition(); the two are called from a different thread than the read loop, and race with the ValuesIterator when using the same non-thread safe shuffle client.
     new e8c3614  Infer coders lazily, when requested via getCoder(). This makes impossible a current problem where coder inference fails before a user has a change to set the coder explicitly.
     new f942563  Add a teardown policy flag to the SDK.
     new 623b6b7  * Raise logging level of non-retryable HTTP request URLs to warning. * RetryHttpRequestInitializer is configurable with a set of HTTP codes to skip logging. * In case of GCS, skip logging for 404 because it's a normal situation during file staging, and if it's not normal in some other use case, the caller should be able to just handle the exception.
     new c0ea518  Add DoFn.Context.sideOutputWithTimestamp
     new df1e1af  Set the sdk major_version to 0. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=82537631
     new 3be5a2a  Avoids creating a thread in ReadOperation if progress estimation is not enabled or is continuous. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=82540119
     new 69b6df51 Cleanup: tests UngroupedShuffleSource, GroupingShuffleSource APIs with corresponding ShuffleSinks, and avoids tests implementation details about data encoding into shuffle.
     new 6aaf644  Quieting a few more warnings. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=82547955
     new 7829749  Fix equals in
     new 44c3979  Remove java.util.logging usage, SDK code is meant to use SLF4J as logging API. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=82552388
     new 12addd0  Fix the Count example in java doc.
     new 7c27fb6  Renames Source -> Reader (ergo in associated classes such as SourceIterator, SourceFactory, tests, local variables etc.). This separates the concepts of "Source" (description of an input) and Reader (a way to read it) and avoids conflicts with the Source protobuf.
     new 239a983  Add basic encode/decode tests for most coders. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=82692960
     new 0e4feec  Add TextIO.Write.{,.Bound}.withoutValidation() method and plumb the validate_sink value.
     new 7325a9a  In DataflowAssert.IterableAssert, use appropriate Coder instead of Java serialization for expected results. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=82947656
     new 02cc89f  Add DelegateCoder and StringDelegateCoder. Remove URICoder (now trivial). [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=82962937
     new c2a39f9  Clean up unused variables in TextIOTest.
     new 0cbe519  Take bucket into account when running the PGBK(-and-bucket) operation. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=83305116
     new bc77eee  Add control code for Cloud Debugger: * New option for Debugger version string * Modify worker pool config for Debugger in DataflowPipelineTranslator
     new d54dcd1  We now mostly support wildcard matching for GCS paths so removing the checks. We still do not support recursive wildcards so adding a check for that.
     new 224445d  Addition of MaxPerKeyExamples, an example that reads public samples of weather data from BigQuery, and finds the maximum temperature for each month. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=83461984
     new cbd598c  Addition of filtering and deduplication examples. FilterExamples demonstrates several approaches to filtering, and use of the Mean transform. It shows how to dynamically set parameters by defining and using new pipeline options, and how to use a value derived by the pipeline. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=83468417
     new 8bdee5c  Addition of CombinePerKeyExamples. This example reads public 'Shakespeare' data, and for each word in the dataset that is over a given length, generates a string containing the list of play names in which that word appears. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=83471835
     new 8955e25  Addition of an example that shows how to do a join on two collections. It uses a sample of the GDELT 'world event' data, joining the event 'action' country code against a table that maps country codes to country names. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=83477930
     new 65a6a10  Dataflow on Windows: fix local file matching by replacing backslash with a double-backslash.
     new ec1d2d8  Dataflow on Windows: remove usage of "/tmp/", since that is a platform-specific directory.
     new a5a2d9e  Dataflow on Windows: fix testReadEmptyFile in TextReaderTest that depends on "/dev/null". Replacing "/dev/null" with an empty temporary file.
     new 19c14c6  Dataflow on Windows: fix issues with hardcoded newline characters. We cannot manually construct strings using "\n" and expect equality, since various APIs will return "\r\n" on various platforms instead.
     new 7598e29  Update Dataflow GitHub examples README.MD file to clarify local and cloud mvn options. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=83580687
     new adadb61  Dataflow on Windows: fix an issue where the ZIP archive would contain file names with a '\' (backslash) on Windows. Using '/' (slash) is compatible with most platforms.
     new 801a95b  Update
     new 37b9016  Merge pull request #3 from kwestbrooks/master
     new d1c6551  Merge branch 'patch-1' of into seano314-patch-1
     new 969bc25  Merge branch 'seano314-patch-1'
     new d2307a2  Merge branch 'seano314-patch-1'
     new 7bad1fa  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 8e4c7fe  Revert "Generalize type signature of KV.of"
     new 242d7cb  Merge pull request #4 from GoogleCloudPlatform/revert-3-master
     new 0cc72d6  Enable Travis continuous integration coverage.
     new 6842469  Disable continuous integration coverage on openjdk6, as we don't support it.
     new f255ed5  Update
     new 9623f20  Update .travis.yml
     new 4549ebc  * High-level API for defining basic custom sources (doesn't support any of the advanced features, like bases and multi-level splitting): see the ReadSource and Source classes. Note that Source.Reader implements the advance/getCurrent model rather than the Java collection hasNext/next model, for reasons outlined in its documentation. * DatastoreIO rewritten using this API. * Propagates PipelineOptions through the worker harness to SourceFormat (renamed from CustomSourceFo [...]
     new 6cd24e2  Update the worker harness to request one task for each available processor.
     new e8d9039  Updated command line parsing such that unrecognized or malformed command line options will result in an error. To ignore unknown or malformed command line options instead, call withoutStrictParsing() within the PipelineOptionsFactory when constructing PipelineOptions.
     new b7acea0  Change join example to use non-static tags. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=83977086
     new 0d62c34  Undo deprecation of PTransform.getInput and PTransform.getOutput. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=84051898
     new d828500  Add support for Google API tracing to the SDK.
     new 20d27ee  Pick windows for elements produced in start/finishBundle based on the WindowingFn of the input PCollection
     new 6f521f9  Allow MapTaskExecutor to be run multiple times
     new 6972706  The option machineType is a duplicate of workerMachineType. Remove the redundant machineType option.
     new 800a777  Update PipelineOptionsFactory to improve readability.
     new 24d0020  Update the BigQueryReaderTest to use fake JSON data rather than constructed Java wrappers. Fix two ClassCastExceptions that occurred when dealing with nested RECORDs and with REPEATED fields.
     new 6616fd6  Fixes a randomization bug and removes some unused checks in ProxyInvocationHandler.
     new 1942ce0  Use deterministic tag ids for tags created in static initializers.
     new e09e643  Fixes a couple window comparison issues in CalendarWindows.
     new 00dc941  Fix parts of flakiness in RateLimitingTest.
     new 006401c  Don't rewrap RuntimeException in NormalParDoFn$1.output for cleaner error reporting. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=84640341
     new f8329b2  Throw return value from Throwables.propagate in NormalParDoFn exception handling. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=84661143
     new e88a302  Don't rewrap UserCodeException for cleaner user error messages. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=84661933
     new 5a4d6e3  Rename WindowingFn to WindowFn for consistency with the other *Fns.
     new c000e5b  Report GCS path of error-producing write in Dataflow SDK GoogleCloudStorageWriteChannel. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=84821763
     new f4922de  Adding a filter transform.
     new 8d5718a  Fix a typo: UserDame->UserName [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=84826672
     new caecd62  Updated test for Filter Transform.
     new 0fdcc1b  Make LogSaver thread-safe so that ExpectedLogs can be used to capture logs which are output from multiple threads.
     new 2ee5d35  Update dependencies to latest versions of Google API services.
     new 84c8ea2  Drop the differentiation between user and worker credentials since the getUserCredentials is able to get credentials when executed from the worker for all the use cases the worker got them from. The use cases are to get them from GCE metadata or from a service account keyfile
     new 33e72de  Rename GlobalWindow (the fn) to GlobalWindows for consistency.
     new 4c16878  Fix issue with retrying GCS staging, where we would log the "going to retry" message after actually retrying.
     new 0272993  Renames InvalidWindowFn to InvalidWindows to conform with the convention that concrete window-fn classes are plural nouns.  This is backward-incompatible but unlikely to affect users.
     new 815fb45  Adds support for compressed (gzip and bzip2) text sources.
     new a741a31  Explicitly close the underlying readChannel before retries in GoogleCloudStorageReadChannel, catching and ignoring (but logging) SSLException since these indicate close() cannot complete normally, but the underlying resources have already been cleaned up so it's safe for us to proceed with the retry and simply abandon the existing readChannel.
     new e3c4ded  Windowing: Worker code for ReifyTsAndWindowsParDoFn and GroupAlsoByWindowsParDoFn.
     new fbdd33e  Modify .travis.yml file also to test on osx, and add, which it uses. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=85112006
     new 8b9f2b8  Move path validation, credential validation, and file staging into separate classes that can be overridden.
     new 39a8210  FIX: 1. not depends on UnsupportedOperationException. 2. removeWindow from activeWindowManager in PartitionBufferingWindowSet.
     new 62b0dd4  Allows users of PubsubIO to specify which pubsub labels are used to propagate record timestamps and record ids. Strictly SDK changes, cannot yet be used.
     new 774c368  Automated rollback of a previous change.
     new d692b7c  Adds protobuf for communicating with Windmill service.
     new a46c40d  Updated DataStoreWordCount so that it can be adapted as an integration test for DataStoreIO.
     new 1848854  Moves class GlobalWindows.GlobalWindow to top-level for consistency with other window types.  This change is backward-incompatible but unlikely to affect many users.
     new 56e2399  Updates to Dataflow README on GitHub.
     new ffbf31f  Make script executable by changing the file's mode.
     new 242b4c3  Attempt to fix .travis.yml for OSX
     new c3627f4  Tweaks to support OSX. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=85474161
     new 95bb0ea  Merge the streaming runner code into the main sdk.
     new 22ce583  Update .travis.yml
     new 6618ea7  Update .travis.yml
     new 4e37c01  Fix a bug that was causing the BlockingDataflowRunner to exit before printing out some messages. We need to make sure that we don't drop messages that arrive in between when list job messages is called and when we get the status of the job. To fix this we change the order of operations. 1. Get the status of the job. 2. List all messages. 3. Check if the status of the job is done; importantly we use the result of GetJob from step 1. This ensures that we always call list m [...]
     new adca914  Fix NullPointerException that happens when an exception is raised while looking for the job. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=85633961
     new 0193099  Add failed response to ReportStats. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=85651192
     new 3872228  Logging which stop position was unreported, when tearing down a task which has an unreported stop position. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=85659485
     new e5c3a0d  Dataflow JavaDoc: fix typo (vary --> very).
     new 6e8cfbc  Allow actual output line ordering to vary.  Also, add more diagnostics in case of an output mismatch. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=85720217
     new 1d32572  Adds streaming Dataflow examples.
     new 424c56d  Refactor: 1. skipping deleteTimer() is an optimization for Dataflow Streaming Runner. Move it from PartitionBufferingWindowSet to StreamingActiveWindowManager. 2. remove the extra poll() from GroupAlsoByWindowsDoFn (windows are removed by WindowSets).
     new 1c34edf  Dataflow SDK: prepare a test protobuf for testing future Proto2Coder implementation.
     new 6edf572  Dataflow SDK: update SDK's pom.xml to pick up a newer version of our proto-library artifact.
     new fa8b3e0  Fix infinite retries of work on lease expiration in streaming mode. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=85754733
     new 946bdd0  Update
     new cc96bba  Set LC_ALL=C for sorting to make it consistent across platforms. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=85763192
     new b6c742e  Rollback:
     new 911a085  Add messages about reasons why stop positions are not accepted for FileBasedReader and InMemoryReader. Stop proposeStopPosition from looking into the iterator if it is in Finish state. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=85815080
     new f42c13c  Generalizes updateStopPosition to requestFork, which can potentially return something that isn't a position.
     new c06125d  Fix NullPointerException thrown by getOnly when a value is not present for a given tag.
     new 914fc7c  Don't log the whole classpath at INFO, but log how many files will be staged and how to see what they are. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=85904037
     new df106aa  Update AvroCoder to be serializable, and verify that in the tests.
     new 02d4fb4  Testing: Run CoGroupByKeyTest on service, and add a windowing test case.
     new e76eff5  Dataflow SDK: Change email address to send Travis build status notifications.
     new a392b2c  Uses slf4j logging in the streaming worker to enable Cloud Logging. Removes the use of MDC because it doesn't actually provide thread-local formatting parameters (,
     new ea18500  Add the report index to work item status messages sent to the Dataflow service. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=85919759
     new fcd3a52  Fixed logic inversion and added test of exception handling retries.
     new 8378460  Setup worker harness to only log to file to prevent duplication of log records sent to Cloud Logging and Monitoring.
     new 1294029  Remove logic for getting credentials from gcloud binary since official application default credentials can now pass along credentials from the currently logged in user. See for more details. Users will need to update to the latest version of gcloud by running 'gcloud components update'. See for more details.
     new 0f05e56  Allows users of PubsubIO to specify which pubsub labels are used to propagate record timestamps and record ids.
     new 5a11734  Re-add support for getting credentials from gcloud for older versions of gcloud.
     new eea6c20  Internal support for demultiplexing reiterables.  No externally visible change.
     new d1ec460  Test: add testSessionsCombine to cover GroupAlsoByWindowsDoFn.processElementViaWindowSet().
     new 2a71b26  Do not try to decompress gzip input streams that are already decompressed.
     new 21c8f75  Fix units in log message in the StreamingDataflowWorker
     new 544de16  Removing log lines from workers that aren't relevant to users, also fix up logs that should stay.
     new 47de70d  Add an extra check to ease reasoning about the PeekingReiterator. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=86282507
     new 926dda2  Construct StreamingDataflowWorker options with createFromSystemProperties
     new 162c254  Change streaming worker pushback code to only stop pulling work if it is within a threshold of max available memory instead of current total memory.
     new 20be325  Have coders which depend on state information during encoding/decoding or that can't serialize all their state information fail when being used within the DirectPipelineRunner, DataflowPipelineRunner, and our test utilities.
     new f1e0721  Remove code duplication and standardize on the same exception formatter for job messages and log statements.
     new e02cb7b  Remove serializations of objects from precondition checks. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=86315430
     new ac6787a  Explicitly throwing NoSuchElementException in the iterator.
     new 37827d7  The BigQuery insertion API does not allow more than 500 rows per insertion request. Make sure that BigtableIO honors this limit.
     new 8f800a7  StateSampler: Atomically set the thread state rather than using locks.
     new 6bfb3e2  Cleanup BigQueryIO class. Remove the logic to automatically serialize/deserialize TableRowObjects and replace it with a transient member variable. Replace ThreadLocal HashSet with ConcurrentHashMap.
     new f724a16  Removes notes about streaming requiring whitelisting
     new 25c3a7e  Slightly stronger coder inference.
     new 1ba2a06  Add javadoc to GroupByKey explaining what will happen in the presence of late data
     new 81a4c3c  Add Coder#verifyDeterministic() to document the reasons for non-determinism. Implementations should overload to explain why they are non-determinstic. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=86815676
     new bf6b391  Fix cross-platform line endings issues by specifying repository-wide settings.
     new 0212438  Fix following bugs in direct runner GCS file pattern expansion.
     new 207007b  Travis CI: add retries to decrease the false-positive rate.
     new 1f8d4c4  Add GenomicsVariantSimilarity integration test. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=86874467
     new 63a8968  Add support for toString() to print out serialized pipeline options in addition to the ones programmatically set.
     new 170376d  Fix retry logic in BigQueryIO. Previously if an insert failed, we threw an exception. However this caused us to retry all of the rows processed in the bundle, even if the failure was only for a single row. Now we detect which rows failed and attempt to retry only those rows. If insert fails five times in a row, we throw an exception to make sure the failure is exposed to the user.
     new 09361a5  increase scope of a few classes to write APIs against them
     new 3604b24  Add Getter for fn in Combine.PerKey
     new 1a76c7b  Merge pull request #8 from aljoscha/master
     new 7df9cbc  Merge pull request #9 from mxm/class_scopes
     new a806df8  Update the AvroCoder so that it can return true for isDeterministic.
     new f247a0d  Streaming examples that use PubSub, from a 'traffic sensor' domain. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=87083984
     new dd3985d  Hashtag auto-completion streaming Dataflow example.
     new 7c83f0d  Throw an exception when we get an unexpected End of Stream marker from HttpClient.
     new 2203745  Add AvroIO validation to SDK.  This enables the service to check permissions on the inputs and outputs for AvroIO when a Dataflow is submitted.
     new a3b6e1d  Make the full set of PipelineOptions specified by the user during construction of their Dataflow available on the worker.
     new 177b0d1  Add unittest for premature end-of-stream, add entry to CHANGES.txt.
     new 734d441  Improve error message on exception in StandardCoder.getEncodedElementByteSize().
     new ac6bbdd  Slightly improve invalid bucket name error message.
     new 1e0afad  Improve error message on CoderException.
     new 48dfb0c  Fix the types in ExtractOutputDoFn java doc. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=87200523
     new b76455f  Mark PartialGroupByKeyOperation can restart.
     new 19f9f05  Switch the Dataflow SDK to use the new Dataflow service endpoint. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=87220492
     new 92d06eb  Rollback the change to slightly improve invalid bucket name error message.
     new 0a97da5  Pick a sensible default period for SlidingWindows based on the given size of the windows
     new cd845a9  Reduce the number of calls to BigQuery table creation to reduce quota issues. Previously every thread tried to create the table at startup. Synchronizing this call prevents this.
     new 0aa4d9d  Add support for setting the default log level and also custom log level overrides on the Dataflow worker.
     new 6fffede  Proto2 Coder support.
     new ac07e99  Merge pull request #5 from perezd/proto2coder
     new 3f38c96  Enable Google API tracing on the worker.
     new 4f14cb6  Update Copyright notice to 2015. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=87377460
     new b014bc3  Windmill API changes for streaming side inputs.
     new fb61000  Add Avro's Utf8 to the deterministic stringable types. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=87388067
     new ab43b27  Implement support for GenericRecord and SpecificRecord, both at the top level and as fields inside a Java POJO.
     new 22570af  Added transforms to use a PCollection<KV> as a Map<K, V> side input.
     new 77c939e  Downgrades a very chatty GCS message from info to debug. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=87424740
     new 8a6cfe1  Resolve serialVersionUID warnings in non-anonymous classes, by setting serialVersionUID to zero in serializable classes. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=87443707
     new ff5e106  Resolve serialVersionUID warnings in non-anonymous classes, by setting serialVersionUID to zero in serializable classes. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=87547754
     new aa07773  Resolve serialVersionUID warnings in anonymous classes, by setting serialVersionUID to zero in serializable classes. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=87563147
     new b49483e  Adds a start() method to custom source Reader.
     new e0c9955  Switch warnings to be errors, and suppress current warnings. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=87580507
     new db05c44  Do not transport options which control credential generation to the worker since the worker does not understand them.
     new e63dd15  Add additional documentation about worker logger configuration from the command line. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=87666318
     new 95c4966  Use a custom UncaughtExceptionHandler in main in addition to on worker threads in the StreamingDataflowWorker
     new 7ddf5b1  Fix off-by-one bug in GroupAlsoByWindowsDoFn iterator logic.
     new 573b31e  Change the example in the comment to use non-deprecated pCollections instead of deprecated Flatten.create().
     new a4c4517  Simplify the worker logging configuration for overrides.
     new 95abb3f  Cap TestPipeline job names at 40 chars; they'll throw an IllegalArgumentException otherwise.
     new f5c6301  Add code to one of the examples demonstrating how to properly log from a dataflow job.
     new 474eb6b  Do not stop ignoring HTTP 307/308 when extra ignored status codes are provided.
     new 636b387  CL resubmit: Windowing: java worker code to handle CombineFn in StreamingGroupAlsoByWindowsDoFn
     new 01d1437  Slight improvement of RetryHttpRequestInitializer interface. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=87841386
     new ad389cb  Fix misleading member name (no externally visible change).
     new e1b3e43  Removing the precondition that job names have 40 characters or less. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=87864968
     new e8da55c  FIX: sideinput expects WindowedValues, update BigQueryReader to support BigqueryIO directly as sideinput.
     new 0e165fa  Fix bug in selection of AvroSink vs AvroByteSink and AvroReader vs AvroByteReader
     new bc188f0  Windowing: java worker code to handle CombineFn in batch GroupAlsoByWindowsDoFn.
     new 8a3e55d  Setting up 'contrib' directory and rules.
     new fa9ecb9  Update
     new e1926f3  Add -Xlint:-options to pom.xml
     new 2f7daac  Add serialVersionUID to serializable abstract base classes.
     new 45b973d  Add trivial hashCode() functions for tests which override equals()
     new d1271e6  Add trivial hashCode() functions for tests which override equals()
     new 0aaa632  Merge pull request #11 from earhart/patch-1
     new 73a03a2  Ignore files created by Intellij.
     new f8765aa  Generic implementation of inner and outer left/right join.
     new 314596a  Join key is keept
     new ecc44e1  Move join code to contrib module join-library. Adding pom.xml and
     new 87dd628  Gitignor should not be changed in this pullrequest.
     new a998544  Update comment in .gitignore.
     new 3b4c892  Merge branch 'mrunesson-mrunesson/gitignore'
     new 70b0005  Explicitly check cached mapTaskExecutor's all operations could restart. Previously it fails at operation level.
     new 2993690  Create: java sdk code and integration test for supporting Create in streaming.
     new dc816e3  Added a getter to access the WindowFn from the Window.Bound PTransform. This is needed for third party runner implementations wanting to support windowing. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=87978148
     new c9f072d  Reorder the log line to move the user's message earlier in the log line, making it easier to read in the Cloud Logging UI.
     new 6d0d1cd  Adds a method to IOChannelFactory that can be used to efficiently determine if a read channel created using the factory is seekable.
     new 73dc371  Cleanup warnings about use of generics in GroupAlsoByWindowsDoFn.
     new 241e58b  Temporarily disable the unit test.
     new 783a5fa  String scrubbing.
     new b14a070  Fix spelling errors and adjusted copyright headers.
     new c8c305c  Modify checkstyle to accept new copyright header.
     new 3d4bd41  Adjusted comments to the new copyright header and copyright in checkstyle.xml
     new 14be247  Revert "Adjusted comments to the new copyright header and copyright in checkstyle.xml"
     new 54f1192  Merge branch 'mrunesson-mrunesson/copytight_checkstyle'
     new 4d25910  Merge branch 'mrunesson/add_join_utilities' of into mrunesson-mrunesson/add_join_utilities
     new e9b3c96  Addition of
     new 6ba73cb  Minor fixes to and pom.xml.
     new 695ea83  Merge branch 'mrunesson-mrunesson/add_join_utilities'
     new ea56a5f  Fix parts of flakiness in RateLimitingTest.
     new ca3ffef  Allow arbitrarily large CoGroupByKey results by only caching the first 10K elements in memory.
     new 29d3312  Fix the javadoc for Count transforms. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=88241545
     new a60e1ac  Updates to Windmill API for streaming side inputs: break the GlobalDataId into an explicit tag and version field
     new f1afe86  Fix Javadoc links.
     new e89f47f  Change DataflowWorkerHarness to repeatedly request work. Switches to having 1 thread per core. Remove deprecated completion time logging. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=88283022
     new 8ca93fb  To create unique job names for tests, we need to use method name rather than class name, and prioritize the unique part of the name. We no longer need to limit these names to 40 characters. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=88342400
     new 84742de  Some fixes for combining in streaming mode.
     new dc3057b  Add Combine.BinaryCombineFn for efficiently implementing aggregations that most easily expressed as binary operations.
     new 48ae86a  Retry GCS file read on transient problems that cause RuntimeExceptions instead of IOExceptions. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=88415354
     new ca2e7da  Improves error messages in AvroReader and FileBasedReader when filepattern matches zero files or multiple files AND an offset range is specified. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=88472006
     new f0d7151  Makes a few ReaderIterator classes treat the condition "requestFork at a position below the current stop position" as normal (but of course not fork-inducing), rather than throw an exception. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=88484651
     new 05c1ca1  Move GlobalData requests to the top level of GetData
     new 1167ab9  Swap to use varargs instead of array based setters within PipelineOptions. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=88554068
     new d805b83  Add GlobalData updates to the Windmill API.
     new b9f4384  Introduces FileBasedSource<T>, a custom source that implements functionality common to all file-based custom sources. Also introduces ByteOffsetBasedSource<T> as the parent of FileBasedSource<T>. FileBasedSource<T> supports both single files and file patterns.
     new a791bed  Make pom.xml compatible with Eclipse and m2e plugin.
     new d6d4a34  Pull some helpful functions for extracting and formatting Classes and Methods.
     new 4e0ecff  FIX: windmill uses kint64max usec as the timer max timestamp, keep the Java side in sync.
     new b20519f  Rename Eclipse launch files to make it compatible with certain tools.
     new 11597b4  Add serialversionuid member to several classes that are serializable in Java 8.
     new 1d352f9  Fix javadoc markups and descriptions according to WordCount.
     new 6adbd75  fix a typo. setNumShard -> setNumShards.
     new 81e2b87  Merge pull request #14 from groovenauts/fix_WindowingWordCount_Options
     new d625f34  Add support for printing help via the PipelineOptionsFactory either by programmatic calling printHelp or passing in --help as an argument.
     new f569b67  Updating the dependencies to move to the 3/13 release of the Dataflow proto library.
     new 2ecb1be  Fix javadoc. The javadoc incorrectly references TextIO rather than PubsubIO.
     new 4fea8a7  GcsUtil.expand() should not check for the existance of single files since GCS storage list feature is only eventually consistent.
     new c919a29  Remove unnecessary type parameter on PCollectionView.
     new 6cb1963  Added support for nested context to the Proto2Coder. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=88835941
     new 4bedd06  BundedSource: use GlobalWindows as the default in GroupAlsoByWindowsParDoFn, and test BoundedSource with GlobalWindows.
     new 185109f  Implement the worker-side logic of conditionally doing the full merge in window-grouping combine.
     new adb4bcd  When reading from source with gzip Content-Encoding, always request the full file. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=88968884
     new a310df9  Set the lease of a newly requested workitem to be 3 minutes. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=88974496
     new fb62173  Minor improvements related to custom sources: * Defines toString() on existing subclasses of Source. * Uses that when reading from a Source fails. * Uses that when splitting a Source - the original source and the produced sources are validate()'d. * Adds serialVersionUID to all current Source subclasses to make it possible to deserialize them from the API objects when doing manual post-mortem debugging. * Cosmetic improvements / typos.
     new 6a344bb  Added some test cases to FlattenTest to exercise Flatten().ParDo().
     new 9c34d8c  Before calling ServiceLoader.load check if Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader() returns null first, if it does, fallback to the class ClassLoader then the System ClassLoader if it fails. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=89070877
     new 75b5161  Rollback of a previous commit.
     new 38b3685  Updated the FileBasedSourceTest so that it does not depend on the size of the new line character (it was failing on Windows due to this).
     new 32d07db  Makes side inputs per window.
     new b1813cb  Introduced several private subclasses of WindowedValue, each optimized for a particular subset of WindowedValues, e.g., WindowedValues in the GlobalWindow, in no windows, in a single non-global window, or in multiple windows.
     new 12766b5  Minor changes to the checkstyle rule for the copyright header.
     new 40f379a  Tweaking the copyright statement in a community-contributed module.
     new 90c811a  Rollback of a "Makes side inputs per window" change.
     new 2a8d571  Renaming shard => bundle in the Java custom source API. This is a backward-incompatible change for people who have written their own custom sources. Please rename shard => bundle in your subclass. ----Release Notes---- The custom source API uses the term "bundle" instead of "shard" in all names. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=89247412
     new 4d7ae28  Updated TestFileBasedSourceTest to use File.separator instead of "/".
     new 3cc7dfc  Create separate factory methods for different generics types in StreamingGroupAlsoByWindowsDoFn and GroupAlsoByWindowsDoFn.
     new 8c232fc  Removing unnecessary spacing.
     new adf8564  Update ReflectHelpers to support short descriptions of arbitrary types.
     new da8dfda  Update pom.xml with the new google-api-services-dataflow version: v1beta3-rev8-1.19.1
     new 67e99cc  Makes side inputs per window.
     new b426cbd  Modify the Dataflow Java SDK to support the combining function in PartialGroupByKey.
     new 7cbc12a  Renames fork => dynamic split in the Dataflow Java SDK. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=89358962
     new d24cb94  Updated TestFileBasedSource.TestReader so that lines are read properly when running on Windows.
     new 8192a7e  Change the ENVIRONMENT_MAJOR_VERSION to "1"
     new 6a1066e  Set initial progress update interval to respect the work_item hint. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=89441897
     new dfb43ac  Dataflow SDK changes for internal testing.
     new 5a7f838  Modify the [Keyed]CombineFn to return the new accumulator value rather than forcing the implementor to mutate it.  Mutating and returning the accumulator is still allowed (and in some cases more natural/efficient).
     new 3c56d2f  Change DoFn.ProcessContext#windows to #window.
     new 5b08366  Improve CounterSetTest Tests
     new b6ba981  Introduce an interface for the DoFns that implement windowing to use.
     new c633a33  Rollback of the commit that introduces an interface for the DoFns that implement windowing to use.
     new 08f8bf7  Makes Source<T> yield values simply of type T and renames createBasicReader to createReader. WindowedValue<T> is a system concept and should not be created directly by readers. ----Release Notes---- Source.createBasicReader is renamed to Source.createReader and Source.createWindowedReader is gone. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=89554590
     new 80187b7  This removes and cleans up PCollection ordererdness.
     new f3ddf6f  Rollback of the commit that makes Source<T> yield values simply of type T and renames createBasicReader to createReader. The reason is that the change is causing failures in an internal test.
     new 18d2cc7  Fixed typo in error message. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=89612198
     new 3c4101b  Introduce an interface for the DoFns that implement windowing to use.
     new d5bdfb5  * Makes Source<T> yield values simply of type T and renames createBasicReader   to createReader. WindowedValue<T> is a system concept and should not be   created directly by user-defined readers. * Removes mention of coders from the Source<T> API. There is in fact no such   thing as "the reader's coder", and the fact that coders are passed to all   readers by ReaderFactory is an accident because many native readers actually   decode their input from bytes. ----Release No [...]
     new e07ed2f  SDK support for progress estimation and dynamic work rebalancing in custom sources: * Introduces BoundedSource - a subclass of Source with features specific to bounded   sources, and a corresponding BoundedSource.Reader - subclass of Source.Reader. * Introduces Reader.getCurrentSource(), splitAtFraction(),   BoundedSource.Reader.getFractionConsumed(). Implements them for ByteOffsetBasedSource   and FileBasedSource. * BasicSerializableSourceFormat introduces a Reader.Dyna [...]
     new 0748be1  Make the WorkProgressUpdater follow the hints from the service response. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=89652620
     new a04f59b  Support for real-time timers in addition to watermark timers.
     new 6f53ba5  Rename Combine.perElement().withHotKeys() to Combine.perElement().withHotKeyFanout()
     new cf72180  Rename First.of to Sample.any
     new 60b52ea  Create additional local_dataflow_runner_test for Combine.globally in streaming, and add Count.globallyWithoutDefaults().
     new c941cad  Fix a bug that introduces duplicated window in batch activeWindowManager, add check to prevent infinite loop, and add an regression test.
     new c48e733  Pass additional information from SDK to Dataflow backend: whether GroupByKeyOnly disallowCombinerLifting. It will allow Dataflow backend to choose a proper optimization.
     new deeeb83  Pull the GroupAlsoByWindowsViaIteratorsDoFn into a separate file.
     new 62314ab  Rollback of 'Rename First.of to Sample.any'
     new 6c45a6e  Enable some empty Flatten tests to run on the Dataflow service.
     new 526d0e9  Extract a DefaultTrigger and TriggerExecutor from GroupAlsoByWindow.
     new 29308bf  Rollback of rollback of 'Rename First.of to Sample.any'
     new fa13d6f  Change RateLimiting to IntraBundleParallelization, make RateLimiting use the same common ExecutorService instead of creating its own.
     new 9173233  Adds support for side inputs in the streaming runner.  This functionality is not yet enabled for use.
     new bffabae  Introduce a test utility for testing the DefaultTrigger.
     new 85e4f88  Make a copy of the DoFn passed to ParDo. ----Release Notes---- A DoFn is now copied when it is used to construct a ParDo transform. Further mutations of the state of the DoFn will not be present during execution of the ParDo. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=89934817
     new e1d0819  Reduce memory and CPU requirements for deducing the encoded size of join results, and StandardCoders in general.
     new e8a9d80  Switch ENVIRONMENT_MAJOR_VERSION back to "2" since the dataflow service supports it now. After switching back to version "2", the optimization of lifting combiner into the PGBK operation will be enabled.
     new 10622ee Quote the input patterns so that they get expanded by Dataflow rather than by the shell on the way into run_via_mvn and run_bundled. That way, we cover Dataflow globbing issues. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=90009473
     new 6c6748c  Fixes the flakiness of CounterTest because of reliance on order of iteration in a HashSet. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=90009907
     new 291eb75  * Updates SDK to use renamed protos after the shard=>bundle and fork=>split rename   has been released. * Cuts down overly chatty logging that made one of the tests produce tons of output. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=90016392
     new 565a4da  Move WindowingInternals interface into its own file.
     new 2b76a7e  Added custom Sink API and corresponding Write transform. ----Release Notes---- Added an API for user-defined Sinks. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=90025537
     new 6bf7e28  Implement a state-based "DelayAfterFirstInPane" Trigger.
     new 4d21d40  Move the TriggerTester to be parallel to DoFnTester.
     new 16b38aa  Created Dataflow Examples to consolidate help for running batch and streaming pipelines. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=90037351
     new 701ab44  Remove the element type parameter (T) parameter from Trigger.
     new 44d7479  Add getState method to PipelineResult
     new 3009e14  Grammar in Javadoc: fix incorrect/misleading uses of "which" for "that". Change line breaks in a few places to make correct uses of "which" easier to grep out.  Fix a few other doc typos found. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=90080517
     new 6b8fcc0  A file based custom source for reading XML files and creating PCollections of JAXB annotated Java objects.
     new 5d0eb9a  Avoid starting update progress thread in ReadOperation for streaming tasks. ----Release Notes---- Improve performance of streaming ReadOperation. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=90086660
     new 5702512  Update various numeric aggregators to have better degenerate values.
     new 0d6899f  Change the Trigger API mechanism for firing.
     new caedf33  Support local_dataflow_runner to use [] version of windmill server. This potentially allows local_dataflow_runner to run with asan or tsan, if shuffle server is ported against [].
     new 32864ce  Use ValueInGlobalWindow rather than TimestampedValueInGlobalWindow for PGBK keys.
     new 5ccdf12  Grammar in Javadoc: fix more incorrect uses of "which" for "that". ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=90105634
     new 5fd106f  Fix typos in Cloud Dataflow devsite docs. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=90105694
     new 8f92445  Avoid parsing serialized DoFnInfo repeatedly. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=90116550
     new b4433e6  Have DoFnContext and DoFnProcessContext check their arguments for null.
     new eac7dcf  Fix the bug that CoGbkResult::getAll(TupleTag<V> tag) doesn’t return all values associated with the tag.
     new 2660c39  Optimize counter processing in StreamingDataflowWorker. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=90167171
     new d7a57d8  Pass PipelineOptions to createWriter in Sinks.
     new 9e403bc  Use DataflowPipelineJob in BlockingRunner
     new 586c015  Add for Eclipse.
     new 9c09f92  API Change to support existence watermark deadline for GlobalData
     new b47d851  Add cloneAs() to PipelineOptions to support running multiple pipelines with different PipelineOptions.
     new 5cfd88d  Changes the timestamps of elements produced by GroupByKey to be the min timestamps of input elements for that key and window, rather than the maxTimestamp() of the window, and makes CombiningWindowSet properly use accumulators and store timestamps
     new 182aca4  Eliminates user-visible application state of PTransforms.
     new 0579165  * Introduces Reader.getCurrentTimestamp() to support producing timestamps   from user-defined readers. * Introduces AbstractReader and AbstractBoundedReader implementing some methods   (including getCurrentTimestamp) in the default way to simplify subclasses   and allow introducing more methods with default implementations. ----Release Notes---- User-defined sources can report timestamped values via Reader.getCurrentTimestamp(). [] ------------- Created by MOE: http://co [...]
     new 3d4ad3e  Make GCS channel close() method idempotent.
     new bf14787  Clean up the
     new 2be164e  Add support for CompositeTriggers and build FirstOfTrigger.
     new d6bfe4a  Add a SequenceOf trigger which starts at the front, and fires each time the first trigger fires, until it finishes, then moves to the second, etc.
     new 9228802  Add a Repeatedly and RepeatedlyUntil trigger.
     new e9b9ce7  Verify the set of data stored in key state by various triggers.
     new f9d8983  Add a WindowingStrategy object that encapsulates a WindowFn and Trigger.
     new 77ae43c  Move KeyedState validation to verification time, rather than runtime.
     new bfd7dc0  Remove variable 'charset' of XMLSource since it is not serializable.
     new 4bf8485f Organize triggers to make them easier to construct.
     new 95c9574  Enable progress reporting for Avro source files. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=90437396
     new 389f010  Add serialVersionUID to serializable classes to prevent warnings.
     new 6d0cc34  Allow setting a trigger function in Window.into, and add an integration test for triggers in the streaming runner.
     new 137bebb  Handle the case when writing the footer during close fails. Clean-up the output channel.
     new bb1cf9a  Support existence_watermark_deadline for fetching GlobalData. Return empty values in the case that no global data was written and the corresponding watermark has advanced passed the deadline.
     new c1f73fc  Define compatibility between triggers. Require that Flatten is passed PCollections with compatible triggers.
     new 7cf561e  Group the parameters to Trigger methods into event objects.
     new c842dba  Rename XMLSource to XmlSource and XmlFileBasedSink to XmlSink.
     new 7031109  Enables side inputs in the streaming Dataflow runner
     new c57f074  Support processing time timers in the streaming runner
     new 1028330  Fix FileBasedSource.testSplitAtFraction() test so that it does not depend on the size of the newline character.
     new a144830  Remove SET aggregation type.
     new a043295  Datastore Sink implementation.
     new 6b01729  Periodically expire side input cache entries so that we get new values as they are updated
     new e9e3e9b  Add the ability to set the Coder used by PubsubIO.
     new ae56efa  Determine when we can use a default value for a side input instead of continuing to wait for it by placing a bound on when a trigger will fire for a window
     new 2a3a699  Small fixes for CombiningWindowSet 1. use deleteTagList() for tags created by TagList. 2. prevent NullPointerException when reading a not-yet-written tag
     new dd828b7  Remove TriggerResult.FINISH, and simplify the tests and implementation of triggers based on that.
     new fc03749  Added <p> tags to javadocs paragraphs for files in java/com/google/cloud/dataflow/sdk/runners/worker/
     new 948dbe8  Emit a warning when transforms do not have stable names.  This will become an error once reloading streaming pipelines is supported
     new 6fd6506  1. Update SDK major version to "3" to enable groupAlsoByWindows combiner lifting. 2. pass in windowFn in GroupByKeyOnly to move the batch GroupByKey expansion to the backend. It enables combiner lifting in the backend for batch pipelines with windowing.
     new 756581e  Remove CompositeTrigger, since most of that functionality was in SubTriggerExecutor and TriggerContext.
     new 3b6c7ff  Add TimeTrigger#alignTo for building TimeTriggers that align their timers.
     new f8e72d5  Allow replacement of the universal default coder in CoderRegistry, previously hardcoded to SerializableCoder.
     new f1b1db8  Update the Javadoc for features related to Windowing & Triggers
     new 1c4a000  Automated g4 rollback of changelist 90557888.
     new 07325af  Added <p> tags to javadocs paragraphs.
     new 77f7c23  FIX a bug in PipelineOptions Serializer to support serializing/deserializing a PipelineOptions multiple times, which is required by cloneAs() use cases.
     new 3e0fe06  Created a basic DataflowExampleUtils class to handle pubsub, bigquery setups and workflow cancellations, and updated TrafficMaxLaneFlow and TrafficRoutes examples.
     new 36778d8  Renames the ReadSource transform to Read for consistency with Write. ----Release Notes---- The ReadSource transform has been renamed to Read. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=90646999
     new 648ffa1  Implement structural value for Coders.
     new 97083ca  Grammar in Javadoc: fix new incorrect uses of "which" for "that". ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=90654868
     new 65b8636  Define @Experimental annotation and sprinkle it around.
     new da6e334  Merging windows shouldn't clear the state of the result.
     new de261e2  Never return a null tag-list -- if the tag doesn't exist, return empty.
     new f75542e  Fix Javadoc warnings/links.
     new a447453  DefaultTrigger#onMerge shouldn't clean up timers for merged windows.
     new d9ee909  Create a new test target that runs the @Category(RunnableOnService) via the local dataflow endpoint.
     new 92439c4  Fix a cast error that in CoderRegistry when using Eclipse.
     new 804d75a  Fix some Javadoc typos. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=90735059
     new 1f46717  fix the typo in the Traffic example java docs.
     new 120229b  Update Pub/Sub setup instructions. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=90829026
     new 9204a43  Fix deserialization of empty streaming side inputs
     new af805e6  fix the typos in the Traffic example java docs.
     new 621e8421 Update "Traffic" Streaming Examples instructions. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=90859897
     new 035742e  Allows empty value for String, String Array, and Collection in PipelineOptions, added the validation for other types.
     new 80333bd  Avoid writing empty data to windmill tag list state
     new bed354a  Adds exponential backoff to Datastore write retries, as some Datastore errors are due to short periods of unavailability or server-side deadlines.
     new 8316f3e  Make Combine with hot key fanout work properly with small input bundles
     new b885f61  Fix AutoComplete example, and uses DataflowExampleUtils to set up and tear down the example pipeline.
     new 86097b0  Fix keyed combiners.
     new b878b8a  Add hot key fanout to Combine.globally() and Count.
     new 25abf7c  WoodStax -> Woodstox, fix typo in documentation. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=91094030
     new 28c660c  Clarify comment about use of constructing methods for CoGbkResult. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=91113488
     new d244f3b  Handle case where accumulator is not modified.
     new 1cc355a  Update contrib/ to fix a spelling
     new 5adcf85  Update examples/ for Beta
     new 843eec8  Update for Beta
     new e6252c0  Update to fix outdated link
     new c0d5d58  Decreases QUERY_LIMIT in Datastore reader from 5000 to 500 because 5000 is, per Datastore team, too high. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=91604673
     new aabd119  Getters for unexposed WindowFn fields
     new 1a13e24  Fixed error in examples of the Filter JavaDoc.
     new 380609d  Add comments to Deprecated Methods
     new 247ea84  Reuse DataInputStream and DataOutputStream objects -- to avoid expensive allocations. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=91159378
     new 4acea76  Implement a test combining function that exercises KeyedCombineFn in full generality.
     new 555cf92  Improve javadoc
     new 68cfc06  Fix some line lengths ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=91212370
     new 7c75a7e  Typos in Javadoc: "it's" vs. "its" ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=91215542
     new 480fbbf  Fix a typo in Window java doc.
     new b4a85c0  Use the volatile int java type to represent the current state of a StateSampler instead of the more expensive atomic int operations.  The state sampler need not be precise in that it does not require that the read-update-write operations be atomic. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=91219501
     new 6ac6ca6  Add examples of use for View transforms. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=91224190
     new 1ed8b3a  Make PipelineOptions / ProxyInvocationHandler thread safe when being serialized. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=91309152
     new 0d62431  Update to support creation of files within sub-directories that don't exist by creating any directories that are required when using the IOChannelUtils with local files. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=91313029
     new ee47273  Add a test for sliding windows with the default trigger.
     new ca18f3c  Remove the long-deprecated Flatten.create()
     new 5a8fe57  Improve types in CoderRegistry. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=91330146
     new 257e37a  Remove Coder.isDeterministic, which has been deprecated for some time.
     new 0da9a72  Fix some typos in the comments of the class CounterSet
     new 10e0848  Use the Dataflow service's notion of the current work item status report index, instead of calculating it in the SDK.  Currently, both sides use the same algorithm to compute the report index; pushing the computation entirely to the service gives the service more flexibility in assigning the report index. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=91352535
     new e155db4  Reducing the log output for intermittent connection issues. Adding exponential backoff to avoid sending out a lot of log messages.
     new ee36c40  StreamingWordExtract: sets up and tears down the pipeline automatically with DataflowExampleUtils.
     new 76f3383  Remove type arguments from non-generic methods
     new 254ec4c  Uniquify names and add remerge to hot keys implementation. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=91458662
     new 82e5e9a  Improve caching in StreamingModeExecutionContext.
     new 89bc303  Fix use of setXXX (which mutates an object) versus withXXX (which should not), via deprecations. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=91604720
     new 6d276aa  Narrow the SubTriggerExecutor API.
     new 57b6804  Update contrib/ to fix a spelling
     new 2ceb562  Refactor private CoderFactory implementations out of CoderRegistry into CoderFactories. Add tests. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=91708366
     new 0aea2a3  Have the GCS write channel properly handle interrupt exceptions when waiting on close(). ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=91727750
     new a15113b  Port all tests away from DirectPipelineRunner.EvaluationResults to use runner-independent DataflowAssert. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=91793349
     new a09fe13  Add a healthz page to the streaming dataflow worker to support health monitoring
     new 68b1679  Remove use of Guava's Supplier from DatastoreIO ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=91900536
     new 22a5113  Updated XML integration test to work for non-GCS paths as well.
     new 13a0a98  Stop setting TaskRunnerSettings in the SDK request.
     new 3380740  Filter debug messages in MonitoringUtil.
     new 9941d6f  Create aggregators on the SDK Client
     new b06caf4  Remove DataflowPipelineWorkerPoolOptions.setDiskSourceImage ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=91994024
     new 633fef3  Explicitly set -source parameter in Eclipse starter project pom.xml ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=92017848
     new 894456e  Replace all use of null and Optional during Coder inference with a checked CannotProvideCoderException. Improve error messages throughout.
     new c522175  Remove use of Optional from public API of DataflowAssert ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=92019885
     new 687c12e  Make every PValue require a Pipeline at construction time.
     new c52f432  Update the Dataflow SDK to support the current API tracing infrastructure. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=92188196
     new 6e75943  Introduce DoFnWithContext, an annotation based version of DoFn.
     new a5c0710  Update ParDoTest to use ExpectedException throughout.
     new f76344b  Add View.asList for side inputs that are small enough to fit in memory and should be cached.
     new 5a2c63c  Add log for status when returning null. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=92194691
     new b9fdf60  Fast coder encoding / decoding by reducing byte copying and allocations.
     new ae9c75a  Fixed broken link in ParDo JavaDoc.
     new a4d4f09  Improved error message when Coder inference fails for output of Flatten.pCollections due to an empty input PCollectionList. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=92291138
     new c8b366b  FIX the condition of invoking ProcessElement for individual window. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=92362617
     new bb8832b  Exclude generated sources from checkstyle. Update our checkstyle to version 6.6. Superficial fixes for increased left curly strictness. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=92391324
     new 2229a47  Add support to the SDK for reloading streaming pipelines.  This is not yet supported by the dataflow service
     new a37c27e  Move CoderProperties into main SDK. Use maven's "provided" dependency scope to avoid bundling JUnit and Hamcrest into the SDK.
     new 616f2de  Improve Counter interface
     new 86ac202  Use Atomic Values in Counter implementations
     new 3e962d0  Suppress Unused warning on Counter#strings
     new 753e4be  Updates SDK to configure the boot VM disk type. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=92487601
     new b0a4200  Fast coder encoding by avoiding byte copying.
     new 23ae128  Allow for coder inference of lists of null or singular null values for Create.of(...) ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=92492030
     new fa36a56  Improve the getSideInputWindow behavior for windowed side inputs. 1. SlidingWindows: returns the earliest window that contains the end of the main-input window. 2. Sessions, InvalidWindow: UnsupportedOperationException 3. PartitioningWindowFn: move to assignWindow from assignWindows.
     new cd1249a  Replace some abbreviated type variable names with good identifiers. Re-enable checkstyle Javadoc HTML checks. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=92523736
     new a9e97d9  Clarify Javadoc for Triggers.
     new 8e49bfc  Remove reference to CLOUDSDK_EXTRA_SCOPES.
     new 9f5bd34  Remove a few uses of Guava.
     new e2e6099  Rollback the change that removed the diskSourceImage param. Used for testing.
     new 16ab6e3  Cleanup some of the code in Windowing javadocs.
     new 9d1ae24  Replace Guava's TypeToken with our own TypeDescriptor to remove Guava from public API.
     new d68f10e  Directly raise AssertionError from TestPipeline. Use JUnit and Hamcrest directly in DataflowAssert.
     new 5707373  Move CoderPropertiesTest to the proper directory.
     new d1bf9a7  Adds a simple thread dump status page to the streaming worker
     new 449d8ee  Fix race condition that can cause side inputs to be null.  This change ensures that side inputs are pinned in the WorkItem-local cache for the entire duration of the WorkItem
     new af1116c  Update trigger execution and improve merging.
     new a8bfab1  Add high-level class for examining classes exposed in a Java package. Add tests for a whitelist to avoid dependency leakage.
     new fcb5c12  Reduce the frequency of calls to merge.
     new 4731a07  Requires that a value returned by Reader.getCurrent() must be effectively immutable and remain valid indefinitely. ----Release Notes---- The value returned by Source.Reader.getCurrent() must now be effectively immutable and remain valid indefinitely. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=92929924
     new 0c85408  Remove SuppressWarnings("serial") in TypeDescriptor
     new 270e691  Use StandardCharsets in StingUtf8Coder. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=92964296
     new e749e9c  Support null values in SerializableCoder. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=92969364
     new 70b64a4  Import RunnableOnService in tests. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=92975132
     new 06fa27d  Add support for resolving paths within IOChannelUtils and corresponding IO channel factories. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=92981241
     new c2ac1b1  Stops using system properties for controlling progress reporting constants in tests.
     new 27d097e  Workflow data disk specification improvements. ----Release Notes---- Removed deprecated data disk mount point setting and stop setting the data disk size from the SDK. [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=93035259
     new 9014d95  Use ExpectedException instead of try/catch/fail.
     new 638fc08  Setting the ReadChannel to null in the case when an SSL exception is thrown on close and in the case when RuntimeExceptions happen. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=93046257
     new 67fc627  Add input data watermark to GetWork response. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=93072170
     new 3ff3dfb  For the PipelineOptionsFactory, provided a clearer exception message when getter and setter methods have different types.
     new 18c82ad  Updated BigQueryReader so that BigQuery values of type TIMESTAMP are formatted similarly for local and service-based runs. This change updates the TIMESTAMP values produced in local runs to be formatted similar to the values produced by serviced-based runs.
     new 329d477  Changes logging level of Windmill.CommitWorkRequest to trace - the message is too big and clutters debug logs too much. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=93148451
     new e6c4384  Stop sending progress updates if a workItem fails. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=93149349
     new b33c057  Change how WindowFn's report their properties.
     new e2e2ac6  Set maxTimestamp of GlobalWindow to be one day before max.
     new 2eff826  Move GroupByKey expansion to the backend. This passes in windowFn through GroupByKey to the backend, and the backend will expand it to ReifyTimestampAndWindowsParDoFn+GroupByKey+GroupAlsoByWindowsParDoFn. This enables combiner lifting for batch pipelines with windowing (streaming and batch with global window already do combiner lifting when GroupByKey.disallowCombinerLifting is true).
     new a06ed78  Add AccumulationMode enum and support for accumulating.
     new 399f0f9  Improve the description of Window.into operations.
     new 2908894  Use TypeVariable instead of String to name generic parameters during Coder inference.
     new 77452b1  Verify the status of windows at various points in Trigger Execution.
     new 28706be  When reading from source with gzip Content-Encoding, always request the full file. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=93435829
     new 6c99876  Fix wrongly set buffer size for GoogleCloudStorageWriteChannel.
     new 431b317  Add MapFn and FlatMapFn
     new 571940f  Migrate the package stager to use IOChannelUtils so that it can stage files to arbritrary locations.
     new 6fbb53e  Merge pull request #21 from alexvanboxel/feature/documentation
     new a96562f  Merge branch 'getters' of into mbalassi-getters
     new 5b5e631  Merge branch 'mbalassi-getters' containing getters for unexposed WindowFn fields
     new 3f6f308  Expose Accumulating Mode via the Window.into operation.
     new 3e7961c  Refactor the existing WindowSets.
     new 7356c93  Centralize the choice of what window set to use.
     new 3f69cac  Fix test failure issues on windows because of paths.
     new 0f00695  Revert "Add MapFn and FlatMapFn"
     new 98357fb  Only invoke waitToFinish() when DataflowPipelineJob is provided.
     new 02ee045  Apply Maven shading to the Guava dependency library.
     new 9b63462  Update following replacement of bundling with shading
     new 800c82b  Ignore additional IntelliJ files.
     new d6227c3  Add newline at the end of .gitignore
     new 6331339  Merge branch 'alexvanboxel-feature/gitignore'
     new cfc74d1  Fix Javadoc errors that show up with JDK 8.
     new 268e7db  Document the immutability of input/output elements.
     new 151d1e0  Remove NoopStager. Warn if classpath contains non-existent resources.
     new 395cbb4  Remove unused method that leaked a dependency into the API surface.
     new 7a479f6  Use application default credentials from gcloud core component.
     new 2f12369  Expose input watermark in StreamingModeExecutionContext
     new 4a4c23b  Allows a PTransform to be used more than once
     new 4ad5489  De-whitelist org.codehaus.jackson in ApiSurface
     new ef39441  Remove extraneous jackson leakage from CloudDebuggerOptions
     new a0a27c4  Limit jackson leakage to annotations
     new 866a248  Introduce isSplittable for FileBasedSources
     new 3288ec4  Add Maven rules for producing Javadoc
     new 73d813c  Print the CLI command for cancelling jobs running in the cloud
     new 1db93f3  Rename getWatermarkCutoff to getWatermarkThatGuaranteesFiring
     new 9bb4ac4  Update comment on the shutdown hook
     new 0a70440  Make tests locale-independent
     new bcc4811  Fix dataflow cancel command suggestion message
     new 3221d6e  Have WindowingInternals provide the TimerManager
     new fae548b  Decrease number of threads created in test
     new 0262ed9  Move TimeDomain into TimerManager
     new 5cc4b30  Fix a typo in the java doc. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=94053791
     new 7b13ea1  Remove unused SuppressWarnings annotations
     new af42f3a  Mark PCollections as bounded or unbounded
     new e13bc84  Fix a typo in the java doc.
     new 410f253  Fix javadoc errors that surface with JDK8
     new 049652d  Use logging rather than stdout in StarterPipeline
     new e259954  Fix error in SDK javadoc surfaced via JDK 8
     new d3c647d  Fix a typo in the java doc.
     new 09817e8  Add AggregatorPipelineExtractor
     new 0b7a610  Ignore empty arguments when parsing PipelineOptions
     new 9afb431  Log the number of matched files for a filepattern
     new d9b3ed0  Fix a typo in the error message.
     new d27534c  Add JobSpecification to DataflowPipelineTranslator
     new 1a7dc25  Always produce at least one split of a Datastore query
     new 18cd9c3  Fix parameter name in AutoCompleteTest
     new dc5ef71  Improve toString on *Pipeline and *Runner classes
     new 7183039  Expand JavaDoc around PipelineOptions
     new ef1163e  Make non-static TupleTag test robust to superficial changes
     new 7aa1a0c  Make the StateSampler available to the abstract Reader super-class so it can be used by different concrete readers that need a more fine control over the breakdown of the reading (such as the GroupingShuffleReader that would have otherwise incorrectly attribute reading from shuffle while iterating over the values).
     new 8aa7849  Updated KMean to do Windowing, and be able to run in streaming.
     new 0aa1bca  Add Aggregator Value lookups
     new 38a8327  Fix documentation and change visibility of FileResult
     new 9dea6e1  Remove all uses of deprecated PTransform#withName
     new 26f222e  Add allowedLateness to WindowingStrategy
     new 617b6c4  Remove the experimental KeyedState API from DoFns
     new 3f9793a  Get security fixes from newer version of Jetty
     new ca847da  Fix JDK8-specific Javadoc errors
     new 6e32911  Improve Trigger interaction with the Watermark
     new 45e0f9c  Makes Write compatible with windowing
     new e8b8c31  Move experimental late-data handling from PubSubIO to Window.
     new aa21f26  Fix incorrect use of effect/affect
     new 07e2ddc  Update maven surefire plugin
     new 6ec1a04  Link from our javadoc to that of Hamcrest and JUnit.
     new bdde374  Change ExpectedLogs to include better stack-traces
     new 8ddd4d8  Introduces CompressedSource
     new 6e2e7b6  Ensure at least one split is produced in DatastoreIO
     new 12c18e7  Add option to treat non-stable-unique name as an error
     new 24718be  Allow overriding transform name in apply
     new d9243e2  Adds ConcatReader - a Reader that may encapsulate one or more Dataflow Readers.
     new 11e39ea  Use PTransforms inside DataflowAssert to scope operations
     new 4d7a085  Update BigQueryTableRowIterator so that it retries BigQuery requests several times before failing.
     new 8a40b29  Fix flaky PipelineOptionsFactoryTest order issue
     new 483b1bc  Include BASIC importance in the messages printed by PrintHandler
     new ef50154  Clarifies that TextIO.Write will overwrite existing files
     new 1cd2523  Add withCoder to Create and CreateTimestamped
     new 5aa8abc  Windmill API changes for unbounded custom sources
     new 1083703  Windmill API changes to support client-side caching.
     new d895c6f  Pushes bounded-only Source methods into BoundedSource
     new 5c57463  Fix stable-unique-name errors in unit tests
     new 73acdfb  Caches the Content-Encoding of GCS files
     new 88693d2  Remove PTransform#withName and PTransform#setName
     new 7a3b079  DataflowWorker.handleWorkError should use nextReportIndex
     new 38741fe  Improve user error message when a GCS path is expected
     new 4eab2a1  Testing improvements regarding DataflowAssert and TestPipeline
     new 755d06d  Only take ownership of argument to ByteArrayCoder explicitly
     new d3e3a26  Fix handling of key token invalid errors
     new 58dde1a  Adds support for PubsubIO in batch and direct modes.
     new 54369b9  Cleanup stable name warnings in `mvn clean install`
     new a3d2c8e  Update ExamplePubsubTopicOptions to use pubsub v1beta2 format
     new 32300f9  Add PCollectionTuple#apply(String, PTransform) and improve javadoc
     new 274bb7c  Proto changes for dependent system watermarks and dependent realtime timers.
     new c641ae3  Unflake DataflowWorkProgressUpdaterTest and minor cleanup
     new e34b200  Improve View.asMap docs, interface, and examples
     new af7493b  BlockingDataflowPipelineRunner throw exception if pipeline fails
     new 503c07a  Introduces additional source testing utilities
     new b406622  Support empty composite transforms; tolerate empty pipelines
     new accf9e1  Improve error for failing to serialize PipelineOptions
     new 4763291  Update generated Dataflow API from v1beta3 to v1b3
     new 149b166  Revert "Improve error for failing to serialize PipelineOptions"
     new 755e0e6  Cancel command is printed with the endpoint.
     new f45c245  Fix javadoc issue with @
     new 9af6225  Internal test changes
     new 24b24e5  Adds PipelineOption to specify a GCE network for GCE VMs
     new 1147e4c  Add logic in SDK to support unique name check during job creation.
     new 90e29ed  Improve error for failing to serialize PipelineOptions
     new 095e932  Adds source testing utilities for checking source splitAtFraction.
     new acc49b1  Update version of protobufs used by the SDK
     new b4adcdb  Updates XmlSourceTest so that it passes for non-english locales.
     new c3c9e6a  Fix missing table creations in BigQueryIO.Write.
     new fc35bb5  Turning off the 250Gb upload limit by default
     new 5d0fbed  Make ParDoFnFactory a real class; remove some reflection
     new 192c350  Fix a typo in Aggregator java doc
     new 1ec3d2a  Change to LOG.debug to avoid the log spams
     new abd0937  Fixes many occurrences of missing try-with-resources
     new 6195a67  Fix broken @link
     new 1086f55  Specify javadoc plugin version for the examples module
     new 3986ea5  Fix the instructions to override the API endpoint
     new 5febb33  Enable Proto2Coder and SerializerTest
     new 81e162e  Introduces a custom source implementation of Avro
     new ccad188  Support per-window tables in BigQueryIO
     new 63cb724  Do not use the Datastore query splitter for one split
     new 5cc2461  Improve key throughput of StreamingDataflowWorker
     new 0d740ed  Separate ActiveWindowSet and OutputBuffers
     new ebc1c0c  Make inner Coder class in Top transform static
     new 4153044  Update option to turn on Cloud Debugger for Dataflow jobs
     new 6cba946  Move streaming custom transform expansions into the runner
     new ff9132f  Three successively more detailed WordCount examples
     new 3e846b5  PTransform.getName() refactoring and fixes for readable names in UI
     new 8839670  Remove time-dependent parts of ReadOperationTest
     new 1854bdd  Update internal documentation
     new bcb267f  Internal test changes.
     new 4272d81  Explicitly require Project in Dataflow Options
     new ed24a8e  Fixes the flaky test XmlSourceTest.testSplitAtFraction.
     new d6aee92  For batch execution, replace fixed side input Map with a Cache
     new 782814a  Drop filesToStage from serialized pipeline options
     new 5c0be72  Improve type safety of coder instance registration
     new c4b7682  Implement GroupAlsoByWindowsAndCombineDoFn
     new 4c7f018  Renamed --input to --inputFile for WordCount
     new b1b51ab  Expose dataset ID in ApplianceShuffleWriter
     new fbbbe4c  Adds support for unbounded custom sources
     new 2cb93d5  Make HolderCoder#equals depend on the inputCoder
     new af557df  Make ParDoFn an interface
     new 0f594c6  Clean up StreamingDataflowWorkerTest
     new af34036  Serialize Proto2Coder via JSON, not Java serialization
     new 49516a2  Remove FixedIntervalWindowCoder
     new 3904f98  Cookbook examples reorganization
     new 6ce25e3  Add plumbing for pane/trigger tags
     new c6549ef  Convert PipelineOptions to Output Type Pre-validation
     new 7813083  Verify that Window Coders are deterministic
     new fdb8a04  Trigger-defined "continuation" behavior
     new 238866e  Update option enabling Cloud Debugger for Dataflow jobs
     new d193aab  Remove unnecessary dependencies
     new 0d5f20d  Internal testing change
     new 85aed2f  Enable group also by window combiner lifting
     new e6eff59  Update GroupAlsoByWindowsAndCombineDoFn to support merging windows
     new 786490a  Add a status server to the batch DataflowWorker
     new 14e9321  Update GroupAlsoByWindowsAndCombineDoFn to support accumulation mode
     new a96a062  Update GABWViaIteratorsDoFn for ACCUMULATING_FIRED_PANES
     new 67f0405  Serialize JAXBCoder via JSON, not Java serialization
     new 131466f  Test @DefaultCoder for collection contents
     new d306801  Make inner Coder class in ApproximateQuantiles static
     new d2a2314  Add counters for data that is dropped in GroupAlsoByWindows
     new bec3b98  Add Group as an attribute of Validation.Required
     new 78772d5  Introduces RangeTracker for thread-safe dynamic splitting
     new 90c666d  Makes dynamic splits non-blocking
     new 967b0e0  Windmill API changes for supporting explicit record ids.
     new 8f24291  Adding in a utility class to help with gcs retries
     new a5bcc15  Expose CoderRegistry.getDefaultCoder(Class)
     new 2e74223  Fix Javadoc in Window
     new 2542cc9  Propagate CoderException from Coder through CoderUtils
     new 0cf5865  Make anonymous inner Coder class in Mean named and static
     new e54ef7e  Remove unneeded warning-causing code in CoderRegistry
     new e436b63  Add a transform name mapping for updating streaming pipelines
     new 1732386  Rename TriggerExecutor.trigger to TriggerExecutor.rootTrigger
     new 3caf9d2  Make TriggerContext an abstract class
     new 6ceda67  Combine the On*Event and TriggerContext interfaces
     new 4bfff9c  Allow overwrite of registered Coder
     new 0377302  Make the window available in the TriggerContext
     new 6aa06d2b Remove window parameter from Timer methods
     new 7fa3533  Cleanup hashCode and equals for some triggers
     new 3641c8c  Move Timer and Merge specific methods into appropriate Contexts
     new 796af68  Fix an invalid path on Windows platforms
     new 68bcd06  Move OrFinallyTrigger into its own file
     new 9b7012f  Clean up resources immediately and some small code cleanup
     new 78b5946  Windmill.proto changes. Adding counter field in ReportStatsRequest.
     new a1b899a  Windmill API changes for supporting timestamps and ids in PubsubIO.Write.
     new 7971224  Implementation of shuffle load balancing for Dataflow
     new 0d7f152  Windmill API changes for using system names for state.
     new 3d0223a  Update Windmill API protos.
     new 1787c97  Use system names instead of user names for storing state
     new 05514cc  Adds SDK support for creating BigQuery sources using queries
     new 44801c5  Log structured metadata for Cloud Logging
     new d550b04  Bound the exponential backoff time for work requests
     new 6cffe10  Internal testing changes
     new ac0c5df  Plumb timestampLabel and idLabel through PubsubSink.
     new a25be36  Fix incorrect "cast" for StreamingOptions
     new 01bd710  Implement a new API for persisted state
     new 79c6a32  Fix flakiness in IntervalBoundedExponentialBackOff
     new abbfe43  Encode IntervalWindow as upper bound plus duration
     new 4e3bc5d  Fix DataflowWorkerLoggingHandlerTest on Windows
     new 49ac943  Add encoding id to Coder
     new ac21382  Windmill.proto changes. Adding cumulative flag to Counter.
     new 1f9a1b1  Upgrade the SDK to use google library versions 1.20.0
     new adcb1d3  Proto only changes.
     new 2156f53  Fixing a off-by-one error
     new 7a18472  Adds explicit watermark holds to the Windmill API.
     new 1931902  SDK return error if user tries to update the same job multiple times.
     new 66680db  Update Windmill API.
     new 6d0510c  Add Comparator based versions of Min and Max
     new 43a6f9d  Java streaming harness support for stable computation ids.
     new 4b527da  Updates Windmill API to support reading watermark holds
     new 67a2f37  Replace 'reload' with 'update' terminology
     new 990282f  Made ByteCount for ShuffleSink consistent with ShuffleSources.
     new aaa6404  Add support for Count.globally().asSingletonView()
     new a22f8fd  Use bigdataoss gcs-connecter lib for GCS uploads and reads
     new c17b66b  Improve message for permission errors during resource staging
     new 60da698  Switch to new Persistent State API
     new f542eff  Use StateNamespaces with Timers too
     new 33a4a49  Minor fixes of documentation.
     new a51f6bf  Add a test for aligned and delayed AfterWatermark
     new 5e329be  Fix typo in comment
     new 6cc1ae1  Separate trigger execution from the actual reduction logic
     new 4a673c7  Set BigQuery table project ID before validation.
     new bb9d2ef  Rename WatermarkBag to WatermarkState
     new 62040d6  Implement PaneInfo and populate it during trigger execution
     new 153ff2c  Adding dataflow_java_harness_restarts, dataflow_java_harness_memory_utilization counters.
     new 381dcce  Track active keys and tokens in StreamingDataflowWorker
     new 6b132ca  Expand javadoc for DoFn.ProcessContext.element()
     new 9a2faf3  Updates to the windmill API
     new e9be9d0  Improve performance of BigQueryIO.Write.
     new 6cc9846  Roll back this change:
     new d6458ea  Updates to the Windmill API
     new b8a077e  Updates to the Windmill API
     new ccf3821  Examples reorganization
     new 93ba818  Change state_family proto field from string to bytes
     new d3a8a87  Support record ids for UnboundedSources
     new 0046a67  More details on expectations of StateInternals.
     new ce15b71  Add WindowFn#getOutputTimestamp
     new 9a984f2  Improve performance of BigQueryIO.Write
     new 9a7a142  Use WindowFn#getOutputTimestamp to select output times
     new cbe82f7  Fix pushback logic in StreamingDataflowWorker
     new 3eed994  Logging improvements for stage and step
     new ca2a25f  List suggested properties when parsing command line arguments
     new 12ee1e4  Add tests for merging the various composite triggers
     new a77283d  Restore step name context for logging after a DoFn returns output()
     new 8ce5742  Change state_family proto field back to string
     new c39f48a  Minor test change: adds a user-provided name to ease testing of counters
     new 0ca041f  Multiplex timers in SDK
     new 1f594f0  Remove unneeded ExecutionContext arg to BoundedSource.createReader
     new 83b4e85  Count Total Elements as SUM(the windows size for each WindowedValue)
     new bc23c84  Prefetch state needed for triggers
     new 3e89285  Fire empty panes if they have new PaneInfo of interest
     new f5a208f  Support UnboundedSource in direct and batch modes
     new de40cae  Clean up documentation in examples
     new 2e77b95  Update version of protobufs used by the SDK
     new 2c733f1  Add support for UPDATED job state
     new c482c3e  Remove the Window.Trigger intermediate Builder class
     new 95b36e0  Rename SimpleCombineFn to IterableCombineFn
     new 2dfe0d7  Fix NullPointerException in Proto2Coder
     new 9a82f5f  Work around a type inference change in javac
     new 8118e47  Pass the internal step name to Windmill as a state family
     new 33fa9d4  Infer the default GCP project from gCloud
     new 6c55fe8  Remove the SDK defaults for worker configuration
     new 45e336a  Fix View.AsSingleton with default values in streaming
     new 51cfffc  Rollback: Remove the SDK defaults for worker configuration
     new 9dc25ab  Allow specifying each part of a Window operation separately
     new b4ae276  Reduce the per-value cost of SystemReduceFn
     new 20b247d  Add Coder wire format tests
     new 5028083  Fix a typo in comment
     new b43c798  Improve types in ShuffleReaderFactoryTest
     new ce315e2  Drop timer firings for windows that have expired
     new d94fe57  Distinguish system StateTags by a one-character prefix
     new c2c01ba  Separate ExecutionContext interface from BaseExecutionContext
     new a33ebe9  Remove System.out.println from StateSamplerTest
     new c4cf644  Add DoFnRunner.ListOutputManager
     new 2ee610b  Update tests to use DoFnRunner.ListOutputManager
     new ccd4e0a  Use random seed for DirectPipelineRunner unless specified
     new 39ba987  Move GroupByKey validation into validate method
     new 5817c42  #45 Fix broken links
     new 676e61b  Improve GCS bucket access/missing error messaging
     new f448712  DEBUG log level for DirectPipelineRunner random seed
     new 706b042  Remove cluster manager API selection from SDK.
     new 07396ad  Update special-cases of GroupAlsoByWindow to use getOutputTimestamp
     new 9eaff94  Fixes two typos in BigQuery validation error messages.
     new b002e88  Add an example that brings in debugging/testing concepts
     new 7aa430c  Adds information about service accounts to source javadocs.
     new bf2f093  Use new watermark hold API.
     new d386ef7  Move PubsubFileInjector to examples.common
     new b249f3f  Remove unneeded methods and type params from DoFnRunner
     new d99712d  Adds an option to get the index and non-speculative index of a Pane
     new 6525107  Update SDK to correctly set replaceJobId on the Job.
     new ef6e98d  Replace "reload" with "update" in SDK.
     new 728d51a  Small bug-fix: Reread after writing the merged accumulator
     new d9fb9a2  Add support for JSON -> object/map parsing in PipelineOptions
     new 34d2c2f  Add "-injector" as a suffix to the job name for WindowedWordCount
     new b2e3022  Allow accessing properties of NO_FIRING pane
     new 6051bb3  Update exceptions when the job already exists or has been updated
     new bcac3c2  Skips publishing empty lines in Pubsub injector
     new 4398382  Rollback: Add support for JSON -> object/map parsing
     new 5dea2fa  Fixed the description for --stableUniqueNames
     new e5b7eb7  Add a Coder<AccumT> to the serialization of CombineFns
     new 439b0ff  Remove workerPoolType from pipelineOptions
     new ad7a34d  Re-add support for JSON -> object/map parsing
     new cb28e24  Improve the error message of skewed outputWithTimestamp
     new ac51a3c  Two trivial fixes to comments in
     new e9f687d  Improve streaming sdk integration tests
     new af285e4  WindowedWordCount: cleanup concept numbering
     new 2725c64  Give early errors when using unsupported bounded sources in streaming
     new 43ace3b  Fixes bugs in hot-key combining
     new 2ba3efc  Improve choice of number of unbounded source splits
     new a94104d  DataflowExampleUtils: fix swapped javadoc
     new 2d74c38  PackageUtil: warn user on long classpath
     new b895ef7  Updates custom FileBasedSource size estimation.
     new 21c3130  Prints an error when a custom source split exceeds RPC limit.
     new ac91965  Improve Object overrides in CombineTest
     new 08c1743  Restore: Remove the SDK worker defaults
     new b1b14b2  Improve Object overrides in WriteTest
     new a3b101a  Improve Object overrides in CombineValuesTest
     new 63ae513  Clean up GABWViaIteratorsDoFn
     new aa4f50c  Fixes bugs in hot-key combining
     new f06655e  Improve Object overrides for ValueWithRecordId
     new 9e7c533  Exposes dataset ID in ApplianceShuffleReader
     new 27fa237  Fix basic Object overrides for KV
     new 8b5d599  Add @SafeVarargs to DataflowAssert
     new bd74967  Add THROUGHPUT_BASED autoscaling algorithm specifier
     new 0f13518  Clean up IntraBundleParallelizationTest
     new 2e9f71d  Remove a test that overrides API endpoints
     new ed02bf1  Mark Coder encoding id methods experimental
     new 5e5c833  Add basic PCollectionTupleTest
     new 93b9e8e  Validates BigQuery datasets in both batch and streaming
     new 4e5117e  Improve coder incompatibility error messages
     new 7e45e08  De-lint some tests
     new d480d49  De-lint a few tests
     new f4b792e  Changed Project Name to Project ID in comments.
     new 703d930  Use a regex to detect potential Project ID problems
     new 8db0d84  Internal testing change: change capitalization in an exception
     new d2dc4dd  Remove experimental annotations from update flags
     new bba7433  Add a /threadz handler to the batch DataflowWorker's status server
     new b4c90b2  AvroCoder: enable @Nullable fields to be deterministic
     new 3659d25  Fix typo in KV.equals() and add tests
     new c0eb445  Fix some Warnings
     new 20fc63a  Updating dependency google-api-services-dataflow
     new ca2d22e  Add immutability checking to direct evaluation of ParDo
     new 332f9a3  Process event time timers before processing time ones
     new 1c79c45  Fix some warnings
     new 988f6bd  Minor cleanup of ShuffleSinkFactoryTest
     new fa9f2da  Replace NoSuchFileException with FileNotFoundException
     new 2116e5b  Fix javadoc example for BigQuery#to()
     new 0ebbd99  Set big query schema in the pipeline option
     new 12d3005  Validate that the GroupByKey inside the View is OK
     new 5b7c0d5  Update SDK to depend on PubSub V1
     new cf946ca  Several fixes for PubsubIO.PubsubReader
     new da9d5a6  Minor cleanup of PipelineRunnerTest
     new 7d41adc  Do not warn for 404s that are not known to be errors
     new ba3ef64  Fix resource not closed warnings
     new 2c1e819  De-lint MapTaskExecutorFactoryTest
     new a0ddeb2  De-lint TransformTreeTest
     new 7d3c78c  Minor clean up of DataflowWorkProgressUpdaterTest
     new b507dc5  Require getEncodingId() for anonymous CustomCoder subclasses
     new e575a4e  Switch Readers to be abstract classes
     new 09b943a  Do small amount of backoff in worker for UnboundedSources
     new 069215c  New semantics for empty panes
     new fed743a  Transparent error messages for workflow job creation failures
     new 417d12a  Makes SourceTestUtils compare structural values
     new cff1652  Make AfterWatermark.pastEndOfWindow not be a TimeTrigger.
     new 6a5dc93  Remove dead code from WorkExecutorTest
     new 31fdc15  Add @Override to a bunch of methods which should have been tagged
     new 8cbe53f  Minor clean up of StateSamplerTest
     new e13e59b  Fix some unused code warnings
     new 84b2b76  Eliminate warnings in DirectModeExecutionContext
     new e872e0b  TrafficMaxLaneFlow: fix typo
     new e739898  Remove warnings about never-thrown declared exceptions
     new d85d552  Improvements to offset-based sources
     new 9333aaf  Clean up maven build
     new d39d21b  Move scripts for automated testing to a directory
     new 5d15633  Attempt to fix Travis working directory
     new 082b410  Dataflow Travis script: fix relative paths
     new 53ce2d0  Only pass -Xdoclint:-missing on JDK 8 and newer.
     new 41c450c  Merge pull request #52 from prabeesh/master
     new c6f488b  Further hardening custom FileBasedSource.
     new d5a9149  Fix NoClassDefFoundError in DebuggingWordCount
     new 0787fdc  Reduce state reads for default triggering and discarding
     new cd1a1d3  Fully Qualify inner type name in DeDupExample
     new eaa9c1b  Fix PubsubIO name validation
     new 2822735  Update example READMEs to reflect the examples re-org
     new 88207e3  Update READMEs
     new c6b05d9  Update example READMEs to reflect the examples re-org
     new 5fbcc60  Add link to DataflowJavaSDK-examples
     new eb20fb1  Whitespace cleanup
     new 0849daf  Combine the additionalparams values
     new d427ab7  Update Examples README
     new 92b85ab  Clarify commandline quoting for DebuggingWordCount
     new f345da1  Clean up javadoc
     new f971e4b  Dataflow GA: update GitHub's to remove Beta language
     new b240fc1  Add contrib module for HadoopFileSource.
     new b0f84d4  Added a flag to control the number of threads on a worker
     new 7c0edb8  Fix DataflowAssert usage in BasicSerializableSourceFormatTest
     new 87df035  PackageUtil: make directory staging correct, simpler, and fewer I/Os
     new a1870c5  Redirect stdout and stderr to a logger in the worker harness
     new 4434d1b  DataflowPipelineRunner: fix typo
     new 32d7963  Change how the default value is selected in SingletonPCollectionView
     new 1a4c05a  Remove unnecessary semicolons
     new 14b99d2  Properly deactive work when it non-retriably fails
     new 28a5704  Adds package-info for
     new 6eef6e5  Fix javadoc formatting with respect to <p> tags
     new 79a717f  Fix default insertion logic in Combine
     new 1033243  Exclude Windmill Reads from StateSampler
     new a3378bd  Add the starter pipeline and pom as resources for examples
     new c726392  Cleanup Javadoc errors
     new 0a15469  Adds counters for implementing shuffle sanity check for Dataflow
     new 64014d4  Add a standalone_examples_pom.xml to the example resources
     new 2ca465e  Allow adding PCollections to a PCollectionTuple returned from ParDo
     new 93d5c3a  Refresh progress information after splits
     new ea53709  Fix documentation of PubsubIO subscription format
     new ec98eec  Added a getter to Write.Bound to retrieve the Sink.
     new 22fabb0  SyntheticInput implementation based on custom source
     new 5ea6f90  Provide default for UnboundedSource.getCurrentRecordId
     new 1778f13  Allow UnboundedSources to report backlog
     new 1ea5eae  Add null check in ParDo immutability checking
     new 5da6e97  Add reset policy to AttemptAndTimeBoundedExponentialBackOff
     new 4ce047c  DirectModeExecutionContext extends BaseExecutionContext
     new f847a1a  Add tests for GeneratorUnboundedSource
     new 79e46b4  Add an example of trigger usage
     new b896a72  Export state-sampler information via metrics update.  Also count the state transitions to detect whether an execution context is stuck.
     new b3d3573  Minor test cleanup
     new 45a403f  Rename possibly-confusing type variable in WindowedValue
     new 9090ce5  Add a boolean thread local to make encodeToByteArray reentrant
     new 63e8e74  Adds a bytes-read counter for UnboundedSource for autoscaling
     new 1249172  Use PropertyNames.OUTPUT string in ParDo translator.
     new 3acd13b  Improvements to source testing and file-based sources
     new 25219f8  Fix deps in examples/pom.xml
     new 8f4c824  Increase sleep in ReadOperation test to avoid flakiness
     new f67d81c  Change version numbers
     new d9f63fe  Create a maven archetype for the starter pipeline
     new 330819f  Create a Maven Archetype for the word count pipelines
     new d7758b8  Add CoderProvider chaining
     new 61f4ee6  Fix deps in sdk/pom.xml
     new bb56b34  Configure mvn dependency analysis to ignore runtime deps
     new 58450c1  Make OutputObjectAndByteCounter.countBytes correct, and add tests
     new 211c55e  Remove a few Java warnings
     new 195f528  Adds counters for bytes written to and read from Windmill
     new 26e93ae  BatchModeExecutionContext extends DataflowExecutionContext
     new fb5cf0f  Do not retain cloned PCollections in DirectPipelineRunner
     new 630ea14  Move streaming worker code to worker package
     new 18abb58  Move zip-related functionality to ZipFiles utility class
     new 31e37dc  Add SerializableMatcher and support in DataflowAssert
     new 0e0cec7  Do not require type @param tags for generic classes
     new 02e63ec0 TupleTag: minor Javadoc fix and code simplification
     new 5b5c57f  Add NullableCoder
     new 6b20b21  Improve Coder error messages when encoding unsupported null objects
     new c0483cc  Fix dangling threads in BigQueryTableInserter
     new 807623e  Fix Travis build break
     new ed54e7c  Merge pull request #54 from kgraney/fix_docs
     new 117bb22  Provide more explicit error message when Coder inference fails
     new 9d65753  Additional trigger tests
     new 9f3e15b  Don't include time spent fetching side inputs as user time
     new b5a41ca  Fix structuralValue and consistentWithEquals for null
     new 93ce335  TypeDescriptor implements Serializable
     new de1c872  Fix over-approximating shuffle read counter
     new 86888d7  Improves efficiency of FileBasedSource size estimation.
     new 825c7c0  Clean up calls to TableRow.set() in BigQueryTornados
     new b72b7b2  Updates dependency google-api-services-dataflow.
     new 046af6b  Minor cleanup of CoGbkResultCoder.equals()
     new 46ba104  MapCoder: use the encoded size hint to allocate the Map
     new d1b46b1  Add SetCoder to default Coder registry
     new d81e228  Allow getFractionConsumed to be called before reading has started
     new 92c6149  Suppress "serial" warnings via pom.xml
     new 5c3343b  Add tests for the default implementation of isCompatible
     new ed4571d  Remove unused import
     new a2af8e4  Make SerializableMatcher package-private
     new 00dfca3  Work around a type inference change in javac
     new b94d176  Flush invalid entries from UnboundedReader cache
     new 945a41d  Make Filter a proper transform with Coder propagation
     new 17a4c5a  Instrumenting the worker to get user code msecs
     new a1a9896  Rollback of user code time stats
     new a65336c  Update ApiSurfaceTest to catch public usage of hamcrest
     new 0e4417a  Removes the accidentally left-over SourceTestUtils
     new 469dd0b  Updates dependency google-api-services-datastore-protobuf.
     new cead04e  Version management
     new f32a0a4  Removes remaining references to CLOUDSDK_EXTRA_SCOPES
     new 61a16d1  Split out parts of AvroIOTest that require Avro-generated classes
     new 6f526b8  Updating SDK to use new gcs-connector gcsio/util library.
     new 2b52833  AvroIOTest: test schema upgradability
     new b05f4f3  Add Java 8 testing profile with example tests
     new 125623c  Minor clean up of Partition and PartitionTest
     new cc60e45  Adds dynamic work rebalancing support for ConcatReader.
     new 83bc1e7  ParDo: cleanup
     new dcc06f9  Minor clean up of CoderRegistry
     new 6e96186  Improve some InstanceBuilder error messages
     new 1f35976  Factor out static method-based CoderProvider logic
     new bd8fc9c  Add FlatMapElements transform
     new adf3d30  Logging upload id on initial upload request at debug level
     new 51a83ed  Instrumenting the worker to get user code msecs
     new edbc78c  Enable @DefaultCoder annotations for generic types
     new da2ac4f  Add MapElements transform
     new 4e559f9  Fix typos in FlatMapElements javadoc
     new 4e22ffa  Specifies type parameter in View.asX() javadoc examples
     new a3a9df5  Make ReaderFactory a real class; remove some reflection
     new 3315791  Modify GroupAlsoByWindowsDoFn to process batches
     new 7d18d58  Demonstrate new lambda-friendly transforms in MinimalWordCount
     new 999f038  Plumb the WorkItem into StreamingGroupAlsoByWindows
     new 531a352  Remove interaction logging from trigger tester
     new 4c3fc80  DatastoreIO: add support for querying namespace, and cleanup
     new 643e74a  Update TriggerTester to submit elements in chunks
     new 63c7fbe  Plumb PaneInfo through DoFnWithContext.ProcessContext
     new cd0de4a  Change the tolerance for the StateSamplerTest.netstingTest.
     new 6a24934  BigQueryIO: validate writeDisposition before writing any data out
     new fa29cca  Remove Google API client versions of Guava classes
     new b78d885  Re-throw exceptions that happen during cleanup
     new a3b5ad0  Remove references to existing Run Configurations
     new a09755c  Explicitly provide slf4j libs by the Dataflow worker
     new 6ed2ea3  Add special handling for triggering in Reshuffle
     new d46b432  Update StateTag implementations of equals and hashCode
     new f25aa39  Spell correction in the javadoc of WindowFn.
     new ca1ebdc  Introduce a TriggerBuilder interface
     new 8e1de20  Handle exceptions from within the SDK while processing work
     new b1455a8  Version management
     new bb0f496  Removes unnecessary interface SourceFormat
     new 8d1b982  Support dynamic work rebalancing for Avro files
     new c4c6649  TriggerExample: fix typo in Javadoc
     new 061bb51  Correct addInput documentation in Combine
     new 2945c89  Remove Combine.globally from batch View.asList() implementation.
     new 6555db8  Remove extraneous serialVersionUID in MapElements
     new f9cb8a1  Improve default output coder error message in TypedPValue
     new 61f8ef8  BigQueryIO: minor cleanup
     new 1099d5b  Expand error message for erased type variables in CoderRegistry
     new 98ab43a  Do not overwrite TypeDescriptor of PCollection in PCollectionTuple
     new c9056b0  FlatMapElements: javadoc fixes
     new 27a68e8  Use MapElements in WordCount example
     new 2c6185e  Fix comment regarding condition for AfterAll finishing
     new d6d067e  Test simple Combine with Java 8 lambdas and method references
     new f5e3b8e  BigQueryTableRowIterator: make getF/getV work correctly
     new 56b10c1  Hide the CloudDebuggerOptions
     new 2928a56  Avoid deserializing and calling start/finishBundle on empty bundles
     new a4bde0d  Write: move from transforms to io package
     new be5ac8f  Fixes a shutdown race in ReadOperation
     new b116031  Enable dynamic work rebalancing when reading from intermediate data
     new df8d9cb  Add tests using Java 8 method references
     new 3c22647  Add DataflowProfilingOptions
     new 109a267  Merge before processing elements
     new 5292f5d  Add a pipeline option to GcsOptions for user-specified buffer size
     new 65b737b  Fix typo in error message
     new 2b2c413  WorkerDiskType option: document and add reference URL
     new 170c3b8  Stop sampling after StateSampler.close()
     new 7d7e460  Add size-based file rotation to java logger
     new 755952d  Fix a BigQuery output issue in DirectPipelineRunner
     new 4db89fe  Miscellaneous cleanup
     new 0f77f64  Fixed close not being called
     new 63b4dbb  Fixed typo in doc
     new b9d35c4  Fixed example in BigQueryIO doc
     new b5ebe6f  Fix BQ docs for pushing to date range
     new b7dbb04  Merge pull request #74 from mshytikov/fix/typo-in-doc
     new c7cb650  Merge branch 'windowed-bq-output-doc-fixes' of into kevinsookocheff-wf-windowed-bq-output-doc-fixes
     new 5e4fd32  Merge branch 'kevinsookocheff-wf-windowed-bq-output-doc-fixes' for #75
     new 53d5004  Return unmodifiable side inputs from the Context
     new aa3d693  Change the tolerance for the StateSamplerTest.basicTest and StateSamplerTest.nonScopedTest
     new 834e429  Updates dynamic split request handling of FileBasedReader.
     new dc80e6a  Add a byte limit to the GetWork windmill API call
     new 85604f7  Test for AvroCoder for generic type with explicit schema
     new 64be887  Add compact operation to [Keyed]CombineFn
     new b9d8c5a  Byte-limited fetches for TagListState
     new 742377f  PackageUtilTest: make OS/JDK-independent
     new c0c69cf  Introduce new trigger builder for early/late firings
     new f08971d  Change getByteArray(UTF_8).length to Utf8.encodedBytes
     new 7186f81  Fix javadoc compile warnings
     new 48506f0  Improve error message during parameterized type inference
     new e204e29  Add external Javadoc links
     new ec58b6b  Provide a lazy byte size observer for shuffles
     new e3c954d  Remove uses of the deprecated getFullNameForTesting
     new 6136d69  Set test* values in DirectPipelineRunner from Options
     new db56935  Adds the ability for sources to specify splittability
     new 4c6dd0a  Switch from FluentIterable.of(E[]) to from(asList(E[]))
     new c349644  Use pass-through WindowFn during Reshuffle
     new a1b6f85  Move CounterProvider off of BinaryCombine_Fns
     new 0d4aa4e  Update pom.xml to the latest version of BigQuery API
     new a192b2e  Limited parallelism reporting for TextIO reader.
     new f707e9c  Optimize StreamingDataflowWorker progress updates
     new 198a00e  Remove Eclipse Starter Project
     new f5fd89e  Enable Travis container-based infrastructure
     new 256fa64  Merge pull request #76 from dhalperi/use-travis-containers
     new 83c2c3c  Merge pull request #73 from elibixby/close_bounded
     new 47c5202  Merge pull request #47 from tomwhite/hadoop-file-source
     new 11acfd7  hadoop contrib: make it compile against latest
     new d884472  Merge pull request #78 from dhalperi/fixup-pr-47
     new 833e535  Adjust the bounds for published parallelism counters.
     new ad2e793  Add dependency-reduced POM to .gitignore
     new eda21ab  Wait until the first sampling event happens to reduce flakyness
     new 4e21185  Update windmill proto library version to 0.4.151029
     new 66ac33e  Replace DATA_PARALLEL default job type
     new 8b0aa85  Adjust ApiSurfaceTest to exclude more extraneous classes
     new ece6b9a  Add Test for Empty ParDo with Side Outputs
     new 6771418  Move MapAggregatorValues to util package
     new a33e53b  Update sdk windmill.proto to match windmill version
     new 3912f4a  Add getAggregatorValues to DoFnTester
     new 495b0a6  Insert reshards before fixed-shard TextIO sinks
     new cdb1781  Fix minor typos in AfterWatermark javadoc
     new 2b7fdf5  Remove the pipeline option for setting the VM image
     new 4f472f8  Update Combine, Top Error Message for Non-global window
     new 947a0e8  Memory improvements to the streaming worker
     new 01633e7  Moves the exception throwing to outside the finally block
     new b52a797  Fix repeat in AfterWatermark.withLateFirings()
     new f878f4b  Adds comment to clarify semantics of the TagList.end_timestamp field
     new 6f3b33e  Prepare windmill.proto for output watermarks
     new 7935ff5  Retry setup in DataflowExampleUtils
     new 1d92b7d  examples/pom.xml: add default slf4j-jdk14 logger
     new c33aaaa  Fix continuation of OrFinally trigger
     new fdf5d18  Use guava for side input iterable of iterables concatenation
     new 5b657a9  Fix formatting in contrib/hadoop to conform to Google rules
     new ce0701d  Avoid double counting bytes read in GroupingShuffleReader
     new 8164800  Fix formatting in contrib/hadoop to confirm to Google rules
     new 38f25d9  Fix a bad merge
     new 2b20075  Update prebuilt proto libraries for Dataflow to 11/9 version
     new c028206  worker: fix leak in StateSampler
     new 8182b15  Separately test each GroupAlsoByWindows implementation
     new 94115d5  Fix reference to maxReadTime in PubsubIO.Read
     new 42b878a  Testing improvements regarding custom sources in streaming
     new 395e6dd  Output watermark should be specified per key rather then per computation:
     new 91f0345  Improve UncaughtExceptionHandler
     new 43d0e78  Merge pull request #82 from spotify/dano/fix-state-sampler-leak
     new 9f8f66d  Integration test for shuffle sanity check for Dataflow
     new dd3c0a5  Improve Dataflow javadocs
     new b038d9f  Improve Dataflow javadocs
     new 7e71c91  Improve Dataflow javadocs
     new 76e6cbd  Improve Dataflow javadocs
     new b43d446  Improve Dataflow javadocs
     new dad6ff4  Improve Dataflow javadocs
     new ac0509f  Improve Dataflow javadocs
     new c07a223  Fix some grammar in Dataflow documentation
     new 3385cbb  Minor fixes to trigger javadoc
     new 198eb1f  Updates to windowing javadoc
     new 4717590  Touchup documentation in Runners Package
     new a25a717  Paginate list results from Windmill to Worker
     new ed51b46  Javadoc cleanup
     new e8be982  Add WithTimestamps PTransform
     new 3a559b3  DataflowPipelineWorkerPoolOptions: add TEARDOWN_ON_SUCCESS option
     new f86a22d  Move version numbering into parent pom
     new 819d649  Removes unused ReaderIterator.copy
     new 7dca13c  Insert reshards before fixed-shard AvroIO sinks
     new 610703a  Merges FileBasedReader into TextReader
     new 48f8147  Adds Protocol Buffer definition for gRPC communication with Windmill
     new 5333d99  Improve javadoc for View transforms
     new 4f2371b  Fix Javadoc typo
     new 2b9f3b4  AvroIO: improve Javadoc
     new 1b80660  Reduce the usage of stateByName() in MTE and adding more tests.
     new 9cfdd21  AvroSource: improve Javadoc
     new 2e1d4f2  Javadoc improvements
     new 70efc8d  Update Dataflow to use 11/17 version of prebuilt proto library
     new 9310053  Fix typo in CoGbkResult message
     new 912b5c6  Upgrade to bigdataoss library 1.4.3
     new bc37cd2  BigQueryIO: improve Javadoc
     new 0416263  PubSubIO: improve Javadoc
     new 10dc3b2  Fix WithTimestamps Java 8 Example
     new 3ff65d0  Deprecate the incorrect chaining in RetryHttpRequestInitializer
     new 056279e  Extend input type of Flatten#iterables
     new cc68535  Stream Iterable<T> state through MergedBag
     new 0f3b8a5  Condense PipelineOptionsFactory Exceptions
     new 7091875  TextIO: improve javadoc
     new c7f0421  Make the IterableLikeCoder efficient for many small values
     new e975c13  Fire a pane on AfterAll merge if it was not finished in all windows
     new 34f4dcc  Fix a worker crash when writing to intermediate files
     new dd85e08  Enable application default credentials for Cloud Shell
     new 470b7e4  Merge all subtriggers in AfterAll.
     new a3e38ef  PubSubIO: add, test, document support for RFC3339 timestamps
     new 5b6ed05  Add customized output timestamp for GroupByKey result
     new 777004e  Minor javadoc updates.
     new c4a6c4d  Javadoc cleanup to BoundedSource
     new 2174ac1  Cleanup Javadoc on BlockBasedSource
     new cd212b1  Migrate to use nano time and a nano sleep in tests
     new a8347d1  Cleanup Javadoc on CompressedSource
     new 435508e  Convert OutputTimeFn from interface to abstract class
     new c7bb5bb  Remove Unneccessary import in CombineJava8Test
     new f56b1b8  Fix sizing of windowed side inputs to improve caching
     new 3ebf8b5  Improve Lambda Support in WithKeys, RemoveDuplicates
     new 3f9882e  Setup data structure to allow for overrides for batch pipelines
     new b6c4f8f  DataflowPipelineOptions: use gcloud project default if available
     new a8b19a6  Filter: fixup uses of #by and #byPredicate
     new 8db5004  ByteArrayCoder: remove unused import, fix Javadoc link
     new f6ade89  Coders: fix Javadoc
     new 927c586  Coder: fix javadoc
     new 3bad263  BlockBasedSource: fix javadoc links
     new d81e750  Fix issue with SerializableCoder and JAXBCoder to not close stream
     new 0c637d3  Occasionally compact combined state on write.
     new cf1e3f3  Version management
     new 2523673  Improvements to DataflowWorkProgressUpdaterTest
     new 8c8f085  Reduce availability of StepContext#getExecutionContext
     new 9e74526  Fixed a race in StateSampler.
     new 3ae6883  Genericize BaseExecutionContext
     new cb5a519  Fixes a null pointer in SourceOperationExecutor.
     new f52c53f  Remove NullPointerException in DataflowWorkProgressUpdaterTest
     new f111e67  Refine LATE pane semantics and implementation
     new 79b4274  Use 8MB page sizes to match minimums used elsewhere
     new 40e53d7  Updates google-api-services-dataflow dependency
     new 1afaf46  Return a future for WindmillState.persist()
     new 8dff8fb  Minor javadoc updates.
     new bceb7d6  CombineTest: remove unused import, suppress a Java warning
     new 8746470  Rename TriggerTester to ReduceFnTester
     new a82abf4  Fixes a data race in OffsetBasedSource
     new 7539d5e  A series of batch and streaming pipeline examples
     new 3c90d44  Uses the new progress/split request classes
     new d7643e6  Update OffsetBasedSource javadoc
     new 5d6dfdd  Improve error messaging when applying unsupported transform in batch
     new 37e7fcf  Drop data only for expired windows
     new 2398d0b  Do not require .withAllowedLateness for GlobalWindows
     new d459ecf  Remove Trigger.OnElementContext.element()
     new 57de437  Change the assembly of state keys to be more efficient
     new 1f072e8  Improve javadoc for Pipeline, PipelineResult
     new afd9c26  fix typo
     new 6bccd10  Merge pull request #90 from hildrum/patch-1
     new 1ed2bff  Remove jetty-jmx dependency
     new 0d0894a  Small javadoc fixes for DoFn and friends
     new cfd1c67  Add Proto2Coder as universal fallback
     new af0367c  Add dependency on jetty-servlet
     new 4057def  CountingSource: bounded/unbounded source of longs
     new 3254715  Have Dataflow internally depend on Guava 19.0
     new e20747f  Add a scalable bloom filter implementation
     new f15d459  Touch up ParDo javadoc
     new 23d96f3  Avoid integer overflow when computing maximum cache weight
     new 61bd081  Enable state caching for per-key windmill state
     new 55cf870  DataflowPipelineRunnerTest: make pass if user has default project set
     new e436a1a  Touch up KV javadoc
     new dcc3fe8  RetryHttpRequestInitializer: verify that SocketTimeoutExceptions are handled
     new 2cb3eac  Touch up javadoc for values package
     new 7f7f377  Add more tests to DoFnTesterTest
     new d23aff3  Add OAuth2 addresses to GcpOptions
     new 2cec5a7  Make ParDo.withSideInputs cumulative
     new 441cbe2  Tidy some worker code
     new ae47163  DataflowWorkProgressUpdaterTest: fix data races in the test itself
     new 31a8b88  Tidy some utility code
     new c837233  Update the overview page for the javadoc
     new 1b0d417  Ensures that BoundedSource and UnboundedSource are Serializable. ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=111153948
     new d19f99f  Always pass maxNumWorkers in job settings
     new caec17b  Factor AvroUtils into a separate class
     new 52e6b4d  Change the 'gaming' injector credentials check logic
     new 454f221  Increment environment major version to 4
     new 47b397c  Tidy PCollectionViews
     new 9262be9  Tidy some type variables
     new 3bdb31b  Tidy some tests and support code
     new 486b641  Setting table creation definition in WindowedWordCount example
     new 9a3deeb  Add ByteCoder
     new e02f2e3  Eagerly merge new windows into existing windows
     new c98f043  Native reader/sink for sorted key/value data
     new 356364e  FlatMapElementsJava8Test: fix a typo
     new cfacdd9  Add support for testing timestamps in DoFnTester
     new d514f11  Read bounded PubSubIO in examples pipelines
     new 34dee75  Rollback state caching.
     new 0718469  Decouple TriggerContextFactory from ReduceFn somewhat
     new 715b017  Migrate from deprecated isAssignableFrom to equivalent isSupertypeOf.
     new 8c8ed01  Rollback of read bounded PubSubIO in examples pipelines.
     new 2bc1033  Fix AfterAll merge logic
     new 0957701  Run OutputTimeFn-related tests on the service and local runner
     new c2e1d90  Decreases size of input for AvroSourceTest
     new bf9e7cb  Decouple TriggerContext and friends from ReduceFn.Timers
     new 3bd9a43  XmlSource: clarify requirement for unique keys in Javadoc
     new a918a31  Resubmit: Read bounded PubSubIO in examples pipelines
     new 6a11a72  Fix BigQueryIO.Read to work the same in Direct and Dataflow runners
     new ca4523e  CombineFnWithContext SDK API and worker code
     new e889070  Upgrade google-api-services-dataflow to v1b3-rev14-1.21.0
     new eb92417  Roll forward state caching
     new c4a03a1  Cleanup a comment
     new 33505af  Implement a utility to check dynamic work rebalancing for a source.
     new 9936f85  DatastoreWordCount: use an ancestor query to ensure consistent results
     new 3b24183  Makes ReaderIterator have the same interface as Source.Reader
     new 590e474  Rename TriggerExecutorTest to ReduceFnRunnerTest
     new 951723f  Fix Maven warning by specifying version of the build-helper plugin
     new 44e3e98  Break out TriggerTester from ReduceFnTester
     new f341a6f  DatastoreIO: support user-provided limits on number of results
     new 6805ac9  Bound the size of commit queues in the streaming worker
     new 9c1473c  Fix data races in BigQueryTableInserter and BigQueryUtilTest
     new 6bb5987  Fix javadoc @link warnings
     new 86fd527  Adding "DocInclude" metadata comments to the "game" example
     new b298fe1  Adding worker ID to the upload id logging
     new 79d9892  DataflowAssert: throw when .equals(Object) is called
     new e821982  Generalize the 'game' example BigQuery write classes
     new 848e6a0  Use .jar for staged directory packages
     new a904090  DefaultProjectFactory: make it use new gcloud properties files
     new ddbeb97  Checkstyle: support disabling specific analyzers
     new 2fc26c5  Add for the "game" example series
     new cabbfea  Stops holding initializationStateLock while opening the reader
     new b2c2214  Upgrade JaCoCo to 0.7.5
     new e9bb2a2  Fix typo: wrong table column name
     new 608fd21  Fix typo in OutputTimeFn
     new 2713af1  Implement typeFromId(DatabindContext,String) within CoderUtils
     new 02acad4  Fixes a bug in custom unbounded readers
     new 4114f62  Adapt to be able to upload to maven-central
     new 1c224b6  Aditional info to simplify release.
     new 7fbb206  fix typo
     new 096e4c2  Merge pull request #106 from hildrum/patch-1
     new 575b733  Fix review comments.
     new 52e7e0e  Merge pull request #104 from mrunesson/maven-central
     new acb83b7  Version management
     new 96ec971  BigQueryTableRowIterator: elide columns with null values
     new 0ed16ff  Rollback "BigQueryTableRowIterator: elide columns with null values"
     new 7d82215  Deterministically choose freshest aggregations in pipeline results
     new 73cee98  Split streaming status pages into servlets
     new 6db9723  Expose dependent realtime watermark via Windmill protos
     new 219d22a  Add ByteStringCoder, a coder for ByteStrings
     new 1e5524a  CustomSources: remove dead code
     new 7509f87  Ignore Eclipse project files in root .gitignore
     new c144180  BigQueryTableRowIterator: elide columns with null values
     new d87e2e2  Split out StatusDataProviders
     new 7248ecf  Proto changes for multi-worker support.
     new cb11062  Use the standard set of status pages for Batch
     new 46a1ece  Add FinishedTriggers abstraction with BitSet and Set implementations
     new a46d3bd  CustomSources: add logs and normalize log levels
     new a923d77  SingletonAssert: add a notEqualTo matcher
     new 6e5d743  Implement Counter#merge
     new 054f1e6  Optimize mergeAccumulators by reusing an existing accumulator
     new baa8e2f  Handle when Dataflow service tells us that values are sorted in GBK
     new c41d154  Continues unifying ReaderIterator and Source.Reader
     new 169e340  Fix Coder.Context equality and hashCode
     new 1c47353  Update prebuilt proto libraries for Dataflow to 2016-01-20 version
     new b5b8d95  Upgrade Jackson dependency from 2.4.5 to 2.7.0
     new 61a2e27  Expose event time and synchronized upstream processing time
     new cfda3ff  Update Triggers to new shouldFire() based semantics
     new 4fa7bd3  StreamingWriteFn: check if table exists before creating
     new 25b4e87  Let shuffle reader and writer update counters.
     new 8929f3e  Provide a reasonable default to Window.Bound#apply
     new 4ed7f13  Allow 'game' examples to append to existing BigQuery tables.
     new ec5dfe8  Create StreamingGroupAlsoByWindowsDoFnRunner
     new e468cad  DatastoreIO: do not split when QuerySplitter fails
     new 50f98a7  BigQueryTableInserter: retry rateLimitExceeded API calls
     new ab733b4  AvroCoder: more efficient use of Avro APIs
     new 46a8082  Modify GameStats window definitions for blog post
     new 186a7ff  Add new property names
     new ede56ef  Add increment support with positive infinity
     new ec6a695  BigQueryTableRowIterator: handle query failures
     new e006292  Add CounterSet#merge(CounterSet)
     new b08ec20  Allow unflattened results from a BigQuery query-based export
     new 97cf4f2  Clean up GameStats session branch for blog post
     new 76b8689  Account for per-window overhead in WindmillStateCache
     new e64446c  Add support to configure the shuffle client library with a property.
     new 9b0b395  Create worker maven module
     new ce8c03f  Add explicit record type for Ism files
     new 8b4c34e  Upgrade protobuf runtime to version 3.0.0-beta-1
     new 61853d1  Refactor LateDataDroppingDoFnRunner
     new f7feb71  BigQueryIO: remove DirectRunner dependence on Dataflow native reader
     new 0adaa91  runners.CountingSource: rename to TestCountingSource
     new ef71d47  Validate DoFn.createAggregate is not called during pipeline processing
     new 12be5db  DataflowPipelineRunner: retry source splitting when too many bundles
     new da4f771  DataflowWorker: elide some for loops for unused log levels
     new 4638244  BigQueryReader: simplify and remove some redundant code
     new ea0e7bb  Create internal-only classifier for Dataflow SDK
     new fc98f52  Change BQ mode to append instead of truncate
     new 11e8427  Add a first file (at least to trigger the github mirroring)
     new 47178ec  Disable surefire forking in Travis-CI
     new 793a652  Merge pull request #110 from dhalperi/pr108-take2
     new a2097b9  Initial add
     new bde4f91  Fix duplicated Stephan Ewen
     new 6fab928  Fix broken mailto
     new b5bf799  Merge pull request from stefanobaghino/mails-fix
     new fd272c2  Fix for timezone
     new 02569b2  Addition of Twitter and Blog details to index.
     new 31aee69  Add apache ID 'kenn' for Kenneth Knowles
     new ff2f0ad  Merge pull request from kennknowles/kenn-at-apache
     new e3ad304  New blog post; changes to logos.
     new 443031d  Fix for blog post.
     new 0166acc  Move Dataflow worker mains to worker maven module
     new e852da2  Removes dependency on LegacyReaderIterator from more readers
     new 579c8f3  Add support to export BigQuery files in Avro format
     new ed87d95  Move some status pages to worker module
     new 748ada7  CombineWithContext support in batch PartialGroupByKeyOperation
     new e595281  Fix TimeTrigger#isCompatible
     new 4942eef  Move StructuralByteArray to the coder package
     new 5f06ee5  AvroUtils: default missing field schema mode to NULLABLE, and test
     new d476d5b  Add ByteCount for BigQueryIO streaming write
     new 4dce3c2  Default to exporting BigQuery files in Avro format
     new ad60609  Add InProcessPipelineRunner, Evaluation Interfaces
     new d0e28bc  Upgrade maven shade plugin to avoid infinite loop
     new 460dc20  Add InMemoryWatermarkManager
     new b88c2c4  Have worker maven module depend on unshaded/unrelocated test jar
     new 396e0cc  Separate CustomSources into worker and non-worker pieces
     new cb11e9d  Most methods in will soon have @CheckReturnValue applied to them. Adding the annotation makes it a compile time error to ignore the return value from the method. This CL fixes the soon-to-be compile error by either deleting the no op statement or otherwise handling the return value.
     new 7d7a49a  Move ReaderFactory.Registry to ReaderRegistry
     new 1ddc6fd  Add Ism file format version 2
     new bee2bb3  Always explicitly pass ReaderRegistry to MapTaskExecutorFactory
     new 97b9ed3  Move worker tests to worker maven module
     new 2db0f78  CustomSourcesTest: use a smaller byte limit to reduce test runtime
     new 5addd1b  Explicitly pass ReaderFactory from worker classes to SideInputUtils
     new be3326c  Move MapTaskExecutorFactory and system DoFns and their factories
     new 7794247  Move several operations and dependencies to worker module
     new 085469d  Split InMemoryBundle into Read/Write only interfaces
     new 4c1e911  ApiSurfaceTest: whitelist package
     new f41716a  Make SinkFactory a real class; remove some reflection
     new 91a418f  Marks getAllowedTimestampSkew as deprecated.
     new 6100a17  Add the transforms required to create an Ism side input
     new 867afdd  Don't wrap system DoFn exceptions.
     new abcbdf4  Move BatchModeExecutionContext and dependents to worker module
     new 64eefa3  Handle SynchronizedProcessingTime in InMemoryWatermarkManager
     new 1452daa  Move streaming worker code into worker module
     new c27412e  Move Windmill-specific code and dependents to worker module
     new fba2172  Move Reader classes and dependents to worker module
     new 9be2b2d  Move over IO sink factories and dependants
     new 7209750  Render the /threadz page using plain text.
     new d6e5cc9  Move remainder of status servlets
     new 9894b42  Decouple StateContext from ReduceFn
     new 314e8dd  Allows specifying if an OffsetBasedSource supports dynamic splitting
     new 12dd58c  Create a top level GroupingTable interface and its factory class
     new a2d8cd5  Experimental Cloud Bigtable sink
     new a1be256  Tighten BigtableIO's API surface exposure
     new f087da6  Separate Timers interface from ReduceFn
     new 546ee4f  Merge TimeTrigger into its only subclass
     new d58d7da  ApiSurface: add debug messages
     new 5ae27f0  Migrate AvroIO to internally use Read.from(AvroSource)
     new 38702c3  Upgrade to SLF4J 1.7.14 so that we can use slf4j-api MDC
     new c71eb08  Eagerly merge all window state
     new 26f5dc4  Add the Ism side input reader
     new c36a2e9  Move over various worker classes to worker maven module
     new 1067af6  Move over several shuffle classes to the worker maven module
     new 478b1de  Add a DoFnRunner for StreamingGroupAlsoByWindows with side inputs
     new f833d2e  Handle Timers in InMemoryWatermarkManager
     new 62e516b  Move over worker logging classes to worker maven module
     new 38b5bc0  Move worker implementation classes of aggregators to worker maven module
     new 39422b9  Remove Base64Utils which is dead code
     new a0e2715  Move over several Dataflow worker specific classes to the worker maven module
     new a6c3e40  ByteKey: a key represented byte[]
     new 35dbb0c  Remove duplicate definition of MetricUpdate utilities
     new b494fef  Enable new Ism side input format by default for batch Dataflow jobs
     new 3f77c39  Use shaded guava from within worker maven module
     new 3c57e54  ByteKey: add a static instance EMPTY for the empty key
     new 0e204fe  Move miscellaneous worker classes to worker maven module
     new aaf27d3  Allow StreamingDataflowWorker to run against a remote gRPC windmill
     new 2d88e6f  Move CustomSources logic to live in more appropriate places
     new f0198dd  Add filename-based compression selection to CompressedSource
     new dbcc0af  Make internal state APIs explicitly keyed
     new 6edc6e0  Add KeyedCombiningValueStateTag containing a KeyedCombineFn
     new da1a5bf  Explicitly select GroupAlsoByWindow in default GBK
     new 7a98381  Add ByteKeyRange and ByteKeyRangeTracker
     new ced1724  Make some ReduceFnRunner implementation details private
     new f108866  Treat ReduceFn and Trigger exceptions as system exceptions
     new 841e2a2  Decouple NonEmptyPanes from ReduceFn somewhat
     new 857ee11  Decouple TriggerRunner from ReduceFn
     new 897d744  Support reading uncompressed files when gzip is expected
     new 290d69f  Explicitly provide StateInternals to ReduceFnRunner
     new 0467210  Fix typo in TimerInternals comment.
     new 18d07e3  Fix propagation of streaming keys
     new 72521c7  Do not assume channel is nonempty in TextIO gzip detection
     new 5f5c26f  Make WatermarkHold package-private
     new 20dd707  Minor revision of ReduceFnRunner docs
     new 6e902d7  Minor revision of ActiveWindowSet javadoc
     new 7f354a1  Make empty flatten work in streaming
     new 0ebc999  Minor revision of TriggerRunner javadoc
     new 50721f5  Improve IntraBundleParallelizationTest
     new c1dc715  Move specialized GroupAlsoByWindow implementations
     new c1a2e1f  Declare SideInputs on Combine.GroupedValues
     new 75843ea  Update Dataflow API version to v1b3-rev19-1.21.0
     new e305154  Add InProcess Clock abstraction, nanoTime implementation
     new aa7f07f  Improve TypeDescriptor inference of SimpleFunction
     new 3f24ca3  Fix
     new d30c981  Remove debug statement from test
     new 54999c5  Make sure every hold is accompanied by a proximate timer
     new 36732d4  Add support for splitting a compressed source for uncompressed files
     new 059ca33  Add --worker_harness_container_image PipelineOption
     new b31d7c6  Use new keyed state API to remove ReduceFn.Factory
     new cc0db49  Implement CopyOnAccessInMemoryStateInternals
     new 41c04e3  Handle null input bundles in InMemoryWatermarkManager
     new b7505c5  Remove unneccessary type from GroupAlsoByWindowViaWindowSet
     new 1415479  Never drop late data in Reshuffle
     new 0ad8ed1  BigtableIO: add a bounded source for Google Cloud Bigtable
     new 09d755d  ApproximateUnique[Test]: improve efficiency and cleanup test
     new ede5bac  Refactor to use try-with-resources
     new 72e436f  StateSamplerTest: fewer repeats per reused counter name
     new 5708945  Add InProcessSideInputContainer
     new 72f8387  Update FileIOChannelFactory.expand() to only return file resources
     new 9877acc  Add validation for single objects in GcsUtil.expand
     new 47eec4a  Rename StateContext to StateAccessor
     new c6382a1  ByteKeyRange: parameterize expensive combinatorial tests
     new 4533b90  Migrate TextIO.Read to be a custom source
     new 966b8f0  Make earliest Watermark State available in CopyOnAccessState
     new af9b77c  Add ForwardingPTransform
     new 2f627c3  Move test for post-GBK timestamp ordering to worker module
     new ade6ae8  Move DataflowWorkerLoggingMDC to the worker module
     new e0d7d0c  Rolling back since this breaks tests
     new ba55083  Clear empty CopyOnAccessInMemoryStateInternals
     new 9005cf5  Add Timers and State to InProcessTransformResult
     new f801524  Migrate TextIO.Read to be a custom source
     new d9c4b1e  Remove InProcessPipelineRunner evaluator package
     new b968d0a  Proto2Coder: fix static modifier check
     new bc857b8  Proto2Coder: minor cleanup
     new 8461818  Add InProcessTimerInternals
     new 234d5eb  Move VerifyDynamicWorkRebalancing and dependents to worker module
     new 015e1af  Allow TransformEvaluatorFactory#forApplication to throw
     new 0e77510  Add TypeDescriptors to Primitive PTransforms in Tests
     new d58b7db  Remove native Dataflow text reader
     new 209364e  Encode elements in InProcessCreate
     new c857afa  Expose base output file name on FileBasedSink
     new 7ff52a0  Move over Google Cloud Dataflow worker utilities to worker module
     new 2e171b5  Add new test proto messages that use map fields
     new c11af5f  Migrate AvroIO.Write to a custom sink
     new 1d0c6d0  Move Google Cloud Dataflow worker utilities to worker module
     new 7871cbb  Port state to new, future-free API
     new 24288e7  Move some worker-and-example-only dependencies out of sdk
     new c0a814b  Change visibility of FileBasedSource subclass methods and fix return types for existing subclasses.
     new 13a042a  Make TestPipeline slightly less DataflowPipelineRunner-centric
     new 6b372ec  Add used-but-undeclared dependency on google-http-client
     new d7b5189  Migrate TextIO.Write to a custom sink
     new 9f546ef  Move Google Cloud Dataflow native sinks to worker module
     new 51068d1  Reverts "Move Google Cloud Dataflow native sinks to worker module"
     new 45f5951  Add the slf4j-jdk bridge to the integration tests
     new 3904c90  Revert "Migrate TextIO.Write to a custom sink"
     new 635541a  Add KeyedWorkItemCoder
     new 2e89a4b  Revert "Migrate AvroIO.Write to a custom sink"
     new 01a0da0  Resubmit "Migrate AvroIO.Write to a custom sink"
     new 96b02f4  Add GroupByKey InProcess override
     new 6926d8e  Proto2Coder: recompute the extension registry when mutated
     new 6613031  Support CombineFnWithContext in GroupAlsoByWindows
     new 87b28e7  Add InProcess Override for CreatePCollectionView
     new db708bb  Update maven-dependency-plugin to latest
     new 01fd859  ProtoCoder: a Coder for Protocol Buffers Messages
     new f7fc939  Add used-but-undeclared findbugs JSR305 dependencies
     new d15d924  Handle PCollectionList.empty() in FlattenEvaluatorFactory
     new 1cc0211  Set worker harness container image to INVALID until next release
     new 045e343  Handle Undeclared Side Outputs in ParDoInProcessEvaluator
     new 639e9d9  Rollback revert "Migrate TextIO.Write to a custom sink"
     new ca98da2  Update Timers and State in the InProcess ParDoEvaluator
     new 7b28d23  Rollback reverts "Move Google Cloud Dataflow native sinks to worker module"
     new 8b5257f  Use a static variable for CoderCalled in WriteTest
     new 510a55d  Honor user requested shard limits for AvroIO.Write on DirectPipelineRunner
     new 6c71040  Adjust dependencies to avoid pulling in unneeded stax-api
     new 3eb3092  Handle multiple requests in InProcess Read Primitives
     new 06c8911  Finish Flattenning InProcess package
     new fba9147  Ensure a TypedPValue has a Coder on finishSpecifying
     new 3111646  Switch to the start state when lazily initializing
     new 89e6241  Fix SDK deps and enable strict enforcement
     new c290b5e  Fix worker dependencies and turn on strict checking
     new d4dcaaa  Update worker harness container image
     new ea3745f  Edit to index page
     new 41e5cc9  Revert "Add a first file (at least to trigger the github mirroring)"
     new 394390f  Dataflow code drop!
     new 3623a23  Update README for initial code drop.
     new 2efe761  Remove Google-specific contribution rules
     new 211e76a  This closes #1
     new d92e83a  Exclude old version of Google API client libraries
     new 295cb74  change output directory to "content"
     new a2d8677  This closes #7
     new e6b37b5  Delete windmill.proto (not part of Beam)
     new c495417  Delete windmill_service.proto (not part of Beam)
     new c9e5525  This closes #2
     new 1f31d4d  Move 'update' pipeline option to correct interface
     new fa429b4  Remove JsonIgnore attribute
     new f87f35b  This closes #5
     new 5cd0589  [BEAM-87] Support opt-in for heap dumps
     new a359409  [BEAM-80] Swap the order of timers and elements sent to ReduceFnRunner
     new 968494f  [BEAM-80] Decide EARLY or ON_TIME based on input watermark
     new 542b8db  Fix up checkstyle
     new 7582212  This closes #13
     new cb0c761  [BEAM-80] Fix the Unexpected StateTag error in convertToBagTagInternal
     new 616f898  Clarrify heap file path.
     new 5e82504  Closes #9
     new 2eda3fc  Fix typo
     new 3650298  Closes #8
     new 5a7bd80  Add CountingInput as a PTransform
     new 320a75b  [BEAM-90] TestCountingSource can throw on checkpointing
     new 0528570  This closes #14
     new c2d4027  Initial commit
     new ff42248  Update .gitignore
     new b9f3f96  Initial stubs
     new baa7142  change to latest dataflow sdk version
     new 79717cb  Parallel Do Function
     new b1716d3  GroupByKeyOnly
     new f97cce2  change flink version to 0.8.0
     new 8dba428  working WordCount and TFIDF
     new 778b7cc  Add WordCountITCase
     new c52978b  Rename Flink Runner to FlinkPipelineRunner, make it obey options
     new 2305832  Move type related stuff to types package. Add Javadoc
     new b5c3ab3  Rename utils to wrappers, add Javadoc
     new c8cb23a  Rename package example to examples
     new 84ad0ca  Move Flink Functions into package functions, normalize naming scheme
     new b2b1b6f  Add comments for missing Flink Translators, some cleanup in translators
     new fa49f75  Add warnings for features not yet implemented
     new 27444b2  Normalize DataSet names in FlinkTransformTranslators
     new af48a2a  Fix bug in TextIO.Read translation, parallelism not correctly set
     new 415b08e  Add sideOutput support and ConsoleIO.Write transform
     new b5d13a8  Add translation for Combine.perKey
     new e33738e  Add TfIdfITCase
     new 8d8003c  Add RemoveDuplicates ITCases
     new ffa08ec  Change Create translation to serialize to byte arrays
     new 0700908  Add JoinExamplesITCase
     new 36ce83a  Add non-working (for-now) WikipediaTopSessionsITCase
     new 360de53  Properly serialize/deserialize PipelineOptions from/to JSON
     new 6b0d3a4  Add InputFormat wrapper for Source, along with ITCase
     new 6ab25d4  Add Avro support with ITCase
     new ef0b423  removed unused textPath variable
     new c2c8d2c  run example with FlinkLocalRunner
     new 82c8395  parse tree: print transform name
     new e31f689  add WordCountJoin test (coGroup)
     new e7266cd  add WordCountJoin3Test (three dimensional reduce)
     new 0a9829a  optimize CoGroupByKey by using Flink's coGroup
     new 653d960  use only one switch for translating composite transforms
     new 23d978c  implement CoderComperator for Flink's coGroup
     new 220384e  coGroup optimization: disable until pull request is resolved
     new 63e4c02  Change version to 1-SNAPSHOT
     new f583873  Update Javadoc on CoderComparator and KvCoderComparator
     new 2cf960b  Change Serializers and Comparators to reuse byte arrays
     new 67196b8  Add warning about KeyedState in DoFn, which is not supported
     new bcbe714  Rename WordCount Example, Use Mavne Shade to bundle
     new 8e52312  Fix CoderComparators to correctly compare key lengths
     new fddc68e  Add dependency-reduced-pom.xml to .gitignore
     new 014573c  Correctly forward EOFExceptions from CoderTypeSerializer
     new 8818c2d  Fix mismatch between DataInput and InputStream in DataInputViewWrapper
     new a54e6c0  Add Fake Grouping Key for KV GroupByKey translation
     new 4594461  Change Flink Grouping Reducer to not materialize values
     new dc3f714  Add Partial Reduce Translation using MapPartition
     new 4abc854  Move to Flink 0.9-SNAPSHOT add Combine based on MapPartition
     new 5a287a6  Rename CoGroupKeyedListAggregator to match Naming Scheme
     new 9ab7c6c  enable CoGroupByKey translator which was disabled due to pending pull request
     new 7a410b2  integrate now available Google Dataflow classes
     new 7c90c0a  integrate partialGroupReduce operator to properly optimize Combine.perKey
     new 9c18a86  fix bug that would incorrectly match elements in the coGroup
     new fcd3149  implement a rudimentary normalized key comparator
     new db3d605  Optimize CoderSerializer and CoderComparator
     new 0554921  fix buffer overflow
     new e8e98c0  add README file
     new d816b43  add license headers
     new cf206e7  change name of Flink's new GroupCombine operator
     new 6edcfb3  properly integrate Flink's new GroupCombine operator
     new a966ac9  README: remove install Flink part due to availability of maven dependency
     new 40fd041  fix null value issue in Create translator
     new f80ce5d  KvCoderComperator: set the offset correctly
     new d0dce20  KvCoderComperator: set the correct context for the encoding
     new 80b1d26  Maven: remove shade plugin
     new 32049a0  improve execution of WordCount example
     new bfaaf5d  README: add additional note about cluster setup
     new d889b05  Flink master changes: rename FlatCombineFunction to GroupCombineFunction
     new 5adb679  adapt Flink Dataflow to run with the latest DataflowJavaSDK
     new 108cd82  instead of using LATEST, pin to a version of the DataflowJavaSDK
     new 3b6bf77  Pinned version for SDK too
     new 5421001  Updated Aggregator wrappers to match new Flink Accumulator behaviour
     new 7115fbb  adapt to the latest Flink master
     new 1f2ffee  [streaming] add a hint to the streaming branch in the readme
     new 2c4c4f4  add a Travis config file to enable continuous integration
     new 8f9dfe9  travis: modify config file to adjust jdk version and test command
     new a86fa8f  travis: remove openjdk8 since it is not supported
     new e824214  bump Flink version to 0.9.1
     new 3d666ed  change version number to 0.1
     new 9854a01  remove unused serializer
     new 2a0476e  update to Dataflow SDK 1.0.0
     new 61ace37  fix FlinkRunnerResult for new PipelineResult
     new 49e87e8  fix UnionCoder
     new ed5835f  adapt to 1.0.0 changes (handle AppliedPTransform)
     new f929bb0  fix renaming of ReadSource to Read.Bounded
     new 71ab709  adapt to the API changes: get types from context
     new d4b0857  adapt to new windowing semantics
     new 1000780  update ConsoleIO
     new 7c3c4ad  remove useless job
     new 49023e0  fix FlinkPipelineOptions
     new e73f061  fix aggregators
     new 0ec4f5c  fix accumulators
     new afa5f33  unify transform input and output getters/setters
     new a961603  re-enable and fix Read.Bounded
     new 6887afd  fix AvroITCase
     new 24b4cd1  re-enable TfIdfITCase
     new a1bc0e6  update UnionCoder
     new 3f9426f  properly translate nested composite transforms
     new 312d6f2  translate composite transform GroupByKey
     new 4447685  fix WordCount IT cases
     new a42dac7  fix WordCount example program
     new b472d04  add missing interface methods for DoFn wrapper
     new 94d8437  fix TfIdf example
     new 2777504  add SideInputITCase
     new 64c7c0e  add MayBeEmptyITCase
     new da59755  fix WordCount comment
     new 484802f  use correct output type
     new eef8fd9  disable Wikipedia test (for now)
     new 8f08267  move these examples to test and convert them to test cases eventually
     new d379449  move JoinExamples to util
     new 8313d79  created it case Flattenize
     new bc69dab  optimize imports
     new 4fc6349  create ParDoMultiOutput IT case
     new 5636aa6  port to Flink 0.10.0
     new 645d4cc  Enforce Java >= 1.7, Optimize Imports, Java 7 code compatibility
     new 9f70112  make Avro type extraction more explicit
     new ea1095a  [maven] correct license and formatting
     new c4f0431  [tests] refactor ReadSourceITCase
     new 8e859e2  [runner] add translator for Write.Bound for custom sinks
     new 336d394  [sink] generate unique id for writer initialization
     new d7bd7f4  [readme] add a section on how to submit cluster programs
     new 517c1bd  [readme] add hint on how to submit jar to cluster
     new edff078  [runner] add streaming support with checkpointing
     new 8434c3c  [readme] add hint that streaming support is available
     new 70ae13c  [readme] update to reflect the current state
     new 602d8fe  [cleanup] various small improvements
     new f0cb5f0  [cleanup] remove obsolete code
     new 0be42cb  [tests] add streaming mode to TestPipeline
     new 3227fcc  [runner] add Create transform
     new 37a9b29  [tests] integrate Wikipedia session test
     new bc4c60e  Rearranging the code and renaming certain classes.
     new 067837f  Adds javadocs.
     new a4e9b09  Fixes Void handling
     new 11fb25d  Track dataflow 1.0 -> 1.5 changes
     new 69f7623  [runner] some small fixes for 1.5
     new 52614ea  Fixes the GroupAlsoByWindowTest.
     new c6630b9  [travis] install snapshot version of SDK before running CI
     new dc7786f  [tests] suppress unnecessary log output
     new 730f092  [maven] add project for Runners
     new 39f08fa  [flink] adjust root pom.xml to Beam
     new 8852eb1  [flink] convert tabs to 2 spaces
     new 028a55f  [flink] change package namespace
     new 51bec31  [flink] adjust directories according to package name
     new 28fcfd7  [flink] update license headers
     new ceb2c87  [flink] update README
     new 9614f34  [flink] [cleanup] delete .gitignore
     new 4d4425c8 [travis] go through all Maven phases (except deploy)
     new 4da935b  This closes #12
     new d91bc09  BigtableIO.Read: use PBegin, rather than PInput
     new 419b6f4  This closes #18
     new b8250d1  Fix malformatted @links in javadoc comments
     new 5fe73ee  This closes #21
     new aa1d7e5  [BEAM-95] Use snappy compression on objects serialized via SerializableUtils
     new a0f08be  [BEAM-95] Add dependency explicitly to SDK pom
     new 9be2944  Closes #22
     new 65deff3  Upgrade mockito to 1.10.19
     new bf15d2f  This closes #24
     new a1ab951  Fixup by adding JUnit version number
     new ab10ac3  [BEAM-93] Add subnetwork support and increment Dataflow API dependency
     new 22ff05c  This closes #16
     new 9931638  [hotfix] correct line length to let Checkstyle pass
     new f8da287  Update .travis.yml
     new bfcf3c5  This closes #27
     new 567e1f5  This closes #28
     new 0bda00d  Send travis-ci emails to their default recipients
     new 8b8b8a9  This closes #19
     new 6737bd5  Remove hardcoded package name in CoderUtils
     new 5d0a91b  This closes #20
     new 54c933b  Update sdk pregenerated protos to 0.5.160304
     new 0be5a97  This closes #26
     new 532a792  Register debuggee with Cloud Debugger prior to job submission to Cloud Dataflow
     new 890e3a0  Fixup CL
     new b864ce8  This closes #15
     new 0aa0723  Fix jbonofre e-mail
     new 208e704  Team Updates
     new 5a817d1  [docs] update README Runner section
     new 9ed74f1  [BEAM-98] [flink] disable stdout logging
     new 1f9d02c  [BEAM-100] [flink] update to Flink 1.0.0
     new 9db4e22  [docs] correct broken link
     new 986b54e  This closes #4
     new 5d85464  [flink] update Shade configuration in README
     new e94b881  [flink] correct version in README
     new 9ca9185  Update to include proper build status
     new a238928  Closes #33
     new a8e9297  Update .gitignore to skip over files that end with '~'
     new 0442a24  Closes #34
     new c415be8  Only remove window from active window set if it is still active
     new 045471c  Add unit test.
     new ad44447  Initial commit
     new 845a817  Dumbest proof of concept possible
     new cb7c866  First bit of work to get this running against the new Dataflow API
     new dce03e4  Update version of dataflow to get new API method access
     new 08e94b2  Add support for getters and a Flatten impl
     new 9fdac6c  Such code. Much features.
     new deca2c0  Adding some more operators: toiterable, seqdo
     new 6ee38b2  Support for ParDo.BoundMulti
     new 64c6d8d  Fix bug in deserializing side inputs
     new 40adbec  Add SparkRuntimeContext for handling shared runtime objects
     new 565509d  First cut at aggregators
     new bb219d4  First minimally working aggregators
     new 9152769  Updates for 141206 SDK release
     new 3bd04ae  Dummy impls of windowing-related ProcContext functions
     new ba74f19  Simplify pom.xml
     new 6aa08e0  Add proper coder handling to RDD retrieval
     new 45be508  Refactor aggregation related classes.
     new 67cf364  Add and update project version in pom.xml.
     new 137d54a  Adds Javadoc and Tests to project.
     new b954589  Add apache2 license and cloudera copyright.
     new 1523ffd  Adds custom checkstyle.
     new 2992838  Factor out tranform translation logic in to its own class.
     new 2e3fe1a  Specify and rationalize generic types in State, CoderHelpers to start
     new 7489263  Add simple word count test.
     new f9e8fab  Factor out spark pipeline options.
     new ec172ba  Miscellaneous inspection changes from IntelliJ
     new ed1e2f7  Issue #13 : attempt to remove all generics warnings, or handle them explicitly
     new 225f6c0  Update and specify POM plugin config; Update Spark to 1.1.1, JUnit to 4.12, Spark 1.2; Add source, javadoc plugins and other info; Fix javadoc errors and a few typos
     new 1f9cd04  Improve readme to explain current state of the repo, and to encourage outside contributions.
     new ba4b326  Update version of dataflow we depend on.
     new d6523b7  Fix side input loading and re-enable approxuniq test
     new e798262  Add a close() method to EvaluationResult/EvaluationContext which stops the underlying JavaSparkContext (necessary for ensuring Spark EventLogs are flushed before exiting). ------------- Add BUILD rules for MOE GenInternalCodebase. ------------- Fix up MOE inclusions/exclusions. ------------- Add support for handling certain composite PTransforms via single more-suitable TransformEvaluators; map Combine.PerKey to Spark's combineByKey (with some necessary remappings to mak [...]
     new 4cd1a1c  Add tests for CombinePerKey transform and update other tests to use EvaluationResult.close() method to safely clean up SparkContext
     new 8a4daa2  Rename artifact to spark-dataflow; add release plugin config; add RAT check and some copyright headers; fix one compiler warning
     new 54a547a  Release preparation: needs to begin with a -SNAPSHOT version; Javadoc 8 doesn't like <p/>
     new 15a622f  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release spark-dataflow-0.0.1
     new 6ea0b52  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 3cc19b5  Add Cloudera repo info
     new 58228c2  Fix formatting of cloudera repo
     new eee09b2  Update README w/some notes on motivation. Fixes #20.
     new 68b72e7  Added new test for TransformTranslator and tested TextIO.Read and TextIO.Write transforms
     new b77179a  Update to latest version of Dataflow APIs and mimic createAggregator implementation model in Spark Dataflow.
     new d5aefef  Add a test for Avro.
     new 60a4c25  Add test that uses DeDupExample from the SDK.
     new ba882f2  Add test that uses TfIdf from the SDK and switch to use KryoSerializer.
     new e1e9ba7  Make it possible to run the SDK word count example with the SparkPipelineRunner.
     new e5deb38  Change to use SLF4J rather than java.util.logging.
     new ab1503b  Exclude jul-to-slf4j to avoid loops.
     new 4fa925c  Exclude old Jetty version of servlet API.
     new 24bad5e  Update to dataflow 0.4.150414.
     new ddaa532  Use DataflowAssert in tests.
     new aed5e27  Add Travis, Jacoco / Codecov integration. Fix Spark errors due to reused test JVM.
     new 3962b82  Enable checkstyle, remove some rules, comply with checkstyle rules, fix some compiler warnings, fix some other items from IJ inspection
     new 06e611a  Update to Spark 1.3. Closes issue #38
     new fe5a2bc  Add to clarify contribution license; add build flair to
     new 2afc03b  Enable RAT during verify phase and add some missing copyright headers
     new 64ab065  Remove unnecessary build properties for mvn exec.
     new cdb9665  Document how to run on a cluster with spark-submit.
     new b8190ea  Support withNumShards() and withoutSharding() for TextIO output
     new d82355c  Implement dataflow sharding for text output. With this change the direct runner and the Spark runner both produce output files with the same names.
     new 1df47a1  Fix README to reflect changes from b6e4787. Also fixes a corner case where the output directory is the current (home) directory.
     new ea2c4ad  Shard number replacement should only be for 'S' pattern in the template, not anywhere in the filename.
     new 5fb3712  Use internal coder for side inputs, rather than trying to infer our own manually. (The latter doesn't work for empty collection types, like List<String>.)
     new 94a8f29  Address review feedback.
     new 916e039  Use Coders to convert from object-based RDDs to byte-array RDDS for all operations that go through the shuffle.
     new ec2f9e7  Switch to use Kryo serializer.
     new a3259c1  Add a comment explaining use of Coders for serialization.
     new 7d8f818  Add HadoopIO for reading from Hadoop InputFormat classes.
     new 6d37b90  Address review feedback.
     new 70b41e3  Remove user-dependent configuration from maven-gpg-plugin.
     new c04a5a2  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release spark-dataflow-0.1.0
     new 0a599c4  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 5f8fc59  Update README with latest release. Add brief release instructions.
     new a35ea6a  Compute PCollections that are created only for the side effects in their computation. This is done by DataflowAssert, for example.
     new 2bb6c11  Wrap failures in in a RuntimeException.
     new 45d3e61  Implement DoFn.Context.getPipelineOptions().
     new 48347ca  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release spark-dataflow-0.1.1
     new ced9b30  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new f85beb3  Update README with 0.1.1 minor release.
     new b0312a1  Allow tests to share a single Spark context.
     new 148979f  Update to dataflow 0.4.150602.
     new 62c0337  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release spark-dataflow-0.2.0
     new b6c71c2  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 32be82e  Update README with 0.2.0 release.
     new 9e6daf2  Unwrap cause from SparkException if set.
     new d08675c  Specialize CombineGlobally
     new 80be89e  Fix bug in combinePerKey where accumulator in return value is ignored.
     new b404b9c  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release spark-dataflow-0.2.1
     new 290193e  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new bacaf8c  Factor out common code from DoFnFunction and MultiDoFnFunction.
     new 13edbec  Implement Aggregator#getCombineFn.
     new 89e2bb5  Implement getAggregatorValues.
     new 78d6614  More cleanup. View.AsSingleton is already exercised by the TfIdf test.
     new 5069eed  Set the RDD's name from the PValue's name, to help diagnosis.
     new 2820534  Resolve some generics warnings with some fancier footwork
     new b2f495e  Remove some HadoopIO.Read.Bound factory methods and fluent setters; always set key/value at creation
     new b47a8d0  Remove some HadoopIO.Read.Bound factory methods and fluent setters; always set key/value at creation
     new c51bc32  Fix checkstyle error
     new 7cff304  Delay converting PCollection values to bytes in case they are only used for views.
     new 2d00b3b  Add a system property, dataflow.spark.directBroadcast, to allow pipelines to bypass coders for broadcasts.
     new 79b08ad  Make access of boolean system property clearer. (From Sean Owen.)
     new 3cae69b  Only accumulate outputs from one call to processContext, rather than for the whole partition.
     new c01421c  Update to dataflow 0.4.150710.
     new 4415862  Prevent possible NPE.
     new ebf7053  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release spark-dataflow-0.2.2
     new 72167a2  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 27349ad  Update README to latest version (0.2.2).
     new 7681558  Fix bug where values written to the output in DoFn#startBundle and DoFn#finishBundle were being ignored. Introduced in 62830a0.
     new fe0b8e9  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release spark-dataflow-0.2.3
     new 4ec8c60  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 3b1441f  Avoid warning email by not running codecov unless it was configured; update jacoco and shade plugins
     new d7a35bd  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release spark-dataflow-0.3.0
     new 383eeeb  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new b83d666  Update README to latest version (0.3.0).
     new 89945bf  Update to dataflow 0.4.150727.
     new 5ec8d59  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release spark-dataflow-0.4.0
     new 1fdf602  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 922508c  Update README to latest version (0.4.0).
     new 27fd290  Dataflow goes GA! Update to version 1.0.0.
     new 3e767f5  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release spark-dataflow-0.4.1
     new 4536853  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 4b98c16  Update README to latest version (0.4.1).
     new 0c84c9d  Correct input parameter is --inputFile
     new 7838865  Add support for writes with HadoopIO. This allows Hadoop FileOutputFormats to be used with Spark Dataflow, as long as they implement the ShardNameTemplateAware interface. This is easily achieved by subclassing the desired FileOutputFormat class, see TemplatedSequenceFileOutputFormat for an example.
     new 8762b26  Add NullWritableCoder and test.
     new b8949b8  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release spark-dataflow-0.4.2
     new ecc33d8  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 90c49b4  Update README to latest version (0.4.2).
     new 8779701  Add tests for Spark 1.4 / 1.5 in Travis
     new 1c603d1  Fix a few Coverity inspection results plus more IntelliJ results
     new 22331d1  Propagate user exceptions thrown in DoFns.
     new f930380  The example needs --inputFile, not --input, to designate the input file
     new 7a2e9a7  Add spark-streaming support to spark-dataflow
     new 3478730  Add support for Flattenning (union) PCollections and test
     new a9168bf  Upgrade to latest SDK version 1.3.0
     new 89a21ca  Try to clean up some build warnings, related to generics, and try to further untangle some generics issues. Update plugins. Fix some minor code issues from inspection.
     new 1229b00  First wave of changes from feedback
     new bab23a9  Whitespace
     new 42fc8fc  remove LICENSE and from the spark-runner contributed code.
     new b2b5f42  This closes #37
     new 34d0d44  remove is idempotent
     new a1e3d86  Undo
     new 06b18fd  [BEAM-80] Enable combiner lifting for combine with contexts
     new de91b80  This closes #38
     new 45309ca  [BEAM-107] [flink] support multiple Scala versions
     new c3fbeda  Add DISCLAINER and NOTICE files
     new 8bc0659  Move tempLocation to PipelineOptions.
     new 781da20  Version management
     new 0e75e6a  Select worker harness container image for release 1.5.0
     new 8d17dde  Version management for remaining poms
     new c0b9fc6  This closes #47
     new 9603141  Minor Javadoc fixes
     new 071e4dd  [flink] restructure and cleanup Maven layout
     new 7644e91  Update : Fixing Streaming 101 and 102 links
     new 7f9270e  Closes #50
     new 53db159  Implement InProcessEvaluationContext
     new 46412e5  Closes #11
     new 41c4ca6  [BEAM-11] Spark runner directory structure and pom setup.
     new c5c7df6  [BEAM-11] set coder for pipeline input
     new 7e9aab0  [BEAM-11] extractOutput() should not return null
     new dd1c6cc  [BEAM-11] This is a placeholder to get the TfIdfTest working. Should be replaced by a SparkStateInternals implementation
     new bde9933  [BEAM-11] Add Spark runner to runners module
     new 95ebf89  [BEAM-11] relocate Guava used by Dataflow (v19) since it conflicts with version used by Hadoop (v11)
     new 6ef3641  [BEAM-11] Replaced license headers to ASF license
     new 3980f44  [BEAM-11] remove gitignore and travis.yml
     new eb0341d  [BEAM-11] second iteration of package reorganisation
     new b49e3c9  [BEAM-11] add Spark runner to included runners
     new a91e115  This closes #42
     new c168533  Fix versions and artifact names in runner poms
     new a13dd29  This closes #51
     new 328a147  Fix AfterWatermark Early and Late javadoc
     new 6ba288d  This closes #54
     new c199f08  This closes #39
     new a9c4605  This closes #49
     new 0f13716  [flink] fix UnboundedFlinkSource wrapper
     new ef1e32d  [flink] improvements to the Kafka Example
     new b0db313  [BEAM-113] Update Spark runner README
     new 659f0b8  This closes #55
     new f06e2a9  Add casts to fix mvn verify errors
     new e8b7100  Move Java 8 tests to their own module
     new e5c7cf8  Move Java 8 examples to their own module
     new e607237  Remove the JARs from the test additionalClasspath
     new a2a2c7b  Fix typo in javadoc
     new ac63fd6  This closes #57
     new 23b4378  [BEAM-96] Add composed `CombineFn` builders in `CombineFns`
     new c303260  This closes #23
     new 9d96e54  Capability matrix page + blog post: - Content as discussed in this thread:   and as iterated upon by relevant committers in this doc: - Enumerates current capabilities per-runner in _data/capability-matrix.yml.   This file should [...]
     new d09cd9e  This closes pull request 2
     new b370e40  Add content files missed in PR2 due to an overly aggressive .gitignore filter
     new 15623b8  This closes
     new 636d53a  Add ExecutorServiceParallelExecutor as an InProcessExecutor
     new d393468  This closes #53
     new fad6da8  Close Readers in InProcess Read Evaluators
     new 5b5c0e2  This closes #52
     new 447c8af  [BEAM-116] change runners artifactId to runners-parent
     new 81d5ff5  [BEAM-126] remove strict job name check
     new e9dd155  Look up a runner if it is not registered
     new a461e00  [BEAM-136] This closes #61
     new 91de072  Filter Synthetic Methods in PipelineOptionsFactory
     new f7aaee2  This closes #41
     new fcc6f3c  [BEAM-116] This closes #59
     new 086a35e  [flink] Add FlinkRunnerRegistrar
     new ba7b7a0  [flink] add test case for Runner registration
     new c984f3a  This closes #40
     new 48b6919  Blog page "read more" links + for the site.
     new 383d029  Blog page "read more" links + for the site.
     new e765c0d  Remove trailing slash in blog "read more" links
     new b21a95a  Remove trailing slash in blog "read more" links
     new 606881d  Add DisplayData builder API to SDK
     new c953e79  This closes #56
     new b2b77e3  Implement InProcessPipelineRunner#run
     new 90af332  This closes #62
     new 6b0a7af  Update
     new ff8640d  Closes #67
     new 294052c  Fix 'getting started page' link in homepage alert message
     new 0fffa54  make BigtableIO#Read#withRowFilter public
     new 8d87ee0  Closes #68
     new 5e8e0ac  This closes
     new a20e0b6  [BEAM-116] change runners artifactId to runners-parent
     new e94e7d6  [flink] Add FlinkRunnerRegistrar
     new cb5d6c2  [flink] add test case for Runner registration
     new 5ecb7aa  Add DisplayData builder API to SDK
     new 158f9f8  Implement InProcessPipelineRunner#run
     new 834d071  Update
     new e39b5d9  make BigtableIO#Read#withRowFilter public
     new ac5a1e8  [BEAM-144] solve reader serialization issue
     new 1504ba7  [BEAM-143] [flink] add test for UnboundedSourceWrapper
     new 2f90258  This closes #69
     new 53ffc01  Improve PipelineOptionsFactoryTest
     new 63490fd  This closes #60
     new a10b64e  Print link to debugger UI
     new db160fa  This closes #32
     new 46946ea  Integrate DisplayData into DataflowPipelineRunner
     new d21e4a2  Add apache_ids for everyone that has one at this time.
     new 481600e  This closes
     new 619db54  This closes #65
     new 35df166  Schedule roots less aggressively
     new 9247ad7  This closes #64
     new d510b4e  BEAM-78 - Rename, polish and update pom.xml
     new 8bce693  Fix up build
     new 9f8dd18  This closes #46
     new 7bef2b7  Directory reorganization
     new 75cfa4a  Directory reorganization
     new 2eaa709  Directory reorganization
     new 11bb9e0  Directory reorganization
     new d4233aa  Directory reorganization
     new 257a7a6b Directory reorganization
     new 9c61dd2  Closes #72
     new 911d295  Merge branch 'master' into temp-option
     new c451568  Merge branch 'master' into temp-option
     new 1c21aa2  [BEAM-149][java8] move language source config to pluginManagement
     new c1de175  This closes #44
     new e52a819  Add more Eclipse files to .gitignore
     new 589ef8a  Move GroupByKey expansion into DirectPipelineRunner
     new 00f608f  This closes #76
     new 1c89a1b  Basic non-null checks
     new 34b3301  Input watermarks can never be null.
     new 49d82ba  This closes #30
     new 1824265  [BEAM-109] fix support for FixedWindows and SlidingWindows in batch
     new 706fc53  [BEAM-109] Combine.PerKey ignores grouping also by windows
     new 6751e49  Merge 'apache/master' into GBK, resolve benign import conflict
     new 080eeaa  Use Guava directly instead of via Google API Client lib
     new ed690c0  Add GitHub pull request template
     new 4605051  This closes #79
     new 4d86379  Fix logical error in Sample transform javadoc
     new 4343e6f  Add ModelEnforcements
     new f8f3745  This closes #74
     new bcc010c  fixup! Move GroupByKey expansion into DirectPipelineRunner
     new bf4dd82  fixup! Move GroupByKey expansion into DirectPipelineRunner
     new 2ea5462  Exclude Eclipse .checkstyle files from RAT check
     new 111e393  Move Model Enforcements into the proper module
     new 4f91c2e  This closes #84
     new 1bbaf1a  fixup! Move GroupByKey expansion into DirectPipelineRunner
     new 52cd18a  fixup! Move GroupByKey expansion into DirectPipelineRunner
     new cd0b6ec  Move tests from the sdk folder to the sdks/java/core folder
     new 13755f9  Validate that Pubsub resource names are at least 3 chars
     new 7df3292  Closes #71
     new 9cc2c2b  This closes #80
     new 17863c8  This closes #81
     new 033b924  [flink] improve lifecycle handling of GroupAlsoByWindowWrapper
     new 63a7c3d  [flink] improve readability of processElement function
     new c6c2836  [BEAM-77] Using wrap modules for sdks and examples
     new a39e201  Add contribution guide
     new 95bf174  This closes
     new 636ad41  This closes #90
     new cd828f1  [BEAM-77] Move Java-specific checkstyle.xml into 'sdks/java' directory
     new 78abd96  Closes #98
     new a8eeaf5  Re-interrupt current thread when ignoring InterruptedException
     new c6aac3b  This closes #45
     new d59c801  Update LICENSE header across all files
     new 43f25f1  Update checkstyle.xml to require Apache copyright header in each file
     new ffb7002  Closes #100
     new b21a0be  Add UnboundedCountingInput#withRate
     new 9793fa2  Closes #17
     new a98858a  Manually fix some broken uses of DataflowAssert
     new 0c47cad  This closes #93
     new 96e286f  This closes #94.
     new 1792965  Use mutable long[] accumulator for Count CombineFn
     new cab0c57  This closes #88
     new 2ad027f  Repeatedly#onFire should clear all finished bits
     new 9f8712c  Replace unambiguous of `throw Throwables.propagate` with definition
     new 8b31c53  Re-interrupt thread when handling InterruptedException
     new 061e6b5  This closes #70
     new abb24cf  DebuggingWordCount now takes filter as an option
     new e5bca60  This closes #108
     new 164676b  This closes #110
     new 27c6c79  Drop elements in closed windows before mapping window
     new fba1259  This closes #105
     new 536e439  Explicitly track the Source a ReadEvaluator is using
     new dad60f6  This closes #106
     new 152135c  Update PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE
     new 9a42971  This closes #111
     new 197a93c  Execute ModelEnforcements in TransformExecutor
     new f236db0  This closes #82
     new 6a8b754  Capability matrix updates: - Add sliding window support for batch Spark runner. - Center capability matrix (expand/collapse looks cleaner). - Default to summary view (easier to grok). - Add "Last updated" timestamp.
     new 991d6eb  Add backoff if insertAll hits rate limits in BQTableInserter
     new fd049b5  Closes #107
     new 09ab473  Capability matrix updates for sliding window support in Spark Runner
     new abc397f  [BEAM-167] Fix custom source gzip input to read concatenated gzip files
     new 29dfec9  [BEAM-167] Add comment for the test explaining why concatenation of gzip files is valid
     new d75e9df  [BEAM-167] This closes #114
     new c5a0baf  Addition of public materials page/post
     new 753949d  This closes
     new c4862c0  IntervalBoundedExponentialBackOff: add deprecated copy of old API
     new ac314ee  Closes #117
     new 334ab99  Add BundleFactory, ImmutabilityCheckingBundleFactory
     new ccbf2b8  This closes #86
     new 27d5825  Add coveralls plugin to the Maven build process
     new 7892244  This closes #119
     new de2787a  Fix misleading Javadoc on Trigger.onElement()
     new 3e71ed4  This closes #122
     new 014a9a5  DisplayData tweaks based on transform usage.
     new 2f8ba65  This closes #83
     new 5888df7  Give root transforms step names
     new 1c2fa03  This closes #113
     new c468daa  Add the MaxConditionCost option
     new f2f5129  This closes #115
     new 99c0fa7  Clear finished bits from merged-away windows, not merge result window.
     new 2cfc3e4  Fix tests marked RunnableOnService that aren't
     new 2b55445  This closes #128
     new ca5b2de  Move GroupByKey expansion into DirectPipelineRunner
     new 4f99635  Use Guava directly instead of via Google API Client lib
     new 6c34f3a  This closes #77
     new c26eef5  Fix ups of merge of #77
     new ee7272f  Make BoundedReadFromUnboundedSourceTest work across runners
     new 300ddc6  This closes #132
     new 85a9b00  Fix copyright header
     new 1aee017  This closes #130
     new 847c752  Addition of public meetings page
     new 2c22a05  Check for closed windows post-merging rather than pre-merging. Make sure we garbage collect NEW windows which end up being for closed windows. Add unit tests to confirm.
     new 6b408b2  This closes #118
     new 662df89  Remove stdout printing from test
     new b74725b  Stop nesting Nullable coders
     new e3f2d95  This closes #136
     new 0d9dee3  Cleanup: move toFnWithContext() to CombineFnUtil
     new 15a8334  This closes #58
     new 788611d  Implement InProcessCreate with an OffsetBasedSource
     new 2296a36  Closes #91
     new bb3ceb3  [BEAM-114] Add src distribution
     new 76e5e9e  Add a note to .gitignore to make sure we edit .gitignore and src.xml at the same time
     new f629951  This closes #121
     new 064573c  This closes #133
     new 2fe7d54  Fix JAXBCoder in the nested context
     new cdfe509  Closes #116
     new 9ed1465  Correct URL for subnetwork
     new 8b76570  Closes #140 Closes #137
     new fb66c36  Fix ExpectedException in ImmutabilityEnforcementFactoryTest
     new 363d4ec  Closes #141
     new 740242c  Apply ModelEnforcement in the InProcessPipelineRunner
     new 150eac5  Improve ImmutabilityEnforcement
     new 65eebc7  Add TextIO and AvroIO withNumShards tests
     new d2b4693  Closes #92
     new 32863bd  Improve TestPipeline AppName detection
     new 7f0a2f7  This closes #134
     new a18ab87  [BEAM-151] Break out Dataflow runner dependency to separate test file
     new 05f7aaa  [BEAM-151] Break out Dataflow runner dependency to separate test file
     new 22fd120  [BEAM-151] Break out Dataflow runner specific tests to separate file
     new a502baa  [BEAM-151] Fixup of comment in test file
     new c8cb55a  [BEAM-151] Migrate options relevant to pubsub to its own options interface
     new d0db477  [BEAM-151] Break out Dataflow transport creation to another file
     new 551d081  [BEAM-151] Remove dependence on num workers in DatastoreIO
     new c8f09a0  [BEAM-151] Remove references to DataflowPipelineOptions
     new 49d6594  [BEAM-151] Remove references to Dataflow runners
     new e0d4f85  [BEAM-151] Remove dependence on DataflowPipelineOptions
     new ac1dd43  [BEAM-151] Update ASF license at top of new files.
     new 6467afb  [BEAM-151] This closes #87
     new 95cd891  Update for second meeting
     new 1451a0e  Fix up conflict markers
     new 2b3216b  This closes #129
     new 45e3e1d  Update for email list
     new be6e9dd  [BEAM-182] Bound trials in assertSplitAtFraction
     new d827e1b  Closes #144
     new 5da2292  Additional APIs for registering DisplayData
     new 245cffa  This closes #145
     new cfadefb  [BEAM-172] Public meetings page
     new d1486c6  Add PTransformOverrideFactory
     new 6348a1f  This closes #131
     new 64a8fb7  Add WindowIntoEvaluatorFactory
     new 5f24cef  This merges #149
     new 97af4df  Exclude more IDE files from Spark runner RAT check
     new d73ceab  Rename DataflowAssert to PAssert
     new 529bcdf  This closes #146
     new ad58e26  Schedule all pending work before firing timers
     new 6f52637  Use a weakValues LoadingCache for serial TransformExecutorServices
     new 5d78420  [BEAM-22] This closes #143
     new 02ee745  [BEAM-151] Clean up reference to DataflowWorkerHarnessOptions
     new e74194e  [BEAM-151] Update Dataflow worker container label
     new a43f9b8  [BEAM-151] This closes #78
     new 42969cb  Move expansion of Window.Bound into DirectPipelineRunner
     new a32a262  This closes #147
     new 1ff8948  [BEAM-186] Fix pubsub injector for streaming examples
     new 2ca5474  This closes #156
     new c726cf1  [BEAM-151] Remove dependence on DataflowPipelineRunner in PAssert/TestPipeline
     new e87e46b  [BEAM-151] Expand javadoc in TestPipeline explaining usage
     new 208c0db  [BEAM-151] Remove unused reference on Dataflow client from test
     new 6ab5555  Closes #154
     new b8c5f1e  [BEAM-151] Move maven archetypes build order to be after runners
     new d42a070  [BEAM-151] This closes #158
     new d77a790  [BEAM-43] Upgrade to Spark 1.6.1
     new 1cef642  [BEAM-43] Upgrade to Spark 1.6
     new 1e49337  Add Coveralls badge to
     new aa17c91  This closes #162
     new 9a3072f  Ignore generated bin/ directories
     new ab7bca7  This closes #151
     new 29861ed  Fix multithreaded visibility issue with TransformExecutor
     new 43ef9fe  [BEAM-22] This closes #161
     new c989f20  Enforce non-null preconditions
     new cd2a3a1  [BEAM-22] This closes #153
     new a8ce5fd  Add ShardControlledWrite override
     new e1a4711  [BEAM-22] This closes #148
     new b3a458b  Update Jenkins build badge in
     new d2b659b  This closes #164
     new de9f10c  Remove extraneous type parameter from Trigger, etc
     new a97d79e  [BEAM-50] Implement BigQueryIO.Write as a custom sink.
     new 936d028  Closes #48
     new 1bbb7af  This closes #152
     new 6b4857c  [BEAM-151] Move a large portion of the Dataflow runner to separate maven module
     new af1e575  [BEAM-151] This closes #165
     new c558a64  This closes #168
     new ec26646  Add InProcessRegistrar
     new 9f41ddb  [BEAM-22] This closes #169
     new 06d4709  Google Cloud Pubsub client with gRPC implementation
     new 46c82ac  This closes #120
     new 61f8dfd  [BEAM-78] Move annotations in org.apache.beam.sdk package
     new 1c448bd  Remove unused MergingTriggerContext#getFinishedMergingWindows method
     new b640ba8  This closes #163
     new bc483c8  This closes #172
     new c2bc479  [BEAM-151] Add support for RunnableOnService validation tests to runners package
     new 243ae86  This closes #173
     new b2978a9  Update 'examples' archetype
     new 8afd348  Update 'starter' archetype
     new d597389  This closes #174
     new ccaa376  Fix third checkbox in Github PR template
     new 920f14d  This closes #175
     new dba82fe  DisplayData API tweaks
     new 1915503  This closes #166
     new 566d06b  FileBasedSource: throw IOException instead of Exception where possible
     new c4cbbb1  Closes #155
     new 0393a79  Rename com/google/cloud/dataflow->org/apache/beam
     new b972445  Initial update of imports
     new 75a1905  Fix test ordering in DataflowPipelineTranslatorTest
     new 96765f1  This closes #176
     new c830047  Update to meeting page
     new 52d53c5  Meeting time update
     new 11ba2b9  Remove Spark(Streaming)PipelineOptionsFactory
     new 6511ba2  [BEAM-22] This closes #167
     new c9a1efa  Make IdentityWindowFn and NeverTrigger available
     new 5bdea1e  This closes #150
     new b15424c  [BEAM-188] Write: apply GlobalWindows first
     new 8dc9032  Closes #181
     new 5a44d12  Remove the DirectPipeline class
     new 96d324e  This closes #182
     new 980351e  EncodabilityEnforcementFactoryTest: add unit annotations
     new 1eec686  Closes #184
     new b1eee4b  Remove the DataflowPipeline Class
     new bcefff6  This closes #186
     new 404b633  [BEAM-77] Move hadoop contrib into hdfs IO
     new c8ed398  This closes #96
     new 450dd85  Add display data to windowing transforms
     new 9ff4269  This closes #124
     new 77a77c9  Add display data to ParDo transforms
     new 0bb4f9c  This closes #125
     new 9daf999  Add GatherAllPanes PTransform
     new d440d94  This closes #180
     new b0baa4c  Add DisplayData for combine transforms
     new eb682a8  This closes #126
     new e0b1131  [BEAM-78] Expose package private methods that Dataflow worker relies on
     new 7a5b7ad  [BEAM-78] This closes #191
     new 6414425  Move Shared construction code to ParDoInProcessEvaluator
     new b6c74ff  Clone DoFns before constructing a DoFnRunner in the InProcessRunner
     new e9f1b57  Closes #188
     new 757cb32  Switch the Default PipelineRunner
     new 9039949  This closes #178
     new 7f51f6a  [BEAM-50] Remove BigQueryIO.Write.Bound translator
     new fd2548f  Closes #193
     new e8955cf  Remove deprecated sdk.transforms.Write, switch users to
     new eeb400e  Closes #195
     new 9a3a6d6  Revert "This closes #178"
     new 6901dc0  Closes #198
     new af77556  Proto2Coder: remove deprecated coder
     new 7646384  Closes #199
     new 6eac35e  [flink] improve InputFormat wrapper and ReadSourceITCase
     new 7c4f2dc  [flink] improvements to UnboundedSource translation
     new 444a0bb  [BEAM-158] add support for bounded sources in streaming
     new 56e28a9  This closes #104
     new 81577b3  [BEAM-196] abstraction for PipelineOptions serialization
     new 43b5ec7  [BEAM-196] make use of SerializedPipelineOptions
     new 2b285e8  [BEAM-202] Clean-up *CoderBase classes since we are on a newer version of Jackson
     new becc1ef  [BEAM-202] This closes #194
     new 3fe1022  [BEAM-50] BigQueryIO: move write validation to validate() from apply()
     new 5f20e53  Closes #197
     new e3c876c  [BEAM-50] BigQueryIO: fix autocompleting project and test it
     new bf78e96  Closes #205
     new 70e6a13  This closes #200
     new bd40bff  Add CounterNameAndMetadata to support structured counter name
     new 8615622  This closes #102
     new 3987a05  Remove InProcessBundle
     new 442435e  This closes #203
     new 97a2578  FileBasedSink: remove unused code
     new f20bf8a  Closes #208
     new 5fab1c5  Replace valueInEmptyWindows with valueInGlobalWindow
     new d852c5b  Replace valueInEmptyWindows with valueInGlobalWindow in Spark Function, and add per-value (non-RDD) windowing functions
     new 1ca3b30  Materialize PCollection/RDD as windowed values with the appropriate windows.
     new 932e5b4  Add unit test for TextIO output to support the mvn exec:exec example we provide in README
     new 135cb73  [BEAM-189] The Spark runner uses valueInEmptyWindow which causes values to be dropped
     new 98c9d99  Add WindowedValue#explodeWindows
     new 0952f44  This closes #206
     new fa45809  Remove unused generic arguments in ReduceFnRunnerTest.
     new e4c5f53  Add test for empty ON_TIME and no empty final pane
     new f1aa490  This closes #211
     new 83ce04e  Track pending elements via exploded WindowedValues
     new b8951c2  This closes #207
     new beb0b36  Remove remaining window parameterization from triggers and their tests
     new dd8bc93  [BEAM-207] Flink test flake in ReadSourceStreamingITCase
     new d5b1d51  This closes #209
     new ad45d5f  This closes #212
     new 48126dc  Remove isKeyed property of InProcess Bundles
     new fdec569  This closes #201
     new 6963d7d  Update ApiSurface and test to improve accuracy
     new 009e805  This closes #215
     new 4c9dd22  Unabbreviate some variable names
     new 144fd75  Dataflow runner: update Java container image
     new b36ecc4  This closes #216
     new e02201c  Clean up DataflowPipeline[Debug]Options
     new 46e4187  Override Create in the SparkPipelineRunner
     new de601a8  Closes #214
     new 4d37dcb  This closes #196
     new fdf325d  Refactor IsmFormat value classes to use AutoValue
     new 067c1e0  Fix checkstyle errors
     new a69dd0a  Exclude generated AutoValue source from code coverage tooling
     new 3e0eaf5  [BEAM-134] This closes #109
     new 6334f72  Protect against empty stack traces
     new 4d8ef73  Thomas' comments
     new 4f8cb03  [BEAM-204] This closes #221
     new aecf706  Fix erroneous test in CombineTest
     new 506023b  This closes #218
     new 747487b  Fix AutoValue coverage exclusion for coveralls
     new dba1a34  This closes #223
     new 277885c  Remove use of System.currentTimeMillis in Flink Test
     new 0e420f1  [BEAM-208] This closes #210
     new 6c7ed12  Remove StateSampler from the SDK
     new c3567f1  Closes #224
     new a8ebb51  Wrap Exceptions thrown in StartBundle in the InProcessPipelineRunner
     new 6dd5d70  This closes #227
     new 53b7652  Convert BaseExecutionContext.getOrCreateStepContext to use specific interface instead of
     new 0a15bf5  Expose IsmFormat.Footer constants as public
     new 4c01c7d  This closes #228
     new 7b175df  KafkaIO: unbounded source for reading from Apache Kafka
     new 9210660  Kafka: various fixes
     new 640e258  Closes #142
     new 61988f3  Implement Create as An OffsetBasedSource
     new 59fd4b3  Factor common setup in EncodabilityEnforcementFactoryTest
     new a5548f9  Closes #183
     new 8f92b98  [BEAM-50] Fix BigQuery.Write tempFilePrefix concatenation
     new 10e6284  Closes #192
     new f55bb1d  Fix how this SDK identifies itself to the Cloud Dataflow service
     new 390c5a8  Rename DataflowReleaseInfo to ReleaseInfo
     new 7465edb  This closes #222
     new d148a87  Enforce JobName Preconditions in the Dataflow Runner
     new 082b7a1  This closes #187
     new 1d337b7  Update worker harness container image
     new 6bd4f4e  Fix CreateSource#getBytesPerOffset
     new 19fb537  Closes #232
     new 0e252df  Remove substring in Job Name validation
     new cf4c3e2  This closes #233
     new 8a6ff22  Remove specific registrar classes and service files
     new 8840047  Add SparkRunnerRegistrar as a runner specific registrar that uses AutoService
     new f424b8d  Add a unit test for the SparkRunnerRegistrar
     new 7fd9e1e  Update README according to dataflow->beam package rename
     new 692f3a1  [BEAM-213] Fix README to use refactored package names and use AutoService for Registrar
     new 2c16bdd  Publish DisplayData for PipelineOptions.
     new f3e6c53  [BEAM-173] This closes #127
     new 97e9f18  [BEAM-168] Remove uses of deprecated API
     new 9fa97fb  Closes #229
     new 359dec8  Register DisplayData from IO primatives
     new a05bd74  Closes #123
     new fecd036  Relax assertion in BoundedReadFromUnboundedSourceTest
     new 983bef0  Closes #234
     new 0eacebe  Add failsafe plugin for integration tests.
     new 039d713  This closes #101
     new 539bc4f  [BEAM-220] Fix flaky KafkaIO test
     new e953cb0  Closes #237
     new 0236bc1  Respect checkpointing contract
     new 62b6119  Add test
     new a441a26  Thank goodness for checkstyle! I almost committed a change which almost cirtainly would have resulting in global meltdown. Here's to you maven-checkstyle-plugin.
     new a8f9e99  Only duplicate valid values
     new 4e18be8  Luke's comments
     new d5814a3  [BEAM-222] This closes #235
     new e2ca889  Move contrib/join-library to sdks/java/extensions.
     new e405941  Reorganize Java packages
     new 0f7b816  This closes #240
     new 7aef7a0  Move ClassForDisplayJava8Test to correct package
     new ebc7035  This closes #238
     new 15b11ed  Register DisplayData from composite IO transforms
     new c59ca38  Closes #236
     new 72cfa70  Add DirtyBit to represent whether Counters have been committed.
     new d299e2c  This closes #219
     new 582befd  Rename DisplayDataMatchers.includes to includesDisplayData to clarify usage
     new 9d45a4a  Normalize comments to refer to 'display data' rather than 'display metadata'
     new c6690c1  Add super.populateDisplayData() to standard implementations. The current super implementation is a no-op, but this is the recommended way to implement the pattern
     new 7dc1a40  This closes #241
     new a9e0f01  Output InProcessGroupByKeyOnly elements in the Global Window
     new 9746f0d  This closes #242
     new d138ae5  [BEAM-77] Move bigtable in IO
     new aa43ec0  Closes #97
     new 0d6c53a  Reference correct Lists import
     new 4a138e9  Fix multi-line string format
     new 8a2a1ce  Closes #244
     new 8d6d59e  checkstyle.xml: blacklist repackaged code from Google API Client
     new 2b3b140  PubsubClient: fix use of blacklisted Preconditions
     new 7bd2d36  Closes #245
     new ad59244  TestCountingSource: Don't advance beyond last valid value
     new 5e3d7ad  Closes #248
     new 46f7447  Update pom.xml for java8tests
     new c08f973  Increase visibility in PAssert and ZipFiles utilities
     new 9e19efd  Fix a few underlying checkstyle issues in java8 examples
     new 0219098  Reorganize Java packages in the sources of the Google Cloud Dataflow runner
     new 0fafd4e  Update Dataflow worker harness container image to match package changes in this pull request
     new e3105c8  Closes #239
     new e4e7d2e  Refactor CommittedBundle in InProcessBundleFactory
     new b108c66  Add withElements to CommittedBundle
     new 6914f2a  This closes #231
     new a18d6b9  Never trigger: fix broken link in Javadoc
     new 7ccfd6f  Allow InProcess Evaluators to check Side Input completion
     new a9387fc  This closes #220
     new 47c7abc  Reduce overloaded methods in DisplayData
     new 81bf4d9  This closes #247
     new 08c05e0  Remove redundant close in BoundedReadEvaluatorFactory
     new 27979d7  [BEAM-151] Move over some more Dataflow specific classes.
     new 6023d26  [BEAM-151] Rebase onto apache/master updating packages to new structure
     new 4b73d18  [BEAM-151] Update worker image name that corresponds to class moves.
     new e2d5c69  [BEAM-151] This closes #243
     new 2618aa6  Add CommittedResult
     new 2a44214  Stop cloning coders in the InProcessRunner
     new e6b42c4  Consolidate checkstyle configuration in new 'build-tools' module
     new 3b36a65  This closes #246
     new baae901  This closes #261
     new 4d5303d  This closes #260
     new 448957b  Fix Checkstyle errors in sdk core
     new 4fd9d74  Fix legal in build-tools pom.xml
     new bc847a9  Flink sink implementation
     new aead96f  fix Flink source coder handling
     new 63bce07  add Kafka IO examples
     new 661a4a8  This closes #266
     new 593bf0c  This closes #251
     new bba4c64  This closes #257
     new e13cacb  Move InProcessRunner to its own module
     new b9116ac  This closes #256
     new 6638f93  Addition of material page; nav fixes
     new 52600cb  Logo files and project materials
     new 3e8df24  Move ReadyCheckingSideInputReader to util
     new 367f3ac  Fix update sequence in InMemoryWatermarkManager
     new 659cf2e  This closes #264
     new dff82ca  Use CommittedResult in InMemoryWatermarkManager
     new 5eafdee  Remove ClassForDisplay helper type
     new 1262819  This closes #259
     new 454031a  beam-wide: blacklist Throwables.propagate and remove uses
     new 3ebdf48  Closes #270
     new df1d486  Fix the java doc for Combine.perKey and ApproximateQuantiles
     new 69ec223  Fix the java doc for Combine.perKey and ApproximateQuantiles
     new 34e0595  This closes #265
     new cf23565  [BEAM-48] Upgrade bigquery library to v2-rev292-1.21.0
     new 3bcc505  Closes #276
     new ad40669  [BEAM-255] Write: add limited logging
     new ec0e9fd  [BEAM-255] This closes #279
     new 04bffa1  [BEAM-154] Use dependencyManagement and pluginManagement to keep all modules sync in term of version
     new 6260cc1  Closes #267
     new 58ac312  [BEAM-168] IntervalBEB: remove deprecated function
     new 9b9d73f  Closes #278
     new 3592400  Replace dataflow stagingLocation with tempLocation in example module.
     new 6819dff  This closes #252
     new e7df160  Refactor CompletionCallbacks
     new 2adf45f  Refactor CompletionCallbacks
     new 2b63fb9  Add Matcher serializer in TestPipeline.
     new 8fce48b  [BEAM-256] This closes #273
     new 3f0eead  [BEAM-256] Address wrong import order and add millis to output path for WordCountIT
     new 2c509a8  [BEAM-53] Add PubsubApiaryClient, PubsubTestClient
     new 1ef53b1  Closes #213
     new 892ead2  Create runners/core module for artifact org.apache.beam:runners-core
     new 78798ad  Fix direct runner pom & deps
     new 32970c9  This closes #281
     new f57c1dc  Add PushbackSideInputDoFnRunner
     new 9794564  This closes #258
     new 2fe1ebc  [BEAM-48] Refactor BigQueryServices to support extract and query jobs
     new 928640d  Closes #285
     new 119812a  Speed up non-release builds
     new e63311f  This closes #286
     new d08c707  Added the /docs/ directory and a landing page at docs/ Added as a placeholder for missing content. Modified main landing page with SDK and Runner status tables and descriptions.
     new 20d4064  This closes
     new 51e1e59  This closes #282
     new 4e456b8  Add button to make the navigation bar accesible in mobile browsing
     new c88bfff  Move copy and remove from FileBasedSink to GcsUtil.
     new 98cc5a5  Nav fix
     new 59cca8d  Use AutoValue for ExecutorUpdate
     new 0518fc6  Allow InProcess TransformEvaluators to refuse inputs
     new dc4f2f7  Closes #295
     new bb74b87  Remove setting DataflowPipelineRunner in examples
     new ff825b0  This closes #302
     new 0f3b053  [BEAM-267] Enable checkstyle in Spark runner
     new 7562a93  Add wildcard to checkstyle ordering
     new 4e5cfc4  This closes #292
     new 1f80c09  Revert "Add wildcard to checkstyle ordering"
     new 07c60a9  This closes #305
     new dbf7a06  Add control of PipelineVisitor recursion into composite transforms
     new 03e9954  This closes #217
     new 2c3c464  pom.xml: upgrade to version 1.22.0 of the Google API client libs
     new 199ec2e  Closes #303
     new 3755c55  Make WindowingStrategy combine WindowFn with OutputTimeFn
     new 7725a47  This closes #296
     new 3ff0295  FileBasedSink: fix a format string bug
     new da1b755  Closes #306
     new 272493e  This closes #283
     new 2d94540  Return null evaluators from Unavailable Reads
     new 7107198  Test WindowEvaluatorFactory on WindowedValues in multiple windows
     new 0e261bb  Explicitly use a ConcurrentLinkedQueue in UnboundedReadEvaluatorFactory
     new 31da925  Closes #289
     new 9feea23  Closes #313
     new 7c917a6  This closes #310
     new d3b96bc  Limit the number of work schedules per MonitorRunnable run
     new dd4ef6f  Use PushbackDoFnRunner in the ParDoInProcessEvaluator
     new 4870525  This closes #309
     new 46bc6e1  Update Watermarks Outside of handleResult
     new 874ddef  Closes #312
     new 336e90f  [BEAM-103][BEAM-130] Make Flink Source Parallel and Checkpointed
     new 4020e36  This Closes #274
     new cbeed43  [BEAM-271] Option to configure remote Dataflow windmill service endpoint
     new b915f79  [BEAM-271] This closes #314
     new a49ac72  Add TypeDescriptors utility class
     new 77fe016  Add a couple more tests for TypeDescriptors
     new 483a5a4  Reuse DoFns in ParDoEvaluators
     new 7747599  Use an AtomicReference in InProcessSideInputContainer
     new e263af1  Upgrade versions of google libraries
     new acb0406  This closes #321
     new c4b4180  Test utility for display data in a pipeline runner
     new 9f6c27c  Fix Combine transform primitive display data
     new 0dab643  Add display data for MapElements transform
     new 43085f7  Exclude JsonIgnore PipelineOptions from DisplayData
     new 007526f  Exclude OffsetBasedSource minBundleSize default
     new ea8019e  Fix Write transform primitive display data
     new d9355c2  Exclude default Window.allowedLateness display data
     new 489298f  Fix BigQuery sink display data
     new 9f796e2  This closes #280
     new 1f5e399  More regularly schedule additional roots
     new 09a1f60  Verify one element per window for DataflowPipelineRunner View.asSingleton
     new 351fc3e  This closes #317
     new be9b158  This closes #318
     new 9a8688b  This closes #320
     new a25fd05e This closes #275
     new e6cb86a  This closes #322
     new 49689fc  Cache read SideInput Contents in the InProcessSideInputContainer
     new 59a1290  Minor checkArgument style fix
     new 93931f3  [BEAM-52] Fix a ConcurrentModificationException in KafkaIO
     new 7108bc0  Closes #290
     new 7ebf012  Fix comment formatting in Flink runner's pom.xml
     new d15e4fa  Fix release profile
     new ca01b6e  This closes #327
     new 6ec9e96  This closes #326
     new 50edd23  [BEAM-272][flink] remove dependency on Dataflow Runner
     new 123674f  This closes #324
     new 040f8f9  [BEAM-53] Add PubsubUnboundedSink and tests
     new 2fbc0ea  Closes #171
     new 9a3fe34  Switch to using a FixedThreadPool by default
     new 113e257  Enable RunnableOnService tests for the Direct Runner
     new e406949  Stop running RunnableOnService tests in the Core SDK
     new d2ad0ed  This closes #319
     new 58fa155  [BEAM-117] Runners should be resilient to DisplayData failure
     new 9f105ec  Closes #315
     new 66a5d0d  [BEAM-117] Window display data should be safe for null windowFn
     new a760b4c  Closes #330
     new 9d52115  VoidCoder doesn't get special treatment in create() for streaming anymore
     new 6721bd5  This closes #331
     new 9a5503d  Change PAssert's dummy inputs from (Void) null to integer 0
     new 93a5d39  This closes #329
     new 987350b  [BEAM-48] Implement BigQueryIO.Read as Source
     new 470b3d1  Closes #190
     new ca1b3a8  Add accessors for sub-coders of KeyedWorkItemCoder
     new aad284a  Make in-process GroupByKey respect future Beam model
     new 9728b39  [BEAM-282] Remove the RunnableOnService from testPassThroughThenCleanupExecuted()
     new 1c23dc4  Closes #333
     new 80195ff  Fixup the log message format in GcsUtil.copy()
     new 9b5cf32  Closes #334
     new 6269b8f  Validate display data on transform primitives
     new c0efe56  This closes #325
     new 22dc6a3  [BEAM-48] Remove BigQueryIOTranslator
     new ee198d4  Closes #337
     new 0a0bb90  checkstyle.xml: blacklist more bad imports from api client package
     new 3433b13  checkstyle: ban netty internal classes
     new 0f2e6f3  Closes #336
     new 62f05d8  Add labels for SDK display data
     new 638cc20  This closes #338
     new 99f1925  checkstyle.xml: enforce where line breaks happen
     new d627266  Closes #341
     new 9f63000  [flink] replace obsolete reflection call
     new cc64d65  This closes #344
     new f55fb88  Pub/sub unbounded source
     new 3edae9b  Closes #332
     new ebe69cf  Add DefaultPipelineOptionsRegistrar
     new 6c94243  Add a compatibility stub of GABWViaWindowSetDoFn
     new f184bcf  Closes #351
     new adafe1a  Addition of PCollection blog post; blog fix
     new 1c8ab9a  Addition of sAF blog; delay of PCollection post.
     new 1b59889  New Beam blog posts
     new 2f18cd2  This closes #268
     new 662e493  This closes #350
     new 26941f1  PubsubIO: integrate the new PubsubUnboundedSource and Sink
     new d0b9ca9  Closes #346
     new 6c10a1d  DisplayData: a few build fixups
     new 402fb70  Closes #360
     new dc98211  Add CrashingRunner for use in TestPipeline
     new f0e1258  Remove inheritance from Create.TimestampedValues
     new 58d66a3  Add TestFlinkPipelineRunner to FlinkRunnerRegistrar
     new bfc1a2b  Configure RunnableOnService tests for Flink in batch mode
     new 55f39bf  Remove unused threadCount from integration tests
     new 2d71af7  Disable Flink streaming integration tests for now
     new af8e988  Special casing job exec AssertionError in TestFlinkPipelineRunner
     new 1664c96  Add hamcrest dependency to Flink Runner
     new 26fa0b2  Fix Dangling Flink DataSets
     new 4e60a49  Fix faulty Flink Flatten when PCollectionList is empty
     new 24bfca2  [BEAM-270] Support Timestamps/Windows in Flink Batch
     new 23ba976  Add surefire plugin to java 8 example tests
     new af8f593  This closes #343
     new 145049f  Remove CustomSourcesTest
     new d795295  Closes #368
     new 89d20a2  [BEAM-48] Add BigQueryTornadoes integration test
     new efd1f95  Closes #352
     new 32a6cde  BoundedReader: add getSplitPoints{Consumed,Remaining}
     new 4755c5a  This closes #353
     new 1e669c4  Fix bug in PipelineOptions DisplayData serialization
     new bb086b8  This closes #355
     new 8a67ca0  KafkaIO: pin to current working version
     new c913900  Closes #374
     new 6a74143  PubsubIO: make translation to Dataflow service compatible
     new 9934a43  Closes #371
     new 269af8d  Update Flink runner's pom.xml
     new 6e97b11  Update Flink runner's pom.xml
     new 264ff74  Update Java 8 examples' pom.xml file
     new 2376aea  This closes #377
     new ed8b1d5  TypeDescriptor: remove bogus import
     new 27abf44  Closes #381
     new d534ac5  Factor toBeMerged->mergeResult map out of MergingActiveWindowSet
     new 68b8cbc  This closes #380
     new 98aaf74  [BEAM-287] Introduce new org.apache.beam groupIds
     new e2307f2  This closes #365
     new 928a302  Add NeedsRunner, annotate core SDK Tests
     new a1f1bd2  Temporarily skip javadoc for modules where it fails
     new 6ce3640  Updated all existing instances of PCollection's #setCoder to use Create.of use it's #withCoder
     new 8ff800b  This closes #378
     new a5d343b  This closes #384
     new a20786d  Improve the inheritance API for OutputTimeFn
     new d94a6f1  Correctly forward dependsOnlyOnWindow(), etc, in WindowingStrategy
     new 55aae46  Fixes to timestamps in GroupAlsoByWindowsProperties
     new 65db44c  Closes #385
     new ae80b5d  Clarify comment in Create coder inference
     new 5535fc3  This closes #362
     new ac98c4a  Evaluate display data from InProcessPipelineRunner
     new ffed1d4  This closes #375
     new 70c1e2c  Verify in unit test that BigQuery executing project is used.
     new 78c8c52  Closes #376
     new 7abedfa  Mark test PipelineOptions interface public
     new a3fc40a  This closes #390
     new 69da98a  Use Create.of withCoder instead of setCoder on the created PCollection
     new 9f97ea0  [BEAM-305] Replace usages of PCollection.setCoder with Create.of().withCoder in Spark Runner
     new bde2a85  This closes #361
     new 521bfff  Clear PubsubUnboundedSource checkpoint state which is not needed for restore. Allows same checkpoint object to be passed to new reader without a serialize/deserialize step.
     new d4c052c  This closes #388
     new 9ab5b88  Add GC hold if have data. Don't set timers beyond GlobalWindow.maxTimestamp
     new cca2577  This closes #391
     new 382d9e1  [BEAM-103] update capability matrix
     new 1c57ba5  This closes
     new 3c946f7  Update date for blog post
     new bb24a0e  New Beam blog post
     new 0aa17d3  Remove duplicate paragraph.
     new ed95e97  Fix blog post typo.
     new 9c4072a  [Beam-312] don't checkpoint if CheckpointCoder not available
     new 5632bbf  [BEAM-235] use streaming mode on unbounded sources
     new 5d2f9cd  This closes #395
     new 36a27f5  This closes #394
     new 4fe7010  Remove Some Code leftover from Earlier Refactoring
     new c24d5ff  Clean up Flink Runner POMs
     new 1cd64bb  This closes #396 and #397
     new 9706438  [BEAM-270] remove CoGroupByKey translation artifacts
     new 2ffecfd  This closes #398
     new 20a5887  AvroSource: synchronization fix
     new 731c030  Closes #373
     new e26cf30  [BEAM-254] Add apache-rat-plugin execution and fix files with missing license header
     new 6c338da  This closes #297
     new 764a923  Fix github template and exclude from rat check
     new 00ab9b5  This closes #404
     new 6575319  Add KEYS file
     new b2f6950  This closes #405
     new f5e307e  [BEAM-242] Set javadoc less strict around missing return or param statements
     new a829d9c  This closes #403
     new 971ea4d  [BEAM-295] Remove erroneous close() calls in Flink Create Sources
     new e9c0d8d  This closes #347
     new 0f78912  Forward port changes to GC holds
     new c772f42  This closes #407
     new ff8f6bf  Update pom.xml files formatting
     new 8485272  This closes #410
     new 7b77e13  [maven-release-plugin] prepare branch release-0.1.0-incubating
     new b9a8cbe  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new e3cc4fa  Use Structural Value keys instead of User Values
     new 1da797d  Closes #411
     new 34db6c1  Use zip source distribution only (tar.gz doesn't work on Jenkins due to UTF-8 encoding and long path name)
     new c1b0169  This closes #417
     new fe9d952  Move 'travis/' directory into 'testing/travis/'
     new 0e62c29  This closes #414
     new 5b6ebd1  squash PR 271
     new c2146b9  Closes #271
     new ebb6932  Return from awaitCompletion if Already Done
     new c0b67ab  This closes #399
     new 5e60c70  Allow DoFns to be Reused
     new 6adcdd0  [BEAM-319][BEAM-320] Add distributions module responsible of packaging source and binaries distributions.
     new 523e820  This closes #416
     new 135aabd  Fix validation in PubsubIO
     new fe18893  Closes #421
     new 1b158d9  Remove reporting section from Spark's pom.xml file
     new 8f244c0  [BEAM-287] Use flat groupId structure and full qualified artifactIds
     new 43c8f83  This closes #423
     new 782c7b7  [BEAM-297] Update Flink to  0.2.0-incubating-SNAPSHOT
     new 5dc4635  This closes #370
     new 3adc5e3  Add Xdoclint:missing to the Kafka connector
     new 42c7447  Update Flink's pom.xml
     new aaab157  This closes #427
     new f97c38d  [BEAM-292] Write: always produce at least 1 WriteT
     new b9845a7  Closes #424
     new 3f79c48  KafkaIO javadoc update
     new fcf5bc7  Closes #425
     new 2173000  This closes #419
     new 0cf1730  Remove Unnecessary Fn cloning
     new 41a3ec6  Reset Writer in WriteBundles.finishBundle
     new de00bd8  Relocate Immutability Enforcement Tests
     new 66b9e82  Fix src distribution content using the correct basedir location
     new add6909  This closes #428
     new 38e029e  Flink: move plugin invocation to each child module
     new 1a34bf0  This closes #430
     new 6ddfd8a  [BEAM-48] Code cleanup in BigQueryIO
     new 5a80bdc  Closes #369
     new 787b335  This closes #429
     new 9a8cb95  This closes #387
     new 7f2b366  Remove DirectRunner implementations from DoFnTester
     new ffbfc66  This closes #422
     new d10ae23  [flink] improve lifecycle of ParDoBoundWrapper
     new eced106  [BEAM-196] provide PipelineOptions in DoFn
     new f5583cf  This closes #432
     new 1fd0dfc  [BEAM-287] adjust README to changed Maven layout
     new cc448e9  This closes #415
     new 9a3896d  This closes #418
     new e003593  Fix pom shading of Guava
     new ce87f37  This closes #431
     new 2ab4ebf  [BEAM-132] pom.xml: skip source-release assembly
     new 3f3dffc  Closes #433
     new 70e275b  Use Apache's release to produce the source release
     new 5911347  Shutdown the InProcessPipelineRunner after Terminating Abnormally
     new 7fb21f2  This closes #434
     new 269da95  Improve UnboundedSource javadoc
     new 61d8cf2  Closes #340
     new 4d036bc  FileBasedSink: Detect bad shard name templates
     new 39da22c  Closes #436
     new 70ba4f0  Disable exec-maven-plugin cleanupDaemonThreads
     new 983d467  [BEAM-330] Disable exec-maven-plugin cleanupDaemonThreads
     new d6adbbf  This closes #435
     new 810ffeb  Base PAssert on GBK instead of side inputs
     new 77aa093  Fix TriggerExampleTest
     new f222df1  Switch Spark streaming tests to custom assertions
     new d53e96a  Spark runner: Assign windows when re-windowing into global window
     new ee1297e  Use a DirectExecutor for Watermark Callbacks
     new 9e797e3  Execute NeedsRunner tests in the Direct Runner
     new 8291219  This closes #392
     new de49d03  Update Pipeline Execution Style in WindowedWordCountTest
     new a8a33b1  Update Direct Module tests to explicitly set Pipeline
     new f73bd73  Use TestPipeline#testingPipelineOptions in IO Tests
     new f2fb59c  Move GcsUtil TextIO Tests to TextIOTest
     new a2dbc41  [BEAM-334] DataflowPipelineRunner: bump environment major version
     new f0e266b  Changed Word Counts to use TypeDescriptors.
     new 50c0ed0  Updated complete examples to use TypeDescriptors.
     new 60964b6  Closes #447
     new dd07cba  Add success/failure counters to new PAssert mechanism
     new 99c596e  [BEAM-336] update examples-java README
     new a2abc6a  [flink] fix potential NPE in ParDoWrapper
     new be05942  This closes #450
     new 5103082  Port cleanupDaemonThreads fix to archetype module
     new fe5b8db  [BEAM-330] Port cleanupDaemonThreads fix to archetype module
     new a3feeef  This closes #448
     new dbddb9f  This closes #393
     new 9e0d7d6  This closes #449
     new 335202a  Make example AddTimestampFn range deterministic
     new e1b305e  This closes #441
     new 874e199  Add configuration for Dataflow runner System.out/err
     new 915bc19  [BEAM-327] Add configuration for Dataflow runner System.out/err
     new e60e3e6  Fix AutoComplete example streaming configuration
     new 5227624  This closes #445
     new 0abeb06  CompressedSourceTest: simplify
     new f9a9214  Closes #456
     new 045b568  Revert GBK-based PAssert
     new c8ad2e7  This closes #457
     new 4d1e68a  Set Runner in DataflowRunner Tests
     new 816a3bf  Increase Visibility of Flink Test PipelineOptions
     new a3ffd51  Update the Default Pipeline Runner
     new 7749440  This closes #446
     new 43f3aa3  Rename DoFnTester#processBatch to processBundle
     new f188592  first commit
     new 9d0079f  Initial push.
     new 5dbf438  Several refactorings in preparation for making the repo public.
     new 784a342  Small fixes in BigQuery snippets and wordcount example.
     new f5d1b52  Python Dataflow fit-n-finish.
     new 914231c  README: add explicit Table of Contents.
     new 40b39a4  Some more fixes related to argument passing. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=115716125
     new 553936c  Readme: add a missing section anchor, close all anchors. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=115717014
     new 56d1358  "README" edit from Robert: [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=115723709
     new 347c509  Code snippets for Web doc on PipelineOptions. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=115880615
     new 62ac247  Depend on google-apitools-dataflow-v1b3 >= 0.4.20160217
     new c25e77f  Performs several updates to doc snippents for PipelineOptions.
     new 155bd6d  Validate pipeline options at the time of pipeline creation.
     new 5be011f  Simplify whitelist warning to show warning before every run.
     new 6fdc7e2  Support combiner lifting, update batch job major version to 4
     new c88359a  Adding required options to the remote execution snippet
     new f0fd320  Add protobuf as dependency to address namespace sharing issue
     new fb4ee4b  Improve pickling robustness
     new 8091484  Update dill to version 0.2.5
     new 6bfb1ba  Support for staging SDK tarball downloaded from github
     new 11d384d  Initialize worker logging earlier
     new 12da8d0  Display a warning when pipeline option runner is not specified
     new 90ea371  Apply format string to log message only when there are args
     new 94af736  Change "is_streaming" pipeline option to "streaming"
     new 9d36127  Many pickling fixes.
     new a2c34c0  Improve the str() output of various Dataflow classes
     new 70a632f  Disallow (broken) pickling of generators.
     new bd2a89a  Accept arbitrary objects as first input to the logger
     new 8c75cf9  Support timer-based triggers, watermark holds in streaming jobs
     new fa34338  Display a warning only when pipeline option runner is not specified
     new 223543f  Accept GCS paths as extra packages
     new 36ab92e  Snippets for type hint docs.
     new 71f4890  Adds a cookbook example to illustrate the usage of side inputs.
     new 537faf6  Provide __str__() for ShuffleEntry and ShuffleKeyValuesIterable
     new f9b5c82  Remove byte counters, pending better size estimates
     new 2792e3e  Remove no longer needed protobuf dependency
     new 86b93ca  Internal changes for maintaining documentation
     new 236f2ac  Improve labeling of transforms.
     new 757993c  Add worker_harness_container_image option
     new 30ce994  Initialize an empty executed_operations on MapTask
     new 660af37  Internal documentation updates for GitHub
     new 66f4bb8  Change whitelist warning URL to the signup form
     new acbd450  Updates bigquery source/sink to use executing project by default.
     new d9c575b  Remove windmill host and port defaults from streaming worker
     new 41b9b83  Performs two small updates to progress reporting.
     new 7a2c53f  Allow the sdk_location to point to a tarball as well as a directory
     new f8d0fc8  Eliminate the fallback to dill when pickling fails for data
     new 9d558b7  Implement continuous combining in pre-shuffle combining table.
     new 495c67e  Use the singleton pattern in logger to only create one object.
     new 1d0c136  Updates to internal documentation for package installation
     new 0c3b9e4  Updates MapTask._parse_avro_source() so that start and end position of sources are set properly.
     new 6ee925b  Optimize shuffle writing
     new 106b591  Cythonize runners.common, worker.executor, and utils.counters
     new e8b91cc  Add message with Dataflow monitoring URL for the submitted job
     new 40d3eba  Marking WorkItems DONE before releasing the lock.
     new 28eb34d  Run batchworker do worker under cProfile
     new c7795b1  Logging pipeline messages snippet
     new 5723534  Further optimizations in
     new e6685cf  Optimize logging context
     new 1abbd59c Forbid use of PubSub I/O in batch and local jobs
     new a5283d4  WordCount, minimal WordCount, and debugging WordCount snippets
     new 8719466  Monitoring interface snippets.
     new d0c56ae  Change option names to: --worker_machine_type and --worker_disk_type
     new 66e913a  After a job fails, wait for any error messages to show up
     new ec916a3  Handle two versions of oauth2client (>=2.0.0 and 1.5.2)
     new aa1a934  Disable VarIntCoder for long values
     new d015bf8  Remove some deprecated names.
     new 7af06f5  Update the short link for the Alpha signup form
     new 290c95e  Fixed the example docs to use the correct name for staging_location
     new eeb63fb  Bump up version to 0.2.1
     new d441e85  Reformat some doc strings to be acceptable to Pydocs Sphinx
     new c94aaef  Update some str methods for recent SDK representation changes
     new 18b2650  Store timestamps and time intervals with microsecond granularity
     new 6fee7e7  Better error messaging on missing gcloud
     new 943202b  Explicitly set all required pipeline options in the minimal example
     new ed9e91e  New class ReceiverSet in the worker
     new 578ec6a  Avoid calling logging.debug on every element
     new f3600b2  Don't use KV coder for ungrouped shuffle reads/writes
     new 6e4a266  Rename OutputTimeFn.OUTPUT_AT_MAX to OUTPUT_AT_LATEST for clarity
     new c332ba8  Clearer error message when SDK file cannot be found to stage
     new d7092ff  Add support for deduplicating id_label in PubSubSource
     new 0523a4c  Several fixes related to schema specified when creating a BigQuery sink.
     new b0722de  Add TimestampCoder for timeutil.Timestamp objects
     new c0e3686  README: fix pip install link
     new 8732cb7  Cythonize Timestamp- and FloatCoder
     new 83ca22e  Make sdk pipeline options available in the DoFn context
     new 481991c  Report work item exceptions in the streaming worker
     new 4862d60  Add plumbing to pass a coder to the byte-size counter updater
     new 290ba7b  Remove sdk pipeline options from the DoFn context
     new 2973980  Add reference counting for consumers of AppliedPTransform outputs
     new 30bf4f5  Support pagination for large list states in Windmill
     new b942ad1  Implement and use WindowedValue.with_value
     new 2319939  Bump up version to 0.2.2 ----Release Notes---- [] ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=118731261
     new d8c4513  Cythonize Timestamp- and FloatCoder
     new 308c3c7  Make sdk pipeline options available in the DoFn context
     new e2cbe3c  Remove sdk pipeline options from the DoFn context
     new 3bc4a0a  Use a CounterFactory to create counters
     new ce39b9b  Set zip_safe=False in
     new 7c320d7  Updates and simplifies logic related to progress reporting.
     new 9db4277  Clean up PValue and PCollection with clearer argument passing
     new a891d1e  Updates BatchWorker to report failure to shutdown progress reporter to service properly.
     new de389e4  Internal testing change.
     new b97690b  Declare namespace packages in
     new 0f2c28e  Add logging for memory footprint debugging in direct runner
     new 83486f9  Add class Accumulator
     new b97cb69  Add class ObservableMixin
     new 34ccd68  Fixes a bug in progress reporting in TextFileReader
     new fcb8784  Use reraise_augmented for start/finish operations
     new 9c77da9  Make element iterators observable
     new db5b95c  Add class ByteCountingOutputStream
     new 74c7c9e  Break up OperationCounters.update() into before and after pieces
     new a364594  Implement aggregated_values for DirectPipelineRunner
     new 6366e8c  Allow operations to override the coder passed to update_counters
     new fa93988  Remove version pins for google-apitools and oauth2client packages
     new 761000e  Renames Source/Reader classes for native sources/readers.
     new 2d24390  Treat creation of side input views as a PTransform
     new 3bb9c0a  Remove perf regression in not yet finished size estimation code
     new 0430588  Bump up version to 0.2.3
     new 045b9c2  Adding BYTES to the possible data type options for convert_row_to_dict. Since bigquery outputs a base64 string it should behave the same way as with the STRING data type.
     new d7d6d48  Pipeline and runner cleanup
     new 94318d5e Use WindowFn-specified Coders for the Windows
     new ae7a33d  Return PDone as the result of a NativeWrite
     new 652c26c  Adds dynamic work rebalancing support for InMemoryReader.
     new 23d1e53  Consistently apply sharding suffix to TextFileSink
     new 4af2430  Don't even try to run Cython on Windows
     new 44c7186  Modify --requirements_file behavior to cache locally packages
     new 14039f7  Add check for SDK versus container language/version compatibility
     new 4a4b8af  Fix incorrectly cached values in pvalue.AsList
     new 372b2a1  Enable support for all supported counter types
     new fb0349c  Rolling back due to an internal test failure.
     new 872ad7d  Support large iterable side inputs
     new 85dc591  Implement non-native TextFile Sink
     new 4a75fa8  Improve FileSink's documentation.
     new 5c69547  Update equal_to matcher with clearer error message
     new 0310dff  Fix issue in cache trimming logic for combiner lifting
     new 653f13f  Rename GlobalWindows.WindowedValue to GlobalWindows.windowed_value
     new 725ddfd  At 0 progress don't pretend to be 1 byte done.
     new 3e664ab  Add a warning if trying to run on anything but Python 2.7
     new 0cd627d  Generalize base PTransform._extract_input_pvalues
     new 508fdcb  Bump up version to 0.2.4
     new 504b1bf  Implement EagerPipelineRunner, useful for running in a repl.
     new 139d366  Enable gzip compression on text files sink.
     new 4a12f8f  Create separate worker version file
     new 0671f4d  Add utility function to check compression type validity.
     new 90910d9  Use worker harness container corresponding to SDK version
     new b3d6c95  Is_composite to return True instead of parts when there are parts
     new 9d8f22b  Adds the base API for creating new sources.
     new 0e33df1  Dynamic work rebalancing support for InMemory reader.
     new 2060e76  Skip modules without a __name__ attribute
     new f59e572  New method OperationCounters.should_sample
     new 17bb4ec  Adds support for reading custom sources using DataflowPipelineRunner.
     new e420efd  Ignore undeclared side outputs of DoFns in cloud executor
     new 70ad7b9  Remove separate worker version file
     new 8d6fb1f  Internal rollback.
     new 47b63cc  Undo introduction of OperationCounters.should_sample
     new 44a22c1  Use shelve as a disk backed dictionary optionally in PValueCache
     new 99ba7b6  Update filehandling utilities
     new a45d22b  Bump up version to 0.2.5
     new 7ad41e0  Remove separate worker version file
     new 38f2066  Internal changes for documentation validation
     new 0fb22b1  Fix module dict pickling.
     new ba9ca7a  Make retry logic idempotent in GcsIO.delete and GcsIO.rename
     new cf30901  Fix buffer overruns in fast OutputStream implementaion
     new 395f8e2  Introduce OperationCouters.should_sample
     new b7ed797  Allow Pipeline objects to be used in Python with statements
     new c5e8ce8  Undo introduction of OperationCounters.should_sample
     new 957cdf0  Augment file utils with recursive copy
     new f4979af  Add autoscaling pipeline options
     new ba4de6c  Bump up version to 0.2.6
     new ec1f770  Reintroduce OperationCounters.should_sample
     new 6bff513  Fix is_service_runner to detect endpoints ending with /
     new 30cf9b05 Implement fixed sharding in Text sink.
     new f60d39f  Remove unused GcsIO class attribute
     new ff72454  Raise an IOError when source file in GcsIO.copy does not exist
     new 5d2de30  Use multiple file rename threads in finalize_write
     new 2ec4700  Retry idempotent I/O operations on GCS timeout
     new 9669710  Bump up version to 0.2.7
     new e507928  Remove worker code
     new b14dfad  Move all files to apache_beam folder
     new 6970399  Rewrite imports and usage to apache_beam
     new c2cc442  Remove google folder
     new 778c0d0  Update and files for Apache Beam
     new 2d638e1  Add Flink Batch Runner Blog Post
     new 24e3399  This closes
     new 4da5ebf  Use TimestampedValue in DoFnTester
     new cd0f509  This closes #461
     new df266a5  Fix type error in Eclipse
     new c627fa8  Add DoFnTester#peekOutputValuesInWindow
     new 8b20677  Add a blog post about the first release
     new 863ed2c  Add a page about releases
     new af7d7e1  Add Javadoc for version 0.1.0-incubating
     new 2b26955  This closes #467
     new 315b3c8  This closes #458
     new fbdfba4  Explicitly set the Runner in TestFlinkPipelineRunner
     new 63e7b1d  Closes #463
     new 605f63a  This closes
     new b31be38  Remove DoFnRunner from GroupAlsoByWindowsProperties
     new bf476e1  Remove the DirectPipelineRunner from the Core SDK
     new 2e0836e  Package javadoc for org.apache.beam.sdk.transforms.display
     new 591db6f  [Spark] Elide assigning windows when WindowFn is null
     new eba9ddf  Roll-forwards: Base PAssert on GBK instead of side inputs
     new a1bb902  Closes #470
     new e7f2f58  Fix NullPointerException in AfterWatermark display data
     new 9c8cf5e  Closes #469
     new fee73d3  Run NeedsRunner tests in Runner Core on the DirectRunner
     new 462453d  Closes #472
     new 0edf462  Reuse UnboundedReaders in the InProcessRunner
     new 2f46bc0  Closes #460
     new 172d4fdc Modified range tracker to use first response seen as start key
     new 11eb9f6  Closes #440
     new 021fa1e  This closes #466
     new 2bafda1  Rename InProcessPipelineRunner to DirectRunner
     new 4649eeb  Remove InProcess Prefixes
     new f117f71  Update DataflowPipelineRunner worker container version
     new 414bb4b  Closes #459
     new 518b23c  This closes #474
     new f8c59bd  This closes #465
     new 21cbe08  [BEAM-342] Implement Filter#greaterThan,etc with Filter#byPredicate
     new df9a78b  Improve BigQueryIO validation for streaming WriteDisposition
     new 3b66f59  Closes #451
     new 41fe8ee  This closes #471
     new 1239f11  Replace GcsPath by IOChannelFactory in WordCount.
     new 0a3425e  Closes #454
     new 925264e  Add test for ReduceFnRunner GC time overflow
     new dc60dc7  Fix overflow in ReduceFnRunner garbage collection times
     new 455aaed  This closes #464
     new f93c92c  Added BigDecimal coder and tests.
     new 91b8905  Add BigIntegerCoder and tests
     new 70e69d9  Touch up BigDecimalCoder and tests
     new 5c17bfa  This closes #442 and closes #307
     new 4254749  Configure RunnableOnService tests for Spark runner, batch mode
     new a60b58e  This closes #468
     new b4737ea  CrashingRunner: cleanup some code
     new f57e66c  Closes #477
     new 09f3faa  Fix the licenses (add or update)
     new 20687e8  Closes #480
     new c5a49a7  Clean up usage of temp directories in _stage_extra_packages
     new 0e5c662  This closes #475
     new c4684bf  Remove the beam.examples dependency from flink.
     new da324bf  This closes #478
     new c666d4e  Remove last vestige of the words DirectPipeline
     new 336ae2e  This closes #484
     new cdfab9b  Remove references to javax.servlet.
     new 47dd61a  This closes #486
     new 6ebc8ab  Finish removing DirectPipelineRunner references
     new 81dcd52  Closes #490
     new 3841f41  Rename DataflowPipelineRunner to DataflowRunner
     new 8a9dcc7  Closes #487
     new 95308fb  Turn on failOnWarning and ignore unused runners modules in example.
     new 69a4141  This closes #482
     new 916bf3a  Run Pipelines in tests that expect them
     new 93ca508  [BEAM-321] Fix Flink Comparators
     new 0e4d0a9  This closes #409
     new 380c1a8  Remove Pipeline from TestDataflowPipelineRunner
     new d9cdcad  Closes #493
     new 1a200a6  This closes #294
     new e471ced  DataflowPipelineJob: Retry messages, metrics, and status polls
     new c71502d  Closes #476
     new c8d5742  Rename FlinkPipelineRunner to FlinkRunner
     new 6f52ff9  Closes #489
     new 071d9c7  Make JAXBCoder Thread Safe
     new 682a19c  Closes #497
     new f8bf718  Fixed HTML errors; added link and HTML tests via rake
     new 4eed248  Cleanup and tests
     new ea564a0  Use a DirectExecutor for Watermark Callbacks
     new e224f72  Execute NeedsRunner tests in the Direct Runner
     new 4780796  [BEAM-334] DataflowPipelineRunner: bump environment major version
     new c852f40  [flink] fix potential NPE in ParDoWrapper
     new aac92ac  Port cleanupDaemonThreads fix to archetype module
     new cc8700b  Add success/failure counters to new PAssert mechanism
     new 87ca539  Changed Word Counts to use TypeDescriptors.
     new d321798  Updated complete examples to use TypeDescriptors.
     new 99441b4  [BEAM-336] update examples-java README
     new c7911fb  Make example AddTimestampFn range deterministic
     new 21a87f9  Add configuration for Dataflow runner System.out/err
     new 5e6b35f  Fix AutoComplete example streaming configuration
     new 882e8f8  CompressedSourceTest: simplify
     new 8cab792  Revert GBK-based PAssert
     new 3df522f  Update Pipeline Execution Style in WindowedWordCountTest
     new 9cf1d24  Update Direct Module tests to explicitly set Pipeline
     new 140519c  Use TestPipeline#testingPipelineOptions in IO Tests
     new febf4a1  Move GcsUtil TextIO Tests to TextIOTest
     new cce4dca  Set Runner in DataflowRunner Tests
     new 5937118  Increase Visibility of Flink Test PipelineOptions
     new 1f66cbf  Update the Default Pipeline Runner
     new f1b43b9  Use TimestampedValue in DoFnTester
     new ecf6ab8  Add DoFnTester#peekOutputValuesInWindow
     new 0065851  Rename DoFnTester#processBatch to processBundle
     new 90bb20e  Explicitly set the Runner in TestFlinkPipelineRunner
     new 340fe3e  Package javadoc for org.apache.beam.sdk.transforms.display
     new d5e3dfa  Fix NullPointerException in AfterWatermark display data
     new 6ada1a6  Run NeedsRunner tests in Runner Core on the DirectRunner
     new ec6d88a  Reuse UnboundedReaders in the InProcessRunner
     new 11d78a4  Modified range tracker to use first response seen as start key
     new 45e57e0  Remove DoFnRunner from GroupAlsoByWindowsProperties
     new 99654ca  Remove the DirectPipelineRunner from the Core SDK
     new d2ceaf5  Update DataflowPipelineRunner worker container version
     new 9400fc9  Rename InProcessPipelineRunner to DirectRunner
     new babddbb  Remove InProcess Prefixes
     new cfa217a  Fix type error in Eclipse
     new 0a7246d  Improve BigQueryIO validation for streaming WriteDisposition
     new 8278e5f  [Spark] Elide assigning windows when WindowFn is null
     new e90a1b9  Roll-forwards: Base PAssert on GBK instead of side inputs
     new 6058330  Replace GcsPath by IOChannelFactory in WordCount.
     new 5bf732c  Add test for ReduceFnRunner GC time overflow
     new 4f7a2ab  Fix overflow in ReduceFnRunner garbage collection times
     new 6460df1  Added BigDecimal coder and tests.
     new 8268f1d  Add BigIntegerCoder and tests
     new 6491100  Touch up BigDecimalCoder and tests
     new 3d87f8b  [BEAM-342] Implement Filter#greaterThan,etc with Filter#byPredicate
     new 93f9ef9  CrashingRunner: cleanup some code
     new e581244  Remove the beam.examples dependency from flink.
     new 6a41da8  Remove last vestige of the words DirectPipeline
     new 09bf9b3  Remove references to javax.servlet.
     new 340d098  Finish removing DirectPipelineRunner references
     new 6d028ac  Rename DataflowPipelineRunner to DataflowRunner
     new c955010  Turn on failOnWarning and ignore unused runners modules in example.
     new 90d0bcf  [BEAM-321] Fix Flink Comparators
     new a24e557  Remove Pipeline from TestDataflowPipelineRunner
     new 30d226a  Configure RunnableOnService tests for Spark runner, batch mode
     new d285e67  DataflowPipelineJob: Retry messages, metrics, and status polls
     new 4b41768  Rename FlinkPipelineRunner to FlinkRunner
     new f166b16  This closes #498
     new 278a76e  [BEAM-363] Return false for non-AUTO compression mode
     new 2b9906e  Closes #504
     new 2d56379  Remove temporary GroupAlsoByWindowViaWindowSetDoFn shim
     new b52688f  Set runtime scope for Dataflow runner dep on runners-core
     new 0608ad9  Use item equality in apply_to_list test
     new 96ffc42  Rename SparkPipelineRunner to SparkRunner
     new 3001804  Closes #488
     new 73862b4  This closes #509
     new efaad32  Directly instantiate SimpleDoFnRunner in its test suite
     new 0fef8e6  Move some easy stuff into runners/core-java
     new 4840f52  This closes #512
     new e255cd6  This closes #510
     new d9bca25  Simple PaneInfo.toString() for interned constants
     new edf11fa  Add basic WindowMatchersTest
     new a3aa4c7  Explode windows in DirectRunner's Window.into evaluator
     new 741ef26  This closes #492
     new 2ebd137  Implements a framework for developing sources for new file types.
     new e3a43fb  Closes #507
     new ee0a3bf  Update OffsetRangeTracker progress tracking and start offset
     new 3ff98ea  Closes #515
     new 15f69ed  Wait for Elements to be fetched in KafkaIO#start
     new f480944  Closes #453
     new 104f4dd  DatastoreIO: Update datastore API to v1beta3
     new 3bc0fe6  Closes #499
     new 569228e  Deduplicate Unbounded Reads
     new c83e5c4  Closes #473
     new b3aa73d  Fix a typo in FlinkRunner.toString
     new 9bcf9b0  This closes #511
     new 9c8dc4f  [BEAM-359] Treat erased type variables as non-deterministic in AvroCoder
     new 8949ec3  This closes #513
     new b7e9a7e  Move allowsDynamicSplitting to Reader, and set it in CompressedSource.
     new e0cae9f  Closes #502
     new a554f06  Remove Dataflow runner references in WordCount examples.
     new 748b0c8  This closes #293
     new bd8b5ad  Travis config for python tests
     new d5719a5  This closes #514
     new 49b4847  [BEAM-314] Add zip compression support in TextIO
     new f2d2ce5  Closes #400
     new 0810441  Remove references to multi-window representation from model
     new 82ae661  This closes #308
     new 11d9ec5  Add UnboundedReadFromBoundedSource
     new 7745b92  Closes #339
     new 2cdc2be  Use only WindowFn in TriggerTester
     new 244e8e8  Remove TriggerBuilder backwards-compatibility adapter
     new d7f2810  Remove uses of ParDo.named
     new 4f050bf  Remove ParDo.named on all variants
     new 41faee4  This closes #522
     new bf67d8e  This closes #528
     new bd21ead  This closes #527
     new a2ab828  Add StaticWindows
     new a1365bb  Key with integers in GatherAllPanes
     new ec1bb3a  Update test for GatherAllPanes
     new 4853ee0  correct pip install target to include 'archive/'
     new 1f44988  Use GatherAllPanes in PAssert
     new ff72e27  This closes #518
     new d835317  Make WindowedValue like an interface, allow external implementations
     new 81ad2a7  Deprecate WindowedValue.valueInEmptyWindows
     new 7349efc  Disable integration tests in parent pom
     new cff57fd  Closes #530
     new dee44b3  Enable dependency-plugin at global level
     new ab74eac  Closes #516
     new c526df5  Closes #531
     new 7672ef7  Update juliaset example to support "pip install"
     new 21c819f  Closes #491
     new d7613b9  [BEAM-377] Validate BigQueryIO.Read is properly configured
     new 4f580f5  Closes #535
     new 5719535  Remove many uses of .named methods
     new fc52a10  Remove many definitions of named methods
     new 9abd092  This closes #529
     new f71c1dd  Pylint integration for Python SDK
     new 3464a90  Closes #538
     new 8fdf434  DisplayDataEvaluator: Add support for source transforms
     new 05a1d20  Closes #542
     new 76173da  Added integration tests for BigtableRead and BigtableWrite
     new fc803f6  Closes #505
     new 02133b6  Static import Preconditions.checkX everywhere
     new 7d76705  Closes #536
     new ef6ee7c  Explicitly set UseDummyRunner in IO, Extensions
     new be98b75  Closes #544
     new 8e76782  Remove the whitelisting required warning
     new 45ce497  Fix NPE in UnboundedReadFromBoundedSource
     new b487281  Closes #546
     new ea68ae2  pom.xml: upgrade to dataflow version v1b3-rev30-1.22.0
     new d194d7a  Closes #548
     new 9f5ae3e  Increase the MESSAGES_POLLING_ATTEMPTS for slow backend starts
     new f1be6f1  Closes #549
     new cb1842c  Closes #547
     new 175d7ac  Move remnants of Dataflow runner from SDK to its module
     new a5a3c55  Move some more easy stuff to runners-core
     new d5d3035  [BEAM-362] Move some more easy stuff from SDK to appropriate modules
     new 0070d2d  Write: add support for setting a fixed number of shards
     new daafc86  Closes #534
     new 57a4495  Enables more linting rules.
     new 887bef1  Closes #545
     new 2b6c4ee  Disable Java specific Travis tests for python-sdk branch
     new 224de2d  added incubation disclaimer
     new 0545eb5  Closes #556
     new 941b15a  Add Surefire Max Heap Size argument
     new ee51275  Closes #551
     new 6887241  Add direct runner package-info
     new 1759151  Closes #541
     new a6c7eac  Added getSplitPointsConsumed() to ByteKeyRangeTracker
     new 97bcfec  Closes #517
     new 436724e  Remove internal test config file
     new cead645  Fix gcsio.exists call
     new 2a2f639  Update Checkpoint Documentation
     new 9d6d622  Closes #501
     new e37bffc  Fix missing Override Annotations in the DirectRunner
     new 5434e59  Closes #558
     new a4172ff  Make PTransform.apply Abstract
     new 58a029a  Add FindBugs analysis to the build
     new 7bedbcc  Fix expression-not-assigned and unused-variable lint warnings.
     new f0f809a  Implement getSplitPointsConsumed() in BigtableIO
     new e01efbd  Closes #557
     new 4f2ac39  Copy and use UnboundedReadFromBoundedSource in dataflow runner
     new 12b6ff8  Closes #550
     new 3e06b4e  fixed typo
     new e151101  Branding fixes
     new ef2c514  This closes #357
     new 623bed9  [BEAM-142] - BigQueryIO: don't unnecessarily initialize an ExecutorService to validate parameters
     new 4a0e426  [BEAM-142] - BigQueryIO: dont unnecessarily initialize an ExecutorService to validate parameters
     new bff9801  Closes #566
     new 653c504  Update to bigtable-client-core-0.3.0 and use bulk writes
     new 38866cd  Closes #481
     new 2094e00  Enables unused-import and used-before-assignment rules
     new 9b96a49  [BEAM-390] Update spark dependency to the most recent stable version
     new 61b9d72  [BEAM-390] This closes #560
     new 0bda677  Get current SDK package from PyPI instead of GitHub
     new 33720ec  Define GOOGLE_PACKAGE_NAME and use it everywhere
     new 5fe6d7b  Replace call() with check_call()
     new fbe44ee  Closes #569
     new 1a060f6  This closes #523
     new 31d4bde  This closes #564
     new 75089c4  This closes #563
     new dc31918  Move Jenkins Python post commit script to the repository.
     new df7ecd5  Closes #571
     new cbcb353  KafkaIO tests : change category annotation from RunnableOnService to NeedsRunner
     new e7418e2  Closes #568 and closes #524
     new 336b516  Replacing BigQuery direct calls with BigQueryServices abstraction
     new df1d5f6  Closes #555
     new 2d3d0f4  [BEAM-392] Update flink dependency to the most recent stable version
     new d8c01c8  [BEAM-392] Rename missing references to FlinkPipelineRunner
     new b4c123c  This closes #561
     new 190740f  Fix timestamps in GroupAlsoByWindowsProperties
     new 833a4b6  Set end value in and remove pylint disable statement.
     new 5ab5567  This closes #570
     new 05f45c8  Use the beamhead label for containers
     new 2534976  Closes #575
     new 8254b95  This closes #573
     new e3ee1b7  Replace PubsubIO and injector with TextIO in traffic examples
     new 6887af2  Closes #579
     new 60dd7a2  Make examples only have optional runtime deps on runners
     new 85c36b8  Closes #576
     new 40d8072  Replace PubsubIO and injector with TextIO in beam-examples
     new 69b0a48  Closes #562
     new ed7dbb0  Several improvements to HDFS/Hadoop interoperability
     new c834ecd  Closes #485
     new fa8bf32  Add initial microbenchmarks directory
     new 88db3be  This closes #553
     new c5ad27a  DatastoreIO: add Read/Write Transforms and version-specific class
     new 56c5277  Closes #543
     new b58a19c  Use native Flink rebalance for Reshuffle Transform
     new 9adbecb  This closes #483
     new 88cc25d  [BEAM-405] Fixes inefficient use of keySet iterator instead of entrySet iterator.
     new 8147037  [BEAM-405] Fixes inefficient use of keySet iterator instead of entrySet iterator
     new 7a59d0d  [BEAM-397] - Fixes Format string - it should use %n instead of \n
     new 1a5dd59  [BEAM-397] - Fixes Format string - it should use %n instead of \n
     new dc2532a  [BEAM-357] Fix build on Windows
     new 3bb78cb  [BEAM-357] This closes #519
     new 46ab9b1  AvroSource: use a 64K buffer size for Snappy codec
     new a7e8151  [BEAM-422] AvroSource: use a 64K buffer size for Snappy codec
     new 691a582  Replace PubsubIO and injector with TextIO in AutoComplete and TriggerExample
     new 5eb7d95  Closes #582
     new 51427f7  remove runInjectorPipeline from DataflowExampleUtils
     new 1cb898f  Closes #594
     new 708244b  [BEAM-408] - Fixes ProxyInvocationHandler uses inefficient Math.random() for random int
     new 9df033c  Uses ThreadLocalRandom.current to generate a random hashCode
     new 7e97cbc  Removes extra blank space
     new 66d726a  [BEAM-408] - Fixes ProxyInvocationHandler uses inefficient Math.random() for random int
     new b90f71a  Change in documentation URL
     new 33b18b1  Closes #601
     new 9c91403  Fix BigtableIO display data label
     new 1963bde  Closes #602
     new 3875071  Fix and file bugs for FindBugs issues
     new 2b14fe5  Enable linter rules no-self-argument, reimported, ungrouped-imports
     new 6b06e3e  Closes #593
     new 87961e4  pipeline.options should never be None
     new 342d2d7  Closes #597
     new e064377  Cleanup dataflow_test.
     new 31b3f00  Remove unneeded label argument in ptransform_fn
     new c34f332  Better error message for poor use of callable apply
     new 9bc04b7  Closes #595
     new e1b3ac3  Add support for ZLIB and DEFLATE compression
     new a580b31  Closes #604
     new 1c9d16d  remove an obsolete comment in
     new 155409b  Closes #606
     new 1da908f  Uncomment tox in the postcommit script.
     new c17768f  Move example dependency on runners into a profile
     new b923182  Modified addBulkOptions for simplicity
     new 290c0b7  Closes #603
     new e167d2b  Closes #608
     new a6f488f  Rename DataflowExampleUtils and DataflowExampleOptions
     new 921c55c  Closes #605
     new 543842c  [BEAM-381] BoundedReader: update the range last of all
     new 74e1f83  Closes #600
     new 5f0288b  This closes #609
     new a2b118a  This closes #574
     new ddf5cc2  Exclude AppleJavaExtensions from findbugs plugin deps
     new a7312bee Closes #610
     new 12f1599  Modified BigtableIO to support streaming
     new 744b047  Closes #596
     new 9e0b1b4  Mark primitive display data tests RunnableOnService
     new 994febe  Closes #607
     new 626240a  Remove isUnbounded option, and the corresponding ExampleUtils constructor
     new d9632b7  Closes #612
     new 9bf5376  [BEAM-426] Update bigtable-client-core to 0.9.0
     new 90abca1  Closes #590
     new 4d6a102  Provide equals and hashCode in DelegateCoder
     new 9d70025  Closes #559
     new 1cccbac  Clean up duplicate dependencies in runners core java pom
     new 15dff04  Add io-gcp to top-level pom dependency management
     new c2ccd68  Move Datastore from sdks/java/core to io/gcp
     new cf874d4  [BEAM-77] Move datastore into GCP IO package
     new 40cc4b1  Changed JUnitMatchers to Matchers
     new 8db73fe  Closes #618
     new d395a7c  Add test dependency on direct runner
     new 77d9282  Closes #613
     new 8ce07b0  Making the dataflow temp_location argument optional
     new 5523682  Closes #615
     new 59f7e3d  StateTable: simplify with HashBasedTable.create()
     new 1c5858b  Closes #623
     new c2730c8  Update Python aggregator example to match Java usage
     new 1b1c8d5  Closes #622
     new 1117a03  Migrated IO display data tests must be runner-filesystem agnostic
     new c5744cc  Closes #616
     new 516f15d  Allow ".tar" files in extra_packages
     new 39dda32  Closes #621
     new 2fc45b4  Remove ptransform tests from the excluded tests list
     new 73168b2  Closes #619
     new c7b8c68  Internal cleanup.
     new b5daba3  Closes #633
     new d57c23d  Fix warnings that came with newly released Pylint (1.6.1) version.
     new b6bb97f  Closes #628
     new 732e8bf  Fixed equals method to handle null and added respective test.
     new 3653c5c  Closes #627
     new d2ad951  AvroCoder: fix findbugs errors
     new d93f564  Closes #624
     new 5316f20  [BEAM-389] Fix the uses of DelegateCoder in Combine
     new a59ddab  Closes #626
     new 4614030  [BEAM-433] Change the ExampleUtils constructor takes PipelineOptions
     new f5a5eb3  Closes #631
     new 23637cb  Remove getDataflowClient() from DataflowPipelineJob
     new 22ff002  Adds more code snippets.
     new 1685a66  API cleanup: Remove getDataflowClient() from DataflowPipelineJob
     new 2d16edd  [BEAM-338] Cleanup Spark runner test resources to avoid notice update
     new a768946  [BEAM-338] This closes #586
     new 4006f77  This closes #565
     new 4e2d8ab  Pickle only used symbols from __main__ namespace.
     new fb9da8e  Closes #629
     new cb2afa4  Fix lint error.
     new 44f784e  Remove more tests from nose tests exclusion list
     new 77f90ff  Closes #636
     new 246fda5  Fixes bug due to accessing cached pvalues multiple times.
     new 95a591e  Closes #639
     new 2b782de  Made checksum_output optional in
     new 67a769a  Closes #625
     new 3987cc1  [BEAM-430] Add GcpTempLocation, and remove defaulting tempLocation to stagingLocation in DataflowRunner
     new ee1a3bc  Closes #438
     new 9000d95  Allow for custom timestamp/watermark function in FlinkPipelineRunner
     new 1a7cd41  This closes #630
     new 21a5b44  [BEAM-285] Avoid boxing and unboxing in transforms Min and Max
     new 8f5ce28  Closes #552
     new 72c2c4a  [BEAM-446] Improve IOChannelUtils.resolve to accept multiple paths
     new 7ff15aa  remove old method and fix javadoc
     new 1acfe33  fix javadoc issue
     new 2596d13  [BEAM-446] Improve IOChannelUtils.resolve to accept multiple paths
     new d608efb  Fix checkstyle error: remove unused import
     new f0119b2  [BEAM-446] Fix checkstyle error: remove unused import
     new 5b317b8  Archetype generated projects shouldn't have SNAPSHOT version
     new 8030f0d  Update Dataflow container image
     new f858ea9  Add type hints to bigshuffle to avoid pickle overhead.
     new e8c39c7  Closes #641
     new ffbacca  Fix typo in Dataflow runner monitoring message
     new 52c0d89  Closes #644
     new cd0178b  Added to the list of Cythonized Python SDK files.
     new 2b9d81f  Closes #652
     new 245facd  Temporarily reverting pickler changes (@4e2d8ab).
     new 7c0c27a  Closes #645
     new e2eb3b5  DoOutputsTuple cleanup
     new 2a30f52  [BEAM-339] Archetype project version shouldn't be coupled to Beam version
     new 762a293  Closes #658
     new 84fe895  Accept runners by fully qualified name.
     new c055e84  Cleanup known runners code.
     new 3b69506  Closes #657
     new afc68bc  Fix min and max timestamp on 32-bit machines
     new c8cef2c  Closes #653
     new ae0293d  Add Pane matchers to PAssert
     new 84573e0  This closes #532
     new f0941d5  Add os-maven-plugin to examples module for GCP IO
     new 4a70283  Bump required Maven version to 3.3
     new 254a71d  Lower requirement from 3.3 to 3.2
     new 779fb1a  This closes #648
     new 2b47919  [BEAM-37] DoFnReflector: Add invoker interface and generate code
     new 79c26d9  This closes #521
     new 1c1af62  Fix DoFnTester side inputs
     new b8cd573  Remove DoFnTester#setSideOutputTags
     new 6044352  Increase visibility Restrictions in DoFnTester
     new cb03569  This closes #659
     new 9bd5c1a  This closes #660
     new 7a61803  This closes #655
     new 84fef46  Update some of the example tests to use assert_that
     new a1a51c3  Closes #650
     new a4267d2  Handle HttpError in GCS upload thread
     new d898d56  Closes #617
     new f9d4c3a  Datastore e2e tests
     new 15ff85d  Closes #635
     new 5439a6e  Remove runtime dependency on runners-core from Dataflow runner
     new 6952471  Closes #661
     new c9c31fd  Fixes several issues related to 'filebasedsource'.
     new 1305c10  Closes #599
     new 34467f9  Make TransformEvaluatorFactory reuse Explicit
     new 3d8434e  Make step encodings consistently use WindowedValueCoders
     new 4a5ab8a  Upgrade to Avro 1.8.1
     new 7a945a7  [BEAM-457] Upgrade to Avro 1.8.1
     new b8e3a7b  Closes #669
     new 5f5b4e6  Clarify RequiresWindowAccess error message
     new a0afd66  Closes #638
     new 7e4d977  [BEAM-462] Replace MonitoringUtil.PrintHandler with a handler that utilizes a Java logger
     new bfbfabf  [BEAM-462] Replace MonitoringUtil.PrintHandler with a handler that utilizes a Java logger
     new 4f64d0a  Python in process runner with bundled execution
     new 7e0497b  Closes #598
     new 86a3ec7  Clarifies that 'TextFileSource' only supports UTF-8 and ASCII.encodings.
     new 36456c6  Closes #670
     new 39f58c7  Start/finish bundle methods do not take extra args anymore
     new 5daab7f  Closes #668
     new 4c4acd3  [BEAM-465] OutgoingMessageCoder should be an AtomicCoder
     new f776b11  [BEAM-465] OutgoingMessageCoder should be an AtomicCoder
     new 7313fb5  [BEAM-433] Remove references to JobName in examples pipeline options.
     new 5ec72c8  Closes #634
     new 7ceb6fe  [BEAM-462] Fix archetype project to use logging handler.
     new 016c74c  [BEAM-462] Fix reference to old PrintHandler in archetypes project
     new 7a03e3c  Clean up Aggregator javadoc
     new 8410b47  Clean up Aggregator javadoc
     new 66ba594  [BEAM-468] NullableCoder should not ask valueCoder isRegisterByteSizeObserverCheap when value is null
     new bad3856  Closes #680
     new 7a7ccd8  Values: fix types in Javadoc snippet
     new 11c2ec2  Closes #682
     new e09eefd  [BEAM-124] WordCountIT: Add outputs verification
     new 52331d9  [BEAM-124] WordCountIT: Add outputs verification
     new 62841ac  Read all matching output files since default sharding in DirectRunner is not constant.
     new 674d831  Add Additional Exists check to FileIOChannelFactory#create
     new 1535d73  Dynamically choose number of shards in the DirectRunner
     new 69e2202  Closes #651
     new e68eb05  Remove pipeline.apply(pvalue, callable)
     new ad7c216  Closes #676
     new 3bfd681  Fixing broken example tests
     new 69f895a  Closes #685
     new f58c2bd  Implement coder optimized for coding primitives.
     new 64457d0  Used fast primitives coder as fallback coder.
     new 4c51273  Add fast support for dicts for default coder.
     new b00f915  Closes #683
     new a740f82  Add >> operator for labeling PTransforms.
     new 5610905  Closes #679
     new fdab1f9  Fix comment.
     new 062af66  Closes #683
     new 6c2ba81  Adds a test harnesses and utilities framework for sources.
     new b75c0c0  Closes #667
     new fffa799  Add fixed Eclipse RAT excludes
     new 1e16212  Correctly configure RAT in all profiles
     new eb69e10  This closes #688
     new 9478f41  [BEAM-79] add Gearpump runner
     new e3b5302  Check type of coder for step feeding into GroupByKey in Dataflow runner
     new ce29ac7  Closes #686
     new 36ea107  Adds a PTransform for Avro source.
     new 71214b3  Closes #672
     new 2ef6e52  minor javadoc fixes
     new 64df4f2  minor javadoc fixes
     new 02b2248  This closes #323
     new ad6ee01  Checkstyle: enforce presence
     new c4ad118  Closes #692
     new 6d7efe3  This closes #666
     new 5f19e4c  Add withAllowedLateness with Closing Behavior to Window
     new f547f70  This closes #567
     new 00195d2  Use the ParDo Application to Cache DoFns
     new 436e4a3  This closes #554
     new 7baa662  Remove "beamhead-02" container workaround
     new 2212628  Closes #694
     new 48a19eb  Add size-estimation support to Python SDK Coders
     new a3b6fe4  Address Robert's comments.
     new a643e20  Closes #678
     new b240525  BigQueryIO: move to google-cloud-platform module
     new 7ec8781  Closes #681
     new dc42467  Cythonize WindowedValue class.
     new 8efc231  Add Cython DoFnContext and Receiver stubs.
     new 2768981  Reduce the number of elements in the pvalue caching test.
     new 9d1fc85  Clarifying comments.
     new 37f426f  Closes #691
     new bdb6527  Add os-maven-plugin to Spark runner
     new 84332ee  BEAM-372 verfify if a nested coder consumes bytes equal to encoded bytes
     new 6d5e818  [BEAM-372] added a test that verifies if a coder consumes bytes equal to encoded bytes
     new ae21441  BigtableIO: upgrade to 0.9.1
     new 0eb81fd  [BEAM-445] BigtableIO: upgrade to 0.9.1
     new 232c0e9  Rename DirectRegistrar Registrars
     new 9cdaed0  Closes #700
     new f99aa77  Remove expensive per-element-step logging context.
     new 7c9d77a  Cache dofn.proces method.
     new ecf9e3a  Restore (faster) logging context.
     new d78b38d  Closes #706
     new 19082ad  Minor cdef value changes.
     new e500699  Closes #705
     new 441fad3  Add tests for WindowedValue.
     new 09b4daf  Closes #702
     new 7337ecf  [BEAM-316] Add file scheme support in TextIO
     new 38061d3  [BEAM-316] Add file URI handling
     new adb4720  Closes #684 and #402
     new 060bc80  Execute RunnableOnService tests only when runner options provided
     new 07a313f  Closes #709
     new 5bfd4cb  Log all exceptions in _start_upload
     new 75df931  Added BigInteger to TypeDescriptors class.
     new 12b60ff  Closes #716
     new bf3af5d  [BEAM-480] Move insertAll() from BigQueryTableInserter to BigQueryServices
     new 122cd04  Closes #717
     new 47042ce  Closes #713
     new 12fb778  Remove dependency on beam-examples-java.
     new d3dc368  Remove JavaDoc links to beam-examples.
     new cf14644  Closes #539
     new af6d380  Refactor to separate strings/versions
     new 2e36602  Make save_main_session optional
     new 3d64a8c  Refactor examples to use save_main_session
     new 9fe102a  Closes #723
     new 937cf69  Fix multi-input named PTransforms.
     new 031c4cc  Move names out of transform constructors.
     new 7c186ce  Fix error messages for externally named PTransforms.
     new 0183051  Cleanup and fix combiners_test.
     new 362f2e9  fix pipeline test
     new 2ff5630  Fixes examples
     new 2a59a12  Fix label-sensitive test.
     new b15d35c  Lint fixes.
     new c5b5b14  fixup: failing tests expecting name
     new e3c078f  Final cleanup pass.
     new 38d9dea  Closes #718
     new 2fe3877  [flink] improve example section in README
     new 20244ba  Tidy WriteWithShardingFactory
     new d2594e0  Introduce StateInternalsFactory
     new 902997d  Port runners to use GroupAlsoByWindows via StateInternalsFactory
     new ac3249f  Make DoFnRunner a Receiver.
     new d20cf64  Receiver and LoggingContext adapters.
     new de35f28  Allow passing logging context directly.
     new 153916f  Closes #721
     new 7809f6b  This closes #697
     new 8a7bc71  Fix SDK name and version sent to the Cloud Dataflow service
     new 76f3864  Update docstring.
     new f52a656  Remove overrides of isStreaming() and getAppName() in SparkPipelineOptions
     new 267136f  Remove overrides of isStreaming() and getAppName() in SparkPipelineOptions
     new 26ff657  Closes #730
     new d02d2de  This closes #724
     new 7a56517  [BEAM-489] remove headerLocation from maven-checkstyle-plugin
     new 8597a3c  Closes #734
     new 5101158  Remove spark test dependency on DirectRunner
     new 937f58e  Spark tests: force spark runner
     new 3c6e147  Closes #731
     new fc99c53  [BEAM-386] Remove StreamingCreate in DataflowRunner
     new 68850b4  Closes #704
     new e62bfdb  Reuse context and disable UI.
     new 7bbac01  [BEAM-328] uses SerializableCoder for `T extends Serializable`
     new e8695a1  Closes #736
     new b1f36df  This closes #663
     new 9329d2e  [BEAM-487] Update add DISCLAIMER, incubating, minor fixes
     new 4c0e11e  [BEAM-487] This closes #733
     new d1238eb  CoderRegistry: make deprecated method private
     new ddd57d8  Closes #728
     new 07ee019  Remove DataflowJUnitTestRunner as integration tests execute using surefire/failsafe.
     new b6c29e6  Remove DataflowJUnitTestRunner as integration tests execute using surefire/failsafe
     new 9e56734  [BEAM-488] Remove KEYS file
     new 65045f9  [BEAM-488] This closes #732
     new 15b7f81  [BEAM-486] Remove unnecessary mention of Apache v2.0 LICENSE
     new 76928d3  [BEAM-486] This closes #727
     new 2cf7556  [BEAM-13] Add JmsIO
     new 0866e49  Closes #299
     new 681ad89  Create DoFnInvoker instances in the package of the invoked DoFn
     new 2cbac53  This closes #738
     new c11ebf7  [BEAM-433] Remove references to DataflowPipelineOptions
     new c6e748c  Closes #742
     new db7dbea  [maven-release-plugin] prepare branch release-0.2.0-incubating
     new af396bf  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 4b932d9  Apply ExecutorUpdates in two Phases
     new b4e651b  jms: fix artifact ID in pom.xml
     new ff873f4  Closes #749
     new 19de0b8  Use AutoValue for StepTransformResult
     new a46081e  Use AutoValue for StepTransformResult
     new 5637b65  Remove unneccessary method in ReadEvaluatorFactories
     new 9c44751  Remove unneccessary method in ReadEvaluatorFactories
     new 2f4054b  Make TextFileReader observable
     new 53ab635  Closes #726
     new adb3ed9  Better top implementation.
     new 866a09d  Allow Top operations to take key argument rather than compare.
     new b4716d9  Closes #741
     new 7d2fb1f  Optimize Map and Flatmap when there are no side inputs.
     new 351c383  Closes #748
     new a1f1fa0  Increased the GCS buffer size from 1MB to 8MB and introduced a 128kB buffer for the pipe.
     new 0de4920  Merged in pull and regenerated html.
     new 15eb67b  Implement Aggregators directly for direct-java
     new 1df6f5f  Implement aggregators directly in the direct runner
     new 227cdaf  Adding Travis CI YAML config
     new e9f367f  This closes
     new c155ef0  Closes #752
     new 1b4b7c7  [BEAM-443] Add waitToFinish() and cancel() in PipelineResult.
     new 119da4a  Closes #642
     new ea8936b  Move local Flink integration tests to a profile
     new 36720a6  This closes #710
     new b1ecf24  This closes #745
     new 889f700  Fix typo in combiners test.
     new 5541c03  Closes #760
     new 7d50d80  Deletes some code that is not used by SDK.
     new 14bac44  Added Bigtable Read DisplayData
     new 8b1e64a  Closes #755
     new a8eb274  Add handleEmpty to CompletionCallback
     new fa302a3  Closes #763
     new 9203013  Datastore Read as a composite PTransform
     new bef1a69  Closes #739
     new 3a4f223  Updates json to/from Python object  conversion to properly handle None values.
     new 203f2b7  Checkstyle: require assignment operator on same line
     new f13725f  Closes #766
     new aae1b01  Add ElementByteSizeObserver default constructor
     new d73e614  Add ElementByteSizeObservable default constructor
     new b9543b9  Name local Spark RunnableOnService profile more precisely
     new 6fd73ff  [BEAM-500] Finished skeleton of new website layout
     new ddca0eb  Closes
     new 8c68ae1  [BEAM-510] releases: use ASF download script to balance load on Apache
     new 06a3338  Fixed remaining rake failure.
     new b122827  Closes
     new e834fa8  Closes #765
     new 1f87b84  DataflowRunner: test path validation
     new 724c88d  Move DataflowPathValidator to sdk.util, rename to GcsPathValidator
     new 70f394b  Move getPathValidator to GcsOptions and use it in temp/staging locations
     new ab20823  Some fixups to tests
     new 63c5d19  Closes #761
     new a84dd6c  Moved javadoc under /learn/sdks/java and added the links back
     new 559d676  This closes
     new 3ebf28c  Implement add_input for all CombineFns.
     new 80a3395  Addressed BEAM-514 (add required asf links)
     new 25d0759  Addressed Beam-515 (apache logos)
     new 87ba45e  Minor fixups
     new 75831cd  Closes
     new ef0a4b5  Navbar: move ASF dropdown to right side
     new 2324d51  Minor style tweaks for alignment
     new 9ef1d24  Fix ASF header collapsing
     new 68c5be4  Miscellaneous fixups
     new da31a2d  Closes #773
     new a5436a3  Move test-jar back to default profile
     new 2b6c873  Remove extraneous installation on Travis
     new 25ec280  Added a half birthday blog post, as discussed on dev@.
     new 9ded5db  Update to today
     new 4a2239d  Document TupleCombineFns
     new 65152ca  Closes #770
     new 1fecb28  Bind checkstyle:check to the test-compile phase to fail earlier
     new ca15cac  Closes #777
     new 790f82b  Run integration tests in parallel
     new 636b5f7  Closes #774
     new f7cc7e1  Add ProducedOutput method to TransformResult
     new 8e7963f  Use the State of the Executor to drive progress
     new 23fa61c  This closes #754
     new fc35456  Make Coder.NonDeterministicException extend Exception instead of Throwable
     new 388816a  This closes #776
     new a64baf4  Rename DoFn to OldDoFn
     new e160966  Rename NoOpDoFn to NoOpOldDoFn
     new 3bcb6f4  Rename DoFnWithContext to DoFn
     new 64481d0  Port WordCount example from OldDoFn to DoFn
     new 4ceec0e  Port MinimalWordCount example from OldDoFn to DoFn
     new ca9e337  Port WindowedWordCount example from OldDoFn to DoFn
     new 49d2f17  Port DebuggingWordCount example from OldDoFn to DoFn
     new 3236eec  Port AutoComplete example from OldDoFn to DoFn
     new e07c339  Port microbenchmarks to new vocabulary
     new 3466a0e  Update Dataflow runner to worker container supporting OldDoFn
     new 9a329aa  Closes #758
     new 14c6d99  Run findbugs in the test-compile phase
     new c314e67  Closes #783
     new ac0875d  SparkRunner calls
     new 3144363  Closes #743
     new 032e1fa  [BEAM-475] Javadoc has invalid references after the recent refactorings + other fixes
     new 595d2d4  Closes #775
     new 8db6114  [BEAM-383] Modified BigQueryIO to write based on number of files and file sizes
     new 34d5012  Closes #707
     new f736e3e  Add a link to the Apache Code of Conduct
     new 33df92a  Closes
     new 8a2cf60  Exclude "uncallable method of anonymous class" errors from findbugs
     new b8d7559  Closes #786
     new e73d163  The new DoFn is not @Experimental
     new fb6d2c2  Deprecate OldDoFn
     new be2758c  Closes #784
     new d7a02a1  [BEAM-124] Flink Running WordCountIT Example
     new 8942c0a  add back unnecessary changes
     new 734bfb9  Closes #767
     new 71e027d  Port examples to new DoFn
     new 74c5e5e  Closes #781
     new fcf6b1d  This closes #711
     new 0b18652  Correctly determine if DoFn has an anonymous class in ParDo
     new a1c06d7  Propagate getAllowedTimestampSkew from DoFn to its adapter
     new 620bd99  Port join library to new DoFn
     new f5011e5  Port mentions of OldDoFn in PipelineOptions
     new 1959ddb  Port easy Java SDK tests to new DoFn
     new ef5e31f  Port PAssert to new DoFn
     new 269fbf3  Port easy I/O transforms to new DoFn
     new 47341e1  Port easy transforms to new DoFn
     new 8daf518  This closes #782
     new 4ac5caf  Use input type in coder inference for MapElements and FlatMapElements
     new 7585cfc  Remove References to Instant#now in the DirectRunner
     new 4546fd9  Add DirectRunner Reuse Test
     new acf71d3  Remove unneccssary Assignment in TransformExecutor
     new 2b5c6bc  This closes #757
     new 4753f44  Add display data to SimpleFunction
     new c584b37  This closes #795
     new c398811  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into python-sdk
     new d72ffb0  This closes #787
     new a0e03ec  Use EqualsTester in ProxyInvocationHandlerTest
     new 7629f97  Closes #799
     new 8b66b13  Revise Beam programming guide for new DoFn
     new d798413  Port Filter to the new DoFn
     new ecf21a5  Port Reshuffle to new DoFn
     new 2c6aaf7  Port Window transform to new DoFn
     new 86291de  Port Write to new DoFn
     new 32f84bb  Remove references to OldDoFn from DoFnTest
     new b1db02d  Port ViewTest to new DoFn
     new 331f523  Port most of Combine to new DoFn
     new 879f18f  Port Java 8 tests to new DoFn
     new ae1f6d1  Port Flink integration tests to new DoFn
     new 87313f1  Port Flink fork of examples to new DoFn
     new d6395e9  Port BigQueryIO to new DoFn
     new f5df358  Port various Spark runner tests to new DoFn
     new c376b45  Add ViewFn and port SDK to use it
     new bb00810  This closes #759
     new 574c377  This closes #797
     new d60a0a0  This closes #768
     new 5049011  This closes #520
     new c867790  Fix MapAggregatorValues use of toStringHelper
     new 9da4bbc  Inline MapAggregatorValues to remove dependencies
     new 630ae25  Cache .m2 directory on Travis-CI
     new d8a76a5  Fixes GcsIO.exists() to properly handle files that do not exist.
     new 04c650f  fixup! updates an error message and adds a test for error path.
     new 7da1a3d  This closes #791
     new 7136616  Lower maven central timeouts on Travis-CI
     new 5e1185d  Relocate Travis utilities to .travis
     new 2c8eb42  Deprecate more uses of OldDoFn
     new a1d601a  Unwrap UserCodeException in DoFnTester
     new fcdd15b  Port easy parts of DataflowRunner to new DoFn
     new d70a3a4  Make StreamingPCollectionViewWriterFn and its data public
     new 0812fe6  [BEAM-534] Fix dead links in
     new ac5242e  [BEAM-534] Fix dead links in
     new 70af1ba1 This closes
     new 063ff2f  This closes #805
     new 9983ff9  [BEAM-124] Spark Running WordCountIT Example
     new e979c82  Change WordCount default input
     new a035796  [BEAM-124] Spark Running WordCountIT Example
     new 6a5310a  This closes #792
     new a9a76b0  Fixed javadoc for processBundle
     new 038eeca  Closes #809
     new 0529a12  Use the cythonized DoFnContext everywhere.
     new 0358e6e  Closes #785
     new 743923b  [BEAM-401] Use StringBuilder in StandardCoder.toString()
     new eef26f4  This closes #789
     new 1672ec7  fixed typo in
     new 127e763  This closes #798
     new 20208d6  Remove WindowingInternals support from DoFnReflector
     new 95e7f01  This closes #807
     new a41dab8  Use Datastore AncestorKey for AutoComplete example
     new 0ab9495  Closes #788
     new 08dca30  SparkRunner batch interval as a configuration instead of Beam Windows.
     new fc87a0c  [BEAM-542] Spark batch interval should be a configuration instead of an interpretation of the Pipeline's windows
     new adec254  Move aggregator support classes out of runners namespace, make private
     new fa0e395  This closes #699
     new b4c0bb9  This closes #803
     new 450b647  This closes #779
     new 9fe6ce2  Make TimerData#compareTo consistent with equals
     new 6da92ad  This closes #813
     new 65f9076  Demonstrate that the DirectRunner runs per-call
     new 2a1055d  This closes #811
     new 4e7814f  Made byteArrayCoder final static
     new 869ba7d  Closes #818
     new 2ae1a74  CompressedSource: CompressedReader is never splittable
     new 84a0dd1  Closes #794
     new 169f7a2  Do not add DataDisks to windmill service jobs.
     new 6b07ab1  Closes #804
     new 8d4e910  Remove timeout in DirectRunnerTest
     new 1d9ad85  Remove timeout in DirectRunnerTest
     new d20a7ad  Remove Counter and associated code
     new 0e35a9b  Improve Write Error Message
     new aa380d8  Remove Streaming Write Overrides in DataflowRunner
     new 3a858ee  Improve Write Failure Message
     new a0769ad  This closes #815
     new c9a32e8  [BEAM-495] Create General Verifier for File Checksum
     new 0b5da70  Add output checksum to  WordCountITOptions
     new a98bbb2  More unit test and code style fix
     new d7566c5  Using IOChannelUtils to resolve file path
     new ad449ff  [BEAM-495] Create General Verifier for File Checksum
     new 588d2f3  Fix hashing and comparison for compression types
     new 18ce31c  Closes #820
     new 705b72e  Added unit tests and error handling in removeTemporaryTables
     new 9467de4  Closes #801
     new e21b1c5  [flink] add missing maven config to example pom
     new 2bcbf37  This closes #821
     new a83738b  Remove DataflowPipelineJob from examples
     new def2526  Closes #771
     new 2e9c1b3  Add testing guide to website.
     new 54b0514  [BEAM-432] Corrected BigQueryIO javadoc
     new 0b1f664  Closes #823
     new 12b1967  Add TransformEvaluatorFactory#cleanup
     new cf0bf3b  Replace CloningThreadLocal with DoFnLifecycleManager
     new 12abb1b  Add DoFn @Setup and @Teardown
     new 29cbdce  Move ParDo Lifecycle tests to their own file
     new 7c68007  Closes #690
     new 76de610  [BEAM-378] integrate setuptools in Maven build
     new b28e719  Closes #537
     new a4760fe  Revert the changes to the accidentaly reverted files
     new 23a229e  Exclude ParDoTest from Dataflow @RunnableOnService
     new 1d53e28  Closes #829
     new 4d6da9c  Improve error handling in
     new 3b40945  Closes #830
     new ab104a1  Closes #831
     new 914ae52  Exclude guava-testlib from shading relocation
     new f1935d5  [BEAM-557] Exclude guava-testlib from shading relocation
     new b7c9a7b  ByteKeyRangeTracker: synchronize toString
     new 9b4a464  Closes #837
     new 7f842f2  Fixing the juliaset example
     new 6006848  Closes #839
     new 2a8ceed  Fix repackaging exclude pattern for guava-testlib
     new 4609773  [BEAM-557] Fix repackaging exclude pattern for guava-testlib
     new fbf77f9  Rewrites DoFnReflector to go via DoFnSignature
     new 89367cf  Closes #812
     new 236945d  Replace ParDo with simpler transforms where possible
     new d93ef2e  Closes #756
     new da3081a  Set Gcs upload buffer size to 1M in streaming mode in DataflowRunner
     new 0e088b7  addressed feedback
     new d9ff2e4  fix unused imports
     new a07648b  [BEAM-554] Set Gcs upload buffer size to 1M in DataflowRunner streaming mode
     new a0361ae  DatastoreIO Sink as ParDo
     new cf056f9  Closes #833
     new 214776e  Change name of result returned by BigQueryIO.Read
     new 7ac8d6d  Closes #840
     new 44145bb  Remove egg_info from setup.cfg
     new e39bf3f  Closes #836
     new 2c8a654  Fix NPE in BigQueryIO.TransformingReader
     new bfa3b70  Closes #835
     new 52b9202  Fix typo in comment
     new a3de9fb  Closes #849
     new 7e50b3f  Move native TextFileWriter to use GcsIO for writing
     new b9a4b6a  Closes #846
     new f15fab8  Add inEarlyPanesInGlobalWindow as a PAssert Extractor
     new c72d4fc  Add TestStream to the Testing package
     new a5ef9a9  Implement TestStream in the DirectRunner
     new 8d31ca0  Add TestStream to the DirectRunner Package
     new ac7e6f2  Incorporate private IP option for Dataflow runner
     new 6645dcd  Closes #850
     new 9533065  Datastore Sink support for writing Mutations
     new 78fda45  Closes #845
     new c29afb1  Mark JAXBContext as Volatile in JAXBCoder
     new fe00b84  [BEAM-398] Mark JAXBContext volatile in JAXBCoder
     new cb30ba3  Modify example dependencies to only add runners as optional dependencies. Also support excluding runners by disabling the include-runners profile.
     new c57643f  [BEAM-124] Modify example dependencies to only add runners as optional dependencies
     new 54e4cb1  DatastoreIO v1beta3 to v1
     new 921d0b2  Closes #858
     new b562072  Remove unused constant in ExecutorServiceParallelExecutor
     new a65be9f  Remove extra timer firings in WatermarkManager
     new 064796d  This closes #861
     new c8b4bf1  Allow Google Cloud Dataflow workflows to use ".dev" workers
     new 77ce9b7  Closes #860
     new f08f21c  FileBasedSink: improve parallelism in GCS copy/remove
     new a8b2d6c  Closes #826
     new b112341  [BEAM-574] Remove log when new records have not been read yet (KafkaIO)
     new b380a67  Closes #859
     new c64e9dc  Write: Remove invalid import
     new 835f601  Closes #870
     new 3b22173  JUnit tests: add @RunWith annotation
     new f17e730  Closes #873
     new 2e0a63c  Updates FileBasedSource so that sub-class can prevent splitting to data ranges.
     new 0af0150  Closes #866
     new ddbfcdb  Remove ParDoTest Suppression in Google Cloud Dataflow
     new a87015b  Closes #876
     new d94bffd  Fix Emission in startBundle/finishBundle in Flink Wrappers
     new 1de76b7  [BEAM-253] Unify Flink-Streaming Operator Wrappers
     new ff34f9e  Fix Checkstyle Errors in FlinkStreamingTransformTranslators
     new dfbdc6c  [BEAM-102] Add Side Inputs in Flink Streaming Runner
     new 4aba224  Allow DoFn Reuse in ParDoTest.TestDoFnWithContext
     new ea3a46c  Don't Suppress Throwable in PAssert in Streaming Mode
     new df2874d  Fix Flink Runner Pom for Batch RunnableOnService tests
     new f9fac64  Enable Flink Streaming Runner RunnableOnService tests
     new e302cab  Fix combine tests with Accumulation Mode
     new d4b024b  Use AllPanes as the PaneExtractor in IterableAssert
     new 79dcc6b  Make ParDoLifecycleTest Serializable to Fix Test with TupleTag
     new 695a80a  Fix Exception Unwrapping in TestFlinkRunner
     new 603f337  This closes #737
     new 5776b93  Update checkstyle.xml to put all imports in one group
     new c623a27  Optimize imports
     new 0f07241  Closes #869
     new 481a40f  BigQueryIO.Write: raise size limit to 11 TiB
     new 2f4321e  Closes #877
     new ddda21b  Cleanup some javadoc that referring Dataflow
     new f7384e1  Closes #880
     new 83ccf08  Move the samples data to gs://apache-beam-samples/
     new 4e6230c  Update DoFn javadocs to remove references to OldDoFn and Dataflow
     new 2a0ba61  Merge branch master into gearpump-runner
     new 1672b54  move integration tests to profile
     new 276a2e1  add
     new 40be715  Update Gearpump runner version to 0.3.0-incubating
     new bc1b354  Rename DoFn to OldDoFn in Gearpump runner
     new 091a15a  This closess #750
     new 10b3fee  Closes #882
     new b04776d  [BEAM-545] Promote JobName to PipelineOptions
     new a69a0ea  Closes #719
     new edcb5ef  This closes #844
     new 81352b4  Make WriteTest more resilient to Randomness
     new 9c9f4c9  Closes #886
     new 89cf461  checkstyle: prohibit API client repackaged Guava
     new bfd810f  Closes #872
     new b901c59  Updates SourceTestBase concurrent splitting test to share thread pool across runs.
     new e233e5f  [BEAM-294] Rename dataflow references to beam
     new e871f17  Modified BigtableIO to use DoFn setup/tearDown methods instead of startBundle/finishBundle
     new b21c35d  Closes #834
     new 2046783  [BEAM-294] This closes #884
     new 226dea2  Added support for reporting aggregator values to Spark sinks
     new f346c87  [BEAM-579] Integrate NamedAggregators into Spark sink system This closes #867
     new ba16e94  travis.yml: disable updating snapshots
     new de249e6  Closes #875
     new d9d0f8d  Query latest timestamp
     new 9abd0bc  Closes #868
     new 310ea74  [BEAM-589] Fixing IO.Read transformation
     new 95ab438  [BEAM-589] Fixing IO.Read transformation
     new bed22de  kinesis: a connector for Amazon Kinesis
     new bed5056  Organize imports in Kinesis
     new a5005fb  Fix javadoc in Kinesis
     new a17a99f  Closes #687
     new fb74c93  gearpump: switch to stable version
     new bf0a2ed  Closes #895
     new ef828de  [BEAM-592] Fix SparkRunner Dependency Problem in WordCount
     new baf5e41  [BEAM-592] Fix SparkRunner Dependency Problem in WordCount This closes #892
     new ee71688  DataflowRunner: get PBegin from PInput
     new 676843e  Closes #899
     new 017da7b  [BEAM-313] Provide a context for SparkRunner
     new 3666c22  [BEAM-313] This closes #401
     new c7da8fb  Update Dataflow Container Version
     new e4e5e5e  Closes #893
     new a25b358  [BEAM-572] Remove Spark Reference in WordCount
     new 6d4c739  Closes #891
     new 20b5fe4  Returned KafkaIO getWatermark log line in debug mode
     new c948226  Closes #900
     new 56c7002  take advantage of setup/teardown for KafkaWriter
     new e3d170c  Closes #904
     new 5cf6592  Add LeaderBoardTest
     new 92451d0  Add LeaderBoardTest
     new 800c098  [BEAM-569] Define maxNumRecords default value to Long.MAX_VALUE in JmsIO
     new 33d747e  [BEAM-569] This closes #898
     new cae9638  Address comments of Flink Side-Input PR
     new 1dc1f25  Merge branch 'flink-fixes'
     new 98da6e8  Fix condition in FlinkStreamingPipelineTranslator
     new cea201e  Fix inconsistent in formatting logs: leaveCompositeTransform always decrement depth, but enterCompositeTransform increment depth only on ENTER_TRANSFORM
     new f70aa49  Correct some accidental renames
     new 7dcb4c7  Closes #778
     new 8968097  Test that multiple instances of TestStream are supported
     new a532060  Closes #907
     new ccfb78e  Remove empty unused method in TestStreamEvaluatorFactory
     new f657956  Closes #910
     new 0d3f2f2  Add Latest CombineFn and PTransforms
     new 268ec11  Closes #862
     new 446e0f2  DatastoreIO SplitQueryFn integration test
     new e17d331  Closes #905
     new dbba2d3  Closes #890
     new d0a4a0d  Cloud Datastore naming clean-up
     new 2c0bbfe  Closes #911
     new f47f71a  Update Python examples
     new 5aee3cd  Closes #903
     new 6adaebf  Fixed Combine display data
     new d24d51f  Delegate populateDipslayData to wrapped combineFn's
     new 3ef7a35  Closes #906
     new a62e501  Put classes in runners-core package into runners.core namespace
     new 38b8a0e  Closes #887
     new 06a5bb4  Fixing the custom ptransform snippet in the comments
     new 95656d1  Closes #913
     new 963bedf  Remove the DataflowRunner instructions from examples
     new ca97a13  Closes #885
     new 22aba41  Add support for reading compressed files.
     new a4bed74  Closes #912
     new 7ab65b8  Support mode attribute on GCS files
     new 76a6d6b  Closes #865
     new dbbcbe6  FluentBackoff: a replacement for a variety of custom backoff implementations
     new a2c2238  Closes #888
     new 4b60e36  [BEAM-456] Add MongoDbIO
     new 8ca6830  [BEAM-456] This closes #671
     new 9514557  [BEAM-242] Enable checkstyle and fix checkstyle errors in Flink runner
     new be689df  [BEAM-242] This closes #874
     new 8d306bb  BigQuery: limit max job polling time to 1 minute
     new 743a534  Closes #917
     new ae897c0  Be more accepting in UnboundedReadDeduplicatorTest
     new c595631  Closes #914
     new 88a6cf5  Remove timeout in JAXBCoderTest
     new 3878546  Closes #925
     new dafb805  [BEAM-242] Enable and fix checkstyle in Flink runner examples
     new 26635d7  [BEAM-242] This closes #919
     new 145ad47  [BEAM-619] keep track of local split sources in UnboundedSourceWrapper
     new 3461ce2  [flink] use exploded WindowValue in FlinkDoFnFunction
     new de6ec82  [flink] initialize watermarkTimeQueue with Comparator
     new 4691231  Add header/footer support to TextIO.Write
     new af7437d  Revised according to comments following a code review.
     new 0e8ff41  Reverted header and footer to be of type String.
     new 94c58b6  Added javadoc to TextIO#withHeader and TextIO#withFooter.
     new b1176de  Added even more javadoc to TextIO#withHeader and TextIO#withFooter.
     new f21875e  Added even more javadoc to TextIO#withHeader and TextIO#withFooter (2).
     new ce1294d  !fixup Minor javadoc clean-up
     new f33296c  [BEAM-544] Add header/footer support to TextIO.Write
     new c66caf3  [BEAM-616] Update Flink Runner to Flink 1.1.2
     new 31d09eb  Merge branch 'flink-1.1.2'
     new 2725959  Fix shaded imports in Flink Runner
     new fb322cc  Merge branch 'flink-fix-imports'
     new e8c21a9  [BEAM-102] update capability matrix
     new 03d6417  This closes
     new 8b39a2e  Address comments during backport Dataflow PR/423 for Apache Beam PR/918
     new 7aac4c3  !fixup Fix missed @Nullable annotations
     new 7fcc944  [BEAM-544] Address comments during backport Dataflow PR/423 for Apache Beam PR/918
     new ed3b12a  DataflowPipelineJob: catch an underflow in backoff code
     new 817515f  Closes #932
     new d4f8591  [BEAM-617][flink] introduce option to set state backend
     new 0399dbc  This closes #923
     new a96ea98  This closes #928
     new 7e2820b  [BEAM-333][flink] make bounded/unbounded sources stoppable
     new c78db9a  This closes #924
     new 4afd25a  [BEAM-619] extend test case to be parameterized
     new b6205ff  This closes #927
     new e9326c8  This closes #929
     new 51c73a2  Revert Backoff Classes to Fix Worker Dependency Error
     new f04e6e2  Update 404 link to setuptools docs
     new 009230e  Closes #933
     new 82ebfd4  Closes #938
     new acf530e  Use cStringIO instead of StringIO
     new 0f4ef88  Support Verifiers in TestSparkRunner
     new 49208ca  [BEAM-584] Support Verifiers in TestSparkRunner This closes #897
     new 2649372  Closes #939
     new c961062  Set master if not already set.
     new f81b9a0  [BEAM-627] Set Spark master only if not set.
     new 8451b31  Fixed the Graphite metrics sink configuration so it actually works when submitting using spark-submit on yarn.
     new 643cf63  [BEAM-628] Fixed the Graphite metrics sink configuration for spark-submit on yarn.
     new c2970aa  Remove EvaluationContext as a forApplication Parameter
     new 05c6c27  Closes #937
     new 75c8bb8  More changes to DoFn{Signatures,Invokers}
     new b304d03  Closes #926
     new 6a483c1  Making Dataflow Python Materialized PCollection representation more efficient (3 of several).
     new bc32bc8  Closes #940
     new 0dfb8ff  Made byteArrayCoder final static
     new b9f8263  CompressedSource: CompressedReader is never splittable
     new 011bea9  Do not add DataDisks to windmill service jobs.
     new 1d86335  Remove timeout in DirectRunnerTest
     new 36a9aa2  Improve Write Error Message
     new d5641553 Remove Streaming Write Overrides in DataflowRunner
     new 89921c4  Remove Counter and associated code
     new 7fc2c68  [BEAM-495] Create General Verifier for File Checksum
     new b47549e  Add output checksum to  WordCountITOptions
     new 37ce2a3  More unit test and code style fix
     new 046e36e  Using IOChannelUtils to resolve file path
     new 58cd781  Added unit tests and error handling in removeTemporaryTables
     new d99a652  [flink] add missing maven config to example pom
     new 39f763e  Remove DataflowPipelineJob from examples
     new 424c4c4  [BEAM-432] Corrected BigQueryIO javadoc
     new b80d967  Add TransformEvaluatorFactory#cleanup
     new 77c90d0  Replace CloningThreadLocal with DoFnLifecycleManager
     new d056f46  Add DoFn @Setup and @Teardown
     new 6603307  Move ParDo Lifecycle tests to their own file
     new d6cf4f2  Exclude ParDoTest from Dataflow @RunnableOnService
     new 0f1f114  Exclude guava-testlib from shading relocation
     new 09cd1b7  ByteKeyRangeTracker: synchronize toString
     new bd53cdc  Fix repackaging exclude pattern for guava-testlib
     new cc189b4  Rewrites DoFnReflector to go via DoFnSignature
     new da638b6  Replace ParDo with simpler transforms where possible
     new 235bf3b  Set Gcs upload buffer size to 1M in streaming mode in DataflowRunner
     new 530b9c0  addressed feedback
     new aa541e7  fix unused imports
     new bbd0e6b  DatastoreIO Sink as ParDo
     new 245c3ce  Change name of result returned by BigQueryIO.Read
     new 16bcf78  Fix NPE in BigQueryIO.TransformingReader
     new 178898f  Add inEarlyPanesInGlobalWindow as a PAssert Extractor
     new 6c82321  Add TestStream to the Testing package
     new f37dba8  Implement TestStream in the DirectRunner
     new dab9efc  Incorporate private IP option for Dataflow runner
     new a4053ac  Datastore Sink support for writing Mutations
     new c996c1e  Mark JAXBContext as Volatile in JAXBCoder
     new 4ad78b2  Modify example dependencies to only add runners as optional dependencies. Also support excluding runners by disabling the include-runners profile.
     new 5c1b9f1  DatastoreIO v1beta3 to v1
     new c3c11b1  Remove unused constant in ExecutorServiceParallelExecutor
     new 64a2d51  Remove extra timer firings in WatermarkManager
     new a60806a  FileBasedSink: improve parallelism in GCS copy/remove
     new 780ffcb  [BEAM-574] Remove log when new records have not been read yet (KafkaIO)
     new 730e7b0  Write: Remove invalid import
     new 67efb17  JUnit tests: add @RunWith annotation
     new 438d8bd  Remove ParDoTest Suppression in Google Cloud Dataflow
     new 67e095d  Fix Emission in startBundle/finishBundle in Flink Wrappers
     new 686a286  [BEAM-253] Unify Flink-Streaming Operator Wrappers
     new 9eef8a6  Fix Checkstyle Errors in FlinkStreamingTransformTranslators
     new 9179e93  [BEAM-102] Add Side Inputs in Flink Streaming Runner
     new de744c5  Allow DoFn Reuse in ParDoTest.TestDoFnWithContext
     new b4a38c3  Don't Suppress Throwable in PAssert in Streaming Mode
     new 7a2cccd  Fix Flink Runner Pom for Batch RunnableOnService tests
     new f2a992e  Enable Flink Streaming Runner RunnableOnService tests
     new a07b29f  Fix combine tests with Accumulation Mode
     new 97e093c  Use AllPanes as the PaneExtractor in IterableAssert
     new b7ba1d6  Make ParDoLifecycleTest Serializable to Fix Test with TupleTag
     new 7012a22  Fix Exception Unwrapping in TestFlinkRunner
     new 93f7955  Update checkstyle.xml to put all imports in one group
     new 00441f8  Optimize imports
     new 8d32196  BigQueryIO.Write: raise size limit to 11 TiB
     new 186fe28  Cleanup some javadoc that referring Dataflow
     new 433842b  Move the samples data to gs://apache-beam-samples/
     new 32928c3  [BEAM-545] Promote JobName to PipelineOptions
     new f05fbe7  Update DoFn javadocs to remove references to OldDoFn and Dataflow
     new 4ec73d8  Make WriteTest more resilient to Randomness
     new b3be7b7  checkstyle: prohibit API client repackaged Guava
     new 1f8b534  Modified BigtableIO to use DoFn setup/tearDown methods instead of startBundle/finishBundle
     new 5b425ac  [BEAM-294] Rename dataflow references to beam
     new ef312e9  Added support for reporting aggregator values to Spark sinks
     new 0fbd9c8  travis.yml: disable updating snapshots
     new 79491eb  Query latest timestamp
     new 4023167  [BEAM-589] Fixing IO.Read transformation
     new bce9aef  kinesis: a connector for Amazon Kinesis
     new aee5fbf  Organize imports in Kinesis
     new 973081e  Fix javadoc in Kinesis
     new 1c1115e  [BEAM-592] Fix SparkRunner Dependency Problem in WordCount
     new 8454d5c  DataflowRunner: get PBegin from PInput
     new 07dd978  [BEAM-313] Provide a context for SparkRunner
     new 435054b  Update Dataflow Container Version
     new cf9ce2f  [BEAM-572] Remove Spark Reference in WordCount
     new a58afd3  Returned KafkaIO getWatermark log line in debug mode
     new 74d0195  take advantage of setup/teardown for KafkaWriter
     new 00b4e95  Add LeaderBoardTest
     new 8007bdf  [BEAM-569] Define maxNumRecords default value to Long.MAX_VALUE in JmsIO
     new 6ae4b6a  Address comments of Flink Side-Input PR
     new 1524494  Fix condition in FlinkStreamingPipelineTranslator
     new 798566c  Correct some accidental renames
     new 4251761  Test that multiple instances of TestStream are supported
     new 28ad44d  Remove empty unused method in TestStreamEvaluatorFactory
     new 6ee7b62  Add Latest CombineFn and PTransforms
     new 0312f15  DatastoreIO SplitQueryFn integration test
     new f44fa2c  Cloud Datastore naming clean-up
     new 9943fd7d Fixed Combine display data
     new 60d8cd9  Delegate populateDipslayData to wrapped combineFn's
     new 4bf3a3b  Put classes in runners-core package into runners.core namespace
     new c92e45d  Remove the DataflowRunner instructions from examples
     new 3f48566  FluentBackoff: a replacement for a variety of custom backoff implementations
     new 9ae5cc7  [BEAM-456] Add MongoDbIO
     new 5eb44aa  [BEAM-242] Enable checkstyle and fix checkstyle errors in Flink runner
     new 958f3fe  BigQuery: limit max job polling time to 1 minute
     new c8052b6  Be more accepting in UnboundedReadDeduplicatorTest
     new 8f68085  Remove timeout in JAXBCoderTest
     new 50c1c88  [BEAM-242] Enable and fix checkstyle in Flink runner examples
     new b235595  Add header/footer support to TextIO.Write
     new 1b420db  Revised according to comments following a code review.
     new 092a187  Reverted header and footer to be of type String.
     new 5084580  Added javadoc to TextIO#withHeader and TextIO#withFooter.
     new e5db1c7  Added even more javadoc to TextIO#withHeader and TextIO#withFooter.
     new 34c731f  Added even more javadoc to TextIO#withHeader and TextIO#withFooter (2).
     new 6cd48c4  !fixup Minor javadoc clean-up
     new 59ae94c  fix import order
     new ed7c4aa  Closes #943
     new 31bd5ba  Forward port DataflowJavaSDK-337 to Beam
     new f5557c0  Refactoring code in to allow for re-use.
     new 4b584ca  Closes #946
     new 84e8bfb  Port DataflowJavaSDK-337 to Beam
     new 9febae7  Forward port DataflowJavaSDK-351 to Beam
     new 0800a8c  Port DataflowJavaSDK-351 to Beam
     new 2f82517  [BEAM-630] Fixes wrong type name in generated code
     new 5979b61  Closes #953
     new 1c96e59  Modify examples pom to add precommit execution profile.
     new e3768f6  [BEAM-493] Modify examples pom to add precommit execution profile.
     new b9a66e4  Update Beam examples archetypes
     new 7fbe410  Additinal examples code cleanups
     new 1047e03  Remove PubsubFileInjector
     new 1f30255e Fix the maven-archetypes pom.xml
     new 76f0ff4  Addressed comments
     new e9a08e4  Update Beam examples archetypes
     new 272fe9f  [BEAM-79] fix integration-test failure
     new fc96474  Remove PubsubFileInjector and IntraBundleParallelization
     new 8f4334c  Closes #956
     new 665457c  [BEAM-414] Remove PubsubFileInjector and IntraBundleParallelization
     new d6424db  Enables BytecodeVerificationLocal on travis
     new 3f882b7  Closes #954
     new 4602c95  Insert a shuffle before write finalization
     new 321ffc2  Add Flatten with Duplicate Inputs Test
     new 561377b  !fixup Minor whitespace changes
     new ae6333a  Add Flatten with Duplicate Inputs Test
     new a60b58a  Closes #958
     new e7f8fae  [BEAM-631] upgrade surefire plugin to 2.19.1
     new d71d828  Closes #961
     new a0ae04b  [BEAM-634] Be able to import Beam codebase in Eclipse and support m2e
     new c403675  [BEAM-634] This closes #949
     new 63904e0  Allow pickling of UnwindowedValues instances
     new a596835  Adding Byte and Character TypeDescriptors.
     new cf14e80  [BEAM-283] finalize CheckpointMarks upon completed checkpoint
     new e9b1e41  Add unit test for unwindowed iterator picking.
     new ebae225  Closes #964
     new 2d1e7ff  Adds a text source to Python SDK.
     new 4b7fe2d  Closes #920
     new a9b68aa  checkstyle.xml: blacklist imports of two shaded dependencies
     new 984b32f  Closes #972
     new dace48c  [BEAM-639] BigtableIO: add support for users to scan table subranges
     new 62c56c9  Closes #969
     new 7509308  Deprecate TeardownPolicy for Dataflow service
     new 9c8e19c  Closes #973
     new 24bb8f1  Removed unnecessary throttling of rename parallelism.
     new 29b55e9  Closes #965
     new 7de9830  Use sys.executable and "-m pip" to ensure we use the same Python and pip as the currently running one.
     new 2f09003  Closes #962
     new 19a8407  Changed ToStringCoder to BytesCoder in test
     new adda163  Closes #976
     new e776ae7  Check Dataflow Job Status Before Terminate
     new 9e7ed29  Check Dataflow Job Status Before Terminate
     new 49c0359  Updates lint configurations to ignore generated files.
     new b6c7478  Closes #979
     new 5c23f49  This closes #966
     new 2e3384e  Updates Dataflow API client.
     new c1964bd  Closes #978
     new 6df99b2  Adds support for specifying a custom service account.
     new acd8d79  Closes #975
     new 57a0b6a  Insert global windowing before write results GBK
     new 701aff0  Closes #981
     new e58a17e  Updated per PR comments
     new 0feb649  [BEAM-610] Enable spark's checkpointing mechanism for driver-failure recovery in streaming.
     new 1ceb12a  This closes #909
     new 370d592  TextIO/CompressedSource: split AUTO mode files into bundles
     new 5f7153a  TextIOTest: rewrite for code reuse and actually more test coverage
     new 31a35e5  Closes #980
     new e173765  Set allow_nan=False on bigquery JSON encoding
     new 345fc69  Closes #947
     new c7e0010  Support BigQuery BYTES type
     new f62d04e  Closes #977
     new dc69bc4  [BEAM-642] Support Flink Detached Mode for JOB execution
     new 8432752  This closes #974
     new b1474a1  [BEAM-613] Revised SimpleStreamingWordCountTest to better test fixed windows.
     new 6082ebc  This closes #982
     new d73f8e7  Remove DataflowMatchers
     new 495d8b3  Closes #984
     new fbda5ee  Adds __all__ tags to source modules.
     new 9565b2c  Closes #987
     new 287061b  Support BigQuery DATE type
     new 8245f9b  Support BigQuery DATE type
     new 6184225  Added toc
     new d36eff8  This closes
     new f93ca9c  Update grpc to 1.0.1 and protobuf to 3.0.0
     new a447d13  Update PubsubGrpcClient to not take in mocks as they are not needed anymore Update PubsubGrpcClientTest to use an inprocess server to handle requests/responses for testing. Add/remove required dependencies found missing by dep-analyzer plugin during upgrade to protobuf 3.0.0 and grpc 1.0.1
     new 4872bde  Update grpc to 1.0.1 and protobuf to 3.0.0
     new cccc584  [BEAM-657] Support Read.Bounded primitive.
     new a00d2f8  This closes #983
     new 04d84c9  Better documentation for CompressionTypes.
     new 8403ec1  Using strings instead of integers for identifying CompressionTypes.
     new 0fa9c4b  Closes #989
     new 2281547  Minor clean-up of RunnableOnService definition
     new 2b8b20d  Minor clean-up of RunnableOnService definition
     new c1f42e6  Minor cleanups in docstrings and error messages.
     new c7d5a37  Implement liquid sharding for concat source.
     new d65d17a  Move ConcatSource to iobase.
     new 0ffe7cc  Allow ConcatSource to take SourceBundles rather than raw Sources
     new d189f83  Move ConcatSource into its own module.
     new 753cc9c  Closes #955
     new 3a3ebc8  Update BigQueryIO tests who expect failure to be NeedsRunner tests
     new 3fe3bc8  In BigQueryIOTest, changes tests who expect failure to be NeedsRunner tests
     new bfe5719  Update downloads link to 0.2.0-incubating
     new d2c9435  Upgrade Javadoc to 0.2.0-incubating
     new dc8d6da  Build fix for Travis
     new 26eb336  Add BEAM_PYTHON environment override to set the python executable
     new bb64906  Closes #1006
     new 7542904  Ignore virtualenv environment in git
     new 7d988e3  Closes #1004
     new f9c565b  Cleanup temporary files in textio and avroio tests.
     new 8bc965b  Fix and add test for ReadFromAvro transform.
     new 1090ca3  Implement avro sink.
     new 7e744e4  Closes #1000
     new 4b4ad73  Fix python bin test.
     new 4e9987c  Correctly type collections in PipelineOptions.
     new 21c13d5  Closes #852
     new 8a333a6  Closes #1008
     new 71c474a  Allow .whl files to be staged with --extra_package
     new 19e3eff  Closes #991
     new e80dcb1  Compress serialized function data.
     new 2bfc89e  Support BigQuery DATETIME and TIME types
     new 68010ab  Support BigQuery DATETIME and TIME types
     new c27b9ca  This closes 38
     new a11c961  Update Dataflow worker image for Apache Beam
     new 1556eb7  [BEAM-679] Update Dataflow worker image for Apache Beam / Fix Netty Version
     new e4b98fd  BigQueryServicesImpl: fix issues in insertAll and add better tests
     new 9009802  Closes #1018
     new dc92438  Closes #1010
     new bef0e9d  Support for @Setup and @Teardown in DoFnTester
     new 2571cfc  Closes #1011
     new f6bd47b  [BEAM-604] Use Watermark to Finish Streaming Job in TestDataflowRunner
     new 9f0588a  Fix checkMaxWatermark causing batch test failed
     new fbae96f  Add StreamingIT category to integration test
     new 370c171  More javadoc and keep retry in case of get metrics exception
     new db47c63  [BEAM-604] Use Watermark to Finish Streaming Job in TestDataflowRunner
     new f3f2a97  fix potential NPE in checkpointing of UnboundedSourceWrapper
     new 3879db0  This closes #967
     new 8e151f3  minor: remove duplicate words
     new 68c8c78  [BEAM-674] Add GridFS support to MongoDbIO
     new 307d592  [BEAM-674] This closes #1003
     new b5853a6  Upgrade maven-compiler-plugin to fix incremental build
     new 59f6231  [BEAM-615] Add Support for Processing-Time Timers in FlinkRunner Window Operator
     new a1ac222  This closes #1021
     new 759b6ca  Refactor BundleFactory methods
     new 2cf8edf  Closes
     new b1519b0  Suppress Flatten Tests in Dataflow
     new efb2b83  Closes #1022
     new 242fde7  BoundedReadFromUnboundedSourceTest: remove unused code
     new 5eedfe4  Closes #1026
     new 5455f7d  checkstyle: enforce static import of Preconditions utilities
     new e7684b7  Closes #1030
     new 425c778  Dedups TimerInternal implementations
     new 0d229f5  Closes #1023
     new cdd88a9  Enable EncodabilityEnforcement by default
     new 7d46698  Closes #864
     new 8b4550d  Forward port PR-411 and PR-420 from Dataflow
     new b237e2f  Forward port PR-411 and PR-420 from Dataflow
     new 3e7c396a Set transform names in DisplayDataEvaluator
     new bc80ee3  Closes #1029
     new 5e87980  Add annotation to mark deprecated or experimental APIs via decorators.
     new f94eb53  Use keyword arguments in fnc calls
     new 731a771  Closes #1001
     new 19fad18  [BEAM-244] Add JDBC IO
     new c5c3436  [BEAM-244] This closes #942
     new 54854f8  [BEAM-674] Refactoring and improvements on the MongoDB GridFS IO
     new 2e0adaf  [BEAM-674] This closes #1025
     new 4d95423  [BEAM-698] Use AutoValue and deal with Document instead of String in MongoDbIO
     new 202acd1  [BEAM-698] This closes #1033
     new ccd9bad  Add initial bucket stuff.
     new 9d6e7c7  Add default bucket scaffolding.
     new 2ee444d  Add initial scaffolding for default bucket (take 2)
     new bed5000  PipelineOptions display data needs to handle array types
     new 8462acb  [BEAM-695] PipelineOptions display data needs to handle array types
     new 2126a34  Updates filebasedsource to support CompressionType.AUTO.
     new 0bd97ef  Avoid losing the encoded defaultValue.
     new 087dcef  This closes #1040
     new 3a69db0  Closes #1002
     new 837c5aa  Add equality methods to range source.
     new 99a33ec  Closes #1046
     new 565319b  Empty commit to close some stale PRs
     new 8d659fe  Place fired timers in the Global Window
     new f028f1c  [BEAM-561] Add Streaming IT in Jenkins Pre-commit
     new e46127e  Closes #1045
     new 5918fed  This closes #863
     new 099fd9c  Static import Assert.assertEquals
     new f27354f  Static import Assert.assertEquals in DataflowUnboundedReadFromBoundedSourceTest
     new 26474c7  [BEAM-698] Use AutoValue in MongoDB GridFS
     new 8130bc3  [BEAM-698] This closes #1054
     new 60a8aef  De-pluralize error message expectation in LatestFnTests
     new 52e43ac  Move LatestFnTests to LatestFnTest
     new f554398  Forbid files ending in as they should end in
     new f5aa6eb  Fix Precommit Integration Test Failure
     new 0ddba6d  Fix Streaming Integration Test Failure in Precommit
     new d894125  Fixes a bug in on Windows.
     new 6b06145  Closes #1058
     new 7306e16  Add RootTransformEvaluatorFactory
     new 41fb16f  Remove KeyedResourcePool
     new ecbc641  [BEAM-310] Add RootTransformEvaluatorFactory
     new cca861b  Forward port Dataflow PR-431 to Beam
     new 0ac0caf  Forward port Dataflow PR-454 to Beam
     new 9f33e86  Forward port Dataflow PR-453 to Beam
     new 9b71f16  Forward port Dataflow PR-431, PR-454, PR-453 to Beam
     new e2a24f3  Add DoFnInvoker for OldDoFn, for migration ease
     new 03b89c0  This closes #1049
     new e7f751c  Use absolute path for import
     new e3e6fe3  Improve compile-time type checking
     new 2492604  Closes #1028
     new da57ae8  Only remove Elements that were pending from Pending Elements
     new 4c1ad11  Closes #1065
     new 07c7aaf  Making sure that GcsBufferedReader implements the iterator protocol
     new 7d0758b  Closes #1035
     new 39b9de5  BigQueryIO: port trivial fixes from Dataflow version.
     new 570de74  BigQueryIO: port trivial fixes from Dataflow version.
     new 1176049  Fixes issue with Travis CI and Mac images.
     new 90004a0  Closes #1068
     new 7852075  Move dataflow native sinks and sources into dataflow directory.
     new e2dc685  Avoid circular imports.
     new 807013a  Move explicit references to _NativeWrite.
     new 60e271b  Remove direct references to iobase.Native*
     new 893fa2d  Import Native* in iobase for backwards compatibility.
     new a37ec0a  Move GcsPathValidatorTest to package matching class under test
     new c7c1315  Move GcsPathValidatorTest to package matching class under test
     new fd27f68  Closes #1067
     new ccc01c9  Add license to init files.
     new ba624e9  Closes #1081
     new 1d3f31d  [BEAM-736] Fix BigQueryTornadoesIT, broken by PR-1039
     new daf69f8  [BEAM-736] Fix BigQueryTornadoesIT, broken by PR-1039
     new 89cfee0  Define DataSourceConfiguration as public in JdbcIO
     new 6c88216  This closes #1075
     new 8017a02  [BEAM-740] improve runners-flink
     new 1de6439  [BEAM-740] This closes #1082
     new 83563bd  Add profile_memory flag
     new 240f8f6  Closes #1077
     new a9a00ba  Add support for bz2 compression
     new e223929  implement codreview feedback
     new 46110e4  Closes #1007
     new eb57b97  Post-merge fixup.
     new e195237  Remove unused ListOutputManager
     new 48a7a55  Inline DoFnRunnerBase to its sole subclass
     new bac00e1  Fix access levels on SimpleDoFnRunner
     new 9fab4ba  This closes #1080
     new 7c2124b  This closes #1069
     new 9e30a98  checkstyle: improve Javadoc checking
     new 135790b  Closes #1060
     new 7c1ba2e  Refactor StateSpec out of StateTag
     new 1ab5d00  Remove last use of PCollectionView.fromIterableInternal
     new 02cfaf0  Remove the deprecated PCollectionView.fromIterableInternal
     new 1affccc  Disable trimStackTrace in maven-failsafe-plugin
     new 4f991fd  [BEAM-739] Log exceptions full stack track in IT tests
     new 2b22d00  Add compression codec for AvroIO.Write
     new 142229e  Closes #1038
     new bc9ed7d  This closes #1044
     new 1f1d852  Remove Debug Message when Delivering Timers
     new 7675035  Closes #1085
     new 4d10f86  This closes #1076
     new c561cd9  Minor rewording to drop Dataflow from Beam SDK core
     new 17b09a5  Added blog post about Strata+Hadoop World tutorial. Added Jesse Anderson as an author. Added the images for the blog post.
     new d9bd107  Regenerate html and make 'rake test' pass.
     new 36a8dbe  This closes
     new e2868d6  Closes #1016
     new 251e3e1  Converts Datastore to use AutoValue
     new a5d1293  Closes #1031
     new a0a2488  [BEAM-65] SplittableDoFn prototype.
     new 13b4589  Closes #896
     new 7322616  This closes #908
     new e4398e1  Move triggers to runners-core
     new 69b1efd  Rename runners-core Trigger to TriggerStateMachine
     new a64acb2  Restore prior trigger files, for temporary compatibility
     new e969f3d  This closes #1083
     new 8524ed9  Initial Metrics API for Beam Java
     new 51fee39b Add the ability to query metrics on PipelineResult
     new 834933c  Implement Metrics in the DirectRunner
     new 3c73170  Closes #1024
     new 08c2f1c  KafkaIO reader should set consumedOffset even before reading the first record.
     new 93d2e37  Closes #1071
     new add3451  Add DoFn.StateId annotation and validation on fields
     new 66686e6  Add a basic implementation of StaticValueProvider and DynamicValueProvider
     new 5bfeb95  Closes #1009
     new a0f649e  This closes #1086
     new 4b49abc  [BEAM-734] Add support for Spark Streaming Listeners.
     new d790dfe  This closes #1072
     new 44225cf  [BEAM-735] PAssertStreaming should make sure the assertion happened.
     new 49f9444  This closes #1073
     new 546a572  Remove getOrCreate pattern from DoFnSignatures and DoFnInvokers
     new fa589ee  [BEAM-55] TextIO & FileBasedSink: Add support for compressed output
     new b7b68e6  Closes #1027
     new 2c056b1  Do not modify the context in NullableCoder
     new 2584ebe  Closes #992
     new 87c5839  This closes #1103
     new d8ca34c  Delete DatastoreWordCount
     new 86d222a  Closes #1052
     new 3727fb8  change required version for oauth2client
     new 68ddb7e  Closes #1110
     new 2b5061a  Fixed pip requirement.
     new 36ea9b4  Added cython version check
     new 56ab1a4  Closes #1017
     new f68fea0  Perform initial splitting in the DirectRunner
     new 0a413e7  [BEAM-310] Perform initial splitting in the DirectRunner
     new 653b130  ignore JVM crash logs in Apache RAT
     new c2c650a  Closes #1106
     new 5e51c84  Stop Catching Errors in the DirectRunner
     new 06bd074  Replace DirectResult#awaitCompletion with waitUntilFinish
     new b8e6eea  [BEAM-596] Replace DirectResult#awaitCompletion with waitUntilFinish
     new 88461ab  Enhancements and deprecation cleanups related to file compression.
     new b457585  A few test fixes and other cleanups.
     new 24b7bcc  Closes #1053
     new aaf38dd  BEAM-261 Apex runner PoC
     new a7e430d  BEAM-261 Use Apex 3.5.0-SNAPSHOT to use loopback as connect address.
     new 074b18f  BEAM-261 Read.Bounded and FlattenPCollection.
     new 0975494  BEAM-261 PCollectionView and side inputs.
     new 047cff4  BEAM-261 Add support for ParDo.BoundMulti
     new fd7f46c  BEAM-261 Checkpointing for pushed back inputs.
     new 1ec7cd9  BEAM-261 Support multiple side inputs.
     new 9454b3b  BEAM-261 Enable checkstyle and cleanup.
     new c9f1406  This closes #540
     new c92f986  [BEAM-595] avoid throwing Exception in waitUntilFinish in SparkRunner
     new 1778200  Move the step output ids to use a flat namespace. Also add a logical mapping from tuple tag to the flat namespace for DoFns.
     new d69b324  Move the step output ids to use a flat namespace.
     new 0712d30  Remove Remaining Nested Contexts from NullableCoder
     new 5747951  Closes #1104
     new 577d04a  Fix SplittableParDoTest
     new e849d95  This closes #1117
     new 95ce636  AvroIO.Write: minor doc and test fixes
     new cc3e53f  Closes #1092
     new c453014  [BEAM-763] Update BigQueryIOTest.testBuildSourceWithTableAndSqlDialect to NeedsRunner tests.
     new 129c9bc  Closes #1119
     new b202548  [BEAM-697] TextIO.Write: Preserve validation in withHeader/withFooter
     new 7ac7255  Closes #1111
     new 87c7811  Make Trigger#subTriggers public and non-null
     new b2bb7c0  Construct AfterAllStateMachine with a list of subtriggers
     new 77332f1  Construct AfterFirstStateMachine with a list of subtriggers
     new b19918d  Make AfterSynchronizedProcessingTime public
     new 8afb80e  Add direct accessors for the components of OrFinallyTrigger
     new f46ce0d  Construct AfterEachStateMachine from list of subtriggers
     new 303a42a  Add accessors to Repeatedly trigger
     new 2e56517  Make OrFinallyTrigger public so it can be examined
     new 0df929f  Add accessors to AfterWatermark trigger
     new b4445ac  Add access to values from AfterDelay triggers
     new e0c5766  Add accessors for AfterPane(StateMachine) parameters
     new e1c5bfb  Make return types of trigger static factory methods precise
     new fa9b381  Accessors for AfterDelay
     new 703c84e  Make NeverTrigger public for translation
     new 476dcd7  Make return types more precise for AfterWatermarkTriggerStateMachine
     new 2107f79  Touch up javadoc for AfterDelayFromFirstElementStateMachine
     new 0067296  Add TriggerStateMachines with conversion from Trigger
     new c5329f9  This closes #1101
     new 957c545  Build in eclipse/eclipse-jdt
     new a2c342c  This closes #1094
     new 76434df  [BEAM-593] avoid throwing Exception in waitUntilFinish
     new 6b5ff4c  This closes #1093
     new 760f30d  Update Dataflow container image for current version of Apache Beam.
     new ecc2abf  Update Dataflow container image for current version of Apache Beam.
     new 7f5542e  SplittableParDoTest does not require RunnableOnService
     new c81376b  Closes #1122
     new 619746b  Restore ReshuffleTriggerTest to SDK
     new 4e14ac2  Restore ReshuffleTriggerTest to SDK
     new 6a69184  BEAM-756 fix JavadocPackage checkstyle suppression
     new 006cb12  BEAM-756 fix JavadocPackage checkstyle suppression
     new 772fb3f  Dataflow: API is in beta now
     new 4469479  Closes #1126
     new 552f6d7  Dissallow (unimplemented) windowed side inputs.
     new 5d9506d  Fix tests unnecessarily using windowed side inputs
     new e601410  Resolve Registered Runners that don't end with Runner
     new 75f5468  Closes #1087
     new afa5ebc  Closes #1070
     new 71c69b3  [BEAM-764] Remove cloneAs from PipelineOptions
     new b37526e  Keep throws in StreamingEvaluationContext cancel() and waitUntilFinish
     new 8d43e8a  Restore trigger-related tests missed in #1083
     new 6d68628  Restore trigger-related tests missed in #1083
     new b2c5f3a  Add support for experiments
     new fe1f396  Closes #1123
     new 2ab8d62  Document that source objects should not be mutated.
     new bdcb04c  Adds an assertion to source_test_utils for testing reentrancy.
     new 6e6d89d  Closes #1090
     new 9007376  Windowed side input test.
     new 29a7378  Implement windowed side inputs for direct runner.
     new 66b4c2f  Fix tests expecting list from AsIter.
     new 7386bcc  Implement windowed side inputs for InProcess runner.
     new 989a189  More complicated window tests.
     new 82f553e  Optimize globally windowed side input case
     new a50efcc  Minor fixups for better testing
     new cf15ab5  Rename from_iterable to avoid confusion.
     new ebc6202  "Intern" schemas and schema strings to prevent out of memory issues when dealing with many many files in Avro sources.
     new 7f562cc  "Intern" schemas and schema strings to prevent out of memory issues
     new 507cba8  Tighten up tests for StateId validation
     new 08fdb30  Fix condition on state/splittable ParDo validation
     new 8e1793c  Closes #1100
     new a18c274  This closes #1096
     new 97c8949  Add a Residual Shard for Empty Readers
     new 3b1c2a3  Closes #1128
     new 4a5226f  Added bundler gem to README.
     new ef13dd5  Update mailing lists to use new lists site.
     new 5a4f328  Add Design Principles (take from the original Beam technical vision document).
     new 404e50c  Remove page title from TOCs
     new e0d4585  Updated Contribution Guide & added Work In Progress * Added section on feature branches. * Revamped website section. * Standardized code formatting. * Added a "work in progress" page to help make new and ongoing work more visible to the community.
     new 46f7297  [BEAM-602] make feature branches more discoverable
     new 1cb6200  [BEAM-743] JdbcIO deals right getConnection() to use with DBCP BasicDataSource
     new dde8e35  [BEAM-743] This closes #1084
     new 152a828  Close threadpools when finished with them
     new 1260bf7  Closes #1132
     new fdb05b7  Better error for missing job name
     new 8af818a  Closes #1131
     new 2c8ade8  [BEAM-777] KafkaIO Test should handle reader.start() better.
     new ea04e61  This closes #1133
     new 84c6649  [BEAM-744] UnboundedKafkaReader should return as soon as it can.
     new b0cb2e8  This closes #1125
     new 7eecd7e  [BEAM-259] Execute selected RunnableOnService tests with Spark runner.
     new c472e12  This closes #1055
     new 8e225d7  [BEAM-605] Create Bigquery Verifier
     new dd46523  Add BigQuery Verifier to WindowedWordCountIT
     new 6c6f824  [BEAM-605] Create Bigquery Verifier
     new 1b780c2  Add Timer, TimerId, TimerSpec and TimerSpecs
     new ccefc6f  Add DoFnSignatures analysis of timer declarations
     new f9712f2  Reject all timers in ParDo, for now
     new 3078193  This closes #1102
     new 7105d92  BEAM-783 Add test to cover side inputs and outputs.
     new c70fd90  Add alias (--extra_packages) for --extra_package
     new b3c9502  [BEAM-781] Remove Spark's batch unit tests and rely on ROS tests instead.
     new 54736a8  Drop static from interfaces
     new b5e15c2  Drop static from interfaces
     new 79b1ddd  BoundedReadFromUnboundedSource: make public
     new ff6301b  Closes #1145
     new 5138354  Closes #1142
     new 2851843  Add Blog Post on TestStream
     new ad03d07  Add Display Data 'path' metadata
     new 5047cf7  Closes #1088
     new 2136a81  This closes
     new 00c7587  Use the correct State class in DoFnSignatures
     new 9e6246e  Add analysis and validation of State parameters to DoFn.ProcessElement
     new 2bc6b1b  Move named DoFn classes into the tests that use them
     new 472cf0e  This closes #1130
     new db66cdb  Add analysis of Timer parameters to DoFn.ProcessElement
     new 3237440  Port ReduceFnRunner to TriggerStateMachine
     new 33d9baa  Delete TriggerRunner
     new be07065  Translate ReshuffleTrigger to ReshuffleTriggerStateMachine
     new a69f888  This closes #1138
     new 1b47a21  This closes #1136
     new c8c1632  Remove autovalue.shaded imports
     new 449a29a  Remove autovalue.shaded imports
     new 97038f3  Update README to reflect Dataflow to Apache Beam migration
     new 2b8d9f7  This closes #970
     new 34b55da  Fix invalid snapshot repo in Travis CI's maven settings.xml
     new 2d1df8b  Closes #1137
     new 2efc278  This closes #1144
     new beb894b  Add release guide to the website
     new a8cf1aa  Closes
     new c4cfb21  Add checkstyle RedundantModifier check and fix offending classes
     new 465c7d1  Closes #1150
     new f043865  Simplify DoFnRunners to be somewhat compositional
     new 8ff6c9d  Rename SimpleDoFnRunner to SimpleOldDoFnRunner and remove public access
     new fe0b7bf  Add SimpleDoFnRunner for new DoFn and construction via DoFnRunners
     new 44878e5  Add OldDoFn.toDoFn() adapter
     new 0db3263  Add access to original DoFn on ParDo
     new 5226461  Switch the DirectRunner to use new DoFnRunner code path
     new 1533511  This closes #1141
     new 4869ef1  Use DisplayData delegate in Dataflow Read transform override
     new 18e5d12  Closes #1155
     new 5f946c6  Fix typo and dependencies in beam-runners-direct-java
     new ea8583c  [BEAM-755] Fix typo and dependencies in beam-runners-direct-java
     new f3cb70f  Updated website instructions to use Bundler correctly for managing ruby gems.
     new 6d811fe  Turn on existing syntax highlighting styles.
     new cae946a  Enable syntax highlighting in @tgroh's blog.
     new b809883  [BEAM-790] Refactor PipelineOptionsFactory validation into separate methods.
     new 4c90582  [BEAM-790] Refactor PipelineOptionsFactory validation.
     new a7cc820  [BEAM-794] Differ combining in case of merging windows with sideInputs.
     new a9a41eb  This closes #1153
     new 164ee56  Add adapter from OldDoFn.RequiresWindowAccess to DoFn
     new b235041  Port ReifyTimestampAndWindowsDoFn to RequiresWindowAccess
     new 0d500ef  Fix NPE in SimpleDoFnRunner
     new 139437b  Move shared DelegatingAggregator out of OldDoFn
     new 08dd149  Move AggregatorFactory to runners-core and deprecate SDK version
     new c2e751f  Add setupDelegatingAggregators for DoFn (for now)
     new 3094017  Port some of ParDoTest to new DoFn
     new 4e185d0  Fix binding of aggregator creating in OldDoFn
     new 2ab955d  Fix binding of aggregator delegation in DoFnAdapters
     new 043ebec  Make DoFnTester aggregator initialization idempotent
     new f0c8d30  Fix flipped conditional in SimpleDoFnRunner
     new 1919d8b  Port direct runner to use new DoFn directly
     new 2089c5c  Make aggregator registration idempotent in FlinkRunner
     new caf1fb7  Fix Javadoc of ReadableState
     new 59f042c  Fix ReduceFnRunner.cancelEndOfWindowAndGarbageCollectionTimers()
     new e43228c  [BEAM-769] Spark: Make graceful stop the default.
     new 6d9d8bc  Closes #1161
     new 75d137b  Choose BigQuery Write implementation based on Input PCollection
     new 43beb1e  Closes #1091
     new 462a641  Add property name to RuntimeValueProvider
     new 69ae8bd  Closes #1107
     new c26b63b  [maven-release-plugin] prepare branch release-0.3.0-incubating
     new 8dfadbf  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new c390a2a7 This closes #1157
     new b437c6b  This closes #1166
     new 5d01184  [BEAM-806] update archetype poms in master
     new dfaf2a8  Closes #1169
     new 7e9ad99  OffsetBasedSource: allow empty sources
     new 44b9f4e  Closes #1168
     new 7f82a57  Add timestamps to maven output on Travis CI
     new d285e85  Closes #1135
     new 6291a6f  pom.xml: make Dataflow runner like every other runner
     new 7de8d57  Closes #1175
     new 6a971d6  Merge branch 'master' into apex-runner
     new 0a1b278  Adjust for merge from master.
     new 1db4ff6  BEAM-784 Checkpointing for StateInternals
     new 1eff320  Remove pieces of Trigger now owned by TriggerStateMachine
     new 90c30cb  Update DataflowRunner worker image
     new 79bb2c2  This closes #1172
     new b26cb65  Pin the version of dependencies
     new 8dd1bd8  Limit version ranges for dependencies in the 0.* version range
     new c37b89e  Closes #1148
     new 7239ebb  Improve teardown behavior in DoFnLifecycleManager
     new c03e3e9  This closes #1174
     new 989e399  Closes #1139
     new 2ceaa3e  Encode bundle elements in the DirectRunner
     new f603d43  This closes #1095
     new 5ce3aac  Remove unused GroupAlsoByWindowsDoFn.createDefault
     new 0ec956d  This closes #1158
     new 60907b2  Add experimental ServiceAccount option
     new 7abdcbf  This closes #1163
     new 4051357  Remove use of OldDoFn in ValueWithRecordId
     new 3d08685  Remove use of OldDoFn from some DirectRunner tests
     new 2872019  Remove OldDoFn to DoFn in DirectRunner
     new 13af296  This closes #1178
     new c8f8a80  [BEAM-815] Fix ApexPipelineOptions conversion and add ApexRunnerRegistrar
     new d255350  Display data: minor cleanups
     new f2fe1ae  Closes #1182
     new 8827ccf  Closes #1167
     new 9dc9be9  Merge branch 'master' into gearpump-runner
     new a3e7bb6  This closes
     new 9fe2620  Update to Beam committers
     new e37aa0f  This closes
     new 9fd081a  Removed TriggerTester, obsoleted in incubator-beam/commit/1eff320d5e7fb5510d13016e0826b14e5cf7f686
     new 0294f52  Add IDE setup instructions
     new 0b9caba  Reordered IDE section after code checkout and tweaked heading levels.
     new 22c9922  This closes
     new 8f013cb  post-merge fix
     new a54ded3  [BEAM-799] Support GroupByKey directly.
     new 53fe3ee  This closes #1162
     new 94bd47c  remove "pipeline" in runner name
     new 3f06382  upgrade gearpump-runner to 0.4.0-incubating-SNAPSHOT
     new 13b8385  [BEAM-809] Create a KryoRegistrator for the SparkRunner.
     new 78e2c03  This closes #1171
     new 3933b55  Closes #1193
     new 3c71e4d  Revert "Fix invalid snapshot repo in Travis CI's maven settings.xml"
     new 3af2c1e  Set up Maven settings globally for Travis CI builds
     new 7091a01  Closes #1180
     new 35244a6  Add utility to handle JSON option manipulation
     new c94b8ea  Closes #1105
     new b72e7e3  [BEAM-658] Support Read.Unbounded primitive.
     new dc61a00  This closes #1143
     new 6db9424  [BEAM-816] Aggregators are not properly named when reported to Graphite.
     new 9f30b21  This closes #1185
     new 52d233a  BEAM-261 Skip integration tests unless running with -Plocal-runnable-on-service-tests
     new e92157b  Closes #1186
     new c889533  Add default version for beam-sdks-java-io-kafka
     new 9d6598d  Use project-wise version in SparkRunner dep on KafkaIO
     new f9e07cf  This closes #1195
     new 5c558e6  Streamline Travis CI build
     new 09a80ec  Closes #1181
     new 1559a7f  Remove checked exceptions from PipelineResult.waitUntilFinish interface.
     new 48fdd06  Closes #1160
     new 3bec5e0  Port some example utils from OldDoFn to DoFn
     new 25102f7  This closes #1173
     new fa3a6aa  Closes #1194
     new eba099f  [BEAM-813] support metadata in Avro sink
     new 02b5b4c  Merge branch 'master' into py_merge_master
     new e5afbe5  [BEAM-443] Update Beam batch examples to call waitUntilFinish()
     new 654b848  update parent pom version in python/pom.xml
     new 57f03f7  Closes #1198
     new ee6ad2f  Closes #1097
     new 07885c8  Laying down infrastructure for static display data
     new 1102201  Adding license text to all files. Fixing one lint issue. Refactoring runner_test
     new d864d96  Moving files. Using DisplayDataItem to enable dictionaries to be used as display data
     new bfcff01  Adding documentation. Setting Python classes as STRING types.
     new 1d478dd  Addressing comments
     new 03662da  Closes #1112
     new 95bf7a8  Update Dataflow worker image pointer
     new 73db560  Make DoFnInfo carry OldDoFn or DoFn
     new 064f18a  This closes #1176
     new 595bd0d  Removing superfluous TODO after unittest is passing
     new 811858b  Closes #1209
     new 34a236c  Use a Constant TupleTag in GroupAlsoByWindowEvaluator
     new 4cb1d10  This closes #1196
     new aeb3b3c  Use a NavigableSet Instead of a PriorityQueue in WatermarkManager
     new 3fd3951  This closes #1202
     new 324a36d  Separate compilation to avoid spurious rebuilds
     new f2ec824  This closes #1205
     new b17765b  [BEAM-501] New skin proposal
     new 9160996  This closes
     new dd854b1  Use a int Sequence instead of a Random UUID for Aggregator IDs
     new 215980a  Closes #1210
     new 6fc47ed  Merge branch 'master' into apex-runner
     new 968eb32  Adjust for merge from master.
     new 2841a78  Add a first version of the WordCount walkthrough.
     new 3f9711c  Temporarily disable tests for v2/, since the links are all fake
     new cdf327a  [Beam-665] This closes
     new c264bc2  Add downstream merge exemption to contribution guide
     new 42e2240  This closes
     new 597e395  Directly implement ReifyTimestampsAndWindows in SparkRunner
     new 9c3e3e7  This closes #1216
     new 7a0a820  Remove unnecessary configuration properties from checkstyle.xml
     new 8d530d7  Add IntelliJ Checkstyle documentation
     new cd454aa  Generate PubSub Subscriptions during Pipeline Execution
     new e82c5d2  Closes #1190
     new 837bb2b  [BEAM-862] Make Aggregator Creation Idempotent
     new beccdc6  This closes #1207
     new 9d1cfa1  Compare display data items, not dicts.
     new 00b17e5  Closes #1211
     new 371d56f  Add setTimer and deleteTimer by ID in TimerInternals
     new 7160ee9  This closes #1217
     new bf3c417  This closes
     new 594892d  This closes #1218
     new 365b627  [BEAM-871] Add StatementPreparator on JdbcIO
     new 54a7374  [BEAM-871] This closes #1037
     new a68c246  Improving error of missing sdk_location
     new 32f3214  Pushing check down. Rewritting error message
     new ef01140  Closes #1200
     new da8a7c4  Add pointers to 0.3.0-incubating release artifacts
     new be5c2dc  This closes
     new 9dd1645  Adds IterableCoder, fast coding for sets, booleans.
     new 03c3c70  Closes #1223
     new 4ffdd88  Several fixes to coder size estimates.
     new fba0e91  Implement size observation for FastPrimitivesCoderImpl.
     new 979e299  Closes #1224
     new 63cbb97  Fixes a compile error in SourceRDD
     new 1e5de72  Update shade plugin version to avoid ASM bug
     new d8eb8be  This closes #1226
     new 8fd651f  Move Timestamp and related classes into apache_beam/utils.
     new 2422365  Move resource filtering later to avoid spurious rebuilds
     new 8bc68c5  [BEAM-822] Move resource filtering later to avoid spurious rebuilds
     new 0594741  Add NestedValueProvider
     new b2fa59b  Closes #1146
     new 7e45830  Fixes a checkstyle error in ValueProvider
     new d492294  Add static factory methods for DoFnInfo
     new af17647  This closes #1215
     new 97cd3e5  Update Dataflow worker image
     new 1abe47b  Delete the obsolete ExecutableTrigger
     new 77f4ba2  BEAM-858 Enable ApexRunner integration test in examples.
     new 978c99e  This closes #1187
     new 066b7c6  Remove fake Timestamp and WindowedValue hacks.
     new 13dd9ff  Closes #1241
     new f083ed7  Improvements related to size estimation.
     new b33fdfd  Closes #1235
     new beb2845  Fix a couple more coder vs. element-coder changes for element sizing.
     new 7e87061  Closes #1244
     new 300f411  [BEAM-864] Update Apache POM parent to 18 and apache-rat-plugin to 0.12 to exclude DEPENDENCIES by default
     new a38a607  [BEAM-864] This closes #1233
     new b83f4c4  Fixes crash of shade plugin on SparkProcessContext
     new f8e26be  Closes #1243
     new 4ebdf0b  TextIO.Read: support ValueProvider
     new 75bfd78  Closes #1134
     new 2952702  [BEAM-859] Move Eclipse precommit build to Java 8
     new 7745c91  Closes #1247
     new fcba3d9  [BEAM-820] Skip javadoc for real
     new afb1e91  Closes #1248
     new 49ee929  Add SortValues
     new fab7b24  Closes #1199
     new 5bf23ac  Short-circuit side input window checks in PushbackDoFnRunner
     new 68623e9  [BEAM-447] Remove Window.Unbound
     new d8bfd00  Remove Window.Unbound
     new 6a6e042  This closes #1188
     new 830b8c8  Drop bundled jars from maven shading profiles
     new 8390a22  Closes #1239
     new 4c0fab0  Remove BlockingDataflowRunner
     new 1283308  This closes #762
     new bb66143  Makes PTransformOverrideFactory type-safe
     new f6ad58d  This closes #1201
     new 699075e  Added a where method on TypeDescriptor to allow substituting a type parameter with a TypeDescriptor. In the process introduced a TypeParameter class which represents the parameter type. This is useful when having a type such as Set<T> to be able to specify what T is as part of the TypeDescriptor information.
     new a36f1fa  Add header
     new 7e0cfe5  This closes #968
     new 726998a  Deduplicates ParDo{Single,Multi}EvaluatorFactory
     new facf096  This closes #1203
     new 8183ac8  BEAM-239: Refactored the project to replace RemoveDuplicates to Distinct
     new 8883877  This closes #1164
     new be4c025  Add templateRunner option to Dataflow runner
     new 2c0d0f4  Closes #1249
     new ff5409f  [BEAM-808] Increase "spark.port.maxRetries" to avoid BindException in ROS.
     new 529f266  This closes #1170
     new e77d881  [BEAM-854] Removes ReifyTimestampsAndWindows
     new 5224693  This closes #1225
     new a7e543a  Fixes two bugs in avroio_test 'test_corrupted_file'.
     new 2f6104c  [BEAM-887] Remove false/crashing "backwards compatibility" from Sink
     new 4dec38c  Closes #1263
     new 8c2b99e  Upgrade google-api-services-dataflow to v1b3-rev43-1.22.0
     new d75d8b2  This closes #1259
     new 51af7e5  Closes #1227
     new f233d85  Revert "[BEAM-808] Increase "spark.port.maxRetries" to avoid BindException in ROS."
     new 6a05cf4  This closes #1270
     new 45570b9  [BEAM-79] Port Gearpump runner from OldDoFn to new DoFn
     new 323ec11  This closes #1234
     new 9d2acc9  Closes #1267
     new 43740a4  Updated readme according to BEAM-693
     new 7270471  Closes #1245
     new 0a33965  BEAM-873 Support for BigQuery 2 SQL
     new ce3f172  Add unittests for BQ 2.0
     new 96c2286  Closes #1242
     new f605b02  [BEAM-790] Validate PipelineOptions Default annotation
     new bdd71c4  [BEAM-790] Validate PipelineOptions Default annotation.
     new 184e07c  Flink compatibility matrix: drop redundant text
     new 2ddbfb4  This closes
     new 2bf31f6  [BEAM-752] Infrastructure for toggling code snippets in documentation
     new b45c13a  This closes
     new d6f3a02  gcp-io: add ApiSurfaceTest
     new c6c41ea  Closes #1183
     new 8c1008c  Makes FileBasedSink use a temporary directory
     new 55d9519  Closes #1050
     new 0cb3832  Move watermark updates to the end of handleResult
     new eac68cb  This closes #1154
     new 3321064  Checking for integer types in json conversion
     new b30208b  Adding unit tests
     new a6e104d  Closes #1273
     new d66cb17  Make the BQ input for dataflow runner and local runner is identical for time related types
     new 456f926  Document the input and output of type conversions
     new 32d7199  Closes #1250
     new 3cef71e  Move the separate compile to java7 profile since it's not needed with java8 This fixes compiling in Eclipse (assuming Neon which require java8) Slightly speeds up Java8 compile (one invoke of compiler plugin)
     new 2a1fdee  This closes #1265
     new 6b36fea  Implement GroupAlsoByWindowsEvaluator Directly
     new b93ac70  This closes #1251
     new e076476  Add Tests for PAssert.IterableAssert#empty()
     new 3419fef  This closes #1258
     new d936ed8  Add TypeDescriptor#getTypes
     new 8336b24  Switch DoFnSignature, etc, from TypeToken to TypeDescriptor
     new 71fa7cd  DoFnSignature: Make TypeDescriptor-returning methods public
     new 8bf6d92  Refactor and reuse parameter analysis in DoFnSignatures
     new faf55c7  This closes #1252
     new f50b214  checkstyle: move from individual modules to root poms
     new f06deac  Closes #1285
     new f19a25d  pom: move maven-archetypes to its proper spot in dep hierarchy
     new 6e1e57b  Closes #1284
     new 5dca267  Flatten FiredTimers and ExtractFiredTimers
     new 99062d1  This closes #1276
     new 1eccd29  Remove @Default from IT options
     new 46fbfe0  [BEAM-898] Fix Jenkins BigQueryTornadoes IT Failure
     new 90a75d1  [BEAM-889] Let Spark handle the user-provided checkpointDir, but warn if not a reliable fs.
     new a21550f  BEAM-844 Add README, wordcount test, fix View.AsIterable, initial GBK watermark.
     new 14e093a  This closes #1272
     new f0b53d2  Add Mobile gaming walkthrough
     new a5d989e  New structure
     new a0ec7ef  Move Javadoc from learn/sdks to documentation/sdks.
     new f1a597d  This closes
     new bc078c4  [BEAM-890] Update compatibility matrix for Spark.
     new 8879ebe  This closes
     new a7e2439  Add missing site.baseurls
     new 2fab6d9  Build in a separate content directory to catch bad links
     new 6b9741c  This closes
     new aae65db  Enable javadoc for all modules by default
     new a3eb94e  Move files
     new 4100d91  Update and _config.yml after moving the source to the src/ directory
     new 717b431  Fix javadoc throughout Beam
     new 5864a38  Closes #1290
     new 9452ad8  This closes
     new 51273f4  Initial pass on a real Quickstart
     new c6a40f4  [BEAM-892] revamp quickstart
     new 7e87afb  Remove unnecessary build timestamps in the generated site
     new e2e1924  Fix typo in file name (materix -> matrix)
     new 68f2638  move source jar creation into release profile
     new 70255d2  Closes #1292
     new bc28799  Added Regex Transform and test.
     new f6a9733  This closes #506
     new 6954abe  Rename RegexTransform to just Regex
     new 79b0455  Format Regex according to style guidelines
     new 7587c26  This closes
     new dda1d6e  BEAM-845 Update navigation and runner capability matrix to include Apex.
     new b24830f  This closes
     new 1102455  This closes #1296
     new fae52a3  move findbugs execution to release profile, enable in all modules
     new e1291ee  Disable all broken findbugs builds and link to JIRA issues
     new 15287b8  Closes #1269
     new 5ccd5fb  Merge branch 'master' into apex-runner
     new 9197d1e  Adjust for merge from master.
     new b5f8473  Closes #1295
     new 4ff8082  [BEAM-902] Added runner toggles [BEAM-752] Infrastructure for toggling code snippets in documentation
     new 256b652  This closes
     new bb260ec  [BEAM-725] Migrate to use the generic credentials library compatible with Apiary and gRPC instead of the Apiary only credentials library.
     new baa7fb0  [BEAM-725] Migrate to use the generic Google credentials library
     new e1e4b7c  Add support for proto coder
     new 5d14b08  DeterministicCoder rename
     new ef7e972  Fix cythonization
     new 4bf84851 Closes #1237
     new db0ecc5  Don't default to PickleCoder for sources.
     new 8f4551c  Closes #1286
     new 00dc7ad  Introduce site.release_latest global variable to facilitate Javadoc linking
     new 0604d2b  Sorter: fix README to support syntax highlighting
     new 9b47228  Closes #1298
     new 367fcac  [BEAM-929] Fix Findbugs issues in Kinesis
     new 3e84a5f  Closes #1299
     new 5553c60  BEAM-261 Make translators package private.
     new 1927968  Fix IT Options Conflict
     new 912500f  [BEAM-898] Fix Jenkins Build Failure - IT Options Conflicts
     new d8529bc  Closes
     new 570c377  Add note about gpg-agent to release-guide
     new 43f3768  Ignore more generated/internal Javadoc in Release Guide
     new ff7fe07  Update Watermarks even if a Reader is empty
     new ac252a7  This closes #1300
     new 73dba78  Tweak gpg-agent text, move to GPG setup instructions
     new f3c66c0  Closes
     new 40ff9d4  Generalize extraction of DoFn parameters from context
     new c052d2a  Switch DoFnInvokersTest to use a mock ExtraContextFactory
     new e2db826  Add DoFnInvoker dispatch for State and Timer parameters
     new 85b908b  Rename BoundedWindowParameter -> WindowParameter
     new 9c3e59f  Allow BoundedWindow subclasses in DoFn parameter list
     new 9de9ce6  This closes #1282
     new 317b5e6  Incrementally update Pending elements when work completes
     new a58f1eb  Track Minimum Element Timestamps within Bundles
     new c6d9bf2  This closes #1287
     new 6bf729e  [BEAM-917] ExpectedLogs: clear saved records after each test.
     new 339dee9  [BEAM-917] ExpectedLogs: clear saved records after each test.
     new 4768227  Generic ordered position range tracker.
     new 54545c4  Implement key range tracker.
     new 93a95d6  Closes #1274
     new 7f201cb  Renames InprocessPipelineRunner to DirectPipelineRunner and removes the existing DirectPipelineRunner. Renamed the folder to direct to keep all related files in the same folder. Removed inprocess prefix from file names/class names/comments.
     new d021e9c  Add a test to check memory consumption of the direct runner.
     new aa60387  Closes #1240
     new e2856fb  Revert "Update Watermarks even if a Reader is empty"
     new 99505e1  This closes #1303
     new 42f5251  Add OnTimerInvoker(s), for invoking DoFn @OnTimer methods
     new afa0c31  This closes #1256
     new 0c36228  Merge branch 'master' into gearpump-runner
     new c08ebbe  Closes #1213
     new 2a96a17  [BEAM-79] update GearpumpPipelineResult
     new a14927f  This closes #1306
     new 9900157  Fix findbugs issues.
     new 06c1846  Changes in AvroCoder serialization so it can serialize in Kryo
     new fae3ec5  Swap to use Serializable ThreadLocal and serializable Schema holder.
     new bfc527d  [BEAM-626] Changes in AvroCoder serialization so it can serialize in Kryo
     new 550978f  Update Watermarks even if a Reader is empty
     new 7855f29  This closes #1313
     new a3b80d1  Add an Enforcement enum
     new 09f6aa6  This closes #1302
     new 32b9381  Add Spark and Flink runner version to root pom
     new 8079284  Add runner-specific profiles to the examples pom.xml
     new e35f571  This closes #1314
     new c64cf36  Hardcode MinimalWordCount to the DirectRunner
     new 0b05a8c  Revise WordCount example to be better cross-runner example
     new 9bc9c3f  Revise DebuggingWordCount to be more portable
     new 084a5e8  This closes #1315
     new 1058a9c  Add tool to fix links.
     new ce8bdf2  This closes
     new d64251e  Remove parser since it's not on the executors.
     new 8fcfe3b  This closes
     new 69e3e22  Update beam_team Committer IDs
     new 76caf27  This closes
     new 6bc59fd  Add hamcrest dependency.
     new 752a8da  fix exception during formatting java.util.MissingFormatArgumentException: Format specifier '%s'
     new f802919  fix exception during formatting
     new cf026bb  Closes #1321
     new 3c1043a  Adding display data to sink, sources, and parallel-do operations.
     new ea64242  Closes #1212
     new 0c90fb8  Optimize WindowedValueCoder
     new ec00c53  Closes #1253
     new 047911d  Fix findbugs errors and re-enable for runners-core
     new ef750c0  This closes #1318
     new a609a19  [BEAM-931] Fix Findbugs Warnings in Flink Runner
     new 66faf74  This closes #1311
     new d8f3da6  Remove Leftover Sysout Printing in Flink Runner
     new 8daa8b5  This closes #1333
     new 195be03  Fix DatastoreIT test options
     new 8d403a2  Closes #1317
     new 0ebb7a1  Use Credentials from GcpOptions instead of BigtableOptions
     new ab06647  This closes #1308
     new e5b2f13  Fix breakage in WindowedWordCountIT
     new 7344914  Fix null or empty check in TestDataflowRunner
     new 5653b86  Make TestDataflowRunner crash message actionable
     new 7e82e35  Make test timeout configurable and use in TestDataflowRunner
     new bf39dc6  Increase WindowedWordCountIT timeout to 20 minutes
     new 11eaed1  This closes #1320
     new 07a3c2c  [BEAM-896] FileBasedSink removes temp directory
     new aec7a0a  Closes #1278
     new 97c883d  Update BigtableWriteIT to set Credentials
     new cd3f61c  This closes #1336
     new 121bff4  [BEAM-944] Spark runner causes an exception when creating pipeline options. Create a SparkContextOptions for context-ware options.
     new e43a383  This closes #1316
     new 4827ae8  Remove tox cache from previous workspace
     new 778194f  Closes #1330
     new 9f78c44  Add script to update examples archetype automatically
     new 1e132ee  Update examples archetype to match examples
     new cd5eca8  fixup! Add script
     new 503b407  This closes #1338
     new 7da1242  [BEAM-962] Fix games example pipeline options default values conflicts.
     new f7745dc  This closes #1340
     new efad9d4  Remove DoFnSignatures.INSTANCE
     new 14a71e4  Remove OnTimerInvokers.INSTANCE; deprecate DoFnInvokers.INSTANCE
     new 3f8db06  This closes #1309
     new 6721578  [BEAM-856] Use free network port for the Derby test instance
     new 4891784  This closes #1262
     new 6f93cd5  DirectPipelineRunner bug fixes.
     new 6fb4169  Closes #1346
     new 4b97cdb  Use a Multiset to track Pending Bundles
     new 2094792  Reduce Verbosity of testFlattenInputMultipleCopies
     new 49ce270  This closes #1335
     new 1fc9f70  Remove the inline from WindowedValue.create()
     new 15e78b2  Closes #1349
     new 320d619  Merge branch 'master' of into apex-runner
     new 41394c2  Add beam-runners-apex dependency.
     new df26fc0  Do not pass Credentials in BigtableWriteIT DoFn
     new 1ff129f  This closes #1350
     new 2316c97  [BEAM-551] Add better toString methods for VPs
     new 703816d  This closes #1266
     new 3d62232  Make BigQueryIO.parseTableSpec public
     new 8219233  Closes #1345
     new 2a15112  [BEAM-954] FileBasedSink: remove unused code of TemporaryFileRetention.
     new 6814a99  Closes #1331
     new 95ca1ad  WordCountIT: uses input with fewer keys.
     new b251314  This closes #1351
     new 937ac3b  Use Avro serializer for Kafka checkpoint mark.
     new f0f4af5  Closes #1312
     new bfa4e4e  Fix FindBugs Errors in the Direct Runner
     new fe17ef7  This closes #1325
     new 6b1cec2  Actually Split Root Transforms
     new e2c2159  This closes #1339
     new 7d069a6  Merge apex-runner to master. This closes #1305.
     new 68363d0  Merge branch 'master' of into gearpump-runner
     new dacd523  [BEAM-856] Use free available port to start the test MongoDB instance
     new 8bfa085  This closes #1236
     new 0009262  Update Apex runner info after merge to master.
     new fd0642c  This closes
     new 12703bb  "before" instead of "behind" for "early" elements
     new d193f8c  This closes
     new a61832a  [BEAM-965] Set Correct Output Type on Sources in Flink Stream Runner
     new ee55f6e  This closes #1352
     new 76ad292  [BEAM-852] Add validation to file based sources during create time
     new 560fe79  Closes #1220
     new 1bd0f8b  Simplify FileOperations interface
     new 0117a28  This closes #1341
     new a842004  [BEAM-505] Fill in the documentation/runners/direct portion of the website
     new 5ddc062  This closes
     new 50f98d8  [BEAM-508] Fill in the documentation/runners/dataflow portion of the website
     new 01e12a5  This closes
     new 13ea14f  Use jekyll site.release_latest variable in direct runner sample pom.xml
     new 89f1460  This closes
     new 499c061  Add Jenkins job definitions for existing projects using Jenkins DSL
     new 934e557  This closes
     new d6661d9  Update content on v2 landing page
     new 077cb4e  This closes
     new 1a2e8a4  Add Python SDK page and add it to /documentation/
     new 8a2c93d  Rename /get-started/releases to get-started/downloads. Delete old get-started/downloads page.
     new fee3f58  This closes
     new f03b8e7  Treat ProcessContext and Context like other DoFn parameters
     new 13ad8f6  This closes #1355
     new 79d5ad9  [BEAM-948] Add ability to write files to GridFS
     new 9c300cd  [BEAM-948] This closes #1324
     new 1bef01f  [BEAM-762] Unify spark-runner EvaluationContext and StreamingEvaluationContext
     new 2bc66f9  This closes #1291
     new 7c87c66  [BEAM-930] Fix findbugs and re-enable Maven plugin in MongoDbIO
     new deef3fa  Closes #1356
     new bb88873  Revert "Closes #1356"
     new 2d2acb4  [BEAM-930] Fix findbugs and re-enable Maven plugin in MongoDbIO and MongoDbGridFSIO
     new 313191e  Use batch GCS operations during FileSink write finalization
     new 66f324b  Closes #1337
     new af6f4e9  Add IP configuration to Python SDK
     new 6ac6e42  Closes #1354
     new d0e3121  Allow for passing format so that we can migrate to BQ Avro export later
     new c4208a8  Closes #1304
     new 47646d6  Closes #1361
     new 0331dd1  [BEAM-891] fix build occasionally fails on IndexOutOfBoundsException.
     new 503f26f  This closes #1332
     new ab02a1d  Add a couple of missing coder tests.
     new 0a078c0  Also check coder determinism.
     new 384fb5d  Closes #1326
     new 9d805ee  Display Data for: PipelineOptions, combiners, more sources
     new 8bf2526  Fix merge lint error
     new d1fccbf  Closes #1264
     new 469c689  Rename DoFn.ExtraContextFactory to DoFn.ArgumentProvider
     new 2011102  This closes #1360
     new c1126b7  Query Splitter for Datastore v1
     new 21b7844  Closes #1310
     new dd740ee  [BEAM-983] Fix a bunch of precommit errors from #1332
     new dbbd5e4  This closes #1364
     new a945a02  Connect generated DoFnInvoker.invokerOnTimer to OnTimerInvoker
     new dc94dbd  This closes #1307
     new aaac0a6  [BEAM-899] Add Flink Instructions to
     new fa90248  This closes
     new fc80ba5  Exercise Dynamic Splitting in the DirectRunner
     new 938ac91  This closes #1254
     new 8c7bcb3  Remove Apex runner from work in progress
     new 430f9ce  This closes
     new 1cdaa4e  Remove Pipeline#getFullNameForTesting
     new c695ef4  This closes #1363
     new 3e6a4f4a Reduce incidence of Namespace StringKey comparisons
     new 5ba4d18  Remove unused Thread variable in TransformExecutor
     new bf4c504  Reduce Visibility of PCollectionViewWriter
     new 15e93c5  This closes #1319
     new cbb360f  Adds used but undeclared dependencies to archetype
     new 67ce531  Properly apply Transform Overrides in the Direct Runner
     new abd9fb3  This closes #1373
     new c4089ee  Fixes a few "used but undeclared" dependency problems in starter archetype
     new 249c9f4  Upgrade Datastore version
     new b383b94  [BEAM-895] Allow empty GCP credential for pipelines that access to public data.
     new 479c19a  This closes #1280
     new a7be3f2  [BEAM-951] FileBasedSink: merge FileOperations into IOChannelFactory.
     new 18b286e  [BEAM-951] Inline copyOne() and improve comments.
     new 1543ea9  This closes #1329
     new 115cf33  Closes #1375
     new e7f689a  Fix shared state across retry decorated functions
     new b83f12b  Closes #1365
     new 24cae56  Liberates ReduceFnRunner from WindowingInternals
     new 1fb1f7b  Refactor FlinkProcessContext more cleanly into single- and multi-output versions
     new 8243fcd  Refactor SparkProcessContext more cleanly into single- and multi-output versions
     new 90a0d0e  Replaces SideInputAccess with SideInputReader
     new a23ae20  Restores StateContexts.stateContextFromComponents
     new 4a8d32e  Block earlier in BoundedReadEvaluatorFactoryTest
     new 212fec4  This closes #1377
     new c0623c1  Added messages to exceptions
     new 102e677  Fix the flaky test_model_multiple_pcollections_partition test
     new 4852d2e  This closes #1353
     new 5fc68a5  Remove dead code from MetricsContainer
     new bb9c386  Closes #1381
     new 93c5233  Fixes a couple of issues of FileBasedSource.
     new 3a0f01c  Closes #1385
     new 329be6e  Remove redundant REQUIRED_PACKAGES
     new 45b420d  Closes #1383
     new 99bcafe  Fix issue where batch GCS renames were not issued
     new cce4331  Closes #1380
     new 33fb8c2  Move DoFn.ArgumentProvider to DoFnInvoker.ArgumentProvider
     new 2a7169b  This closes #1386
     new 73692b8  Restore StateContexts.windowOnly for temporary compatibility
     new 3548ffb  This closes #1389
     new e92a157  Separate ParDoTest cases and make them more flexible
     new 6fa8057  Do not override type descriptor in WithTimestamps
     new b0d46c2  Delegate getAggregators() in various DoFn adapters
     new 34e2a35  Use getNewFn for coder inferences in ParDo
     new f86e98c  DirectRunner: Expand ParDo.Bound into ParDo.BoundMulti
     new d93e9a8  This closes #1378
     new e4a332d  Improve GcsIO throughput by 10x
     new c1440f7  Closes #1379
     new dafd5be  [Beam-1001] Add non blocking cancel() and waitUntilFinish() for streaming applications. remove timeout parameer in spark pipeline option.
     new 875631f  This closes #1393
     new 960c0d6  [BEAM-1007] Fixed toggles code, to work in safari
     new af0688d  This closes
     new e85f67a  A few improvements to Apache Beam Python's FileIO.
     new 9f9c986  Handling the 'collision' case for UIDs and also augmenting comments.
     new 6aa50c1  Fixing lynt warnings related to indentation.
     new 8e88c7b  [BEAM-1010] A few improvements to Apache Beam Python's FileIO.
     new a761b0c  [BEAM-1018] Updated getEstimatedSizeBytes() to use Number.longValue() in MongoDbIO
     new c6b86f6  [BEAM-1018] This closes #1394
     new 30899db  Update to include instructions on building from source
     new cb5d216  This closes #1402
     new 88d4da4  Add missing fields to the retry decorator
     new 50afc87  This closes #1396
     new d39471b  Remove dependency on findbugs annotations artifact
     new 869d082  This closes #1401
     new 1b52070  Remove microbenchmarks directory from Beam
     new 70efa47  This closes #1403
     new 081aa97  Make create() avaialable to pure python callers
     new c127f7a  Fixing error with PipelineOptions DisplayData of lists
     new b4fc20e  Closes #1395
     new 29e5cbd  Update download page to specify backward-compatibility guarantees
     new b317ce0  This closes
     new 93f9fc9  Quickstart: suggest using nightly build temporarily
     new 086238c  This closes
     new 9060f83  This closes #1405
     new f8b6bb7  Add JUnit category for stateful ParDo tests
     new e85cea7  Reject stateful DoFn in ApexRunner
     new 8d71568  Add JUnit category for stateful ParDo tests
     new b0d07d7  Reject stateful DoFn in SparkRunner
     new d5a68ea  fixing reviewer comments
     new f3c4709  Beam archetypes: enable snapshot repositories.
     new 249dbc0  This closes #1407
     new e6fa2ff  [BEAM-59] Drops public constructors and uses Factory methods in Gcs/File/IOChannelFactory.
     new cd1a5e7  [BEAM-59] Create IOChannelFactoryRegistrar interface and its gcs/file implementations.
     new fa417f9  [BEAM-59] Use ServiceLoader to register IOChannelFactories in IOChannelUtils.
     new e53d6d4  [BEAM-952] Use ServiceLoader to register IOChannelFactories.
     new eaaa11b  Add maturity model assessment
     new 166f99a  Add commiter/PMC bar information
     new b2edf62  Add contribution diversity
     new 5744631  This closes
     new 0a66721  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into merge_master
     new c80554b  Update StarterPipeline
     new c2dc386  This closes #1406
     new cc70660  Support @ValidatesRunner(RunnableOnService) in Python [1/2]
     new 28bfd90  This closes #1376
     new 7949b70  This closes #1409
     new 9c2d5da  Reject stateful DoFn in FlinkRunner
     new e7d7aa9  This closes #1408
     new 6ec45f7  Closes #1410
     new b4187bd  This closes #1416
     new e6870a6  Simplify the API for managing MetricsEnvironment
     new b41789e  This closes #1417
     new a6be102  Remove tests for merge
     new 3b5cd0e  This closes #1384
     new 1cec970  Output Keyed Bundles in GroupAlsoByWindowEvaluator
     new dd85cad  This closes #1422
     new 21f9c6d  This closes #1423
     new 2812405  Merge branch 'master' of into gearpump-runner
     new 806b04b  Update documentation/pipelines/ Add 5 images for the doc.
     new 824f545  This closes
     new 73d0af9  Add TransformHierarchyTest
     new 3ae9425  This closes #1425
     new 09986e9  Use more natural class to find class loader in ReflectHelpers
     new 5f3e778  Use more natural class to find class loader in ReflectHelpers
     new 2e2146b  Update transitive dependencies for Apex 3.5.0 snapshot version.
     new 26a30a2  This closes #1418
     new 2b69cce  Add DatastoreIO to Python SDK
     new 9b9d016  This closes #1398
     new 74c1cf0  Add external link icon to Java SDK API reference, and change to open in new tab.
     new b6631ee  This closes
     new 1fc8d65  Update StarterPipeline
     new 255ad9a  Add JUnit category for stateful ParDo tests
     new 4dd1978  Reject stateful DoFn in SparkRunner
     new 413a402  Reject stateful DoFn in FlinkRunner
     new 796ba7a  Reject stateful DoFn in ApexRunner
     new 6fa8f65  Simplify the API for managing MetricsEnvironment
     new f03b4fe  Output Keyed Bundles in GroupAlsoByWindowEvaluator
     new dcd401b  Add TransformHierarchyTest
     new 6f86af6  Use more natural class to find class loader in ReflectHelpers
     new 2e03bb8  Update transitive dependencies for Apex 3.5.0 snapshot version.
     new 3dbeb8e  This closes #1432
     new fd43917  Update main landing page and Beam Overview page
     new 2069211  This closes
     new c383a32  [BEAM-277] Add transforms section to the programming guide
     new f912aca  This closes
     new ef74e19  [BEAM-1034] Clean up tmp area in tests
     new 6d0c205  [BEAM-1034] This closes #1415
     new 7b314aa  [BEAM-959] Improve validation messages in JdbcIO
     new 3e4b2fd  [BEAM-959] This closes #1374
     new 4a09772  Replace WindowAssignment OldDoFn by FlatMap in Flink Runner
     new 8d1214a  This closes #1435
     new 8d7d46c  [BEAM-800] add getFn to DoFnInvoker
     new 632576b  This closes #1428
     new 07544ef  Remove unused body of StreamingPCollectionViewWriterFn
     new 803bbe2  Remove unused WindowingInternals.writePCollectionViewData
     new 3ad7677  [BEAM-498] Remove obsolete WindowingInternals#writePCollectionViewData This closes #1430
     new cc96b13  [BEAM-851] Determine if the pipeline must be translated into streaming mode (if not set)
     new 8cc43aa  This closes #1436
     new f600559  [BEAM-1049] Update spark version to 1.6.3
     new 9fbd2d2  [BEAM-1049] This closes #1437
     new 7502add  Add input type to TransformResult
     new 5e9a80c  This closes #1424
     new 1b7b065  Remove overspecified type in ParDoEvaluator
     new e17dc4a  Add State parameter support to SimpleDoFnRunner
     new 7e158e4  Add simple tests for stateful ParDo
     new ec2c0e0  Add support for Stateful ParDo in the Direct runner
     new 33c6870  This closes #1399
     new 14502a3  Add direct runner dependency to starter archetype
     new d5aeee9  This closes #1414
     new fff5776  Ignore UsesStatefulParDo Tests in Flink Streaming Runner
     new 0609282  This closes #1446
     new fcd0991  [BEAM-1009] Upgrade byte-buddy version to 1.5.5.
     new 4bcef03  This closes #1445
     new 0ae1812  Remove the Experimental Annotation from the DirectRunner
     new d46203b  datastoreio write/delete ptransform
     new 1530a17  Closes #1433
     new 7a059d3  Improve the speed of getting file sizes
     new ad4dc87  This closes #1404
     new cdb7ba1  This closes #1447
     new ee52318  Add method to output runtime options
     new ae06f75  Closes #1156
     new f922598  Demonstrate PubsubIO with NVP
     new aeff1d5  Closes #1230
     new b453457  [BEAM-1006] Fixing the MongoDbIO splitKeysToFilters, calling to string on the BSON document prefixed Document to the string, updated it to just get the value of ID
     new 3f16f26  [BEAM-1006] This closes #1387
     new a1a4ac0  [BEAM-1052] Add InputDStream id to MicrobatchSource hashcode.
     new 3a8b9b5  This closes #1450
     new bdd3e08  Add isStateful() to DoFnSignature
     new 31a55f4  Reject stateful DoFn in DataflowRunner
     new 1716bfc  This closes #1411
     new c21167c  Update Dataflow worker to beam-master-20161129
     new f52ac3e  Transmit new DoFn, not OldDoFn, in Dataflow translator
     new 2f86a6a  This closes #1368
     new 0e49b15  Remove WindowedValue.valueInEmptyWindows
     new 0d95d8c  This closes #1440
     new 0123690  Fix double-close bug
     new 4ce85ed  Closes #1441
     new 74682c9  Add a test demonstrating how to use ValueProvider with non-serializable data
     new 8d127be  Closes #1452
     new 6c8c17a  Update googledatastore version
     new 5ce75a2  Closes #1453
     new 1184bfa  Remove TransformApplicationsForTesting
     new b1f7013  This closes #1457
     new 81e7a0f  Support ValidatesRunner Attribute in Python
     new 70c1de9  This closes #1382
     new 98ab559  Revert "Remove WindowedValue.valueInEmptyWindows"
     new 8042d52  Closes #1460
     new d08a9f1  [BEAM-747] Fix FileChecksumMatcher That Inconsistent With FS
     new b75a764  This closes #1189
     new 495a2d8  Few datastoreio fixes
     new 4282c67  Improvements to ReduceFnRunner prefetching
     new 4a7da91  This closes #1366
     new aa9071d  Closes #1454
     new 68a2025  Move PerKeyCombineFnRunners to runners/core.
     new 4b68203  This closes #1388
     new aaa3b91  Revert "Improvements to ReduceFnRunner prefetching"
     new c8f2cdb  This closes #1474
     new 6ef9a28  Shutdown DynamicSplit Executor in Cleanup
     new 565e99f  Closes #1470
     new 38f0b11  Preserves compressed windows in PushbackSideInputDoFnRunner
     new a20bc47  This closes #1471
     new 265c792  Update examples archetype with runner profiles
     new 711c680  Closes #1465
     new d99829d  [BEAM-918] Allow users to define the storage level via pipeline options
     new 0c875ba  [BEAM-918] This closes #1370
     new b4c2f62  Parse table schema from JSON
     new 739a431  Closes #1468
     new 9caaea0  Improve size estimation speed for file samples
     new 4414e20  Closes #1467
     new dc68365  Add snippet for standard sql
     new 9ded359  Closes #1472
     new ab1f1ad  Move TransformHierarchy Maintenance into it
     new 48130f7  This closes #1469
     new 1094fa6  Add a test of ReleaseInfo
     new b36048b  Revert "Move resource filtering later to avoid spurious rebuilds"
     new fd4b631  Closes #1480
     new 87ff5ac  Improve Splittable DoFn
     new 24fab9f  This closes #1261
     new 9e9fdd3  [BEAM-506] Fill in the documentation/runners/flink portion of the website
     new cdd0395  Closes
     new 569e8d7  Migrate TransformTreeNode to an Inner Class
     new 7c5c791  Reduce the visibility of TransformHierarchy Node Mutators
     new 63491bf  This closes #1484
     new 887b357  Category for tests using splittable DoFn
     new c0c5802  This closes #1486
     new ffa81ed  Fix pom syntax for excludedGroups for SplittableParDo
     new 7ad7877  Closes #1488
     new 8fd520c  DataflowRunner: reject job submission when the version has not been properly set
     new f70fc40  Closes #1483
     new 0de5900  Website: minor typographical corrections
     new b264531  This closes
     new 01bddf2  auth: add application default credentials as fallback
     new a463f00  Closes #1476
     new 557a2f9  Add snippet for datastoreio
     new 2363ee5  Closes #1481
     new d6eb514  travis.yml: disable skipping things that no longer run
     new 0fb5610  Closes #1482
     new d989123  Move Towards removing WindowedValue from SDK
     new a088449  This closes #1260
     new 840fb3b  Add timerId to TimerData
     new 37e891f  This closes #1477
     new 8df28d4  Simplify Flink Runner instructions for running on cluster
     new 69c4e9d  This closes
     new 1688690  Do not need to list all files in GCS for validation. Add limit field to fileIO
     new b4ee8b7  Explicitly Throw in TransformExecutorTest
     new 8cb2689  This closes #1490
     new 8162cd2  Stop using Maps of Transforms in the DirectRunner
     new 662416a  Rename ConsumerTrackingPipelineVisitor to DirectGraphVisitor
     new 1abbb90  This closes #1487
     new e3dca4c  BEAM-879: Changing DeDupExample to DistinctExample
     new e04cd47  Closes #1489
     new 9645576  Makes DoFnTester use new DoFn internally.
     new 78ac009  Supports window parameter in DoFnTester
     new 86173a8  Removes DoFnTester.of(OldDoFn)
     new 26eb435  This closes #1461
     new fd6a52c  Closes #1431
     new 9a038c4  Add TextIO.Write support for runtime-valued output prefix
     new c840455  Closes #1475
     new ad9ca45  Initial commit of jobs
     new 8a7919b  This closes #1390
     new 5a997a1  BEAM-1078: Changing the links from GCP to incubator-beam in the project
     new a13024c  [BEAM-1078] Closes #1498
     new 16ffdb2  Fix auth related unit test failures
     new 8365b68  Closes #1494
     new 7272103  Make the legacy SQL flag consistent between Java and Python
     new 72fa21f  Closes #1497
     new 51e97d4  Add labels to lambdas in write finalization
     new 7c0bf25  Closes #1496
     new f23b717  Call from_p12_keyfile() with the correct arguments.
     new 9a175a5  Closes #1491
     new 90db790  Removing a bug in .travis.yml that makes the build fail.
     new 7c5e4aa  Closes #1456
     new 8f712fd  BEAM-1083: Removing the link for the DatastoreWordCount in the README
     new 6489b6d  Remove global default execution of exec-maven-plugin
     new 9cb8b5f  Create java8-examples archetype module
     new abd96b8  Autogenerate examples archetype during build
     new c22b97d  This closes #1344
     new 58916b9  [BEAM-1057] Fix JDBC test derby startup issues
     new ef9871c  [BEAM-1057] This closes #1444
     new 86414c0  Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into gearpump-runner-sync
     new b1a6793  [BEAM-1000, BEAM-1050] Fixed PipelineResult.State Failed for streaming, support non-blocking cancel/waituntilfinish in batch. Added a SparkPipelineResult class to address PipelineResult#waitUntilFinish() and SparkRunner#run() semantics.
     new 158378f  Redistributed some responsibilities in order to remove getAggregatorValues() form EvaluationContext.
     new 6893a72  This closes #1466
     new cfa0ad8  Modify create_job to allow staging the job and not submitting it to the service.
     new 0d99856  Closes #1342
     new f3dcf6c  Add experimental warning to datastoreio
     new f7118c8  Add experimental warning to datastoreio
     new f1b83f7  Add missing job parameter to the submit_job_description.
     new d59bccd  Closes #1509
     new 390fbfd  Change export format to AVRO for BQ
     new 81d1295  Update Dataflow worker to beam-master-20161205
     new 8a2f020  Moved KeyedWorkItem and related classes to runners-core
     new b8e93ff  This closes #1478
     new eb98d63  Closes #1510
     new b7748cc  Rollback the default format to json
     new e73bdb5  This closes #1514
     new e9d835e  Deprecate TimerCallback and InMemoryTimerInternals methods using it. Instead separate advancing watermarks and removing eligible timers.
     new 3434e8a  Add test for InMemoryTimerInternals synchronized processing time timers. Ensure that processing time and synchronized processing timer are not null.
     new 1efda59  This closes #1493
     new 2afc0cd  [BEAM-79] fix gearpump runner build failure
     new 41ae08b  [BEAM-961] Add starting number to CountingInput
     new 493c04f  [BEAM-961] This closes #1505
     new a37068d  BEAM-651: Rename setTypeDescriptorInternal to setTypeDescriptor
     new b29bb1b  This closes #1516
     new 88de0cb  This closes #1507
     new 6afe91b  [BEAM-293] StreamingOptions doesn't extend GcpOptions
     new 077d911  This closes #1515
     new 4a02a68  Move template_runners_test to runners folder.
     new 6dcc429  Closes #1512
     new aef4858  Fix the pickle issue with the inconsistency of dill load and dump session
     new f19f767  Closes #1485
     new d6c6ad3  Add DirectGraphs to DirectRunner Tests
     new ec1eff3  Remove getProducingTransformInternal from DirectGraphVisitorTest
     new ca6ab6c  This closes #1495
     new 6b00531  Update subnetwork documentation
     new 8a1fb21  This closes #1348
     new f3edaeb  Improve BigQuery load error message
     new 9d380de  This closes #1506
     new 2b044f3  Improve ReduceFnRunner prefetching
     new c72708c  This closes #1519
     new 42bb15d  Allow stateful DoFn in DataflowRunner
     new 5274dce  This closes #1523
     new 2c8311f  [BEAM-551] Add DisplayData handling of ValueProvider<String>
     new b733113  This closes #1503
     new 5c4415e  [BEAM-551] Add support for native PubSubIO
     new 0af145b  This closes #1504
     new e9f254e  [BEAM-1099] Minor typos in KafkaIO
     new afedd68  This closes #1524
     new ded5883  [Code Health] Remove redundant projectId from DataflowPipelineJob.
     new e8c9686  [BEAM-1047] Add DataflowClient wrapper on top of JSON library.
     new ce03f30  [BEAM-1047] Update dataflow runner code to use DataflowClient wrapper.
     new b2b570f  Closes #1434
     new 0dcc9bc  Display data keys in Python should be snake_case
     new d5e8c79  Closes #1443
     new 0a2ed83  BigQueryIO.Read: support runtime options
     new 869b271  [FLINK-1102] Fix Aggregator Registration in Flink Batch Runner
     new b41a46e  This closes #1530
     new baf5e6b  [BEAM-1094] Set test scope for Kafka IO and junit
     new 9ccf6db  This closes #1531
     new dce3a19  [BEAM-329] Update Spark runner README.
     new 02bb8c3  [BEAM-329] This closes #1532
     new b2d7223  Port most of DoFnRunner Javadoc to new DoFn
     new 1526184  This closes #1527
     new 8e1e46e  Port ParDoTest from OldDoFn to new DoFn
     new ae52ec1  This closes #1529
     new 55d333b  Only provide expanded Inputs and Outputs
     new 5b31a36  This closes #1511
     new c7626ad  [BEAM-1077] @ValidatesRunner Test in Python Postcommit
     new 4a660c6  Closes #1492
     new 43fef27  [BEAM-905] Add shading config to examples archetype and enable it for Flink
     new b44a7ac  Closes #1533
     new 6439f70  [BEAM-1108] DataflowRunner: remove deprecated TEARDOWN_POLICY control
     new a565ca1  Fix template_runner_test on Windows
     new 3b2e029  Closes #1546
     new 1b12520  [BEAM-1095] Add support set config for reuse-object on flink
     new c53e0b1  This closes #1518
     new f1a5704  [BEAM-1096] Flink streaming side output optimization using SplitStream
     new 6807480  This closes #1520
     new 4305796  Closes #1548
     new 3f8c807  Add DoFn.OnTimerContext
     new 42b506f  Add OnTimerContext parameter support to DoFnSignature
     new 2883062  Access to OnTimerContext via DoFnInvokers.ArgumentProvider
     new a26ed13  Support OnTimerContext in ByteBuddyDoFnInvokerFactory
     new 7729594  This closes #1528
     new 09e2f30  Move CopyOnAccessStateInternals to runners/direct
     new 92ff63d  This closes #1543
     new 44e17d1  Remove misc occurrences of OldDoFn
     new 04a41ee  [BEAM-498] Remove misc occurrences of OldDoFn
     new 4d607b5  Rename PTransform.apply to PTransform.expand
     new 6929057  This closes #1538
     new 96c6a3b  Add JUnit category UsesTimersInParDo
     new 54c14be  Disable tests for timers in ParDo for Apex runner
     new 2f13fe4  Disable tests for timers in ParDo for Flink runner
     new 320f888  Disables tests for timers in ParDo for Spark runner
     new 5a8f956  Disable tests for timers in ParDo for Dataflow runner
     new a99dba5  Disable tests for timers in ParDo for direct runner
     new 50ffc7b  Add basic test for timers in ParDoTest
     new 18db3ac  Reject timers for ParDo in ApexRunner
     new 69e0ea2  Reject timers for ParDo in FlinkRunner
     new 29f3af3  Reject timers for ParDo in SparkRunner
     new 274f17f  Reject timers for ParDo in DirectRunner
     new c22e2a4  No longer reject timers in ParDo
     new 96f9fce  This closes #1550
     new 3510ff9  Add reference to the >> and | operators for pipelines.
     new 75be6e9  Closes #1521
     new 3ef83b3  Handle empty batches in GcsIO batch methods
     new 1392f70  Closes #1544
     new d6afb90  Fix a typo in query split error handling
     new 44c1586  Closes #1542
     new 95e2c53  [BEAM-1111] Reject timers for ParDo in SparkRunner streaming evaluators
     new 0bfa02d  This closes #1553
     new a11eb63  Fix exclusion of UsesTimersInParDo for FlinkRunner streaming tests
     new e292032  This closes #1555
     new 4a12cd3  [BEAM-978] Support bulk get file size in GcsUtil.
     new 409b5df  This closes #1359
     new bf1fba4  Fix a bug in SplittableDoFn Checkpointing
     new 40bd276  This closes #1525
     new 30ff1ee  Add support for having an empty CountingInput/CountingSource
     new ddb5912  Add support for having an empty CountingInput/CountingSource
     new 5169e49  fixup! Fix CountingInput naming
     new 9bab78b  fixup! Fix extraneous brace
     new 9bcba39  DataflowRunner: bump environment major version
     new 63d197c  Closes #1560
     new e48b0e6  Remove misc uses of OldDoFn
     new d9a6311  This closes #1561
     new f83370d  Enable the DirectRunner by default in Examples Archetype
     new 725bb1a  fixed command to run WordCount example on direct runner, now in the site source
     new 8406fa5  This closes
     new 2dee686  [BEAM-1109] Fix Python Postcommit Test Timeout
     new 8eae855  Closes #1551
     new 62b8095  Add more documentation to datastore_wordcount example
     new b265dce  Closes #1540
     new 4921510  This closes #1563
     new f81ea22  Update Additional Resources page
     new df312a3  This closes
     new 9875b52  [BEAM-1093] Change Dataflow to Beam in StateInternals' Javadocs
     new 080dbaa  This closes #1559
     new 1e44cb1  Change Dataflow profiling option to saveProfilesToGcs
     new 58bb117  This closes #1554
     new 4a444bd  [BEAM-507] Fill in the documentation/runners/spark portion of the website.
     new dd70c90  This closes
     new c330eb5  Rename PTransform apply to expand throughout
     new 65dd62c  Copy Runner Profiles to Java8 Archetype POM
     new 05bb254  This closes #1567
     new 9580534  This closes
     new d7dbf16  Fix LateDataDroppingDoFnRunner to not increment the counter on reiteration.
     new 1fab152  This closes #1564
     new 8f9a435  [BEAM-835] Added IntelliJ instructions to the contribution guide
     new d05b8fc  Reword IntelliJ Annotation Processor section
     new 272f8c2  This closes
     new 0b38c4b  Update badge for new suite name.
     new b6b2e20  BEAM-830 Support launch on YARN cluster.
     new 58000b3  This closes #1572
     new a834fb0  This closes #1517
     new 9ebc465  [BEAM-551] Fix handling of TextIO.Sink
     new e841b1a  This closes #1545
     new ecf5a78  [BEAM-900] Spark quickstart instructions.
     new 495e922  This closes
     new aba40e2  [BEAM-921] spark-runner: register sources and coders to serialize with java serializer
     new bf8a3cb  This closes #1552
     new 36f09c4  [BEAM-551] Fix toString for FileBasedSource
     new 0afadf6  This closes #1576
     new cfcfa2f  [BEAM-1120] Move some DataflowRunner configurations from code to properties
     new 2f2617c  Closes #1562
     new 66c29e4  [BEAM-551] Fix handling of default for VP
     new 307be5f  Closes #1575
     new a47eac9  Fix handling of null ValueProviders in DisplayData
     new 4373937  Closes #1549
     new fd6d09c  BigQueryIO.Write: support runtime schema and table
     new 321547f  Closes #1513
     new 6b14ce5  [BEAM-1133] Add maxNumRecords per micro-batch for Spark runner options.
     new 74b0bef  [BEAM-1130] SparkRunner ResumeFromCheckpointStreamingTest Failing.
     new bfd21d7  This closes #1579
     new cfb71e7  Enable and fix DirectRunnerTest case missing @Test
     new 98543e9  Closes #1566
     new 8f52b5e  Migrate AppliedPTransform to use AutoValue
     new 5d619e8  This closes #1568
     new 8ef74a7  Stop expanding PValues in DirectRunner visitors
     new 59f1fb2  This closes #1570
     new 0a70e58  [BEAM-1124] Temporarily Ignore a ValidatesRunnerTest That Broke Postcommit
     new f086afe  Closes #1571
     new 9678b1c  Add IntervalWindow coder to the standard registry
     new db41940  Factor out ShardedFile from FileChecksumMatcher
     new 42595dc  Revise WindowedWordCount for runner and execution mode portability
     new d9657ff  This closes #1536
     new 5e6d5e0  Dataflow quickstart fix
     new 15d4c6e  This closes
     new 3c2e550  Add no-arg constructor for UnboundedReadFromBoundedSource
     new 47cc2dc  Add Tests for Kryo Serialization of URFBS
     new 91cc606  This closes #1586
     new e36ee8d  Do not test pickling native sink objects
     new 2b84b7b  [BEAM-1142] Upgrade maven-invoker to address maven bug ARCHETYPE-488.
     new 5ef34f7  This closes #1588
     new c62f0a8  FileBasedSink: ignore exceptions when removing temp output files for issues in Windows OS.
     new f898ff7  This closes #1587
     new 592c4d9  FileBasedSinkTest: fix tests in Windows OS by using IOChannelUtils.resolve().
     new e776d1d  This closes #1589
     new 2be9a15  [BEAM-757] Use DoFnRunner in the implementation of DoFn via FlatMapFunction.
     new 4ffed3e  [BEAM-807] Replace OldDoFn with DoFn.
     new c1fe760  [BEAM-927] Fix findbugs and re-enable Maven plugin in JmsIO
     new 91d71d4  This closes #1357
     new db64431  Fix JDom malformed comment in Apex runner.
     new cd8eeea  This closes #1593
     new e383c77  Closes #1591
     new 6c8d93b  [BEAM-909] improve starter archetype
     new 2e22a48  Closes #1596
     new ddef438  Revert 91cc606 "This closes #1586": Kryo + UBRFBS
     new f32f156  Fix version of Kryo in examples/java jenkins-precommit profile
     new 6a89fff  This closes #1597
     new c8dd998  [maven-release-plugin] prepare branch release-0.4.0-incubating
     new 596f255  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new d323d5d  Update Dataflow worker to beam-master-20161212
     new 267edaa  Move PerKeyCombineFnRunner to runners-core
     new a52600b  This closes #1541
     new 5d6a50c  Update Maven Archetype versions after cutting the release branch
     new cf2c1d6  This closes #1599
     new 2521588  Update version from 0.5.0-SNAPSHOT to 0.5.0-incubating-SNAPSHOT
     new c1086f3  Add Jenkins postcommit for RunnableOnService in Apex runner
     new dad5ba5  This closes #1600
     new a90c428  [BEAM-1149] Explode windows when fn uses side inputs
     new 0bdf7fc  This closes #1601
     new 5a04492  Some minor changes and fixes for sorter module
     new a5f2df2  Closes #1327
     new 82249ab  Re-exclude UsesStatefulParDo tests for Dataflow
     new d99eec1  This closes #1605
     new df97fe4  Revert "Allow stateful DoFn in DataflowRunner"
     new b742a2c  This closes #1606
     new 60c33dd  starter: fix typo in pom.xml
     new ce3aa65  Closes #1610
     new 44b4eba  This closes #1578
     new f516627  This closes #1598
     new ae1d2a3  Allow empty string value for ValueProvider types.
     new a0a1fea  Better comments and cleanup
     new 5a51ace  [BEAM-1136, BEAM-1137] Allow empty string value for ValueProvider types.
     new 9fac4ac  SimpleDoFnRunner observes window if SideInputReader is nonempty
     new 4cbccee  Implement GetDefaultOutputCoder in DirectGroupByKey
     new fdf0731  This closes #1583
     new 4927cc1  This closes #1616
     new 0a558c7  Update the BQ export flat from Json to Avro
     new b626f0e  [BEAM-1033] Retry Bigquery Verifier when Query Fails
     new 0b0a1b7  This closes #1479
     new 00b961d  Fix NPE in StatefulParDoEvaluatorFactoryTest mocking
     new 9fbf429  This closes #1618
     new 028408f  [BEAM-1153] GcsUtil: use non-batch API for single file size requests.
     new 46566fc  Closes #1611
     new de109d5  [BEAM-1154] Get side input from proper window in ReduceFn
     new cf4229a  Fail to split in FileBasedSource if filePattern expands to empty.
     new 1ad638e  Closes #1621
     new bba3700  [BEAM-932] Enable findbugs validation (and fix existing issues)
     new 4323247  This closes #1463
     new 8c00f63  Fix mvn command args in Apex postcommit Jenkins job
     new b38c9e9  This closes #1626
     new 3c4b693  This closes #1620
     new 5190083  [BEAM-1022] Add testing coverage for BigQuery streaming writes
     new 3e1a628  Closes #1400
     new f5f329e  Converts all easy OldDoFns to DoFn
     new af616d9  Remove ParDo.of(OldDoFn) from Apex runner
     new 8330bfa  Pushes uses of OldDoFn deeper inside Flink runner
     new e9e53c5  Removes OldDoFn from ParDo
     new a22de15  Removes code for wrapping DoFn as an OldDoFn
     new f3e8a03  Removes ArgumentProvider.windowingInternals
     new ca1dd7a  Removes unused code from NoOpOldDoFn
     new 33ed323  Moves DoFnAdapters to runners-core
     new 6b502fc  Renames ParDo.getNewFn to getFn
     new 5a3ace4  This closes #1565
     new ce75ba1  Don't incorrectly log error in MetricsEnvironment
     new 8c18913  Closes #1625
     new e26f407  Remove deprecated methods of InMemoryTimerInternals
     new d3c8874  Closes #1617
     new e62249a  Rename PTransform.apply() to PTransform.expand()
     new e265278  Closes #1634
     new 6307431  Update Apitools to version 0.5.6
     new 3b4fd5c  Closes #1501
     new d624d3b  This closes #1635
     new 5587e1c  Delete deprecated TimerCallback
     new ec0bf7b  Move InMemoryTimerInternals to runners-core
     new 46d3563  Upgrade Gearpump version
     new 85d54ab  Add Window.Bound translator
     new c37de00  Skip window assignment when windows don't change
     new cb8c5e5  Remove print to stdout
     new 8e0e819  Fix NoOpAggregatorFactory
     new 55f0495  [BEAM-362] Port runners to runners-core AggregatoryFactory
     new 5ebbd50  This closes #1644
     new 235027b  [BEAM-450] Shade modules to separate paths
     new 33b7ca7  Closes #1633
     new b723333  [BEAM-1108] Remove outdated language about experimental autoscaling
     new beed608  Closes #1646
     new b6e7bb6  This closes #1623: [BEAM-1086] Upgrade to latest Gearpump snapshot
     new e017ca1  This closes #1643: [BEAM-362] Move InMemoryTimerInternals to runners-core
     new cc662d6  Update Dataflow worker to beam-master-20161216
     new bcf0298  Move ActiveWindowSet and implementations to runners-core
     new 217c29b  This closes #1592
     new 3f227a0  Add PTransformOverrideFactory to the Core SDK
     new cc28f0c  This closes #1547
     new cfd1633  Make {Metric,Counter,Distribution}Cell public
     new 1ee191f  Closes #1622
     new 92dbab8  checkstyle: missed newline in DistributionCell
     new abdbee6  Closes #1649
     new a12fd8c  Revert "Removes code for wrapping DoFn as an OldDoFn"
     new 4aa0ee1  Revert "Removes ArgumentProvider.windowingInternals"
     new 954e57d  Revert "Moves DoFnAdapters to runners-core"
     new 45ed5c7  Revert "Move InMemoryTimerInternals to runners-core"
     new 6a4a699  View.asMap: minor javadoc fixes
     new 7d1976b  Closes #1650
     new ffe3ab3  This closes #1648: Undeletes DoFnInvokers.of(OldDoFn)
     new c1e1017  Make TimerSpec and StateSpec fields accessible
     new 8af13b0  Add timer support to DoFnRunner(s)
     new 3b4c7d1  Test that SimpleDoFnRunner wraps exceptions in startBundle and finishBundle
     new b78aa66  Use empty SideInputReader, fixes NPE in SimpleDoFnRunnerTest
     new 5f41ded  [BEAM-853] Force streaming execution on batch pipelines for testing. Expose the adapted source.
     new 4206408  This closes #1614: Spark runner: Force streaming execution on batch pipelines for testing
     new 5fb4f5d  BigQueryIO: fix streaming write, typo in API
     new 5255a33  Closes #1651
     new 6b055d2  Change counter name in TestDataflowRunner
     new c28957d  This closes #1612: [BEAM-27] Support timer setting and receiving in SimpleDoFnRunner
     new 443b25a  [BEAM-85, BEAM-298] Make TestPipeline a JUnit Rule checking proper usage
     new 0d54a4c  Empty TestPipeline need not be run
     new 1c9bf8d  This closes #1595, makes TestPipeline a JUnit rule
     new fbfea59  Fix grammar error (repeated for)
     new caf1c72  [BEAM-716] Use AutoValue in JmsIO
     new 30e14cf  [BEAM-716] Fix javadoc on with* methods [BEAM-959] Improve check preconditions in JmsIO
     new 1e148cd  [BEAM-716] This closes #1577
     new 4cf5917  [BEAM-1178] Make naming of logger objects consistent
     new 9bd4288  [BEAM-1165] Fix unexpected file creation when checking dependencies
     new 203b7b1  This closes #1632
     new e68a70e  This closes #1655: [BEAM-1178] Make naming of logger objects consistent
     new 4d96473  Show timestamps on log lines in Jenkins
     new d738c68  This closes #1640: Show timestamps on log lines in Jenkins
     new 2148adb  Fix seed job fetch spec
     new 66318d8  This closes #1657: Fix seed job fetch spec
     new 998cabc  Add RunnableOnService test for Metrics
     new a972b23  Closes #1638
     new 627ccb5  More escaping in Jenkins timestamp spec
     new d13f11f  This closes #1659: More escaping in Jenkins timestamp spec
     new a2f4492  Change counter name in TestDataflowRunner
     new 4f97efc  This closes #1631: Change counter name in TestDataflowRunner
     new 467f7d1  [BEAM-59] initial interfaces and classes of Beam FileSystem.
     new 28d7913  [BEAM-59] initial interfaces and classes of Beam FileSystem
     new 85422f9  Disable automatic archiving of Maven builds
     new b3de17b  Closes #1656
     new bd6db88  Prune branches in Jenkins build
     new 81d94cf  Merge branch 'master' of into gearpump-runner
     new c2fb7c0  [BEAM-79] Update to latest Gearpump API
     new 8306899  Migrated the beam-examples-java module to TestPipeline as a JUnit rule.
     new 7106e88  Migrated the beam-examples-java8 module to TestPipeline as a JUnit rule.
     new b671025  Migrated the beam-runners-core module to TestPipeline as a JUnit rule.
     new 09c404a  Migrated the beam-runners-direct-java module to TestPipeline as a JUnit rule.
     new 75a4c91  Migrated the beam-sdks-java-core module to TestPipeline as a JUnit rule. Plus, fixed some checkstyle errors from previous modules' migration.
     new 24ad183  Migrated the beam-sdks-java-extensions-join-library module to TestPipeline as a JUnit rule.
     new 63331aa  Migrated the beam-sdks-java-extensions-sorter module to TestPipeline as a JUnit rule.
     new 6dea099  Migrated the beam-sdks-java-io-google-cloud-platform module to TestPipeline as a JUnit rule.
     new 5ccbe67  Migrated the beam-sdks-java-io-jdbc module to TestPipeline as a JUnit rule.
     new 8d478c0  Migrated the beam-sdks-java-io-jms module to TestPipeline as a JUnit rule.
     new 12be8b1  Migrated the beam-sdks-java-io-kafka module to TestPipeline as a JUnit rule.
     new 950aa7e  Migrated the beam-sdks-java-io-kinesis module to TestPipeline as a JUnit rule.
     new fce4f65  Migrated the beam-sdks-java-io-mongodb module to TestPipeline as a JUnit rule.
     new 4b23d42  Migrated the beam-sdks-java-io-java8tests module to TestPipeline as a JUnit rule + fixed WithTimestampsJava8Test.withTimestampsLambdaShouldApplyTimestamps.
     new 22e25a4  This closes #1664: [BEAM-1176] Migrating tests to use TestPipeline as a JUnit rule
     new 81702e6  Add some key-preserving to KeyedPValueTrackingVisitor
     new b26ceaa  Move responsibility for knowing about keyedness into EvaluationContext
     new d040b7f  Propagate key through ParDo if DoFn is key-preserving
     new 1f018ab  Port direct runner StatefulParDo to KeyedWorkItem
     new 445c120  Move InMemoryTimerInternals to runners-core
     new 69d2c47  Restore SDK's InMemoryTimerInternals, deprecated
     new a526adb  This closes #1652: Move InMemoryTimerInternals to runners-core
     new 2f4b803  This closes #1581: [BEAM-1117] Port direct runner StatefulParDo to KeyedWorkItem
     new ef1a858  Provide a better error message for non-existing gcpTempLocation
     new 96d3931  Fixup usage of canonical name with name since canonical name != name for inner classes.
     new acd2196  [BEAM-1097] Provide a better error message for non-existing gcpTempLocation
     new a3f68d3  Update Dataflow worker to beam-master-20161220
     new aab46a0  Remove deprecated AggregatorFactory from SDK
     new 6a05d7f  This closes #1665: Remove deprecated AggregatorFactory from SDK
     new 9f1d3d1  Remove deprecated InMemoryTimerInternals from SDK
     new 34373c2  Provide local tags in PInput, POutput expansions
     new aadcf3a  This closes #1569
     new 647034c  [BEAM-79] Upgrade to beam-0.5.0-incubating-SNAPSHOT
     new 0d0a5e2  This closes #1668: Remove deprecated InMemoryTimerInternals from SDK
     new 35a0274  Require TimeDomain to delete a timer
     new 64336e4  Update Dataflow worker to beam-master-20161221
     new 9d2b8e0  Move ExecutionContext and related classes to runners-core
     new 4843dc5  This closes #1673: Require TimeDomain to delete a timer
     new a9447a2  This closes #1666: Move ExecutionContext and related classes to runners-core
     new df2e540  Support set and delete of timer by ID in InMemoryTimerInternals
     new 7ee8c86  This closes #1160: Support set and delete of timer by ID in InMemoryTimerInternals
     new 4c445dd  This closes #1663: Merge master (b3de17b) into gearpump-runner
     new 4fb16e8  Fix windowing in direct runner Stateful ParDo
     new 55176c3  Actually propagate and commit state in direct runner
     new ff39516  This closes #1670: Fixes for direct runner expansion and evaluation of stateful ParDo
     new 280a6a8  Add informative Instant formatter to BoundedWindow
     new fa4958a  Use informative Instant formatter in WatermarkHold
     new 8188040  Add static Window.withOutputTimeFn to match build method
     new 4d71924  Add UsesTestStream for use with JUnit @Category
     new 7f14c46  Allow setting timer by ID in DirectTimerInternals
     new dfe2e62  Hold output watermark according to pending timers
     new 57d9bbd  This closes #1669: Preliminaries for timers in the direct runner
     new 7774297  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into python-sdk
     new 3454d69  This closes #1676: Merge master (57d9bbd) into python-sdk
     new 35e2fdc  Fixing inconsistencies in PipelineOptions
     new bb09c07  Closes #1526
     new a1af871  Add support for date partitioned table names
     new 409d067  Closes #1534
     new b053be4  Use CountingSource in ForceStreamingTest
     new 038950d  Add Parameters to finishSpecifying
     new 7984fe3  This closes #1582
     new b7431df  Fix typo in error message
     new 50b192d  BEAM-1203 Fixed exception when creating zip entries during Apex YARN launch
     new 7c5382b  Closes #1681
     new aebe067  This closes #1684
     new df66388  Add experiments alias for DebugOptions
     new c8a8bb2  Add experiments alias for DebugOptions
     new 83d78e0  Fixing postcomit error caused by PR 1526.
     new bd62c21  Closes #1686
     new 3fd7a3c  Allow disabling flattening of records types
     new 8d82141  Closes #1268
     new f10cdef  Add Hamcrest To Tox For autocomplete_test Execution
     new 5df8da3  [BEAM-1112] Python E2E Test Framework And Wordcount E2E Test
     new d5c0175  Closes #1639
     new 6d97262  Use CountingSource in ForceStreamingTest
     new 99c49b0  Add Parameters to finishSpecifying
     new 07a0728  BEAM-1203 Fixed exception when creating zip entries during Apex YARN launch
     new cce0952  Update python-sdk pom.xml version and fixup to merge errors.
     new a46091a  Closes #1690
     new bbcdb12  Decreasing the number of copies of things in scope for reduced peak memory utilization in Avro and Pickler.
     new e0de5ab  Instance variable rename.
     new 26bb459  Using the "del" keyword to more explicitly document the memory optimization.
     new 82d7f0f  Closes #1672
     new 68dd9b5  Remove the word 'Pipeline' from the PipelineRunner subclasses.
     new fd5bf2c  Add a depracated warning about BlockingDataflowRunner.
     new 9c37274  Closes #1685
     new 0d1182c  Skip the test_memory_usage test on macos.
     new cce2e9e  Closes #1692
     new 93ed5dd  Fixing staging/temp location comment.
     new 41bf6f8  Closes #1689
     new 7bf86c7  [BEAM-606] Create MqttIO
     new b7d8c2c  [BEAM-606] This closes #971
     new d90c9e1  Adding explicit dependency to specific version of httpclient needed by Apex runner
     new c2b27ff  This closes #1693
     new 321058f  [BEAM-1201] Remove BoundedSource.producesSortedKeys
     new ae46f9a  Closes #1679
     new 8cb1ed5  [BEAM-551] Improve validation in PubSubIO
     new ccb8b82  Closes #1696
     new 1c795c1  Assert transform without side inputs
     new a3c814d  Remove "-incubating" from version identification
     new 260bc49  Update top-level NOTICE and remove incubating disclaimer
     new b2728cf  [BEAM-1216] Assert transform without side inputs
     new 88e749e  Update README to remove incubation information
     new 6b3c2f6  Remove incubating references from examples
     new b0d863e  Update top-level pom.xml to remove incubation references
     new 8cfea76  Update component READMEs to remove graduation information
     new 3b304fc  Remove incubation references from core SDK and archetypes
     new 5ba42cb  Update Jenkins and Travis to remove incubation references
     new 82fc5e4  Fix Incorrect State Usage in PipelineVerifier Unit Test
     new 5f9851a  Closes #1703
     new ab122ac  Add DOAP file for the project
     new 7d7a2d4  This closes
     new 4a70f00  Fixing test_default_job_name case
     new 2d16551  Closes #1702
     new 0f35ed4  Remove incubating references
     new 23ceca2  This closes
     new 339ae7d  This closes #1701
     new 3c33a8d  [BEAM-1220] Update with post-graduation committer list
     new 5b1194f  This closes
     new 44b5c57  [BEAM-1163] Add signature keys to the vote template (release guide)
     new df70c83  Add clarification to original pull request
     new 955d341  This closes
     new c4328e9  Update website pull request instructions in the Release Guide
     new a9e1eda  Additional clarifications to pull request
     new 8a921d8  This closes
     new 8d0b5ec  Update Release Guide: exclude apex runner translation package from the generated javadoc
     new 3e46475  This closes
     new 9ddcd9e  Updated Wordcount, Mobile gaming, and Using the Docs pages.
     new 6d3e374  This closes
     new d8e3407  Added python supports in Programming Guide
     new 198341f  This closes
     new cf3946e  Convert options to public to fix private/public problem.
     new 6d7bbd3  This closes #1700
     new f6838f9  Minor improvement on the Kinesis package info (to be aligned with the other IOs in the generated Javadoc).
     new 178371a  This closes #1707
     new 672a7d7  A few memory and IO optimizations in Avro and FileIO
     new 5107dfa  Closes #1694
     new d58b649  [BEAM-1221] Run Wordcount IT in Postcommit Using Test Framework
     new eff5011  This closes #1705
     new b538574  [BEAM-1186] Broke AvroIOGeneratedClassTest into 2 parametrised test classes that support TestPipeline as a JUnit rule.
     new 3aaa1e3  [BEAM-1186] Broke ApproximateUniqueTest into 3 test classes that support TestPipeline as a JUnit rule.
     new 9faa5ab  [BEAM-1186] Broke SampleTest into 2 test classes that support TestPipeline as a JUnit rule.
     new 67ecb0a  [BEAM-1186] Migrated BigtableIOTest to use TestPipeline as a JUnit rule by stabilizing runReadTest's (read) transform name.
     new 239848c  Revised the javadoc to include TestPipeline as a JUnit usage.
     new 7302732  [BEAM-1186] Fixed some stuff following reviews.
     new 43789aa  [BEAM-1186] Brought back some missing test cases involving with NO_LINES.
     new b6944cd  [BEAM-1186] Migrating the remaining tests to use TestPipeline as a JUnit rule.
     new 6272e29  [BEAM-1226] Add support for well known coder types to Apache Beam python SDK
     new 2999e22  [BEAM-1226] Add support for well known coder types to Apache Beam Python SDK
     new 496ebbe  [BEAM-1211] Make KVCoder more efficient by removing unnecessary nesting
     new 84134bc  This closes #1680
     new b318cf5  [BEAM-1112] Improve Python E2E Test Framework
     new 89a5b3c  This closes #1711
     new e81af06  Update Release Guide as part of the post graduation tasks
     new 34a4f53  This closes
     new cd9c9f8  Rename ->
     new 8bf4c80  This closes #1714
     new 5ec7130  Rename apache_beam.utils.options to apache_beam.utils.pipeline_options
     new 90821df  This closes
     new a8152e7  [BEAM-1230] Fixed a typo in the documentation of the Window class.
     new eec077b  This closes #1716
     new 42fffe2  [BEAM-545] PipelineOptions: fix parameter name
     new 6f4031a  This closes #1653
     new 055beed  Update
     new 135d09f  [BEAM-551] Cache value in NVP.get()
     new 732411a  Fix checkstyle order within
     new 6602eeb  Add .htaccess to automatically forward HTTP to HTTP
     new 55a1837  This closes
     new 88bad04  [BEAM-147] Adding Metrics API to Python SDK
     new d190641  Closes #1420
     new fc92be8  Utility class to convert PCollection<T> to PCollection<String>
     new e886584  This closes #1704
     new 1ffd6ff  [BEAM-1144] Spark runner fails to deserialize MicrobatchSource in cluster mode
     new e136f12  [BEAM-1144] This closes #1613
     new d0fe004  [BEAM-1146] Decrease spark runner startup overhead
     new ee69825  This closes #1674
     new b90dce2  [BEAM-1145] Remove classifier from shaded spark runner artifact
     new 70ff6bf  This closes #1594
     new d4cc0c3  Deliver timers in the direct runner
     new 27b016d  No longer reject timers for ParDo in direct runner
     new 0d0e6d1  WriteTest: use ToString#element()
     new 467e385  This closes #1720
     new d84ac29  Fixed the example usage in
     new f22fb9c  Closes #1691
     new 87bed83  Updates Python SDK examples to use Beam text source/sink.
     new a779ac1  Closes #1728
     new c534cf1  Updated ptransform.apply() to ptransform.expand() in the comments.
     new 020daa9  Closes #1722
     new e6b9bbc  Update README examples to use the new io APIs
     new 2df3eda  Closes #1726
     new 37a18f7  BEAM-1140 delay stream termination after final mark to reduce test flakiness (stop gap measure).
     new 0616245  This closes #1667: Support user timers for ParDo in the direct runner
     new 38d902b  Move name utilities from StringUtils to NameUtils
     new e5a3f75  Remove unused name fields from ParDo constructors
     new 16b2667  Remove .named from Combine
     new 6c1e469  Closes #1718
     new 1b15d6d  This closes #1727
     new fec5d1d  [BEAM-370] Remove last mention of PTransform#named
     new e794f14  Closes #1730
     new 78a360e  [BEAM-1223] Reduced [Sum|Min|Max|Mean]*Fn viability so as to make them an internal implementation detail and prevent external code from employing them for tasks such as pipeline translation.
     new 6b68699  [BEAM-1223] Resolved some type-safety related warnings.
     new 488de7b  [BEAM-1223] Fixed some javadoc.
     new 0697b05  [BEAM-1223] Relaxed some visibility concerns for Sum*Fn, Min*Fn, Max*Fn and MeanFn until it's supported by Dataflow.
     new 3e16e32  [BEAM-1223] Added the missing javadocs.
     new d86db15  [BEAM-1223] Introduced Sum,Min,Max#ofLongs()/ofDoubles()/ofIntegers()
     new 3de4108  [BEAM-1231] Use well known coder types in Java
     new 1b76d3d  Swap to use initializeCloudObject as customization point for CloudObjects. Hide StandardCoder#getComponents() and have coders only rely on Coder#getCoderArguments()
     new 6947d21  Use kind:* for certain well known coder types.
     new bfde34d  Fix coders to have type information and test coders with components to ensure that they serialize and deserialize correctly with well known coder types.
     new 8c69214  Update Dataflow worker image to be able to deserialize well known coder types within TimerOrElementCoder.
     new 5c61227  [BEAM-1231] Use well known coder types in Java
     new 2155476  [BEAM-1180] Implement GearpumpPipelineResult
     new b7c81fd  Add 0.4.0 release
     new b0e37ca  This closes
     new a49fbca  [BEAM-1177] Input DStream "bundles" are now in serialized form and include relevant metadata.
     new d1d85df  [BEAM-1177] This closes #1654
     new 6412389  [BEAM-425] Add ElasticsearchIO
     new 926ec8e  [BEAM-425] This closes #1439
     new f46fe3d  test-your-pipeline: use site.baseurl, site.release_latest, canonical javadoc link with frames
     new 5ead72e  Remove warnings in Apex runner tests.
     new 222f859  This closes
     new 49aeef9  This closes #1683
     new ab797be  [BEAM-1223][Followup] Reduced visibility for Sum,Min,Max,Mean combine Fns.
     new 1e2f90c  [BEAM-1223][Follow-up] Reduced visibility for Sum,Min,Max,Mean.
     new 7b98fa0  Added a new method on Coder which returns a TypeDescriptor.
     new 13767de  This closes #1537: Add a new method on Coder which returns a TypeDescriptor
     new cfdc971  update ROS configurations
     new 81e44b8  Improve performance of fileio._CompressedFile
     new 5b03113  Closes #1733
     new c049281  To use @unittest.skip to skip avroio_test cases when snappy is not imported.
     new a4f0862  Closes #1736
     new fc6c051  Update to get rid of 'incubating' notion.
     new a2fe856  Closes #1737
     new 01c0e47  Add a Test for Flatten with Heterogeneous Coders
     new 83c9831  This closes #1677
     new 0c24fc2  Remove obsolete teardown_policy argument
     new 296fdcd  This closes #1741
     new 690677d  Improvements to regex transform
     new 8ea8135  This closes #1732: Improve Regex
     new 82f331d  FlinkRunner: also disable the FlattenWithHeterogeneousCoders test in the streaming suite
     new b4d8702  This closes #1744
     new 75ce554  Remove the pipeline_type_check option
     new f04537c  Add explicit translation builder for a Step to in Dataflow translator
     new 5d2cb3e  Move some pieces of Dataflow translator to top level
     new 33907f8  Reduce visibility of many Dataflow runner internals
     new a6caa82  This closes #1678: Refactor Dataflow translator to decouple steps
     new 5af7f42  Update Dataflow worker to beam-master-20170106
     new d583a1c  Rollforwards "Allow stateful DoFn in DataflowRunner""
     new 69d8f2b  Closes #1746
     new 418c597  This closes #1742: Rollforwards "Allow stateful DoFn in DataflowRunner"
     new ea633d2  activate ROS on Gearpump by default
     new 8d3d381  [BEAM-1250] Remove leaf when materializing PCollection to avoid re-evaluation.
     new 70dd546  This closes #1747
     new 88833ba  Create TFRecordIO, which provides source/sink for TFRecords, the dedicated record format for Tensorflow.
     new 93e8d19  Provided temporary directory management for test cases.
     new a255151  Closes #1749
     new 0ca0bdb  Make DataflowPipelineTranslator public
     new b81bd25  This closes #1752: Make DataflowPipelineTranslator public
     new a997828  Added post for 0.4.0 release with Apex runner addition.
     new ffc41fa  This closes
     new fa40a33  Publish a blog about Apache Apex runner
     new 7ba14f3  Publish a blog about Apache Apex, second attempt
     new 99d970e fix links to project
     new 6f111d0  This closes
     new 1b3a600  Pass over the contribution guide
     new 6b2842d  This closes
     new b14bbb5  Limit the number of blog posts listed on the main page
     new 57066dd  This closes
     new 62477f0  Update copyright on each page
     new 7d3cfa1  This closes
     new 5dc74b4  Update maturity model to reflect graduation
     new 0c99525  This closes
     new cb47439  Blog post on Beam graduation
     new 6251b9c  This closes
     new 8f7450d  [BEAM-1248] Add varargs withSideInputs to Combine
     new fe7fc29  This closes #1755: Combine with side inputs API should match ParDo
     new 130c113  [BEAM-647] Fault-tolerant sideInputs via Broadcast variables Fix comments by Amit + rebase from master + checkstyle
     new 662934b  Create broadcast lazily
     new c1b7f86  This closes #1624
     new e670e7e  [BEAM-1258] BigQueryServicesImpl.getTable() returns null when tables not found.
     new 68b4c34  This closes #1760
     new 37558fa  Adding protobuf matchers for dataflow client.
     new cb06349  Closes #1761
     new ecd6b5e  Only the first occurrence of each typehint related warning message.
     new 2d190a2  Closes #1754
     new fb80e09  Compressed file with missing last EOF create a fake element
     new 86d4203  Closes #1757
     new 3490a36  [BEAM-1258] DONT_RETRY_NOT_FOUND in BigQueryServicesImpl.isTableEmpty().
     new 055f452  This closes #1759
     new c62611c  Captures assertion site and message in PAssert
     new 51820cb  This closes #1753: Capture assertion site and message in PAssert
     new 47592f6  Revert "Captures assertion site and message in PAssert"
     new 07020c9  This closes #1767: Revert "Captures assertion site and message in PAssert"
     new 8492ec3  Remove value only outputs in Dataflow job representation
     new a93e218  [BEAM-1266] Remove value only outputs in Dataflow job representation
     new 30a0184  Updates snippets to use Beam text source and sink.
     new c2344e9  [BEAM-1255] in flink on UnboundedSource fix javadoc for BoundedSourceWrapper
     new 079657c  Use varargs for PipelineOptionsFactory.fromArgs
     new f1ea8f9  Use varargs for PipelineOptionsFactory.fromArgs
     new 4ba0b60  Closes #1768
     new feca7cf  [BEAM-1188] Python File Verifer For E2E Tests
     new c955ad6  [BEAM-1188] Use fileio.ChannelFactory instead of TextFileSource
     new e23c3ca  Closes #1756
     new ad5eb06  Removes code for wrapping DoFn as an OldDoFn
     new 50979f7  Removes ArgumentProvider.windowingInternals
     new 149d52b  Moves DoFnAdapters to runners-core
     new 59828df  Fix test_pipeline_test That Broke PostCommit
     new 8c22513  This closes #1775
     new d3b126f  This closes #1770
     new 078573e  [BEAM-1229] flink KafkaIOExamples submit error
     new eaf4450  This closes #1765
     new c94946a  Removing some of the dataflow references.
     new f25c0e4  This closes #1774
     new 2b26ec8  Removes some OldDoFn code from DoFnRunners
     new e382c40  Moves PerKeyCombineFnRunners to Flink runner
     new b17e5b0  Points Dataflow runner to updated worker images
     new e63d42d  fix group by window
     new 3bf8263  update to latest gearpump dsl function interface
     new f6aaf0d  support OutputTimeFn
     new 364a3f0  return encoded key for GroupByKey translation
     new b2d326f  fix ParDo.BoundMulti translation
     new 7613ec4  reduce timeout to wait for result
     new a91571e  This closes #1773: Removes or moves away all OldDoFn code from SDK except OldDoFn itself
     new a4d2a5d  Combine jobName with stepUUID for BQIO
     new f9b5d55  This closes #1697
     new 25b01e6  Add coveralls back to repo now that credentials masking works.
     new 187b6e5  This closes #1786
     new 4833b3f  BigtableIO: move test options to test path
     new c53249d  This closes #1785
     new 74dda50  Implement wait_until_finish method for existing runners.
     new 2e49f51  Make blocking by default.
     new 703c1bc  Changed tests in examples/ and io/ to use TestPipeline.
     new 4ded918  Update tests to use TestPipeline()
     new 2197009  Add dependency comments to tox file.
     new 36a7d34  Closes #1762
     new 97a76d9  GcsUtil: set timeout and retry for BatchRequest with HttpRequestInitializer.
     new faa2277  This closes #1608
     new f29a476  Add a default bucket to GcpOptions
     new d135493  This closes #1041
     new ee09668  Moving from a string-based buffer to a cStringIO based on in order to help with performance of compressed sources.
     new 678da7a  Closes #1777
     new d8d3b4e  Fix Incorrect Split in Test Pipeline Test
     new b737ba9  Closes #1784
     new 18179a1  Metrics test in start/end_bundle for ParDos
     new b9cb29c  Closes #1769
     new 66d7629  [BEAM-177] Coveralls: fix goal ordering in precommit
     new e78eb94  This closes #1789
     new 03e18f0  Update tests and examples to use new labels.
     new d992fd1  Simplify ToString#element()
     new 603f4fb  This closes #1721
     new 0db60e4  update labels in iobase
     new eeec9f1  [BEAM-708] use AutoValue to reduce boilerplate in BoundedReadFromUnboundedSource
     new 2061f05  Improve documentation of workerDiskType in Dataflow runner
     new b2d3008  This closes #1719
     new 1a3292f  Moves PerKeyCombineFnRunners back to runners-core
     new d863e68  Remove unneeded labels, and convert existing labels to UpperCamelCase.
     new 5588db8  Closes #1791
     new 224f520  Add jackson specific version + shade only relocate classes
     new 4203670  [BEAM-1214] This closes #1796
     new 2f580ca  This closes #1798: Moves PerKeyCombineFnRunners back to runners-core
     new 43b7b0c  KvSwapTest: enhance validation
     new 98d0efd  This closes #1790
     new 85dcfbd  Remove cache for Gearpump on travis
     new b4d35fe  DataflowRunner: update worker image with fix for ValueOnlyWindowedCoder
     new 4870199  This closes #1803
     new d814857  note thread is interrupted on InterruptedException
     new fa3203d  [BEAM-1285] Apache rat plugin will print out files with unapproved licenses to console
     new eecbcc4  This closes #1799
     new ed434ec  DoFnSignature: deprecate isStateful in favor of usesState
     new 978ff55  Add DoFnSignature.usesTimers() shorthand
     new f535d65  Set USES_KEYED_STATE in Dataflow when DoFn uses timers
     new 77c7505  This closes #1792: Dataflow USES_KEYED_STATE when DoFn uses timers
     new 5f8b8c5  Moves OldDoFn to runners-core
     new a2b94ec  Point to new Dataflow worker
     new a681037  This closes #1636: Move OldDoFn to runners-core
     new 1503682  Add tests for standard beam coder types.
     new 5c054ae  Add a --fix option to the standard coder test that populates encodings.
     new 7e5dc40  A couple more examples.
     new c57c66e  Closes #1764
     new f032fac  Add PubSub attributes support to PubsubIO.
     new c6e46b6  Closes #1358
     new f799a57  Automated refactoring of PubsubIO to fix indentation
     new aa3a2cb  Make fail when the underlying execution fails.
     new 1ed81a2  DataflowRunner will raise an exception on failures.
     new 82599a2  Closes #1802
     new 60c40c8  Add plugin for snippet extraction.
     new 3daa01c  Replace literal code samples with extracted, tested snippets.
     new 086ea86  Clean *.pyc files with mvn clean.
     new c03e6f3  This closes #1806
     new 56512ab  Update DataflowPipelineResult.state at the end of poll_for_job_completion.
     new 946135f  Closes #1809
     new 9396c5d  [BEAM-1291] KafkaIO: don't log warnig in offset fetcher while closing.
     new 2e9cde2  added comment on ignore exception.
     new 09d131c  This closes #1804
     new 9e272ec  Implement Annotation based NewDoFn in python SDK
     new d0474ab  Closes #1805
     new f68c9dc  Add some typing to prevent speed regression for old_dofn.
     new 3541b3c  Fix typo of
     new ddde353  This closes #1814
     new b5bbadf  [BEAM-1273] Error with FlinkPipelineOptions serialization after setStateBackend
     new 9db5f74  This closes #1779
     new 894461e  Closes #1810
     new 1811458  Increments major version used by Dataflow runner to 5
     new e1ee05e  Refactor EmptyOnDeserializationThreadLocal to util
     new cf0b990  Use a ThreadLocal to for Marshaller/Unmarshaller in JAXBCoder
     new daed01a  This closes #1795
     new 0ee34d9  Finalize Checkpoints before resuming from them
     new a1a022d  This closes #1819
     new 29ffaf3  [BEAM-882,BEAM-883,BEAM-878] Simplified API surface verifications.
     new 26a2c47  This closes #1780: Simplified API surface verifications
     new 01b3628  Closes #1818
     new d5b90d8  Remove
     new deb2aea  Closes #1813
     new 6cb2f37  Code cleanup now that all runners support windowed side inputs.
     new af49908  Closes #1812
     new 9248bef  Revert "Simplified API surface verifications"
     new 7b062d7  Always expand in AppliedPTransform
     new f15b52f  This closes #1735
     new 4406414  PubSubIO: fix and improve testing for DisplayData
     new 338012d  This closes #1817
     new 0e1893a  Ensure Composite Nodes produce no output
     new 6ecbfb9  This closes #1788
     new 1ed16f1  This closes #1661: Implement GearpumpPipelineResult
     new cb6e0a8  This closes #1822: Revert "Simplified API surface verifications"
     new 4fd216b  [BEAM-79] Fix PostCommit test confs for Gearpump runner
     new 96fcc7d3 Revert "Remove"
     new d0dc1f3  Closes #1831
     new d58f2ad  This closes
     new 9052366  Fix case where side inputs may be an iterable rather than a list.
     new 5b6dd91  [BEAM-1258] Improve logging in BigQueryIO.verifyTableEmpty().
     new 2a23e8b  [BEAM-1302] BigQueryServicesImpl: skip logging warning if exceptions do not need retry.
     new 3afdc5c  [BEAM-1258] demote retrying loggings to info level.
     new b333487  This closes #1825
     new 8989473  Removes ReduceFnExecutor interface
     new f983123  Closes #1832
     new 11c3cd7  This closes #1833: Removes ReduceFnExecutor interface
     new dc36952  [BEAM-1071] Allow for BigQueryIO to write tables with CREATE_NEVER disposition
     new f2389ab  This closes #1590
     new bffe80d  Add a UsesUnboundedPCollections category and exclude it from DataflowRunner batch tests
     new 1148be6  This closes #1834
     new 4cdd877  [BEAM-59] Beam FileSystem.setDefaultConfig: remove scheme from the signature.
     new e77de7c  This closes #1826
     new 52fc95d  Removes Dataflow native text source and sink from Beam SDK.
     new 43cb4d7  Closes #1820
     new 19789db  Install test dependencies in the post commit script.
     new 9540cf1  Closes #1836
     new f9d1d68  Refactor BigQueryServices to have TableReference in methods signatures
     new 7402d76  This closes #1838
     new 968c311  address comments
     new a361b65  Fix Flink RunnableOnService tests
     new bf9d454  This closes #1839
     new e95335f  DataflowRunner: move source for properties into pom
     new 979c937  This closes #1843
     new 3ecf7e7  PackageUtil: parallelize staging of files
     new c525783  This closes #1184
     new f05c5d3  [BEAM-246] re-enable Checkstyle by default
     new 95beda6  This closes #1846
     new 61d8d3f  Cleanup tests in pipeline_test.
     new 5924220  Closes #1811
     new a67ff91  fixup! Hide visibility of internal implementation class
     new 6413299  [BEAM-708] Using AutoValue in BoundedReadFromUnboundedSource
     new fee029f  Revert "This closes #1184"
     new 5787e81  Use a temp directory for requirements cache in test_with_requirements_file
     new 4e1028b  Closes #1844
     new 2aa7d47  Revert "Revert "Remove""
     new c6420df  Closes #1837
     new 1c6e667  This closes #1847
     new 23e2b913 Recommit "DataflowRunner: parallelize staging of files"
     new b0b91c8  PackageUtil: preserve classpath ordering when uploading
     new 4001aeb  This closes #1828: Fix PostCommit test confs for Gearpump runner
     new b4726d0  This closes #1849
     new e591d8b  DataflowRunner: upgrade worker with Pubsub attribute changes
     new 717b415  This closes #1853
     new b97b393  Update the NOTICE year range
     new 9637724  This closes #1852
     new 4d0225e  Add prefix and suffix to WindowedWordCountIT output location
     new 2cbc08b  This closes #1856
     new e4eda3c  Fix read/write display data
     new e3849af  Closes #1776
     new b148f5c  Refactoring metrics infrastructure
     new 3d6f20d  Closes #1835
     new 6531545  [BEAM-1235] BigQueryIO.Write: log failed load/copy jobs.
     new 83f8c46  This closes #1823
     new e01ce86  Refactored existing code. Added iterable and KV. Changed from element to of.
     new 47304d1  This closes #1830
     new 31c63cb  BEAM-980 Support configuration of Apex DAG through properties file.
     new da2dff9  [maven-release-plugin] prepare branch release-0.5.0
     new 4a29131  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 9c11815  Update Beam version in the Maven archetypes
     new 901a14c  Updating dataflow client protos to add new metrics.
     new 52d97e2  Closes #1857
     new b21bdf4  This closes #1859
     new 036bdb9  [BEAM-278] Add I/O section to programming guide
     new 78f9ca4  Update according to reviewer comments
     new 4c46fd6  Closes
     new 53417f3  minor fixes
     new 34b4a6d  This closes #1850
     new e5d8810  Run lint on all files in the module.
     new 1bc6859  This closes #1807
     new 7d787bd  Removes inputProvider() and outputReceiver()
     new c2859a5  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into python-sdk.
     new f1b8679  Update pom.xml for sdks/python.
     new f190ec3  Clarify maturity of various runners.
     new d17c592  This closes
     new 27cf68e  Closes #1861
     new 1dcda72  [BEAM-843] Use New DoFn Directly in Flink Runner
     new 582c4a8  This closes #1787
     new 632473b  Use PMC instead of PPMC
     new b5b19c0  This closes
     new 4aaaf8f  [BEAM-843] Use New DoFn Directly in Flink Runner
     new 38575a1  Update the file to match the latest beam version.
     new f29527f  This closes #1870
     new 51afc1c  Updates places in SDK that creates thread pools.
     new 475707f  This closes #1866
     new e02ddac  Add mock time to slow bigquery unit tests.
     new 1390699  This closes #1863
     new 0b4b2be  A proposal for a portability framework to execute user definable functions.
     new 343176c  [BEAM-1347, BEAM-1348] Beam Fn API Basic Java Harness and Proto Model
     new 62f9e7b  [BEAM-648] Persist and restore Aggergator values in case of recovery from failure
     new 847e4e9  This closes #1815
     new 0b4ee73  Revert python-sdk only changes in travis, and clean incubator keywords.
     new be0e32e  This closes #1871
     new e0ff997  Remove sdks/python/LICENSE
     new 2d7ce32  Move sdks/python/.gitignore to top-level .gitignore
     new c3b97a2  This closes #1872
     new f0206b0  Update Python post-commit Jenkins configuration
     new d2b8b28  This closes #1874
     new 593669b  Adds PTransform style guide
     new 2d93408  This closes
     new 3b0f586  WIP: Add Python to WordCount documentation
     new e6de755  Added Python Quickstart
     new b5bafa2  This closes
     new e332312  [BEAM-1357] Upgrade error-prone-annotations to get Java7 support back
     new 1eb06d0  This closes #1875
     new e544267  Exclude generated egg-info files from rat check.
     new 59866a2  This closes #1876
     new 961a666  [BEAM-1358] Require dependencies to support JDK7
     new bcc2806  This closes #1877
     new 086e167  Fix HDFSFileSource’s split size estimate
     new 4e425ca  This closes #1867
     new cb6125b  Upgrade google-auto-value to 1.3
     new 7a235f9  This closes #1862
     new ac76898  Update documentation to remove python-sdk branch references
     new 2fb654c  This closes
     new 1846a22  remove reference to the obsolete python-sdk branch
     new 7da5a2c  This closes #1880
     new c40c06e  Remove python-sdk links from the sdks/python/
     new e053207  This closes #1881
     new 82df9b6  [BEAM-475] Build aggregate javadoc in the build.
     new b80aac5  This closes #1781
     new 6d79afd  Add new committers to the team.
     new d797075  This closes
     new 1d23dc7  Cleanup of links: relative instead of absolute, https instead of http, etc.
     new ad4071b  This closes
     new 0de5cf8  Implement combiner lifting for direct runner.
     new ee0b730  Fix typehints tests.
     new e9cd411  Closes #1882
     new 21e2cf6  BigQuery: refactor services so that all queryConfig happens in BigQueryIO
     new 77b1366  This closes #1873
     new 38208ea  This closes #1860: Removes inputProvider() and outputReceiver()
     new 748cd2f  [BEAM-1361] Update build prerequisites in the
     new 92021c5  [BEAM-1361] This closes #1879
     new 3e8810b  Fix BEAM-1301. Support table description in BigQuery IO.
     new 8a0e10a  Add tests for BigQueryIO table description.
     new 2689ca4  This closes #1821
     new d1dc391  Reduce cost of sample combine test
     new 420a718  Closes #1884
     new efc7b0c  Blog: "Media recap of the Apache Beam graduation"
     new 4729ff8  This closes
     new a640f17  Disable Travis coverage
     new 801750d  Standardize Jenkins suites into .jenkins directory
     new 82c3e76  This closes
     new e0c704f  Converts KafkaIO to AutoValue
     new 0e6b379  This closes #1048
     new 93832aa  Removing aggregators from Python SDK
     new 860ac1d  This closes #1783
     new 6e5c341  [BEAM-1334] Split UsesMetrics category and tests into UsesCommittedMetrics and UsesAttemptedMetrics
     new 6ea4b3a  Closes #1865
     new 0f56343  Reduce test sizes to improve unit test speeds
     new 168d6a1  This closes #1885
     new 0454a18  Drop late data in Flink runner
     new 7dc9e86  Gives the runner access to RestrictionTracker
     new a27d3cf  This closes #1824: Gives the runner access to RestrictionTracker
     new 27e1cac  Switch to trigger builds on push notifications from GitHub instead of polling SCM every minute.
     new 0b866d4  This closes #1893
     new 97060bd  [BEAM-837] Add authentication support in JmsIO
     new ad90d91  [BEAM-837] This closes #1745
     new 31a5754  Fail when --streaming option is used.
     new 311425c  This closes #1899
     new 13728c1  Invoke onMerge in AfterWatermarkEarly
     new 0a901d9  This closes #1907
     new 2ce7784  In some instances where a PipelineOptions subclass was defined in the main session and save_main_session option is enabled, that subclass may appear multiple times in the PipelineOptions.__subclassess__() list. This is causing problems with the argparse because options are not unique any more.
     new fed80ce  This closes #1889
     new 33052e8  Restores visibility of MetricMatchers.metricUpdate
     new 70b16c7  Closes #1905
     new 956b81c  Some performance improvements to NewDoFn
     new 1a6f2e8  This closes #1869
     new 01bbae1  Fix typo in
     new ac4185e  Adding metrics() to DataflowPipelineResult.
     new c01ed08  This closes #1909
     new 926f868  Migrate CallableWrapperDoFn to use the NewDoFn type
     new a88f590  This closes #1894
     new c93d209  This closes
     new a08eff5  Migrate from OldDoFn to NewDoFn
     new c0910fd  This closes #1896
     new 5dc83f5  Move website jobs to main Beam repo to reduce duplication.
     new 1533d70  This closes #1897
     new 349212c  Delete jobs due to move to main repo.
     new 921996a  This closes
     new c0eef13  Add deprecation warning to OldDoFn
     new 96a05a4  This closes #1902
     new 838ef04  Add license header to website Jenkins job descriptions
     new 08e58e1  This closes #1912: Add license header to website Jenkins job descriptions
     new a183cb9  [BEAM-1379] Shade Guava in beam-sdks-java-io-kafka module
     new 8b04494  This closes #1906
     new da8d0dd  Add localhost option for DatastoreIO
     new 8ee3572  This closes #1293
     new eed4efc  [BEAM-1127] Create an unique source when using a JMS topic to avoid elements duplication
     new cef3109  This closes #1573
     new b56f460  [BEAM-1036] Support for new State API in FlinkRunner (streaming)
     new 99f93eb  This closes #1878
     new 1af093b  Rename NewDoFn to DoFn
     new 4ccbdbc  This closes #1913
     new b6877ce  [BEAM-65] ProcessFn: support setup/teardown
     new 72fef99  This closes #1901: Drop late data in Flink runner
     new 16c8e9f  Enable oneshots of Jenkins runs in precommit.
     new fbd69dc  This closes #1892
     new c2d8d71  Retry GCS partial-file read when API call hangs
     new 6e220bb  This closes #1914
     new c41e603  Add page about python type safety and type hints
     new c303347  This closes
     new 25f9135  [BEAM-1392] DoFn teardown not called on empty partitions
     new e5afbb2  This closes #1920
     new 882c654  [BEAM-1304] Checking for nullity before trying to obtain an aggregator's value.
     new c442ef8  This closes #1921
     new 62dab95  [BEAM-1387] DatastoreV1: use endpoint
     new 4d0e8ec  This closes #1915
     new 137d392  Remove the usage of OldDoFn and clean up function names
     new b3d962d  This closes #1917
     new 4800a3e  Remove extraneous chunking from GroupAlsoByWindowsViaOutputBufferDoFn
     new c2925fe  Autoformat GroupAlsoByWindowsViaOutputBufferDoFn
     new a27bb24  Remove inaccurate pluralization from GABWViaOutputBufferDoFn
     new 7564486  This closes #1924: Remove extraneous chunking from GroupAlsoByWindowsViaOutputBufferDoFn
     new 2b6698d  Eliminate use of InMemoryStateInternals in the Java SDK
     new af391b8  Move InMemoryStateInternals to runners/core-java
     new b12e5ff  Delete long-deprecated StateContexts methods
     new 949ab3a  Move WindowingInternals to runners/core-java
     new 1d7c6b0  Remove comment-only uses that block runners/core-java migrations
     new 2e6c131  Move StateInternalsFactory to runners/core-java
     new 92b33bc  Move TimerInternalsFactory to runners/core-java
     new b086d2f  Move TimerInternals to runners/core-java
     new 4e4391c  Move StateTable to runners/core-java
     new 144b1df  Move StateInternals to runners/core-java
     new e77e7f0  Move StateNamespace and related to runners/core-java
     new c9fac18  Add 0.5.0 release
     new fd7e614  Upgrade Dataflow container version to beam-master-20170203
     new a4c06bb  This closes
     new ade9c33  Reduce test times for two retry based tests
     new d18db93  This closes #1923
     new 50d00cb  Updates default values used by retry decorator.
     new 1e49ee8  This closes #1916
     new 71197ae  [BEAM-1395] Remove chunking.
     new e0189f3  This closes #1922
     new 224e447  This closes #1858: Move state-oriented remnants of OldDoFn to runners/core-java
     new f4e1097  This closes #1895: ProcessFn: support setup/teardown
     new a93c5c0  Allow absolute timers
     new 0c24286  This closes #1827: Allow absolute timers
     new 6c00e91  Add some more RunnableOnService tests for stateful ParDo
     new a26fd1f  This closes #1748: Add some more RunnableOnService tests for stateful ParDo
     new 98e513b  Add snippet for reading from compressed text sources
     new f90558c  Closes #1845
     new d34145a  Improve DirectRunner performance by tuning BoundedReadEvaluator.
     new 2328697  This closes #1933
     new a164323  Removes deprecated fileio.TextFileSink.
     new 9dad73c  This closes #1932
     new 92707b9  [BEAM-1405] Refactor to remove repeated code from test
     new 5edcdff  [BEAM-1405] Skip stopping context when spark context is provided
     new ed7b82e  This closes #1934
     new 2315217  Add wrapping of lambda in a SimpleFunction
     new 144bffd  This closes #1855: Add wrapping of lambda in a SimpleFunction
     new 8c3f777  Check that Elements, Timers have permitted Timestamps
     new 459a8f8  This closes #1931
     new a732f22  Cleanup files after the tests end
     new 074031c  This closes #1936
     new 0a59205  To add sdks/python/utils/profiler a MemoryReporter that tracks heap profiles.
     new 63dc08e  This closes #1928
     new 9c0047f  Move StateMerging to runners/core-java
     new 77f60b8  Remove dead code referencing StateTag
     new d39cec4  Move StateAccessor, MergingStateAccessor to runners/core-java
     new c42a19b  Move StateTag adapter code to StateTags
     new 07d9327  Move StateTag and friends to runners/core-java
     new 8ef78d7  [BEAM-1384] JmsIO: better errors during start, better testing
     new 8c1a577  This closes #1937
     new 268b905  Implement tests that coders are equivalent across-sdks
     new 570ddb7  This closes #1910
     new 55b48a0  [BEAM-1297] Remove explicit plugin versions for spark runner
     new cf69273  [BEAM-1297] Fix error message on minimum maven version for some plugins
     new 82ea9fb  [BEAM-1297] Update all maven plugin versions to the latest release
     new 1018c7d  This closes #1816
     new 7587148  Add new beam-sdk-java-core test deps to test scope for all runners
     new df2774c  This closes #1948
     new f3c099b  [BEAM-1434] Add new beam-sdk-java-core test deps to test scope for DataflowRunner
     new cf1925f  This closes #1949: Add new beam-sdk-java-core test deps to test scope for DataflowRunner
     new 398c366  Update the capability matrix for state and timers
     new 31833dc  Add PTransformMatcher
     new bdcd26c  This closes #1938
     new 6d8afeb  This closes
     new b83744f  [BEAM-59] Beam FileSystem: ResourceIdentifier and its local and gcs implementation.
     new a8b2166  Update programming guide with Python snippets and data encoding section.
     new a25855a  This closes #1900
     new 86d6d84  This closes
     new 255c7e2  Upgrade Dataflow container version to beam-master-20170208
     new f6cdc9b  PartitionFn should not access context
     new c63eb7b  This closes #1947
     new 949689c  BEAM-1368: replaced usage of execfile() by exec(), which is the official recommendation for portability
     new cf9d221  This closes #1887
     new 078a2ff  Add Input Reconstruction to PTransformOverrideFactory
     new 6410294  This closes #1953
     new fa5270f  Remove fn_or_label argument from Map and Filter
     new 00f5fef  This closes #1951
     new e6e8ed5  WindowFn assign should not access the window set
     new 591118e  This closes #1942
     new 1a86646  [BEAM-1411] Shade Guava in beam-sdks-java-io-hdfs module
     new d17d2db  This closes #1954
     new 578ac43  Add documentation to build the site with a jekyll container
     new e66a2c4  This closes
     new e21f9ae  This closes #1929: Move a few more remnants of internal state to runners/core-java
     new cde550f  [BEAM-882,BEAM-883,BEAM-878] Simplified API surface verifications.
     new 6b31c14  This closes #1888
     new df51add  Add Create#empty
     new d66fe04  Replace Create.of(T...) with Create.of(T, T...)
     new 2eeeaa2  This closes #1957
     new a4201a1  Add support for reading/writing headers to text files
     new 9ec22f1  Closes #1918
     new 74d977a  Explicitly pass Pipeline in AppliedPTransform
     new c26d582  This closes #1963
     new a5ce3b4  Add proto definition for Runner API
     new 37b6fb1  [BEAM-1450] Fix NewDoFn handling of window explosion.
     new cd6802b  Closes #1965
     new 490ef8f  This closes #1946: Add proto definition for Runner API
     new c6343e5  Get nosetests working after removing the change
     new 70a702e  This closes #1964
     new 815abbc  Add back composite transforms anchor to fix broken links
     new 1677e10  Correcting the name _append_trailing_newlines
     new 6ab60d8  Closes #1969
     new 661a9d3  Improve TransformHierarchy.Node#toString
     new b289521  This closes #1967
     new 959bf1e  Fix the path in os.join
     new c882976  This closes #1972
     new 7829dc8  [BEAM-1453] LocalResourceIdTest: disable unicode tests.
     new 712a1d6  This closes #1968
     new 4d757dc  [BEAM-1437] Spark runner StreamingListeners are not recoverable.
     new 9c4a784  This closes #1962
     new fe289dd  Closes
     new 0d9f581  processBatch() is now called processBundle()
     new 880df56  Closes
     new 7126467  BEAM-1443: Preserve window duplication on window assignment.
     new caaa64d  Closes #1959
     new 61efaa4  Add ReplacementOutput
     new effca63  This closes #1939
     new eeab397  Add new Managing Python Pipeline Dependencies page
     new a564dfa  This closes
     new a49acda  Changed name of ToString.of() to ToString.elements().
     new 5fba260  Attach original traceback in direct runner failure.
     new 51ef000  Closes #1970
     new 9c2c08d  Remove blocking dataflow runner
     new f124081  This closes #1956
     new 7ba6a14  Construct Pipeline Nodes after Pipeline#run
     new b1c1c83  This closes #1971
     new 5a0aa4e  Remove unneeded version for direct-runner dependency (must inherit from parent)
     new aac4da1  This closes #1976
     new c4b4a4a  Remove references to PipelineRunner
     new 65af217  This closes #1955
     new 23f5790  Fix invalid pattern in KafkaIO shade
     new 9a84d3a  This closes #1979
     new 9804a5c  Remove fn_or_label argument from Map and Filter
     new 4f03cab  Remove fn_or_label argument from Map and Filter
     new 5af68f0  Remove fn_or_label argument from FlatMap
     new 9c01415  Remove fn_or_label argument from ParDo
     new 109ead9  Remove label_or_fn from CombineGlobally
     new e67384c  Remove label guessing from CallablePTransform
     new fe39ae1  Remove label guessing from PValue
     new dec7edf  Remove label from Create
     new 5b0d883  Remove label from Flatten
     new 44d6501  Remove label from windowInto
     new af02b8c  This closes #1958
     new 944ed4a  Updates BigQuery read transform so that DirectRunner handles 'null' fields properly.
     new a282619  This closes #1978
     new 0f3a24a  [BEAM-1464] All test should use TestPipeline instead of specifying DirectRunner
     new 3acdd95  This closes #1980
     new ca13960  [BEAM-59] Beam FileSystem: initial set of methods and their implementation for local and gcs.
     new a9bcdce  This closes #1808
     new 51a8c37  [BEAM-59] GcsUtil: refactor and expose getObject() and listObjects() APIs.
     new 5fe11a2  This closes #1977
     new 75d5348  [BEAM-782] support runner names to be partial or case insensitive
     new 93ae666  This closes #1981
     new 2f63b1f  Fixed javadoc comment in ResumeFromCheckpointStreamingTest.
     new 4beed50  This closes #1986
     new 8014a6e  [BEAM-1470] A quite logger for testing.
     new d4db4fb  This closes #1991
     new adba4c6  [BEAM-1433] Remove coder from TextIO
     new e2ef2d0  This closes #1944
     new c5e5363  Increase the bounds on the test to reduce flakiness
     new 982ea7a  This closes #1992
     new 8269027  Make PrepareForProcessing Final, Deprecated
     new 30cb93c  This closes #1993
     new 86f00db  Add ReplaceOutputs to PTransformOverrideFactory
     new 2c0cffa  This closes #1995
     new 159554a  Update ParDo documentation for Python
     new 1ef7219  This closes
     new 36882c9  Add klk as a blog author
     new 8126777  Add blog post "Stateful Processing with Apache Beam"
     new e6df1f0  This closes
     new cad4354  Upgrade google-api-services-dataflow to v1b3-rev186-1.22.0
     new a628ce3  This closes #1999
     new ac7c471  Add cross-SDK implementations and tests of IntervalWindowCoder
     new b67bd11  This closes #1984
     new cab5e63  Add cross-sdk tests for IterableCoder
     new 8e0573b  This closes #1996
     new b284fb4  Add JDBC postgres IT, load script and k8 script
     new 4018c83  This closes #1841
     new d8201a9  Upgrading to datatore 0.7.0 library
     new f32cb3e  This closes #1989
     new 98d8834  This closes #1975: Changed name of ToString.of() to ToString.elements().
     new c1c8d83  Correct Javadoc on accessing windows in DoFn
     new 49809d1  This closes #1891: Correct Javadoc on accessing windows in DoFn
     new d1648c4  [BEAM-59] Beam FileSystem: match() and its local implementation.
     new bea101a  This closes #1982
     new 674bead  Add UsesMapState and UsesSetState JUnit categories
     new 36604a0  Exclude UsesSetState and UsesMapState categories from Dataflow runner
     new 0f48321  Exclude UsesSetState and UsesMapState tests for Flink runner
     new a0702f5  Add SetState and MapState
     new 4bd6d83  Add ParDo Matchers to PTransformMatchers
     new 938a66e  This closes #1973
     new 16c051a  Add Pipeline#replaceTransform
     new 345c2ac  This closes #1998
     new 13e0915  Suppress two Flaky Harness Tests
     new ed3ef11  This closes #2005
     new 2596d46  This closes #1950: State for "Set" data and "Map" data
     new 8da2773  Add some slack to the memory threshold for DirectRunner oom checker.
     new 0d3389a  This closes #2003
     new 40c4a5c  Reify delay and alignment in AfterProcessingTime transform
     new 5d5602d  Upgrade Java triggers to support runner API deserialization
     new 67854e6  Fix typo in runner API generated Java class
     new 661cd8d  Flesh out triggers in Runner API proto
     new 2803864  Add runner API config to poms
     new f4ceaee  Add conversion to/from Java SDK trigger to runner API proto
     new b6e9f73  Remove underscore from Runner API proto Java package
     new 88b2d9b  [BEAM-1473] Remove unused windmill proto from python sdk
     new 2685ba5  This closes #2001
     new 4e69a79  Match Pane in WindowedValueMatcher
     new 29fc84b  Propagate Pane in WindowEvaluatorFactory
     new 9061c65  This closes #2008
     new e097b75  Upgrade Dataflow container version to beam-master-20170214
     new db19c7d  This resolves #1988: Add full-fidelity conversion to/from Java SDK triggers and Runner API protos
     new 61cf31a  Fix typo in stateful processing post
     new 9353b4e  This closes Fix typo in stateful processing post
     new 7af6472  [BEAM-79] Support merging windows in GearpumpRunner
     new 2fadeb8  Make examples blocking as command line invoked
     new e720a7c  This closes #2010
     new 8e203ea  [BEAM-774] Implement Metrics support for Spark runner
     new 31624fe  Register beam metrics with a MetricSource in Spark
     new 22865780 Remove duplicate classes from spark runner marking sdk classes Serializable instead.
     new d7d49ce  Throw UnsupportedOperationException for committed metrics results in spark runner
     new 3784b54  Recover metrics values from checkpoint
     new 24ecf6b  This closes #1750
     new 4f12f6b  Fix some typos and small formatting issues.
     new be911e8  Add unsigned 64 bit int read/write methods to cythonized stream
     new 00ea3f7  This closes #2004
     new bea4747  Touch up some punctuation in state blog post
     new d3c73d2  This closes Fix some typos and small formatting issuesin the last stateful processing blog post
     new 2d0aed9  This closes #1935: Support merging windows in GearpumpRunner
     new 3e4c05c  Upgrade bytebuddy to 1.6.8 to jump past asm 5.0
     new f8323cb  Clarify state further in capability matrix
     new 3015782  This closes
     new 993cd0c  [BEAM-59] Beam GcsFileSystem: port expand() from GcsUtil for glob matching.
     new 013f118  This closes #2002
     new 1ffbc68  Add runners/core-construction-java
     new 18f3767  This closes #2013
     new 2e766ce  This closes #2014: Upgrade bytebuddy to 1.6.8 to jump past asm 5.0
     new f360f47  Fix some DoFn javadoc literals
     new 5fe7844  This closes #1940: Fix some DoFn javadoc literals
     new 50daea2  [BEAM-1205] Auto set "enableAbandonedNodeEnforcement" in TestPipeline
     new f03f6ac  This closes #1706
     new 7d32b93  [BEAM-1393/1394/1445] Update to Flink 1.2.0 and fix resulting problems
     new 137fee9  This closes #1960
     new 9782954  [BEAM-958] Improve desired number of splits in Dataflow.
     new cd4e6e4  This closes #2009
     new 5d20818  Adding setters for CounterUpdate in the dataflow runner
     new 55340e6  This closes #1974
     new 4d8865d  Remove Unneccessary DataflowRunner Overrides
     new 817688a  This closes #2019
     new 5e2a4d5  Move runners/dataflow to runners/google_cloud_dataflow
     new f394f50  Simple refactoring of core content from Dataflow -> Beam
     new 89b3878  move dataflow_runner to vendor folder
     new d04a88e  This closes #2021
     new 85f0408  [BEAM-59] Beam GcsFileSystem: port fileSizes() from GcsUtil for batch get StorageObjects.
     new 763fb50  This closes #2015
     new 368ad23  Add ability to bundle any message with components in Runner API
     new 9151676  This closes #2023: Add ability to bundle any message with components in Runner API
     new 3c22a84  Bring common_job_properties closer to Groovy style
     new 41b2409  This closes #2020
     new 67d02b9  Clean up TransformHierarchy#replace
     new 77a1afb  Use Graph Surgery in the DirectRunner
     new 2ca3bf6  This closes #2006
     new 36e8738  [BEAM-59] Beam GcsFileSystem: implementation of match().
     new 9df1da4  This closes #2022
     new 4337c3e  Moving dataflow runner related code to vendor directory
     new 36ed3f6  This closes #2026
     new 83fb688  Add custom sources and sinks for Python page
     new 7f7ad88  This closes
     new de7b1a1  Add PTransformMatchers#emptyFlatten
     new e75fbe7  Add ParDoWithType PTransform Matcher
     new f29e4c3  Add UnsupportedOverrideFactory to core-construction
     new 236a3cd  This closes #2029
     new 16f9c20  DisplayData findbugs serializable
     new 9335738  This closes #2037
     new 0b73749  Inject number of Shards as a Side Input to Write
     new 918c7fa  This closes #1941
     new 89cbf3b  Improve check around accumulation mode
     new 01de255  This closes #2038
     new 2192549  Move google specific io clients to vendor directory.
     new 393bbc9  This closes #2041
     new 7bef50a  More informative KafkaCheckpointMark toString
     new 4063019  This closes #2034
     new 314f338  Add wildcard import back again.
     new 2872f86  This closes #2045
     new 908c853  [BEAM-1218] Move GCP specific IO into separate module
     new d03e398  This closes #2047
     new 87f2052  [BEAM-1320] Add script to generate documentation for the python sdk
     new 92190ba  This closes #2024
     new a620653  A global Watermark holder to update and broadcast to workers.
     new bbf3744  Ingest the input watermarks into the GlobalWatermarkHolder.
     new fa31f18  Advance watermarks onBatchCompleted hook.
     new 705695e  Handle QueuedStream (for testing) and track sources upstream.
     new c18f8a2  Exopse RegexMatcher as part of the SDK.
     new 9784f20  Watermark tests.
     new add8716  Streaming sources tracking test.
     new 3d25b9c  This relied on a wrong functionality as described in BEAM-1444 and should be revisited there.
     new aa45ccb  This closes #1987
     new a2f0615  [BEAM-1512] Optimize leaf transforms materialization
     new 4e5a762  This closes #2046
     new 0ad1792  Remove checkstyle dependency (it is inherited from the parent pom)
     new 568efff  Remove maven javadoc/source plugin (inherited from the release profile)
     new 44d39dc  Fix bad indents and remove repeated dependencies for parent pom and javadoc pom
     new 8cfb3d1  This closes #2049
     new 0e9173d  fix TestFlinkRunner to throw PipelineExecutionException
     new f86facb  [BEAM-1116] Support for new Timer API in Flink runner (streaming)
     new 038ebd3  This closes #2032
     new d611a7e  python-sdk: add stacked WindowedValues in DirectRunner.Bundle.
     new e43a290  This closes #2017
     new ab850ac  add SpEL to hide kafka client difference of 0.9/0.19
     new a991c9d  This closes #2044
     new f7dc616  Move Batch View Overrides out of DataflowRunner
     new f0665e9  Move Streaming View Overrides out of the DataflowRunner
     new e70e608  This closes #2025
     new 9088a5e  Rename invalid Loggers to be consistent with the project standard (LOG)
     new 5d6dafa  This closes #2054
     new 90c5961  [BEAM-1356] `mvn clean install -DskipTests` still runs python tests
     new ebd4ae6  This closes #2052
     new 997002d  Parameterized tests for standard coders in Python SDK
     new eb59a1d  This closes #2028
     new 380b75e  Make SDK-specific serialized blob really a blob
     new aac38d6  Add closing behavior to Runner API proto
     new 7dd5710  Add conversion to/from Runner API proto for WindowingStrategy
     new 22ace85  [BEAM-1513] Skip slower verifications if '-DskipTests' specified
     new 3fcc820  [BEAM-1513] This closes #2048
     new 154c543  This closes #2030: Convert to/from WindowingStrategy proto in Java SDK
     new b6863b1  Remove PValue.getProducingTransformInternal
     new 2982238  This closes #2058
     new e6b3883  Remove dependency on apitools
     new 22f3fb8  Remove dependency on datastore
     new c3141ed  This closes #2051
     new aaa2278  Fix post commit script to install gcp dependencies
     new 0d639e6  This closes #2062
     new 89fae45  [BEAM-1157] Add HBaseIO
     new ed0d457  This closes #1961
     new 146ce98  [BEAM-1526] Suppress Spark WatermarkTest#testInDoFn due to flakes
     new 5ca149d  This closes #2060
     new 8b2e8f2  Revert "[BEAM-1513] Skip slower verifications if '-DskipTests' specified"
     new 228b18e  [BEAM-1320] Fix documentation in the sdk and fail for new errors
     new d7ed2e2  This closes #2059
     new 810a5b4  Obtain Flink Views from the Context Output
     new 88e8425  This closes #2035
     new 27ad140  Move Streaming View Overrides out of the Flink Runner
     new e0e7e52  Move Flink Runner classes to base package and make package private
     new 453e37b  This closes #2072
     new 926385c  Add a Base OverrideFactory class for 1-to-1 overrides
     new a9361fa  Migrate DirectRunner one-to-one factories
     new fbaac0f  This closes #2055
     new f22f7e5  Add cross-SDK implementations and tests of WindowedValueCoder
     new ede77c1  This closes #2018
     new 83261a8  [BEAM-475] update release instructions for javadoc
     new 75b4f3e  Closes
     new b6cb825  Minor tweaks
     new 2b6a08f  [BEAM-1465] No natural place to flush/close resources in FileBasedWriter
     new 41de930  This closes #2067
     new a8b46cf  Remove uses of CreatePCollectionView#getView
     new b65db42  This closes #2061
     new 5f3f04b  Fix broken links due to code path changes
     new 3a0f418  Remove unneeded plugins sections from the IO (inherited from parent)
     new d44f5b8  This closes #2071
     new 5c21d08  Remove the nose-parameterized dependency
     new a766083  This closes
     new d3a4174  Add Apache in front of initial Beam reference
     new cf20c63  This closes
     new e38a480  This closes #2075
     new 164916d  [BEAM-1320] Update release guide to create pydocs
     new 37ff883  Respect type hints for IterableCoder
     new 0f9fefe  This closes #2068
     new 26c42b9  Add getRegion to the DataflowPipelineOptions
     new 17ab371  This closes #2074
     new 7baf7b5  This closes
     new d1ac305  [BEAM-1320] Fix warnings in the beam docstrings
     new f303b98  This closes #2076
     new 9559e5b  Fix broken links
     new ff208cc  Remove obsolete classes
     new 2b1c084  Add SerializableConfiguration
     new da6d7e1  Refactor Hadoop/HDFS IO
     new cad84c8  This closes #2031
     new 59ad58a  Rename google_cloud_dataflow and google_cloud_platform
     new 8ec8909  This closes #2079
     new 821669d  Move dependency file to dataflow runner directory
     new 00b3958  This closes #2080
     new 97d2598  This closes
     new 0ac985c  [BEAM-646] Get Flink Runner out of apply()
     new fbcde4c  This closes #2053
     new 3e6bbfc  [BEAM-1389] Remove Flink Runner
     new 0806183  This closes #2084
     new b03366d  Fix relative path after file move
     new a1e8ac4  This closes #2085
     new 1512714  [BEAM-1218] Move the names and auth files to appropriate directories
     new 9d3b0db  This closes #2086
     new 5c0cabb  Add Windowing snippets for Python SDK.
     new 3a8ae53  This closes #2027
     new d843546  [BEAM-1218] Move the dataflow specific parts from runner_test to dataflow_runner_test
     new 3b890e8  This closes #2091
     new 32e698d  Use a versioned container for dataflow runner
     new 4857aa4  This closes #2092
     new 365f2af  Delete debugging comment
     new cdca823  This closes #2093
     new ade4d50  junit test for both Kafka 0.9 and 0.10
     new 4f56acb  This closes #2069
     new 9933f27  Use strings for ids in Fn API
     new 2c71354  This closes #1190: Use strings for ids in Fn API
     new 5e3fb8c  [BEAM-1456] Make UnboundedSourceWrapper snapshot to rescalable operator state in Flink Runner
     new 3d0fe85  This closes #2043
     new 4dbc233  Adding testing related info: TestPipeline, API surface.
     new 9dbaeaf  Add dependency from runners-core-java to runner-api
     new bfdbebd  Translate ReshuffleTrigger into Always trigger proto
     new bd8b72c  Factory method best practice for ReshuffleTriggerStateMachine
     new 27a482b  Build trigger state machine from Runner API Trigger proto directly
     new 25a014f  This closes #2042: Build trigger state machine from Runner API Trigger proto directly
     new 1a8de7c  This closes
     new 0676cf2  Add support repeated template invocations for BQIO.Write
     new 5ae1a00  This closes #1930
     new 2f8339a  [BEAM-789] Review python sdk dependencies
     new 00b789d  This closes #2099
     new 6a3f80a  Fix the quickstart documentation
     new 3602a0b  This closes
     new 4dfb69e  Update quickstart to have runner specific examples
     new 916fe65  Ignore HBaseIOTest temporarily
     new 672d12a  Inline PTransform to GraphNode, removing generic design
     new 3120fd9  Condense FunctionSpec and remove SdkFunctionSpec, merging data and params
     new 49c9de1  This closes #2094: Concretize generic bits of the Runner API graph structure
     new 8a06134  This closes #2103: Ignore HBaseIOTest temporarily
     new 1b1bb0b  Change the package name to apache-beam
     new b1fd55f  This closes #2102
     new fa13c7b  Ignore undeclared outputs in the java fn harness
     new d79fb3e  This closes #2100
     new 5b342f4  This closes
     new 7162964  Update python sdk readme
     new 639f9f4  This closes #2105
     new a5b8cb1  Making metrics queriable in Python SDK.
     new 415546e  This closes #2016
     new 2736c4a  [BEAM-1554] Add verification of Coder structural equality after enc/dec
     new 437ba25  This closes #2098: Add verification of Coder structural equality after encoding/decoding
     new 32cd483  Disable newly added tests, that is failing is post-commits.
     new 38a01e9  This closes #2107
     new acc1013  Updated TestPipeline's javadoc.
     new 4bba380  This closes #2089
     new 3adf115  BEAM-1559 add HBase docs
     new b74f8fa  Remove periods from step name in SparkBeamMetric to avoid inconsistent hierarchies in Graphite metric sink
     new 3082178  This closes #2083
     new 0ae2a38  [BEAM-1560] Use provided Function Runners in Flink Batch Runner
     new b261d48  This closes #2112: Use provided Function Runners in Flink Batch Runner
     new d1f6a8a  [BEAM-1541] Create hadoop-common and refactor HdfsIO and HBaseIO to use it
     new 9e4b140  This closes #2087
     new f5c04e1  Update Dataflow Container Version
     new a6cd8c3  Get DataflowRunner out of the #apply()
     new aaf0884  This closes #2039
     new 63035de  Add DEFLATE to CompressedSource and TextIO
     new 0b7515e  This closes #2056
     new c183a7b  Add Create#withTypeDescriptor
     new 063fbd4  This closes #2095
     new 24613fd  Inject Sharding Strategy in the Direct Runner
     new 932bb82  This closes #2040
     new 223aaac  Flink: upgrade apache commons
     new ae6860d  This closes #2116
     new 40bc64c  [BEAM-1466] JSON utils extension
     new 8341924  [BEAM-1466] This closes #1983
     new 0c857c7  [BEAM-1540] Move coders package classes to the top level
     new 715b95a  [BEAM-1540] Restrict access level for Coders/Serializable classes
     new 16a2bc0  [BEAM-1540] Small refactorings for HBaseIO
     new 232975c  [BEAM-1549] Add missing tests for Coders/Serializers in HBaseIO
     new eeed30b  This closes #2117
     new 47333b0  Get ApexRunner out of the #apply()
     new c8dfb85  This closes #2063
     new 8dcec9a  This closes
     new 55f6991  Add contrib guide comments about using squash & force push.
     new f59b6ac  This closes
     new a0dcd3f  Make access_pattern a URN with params.
     new c04e8ab  Clarify side input name and remove redundant pcollection reference.
     new 16736a6  Closes #2106
     new 746fca9  Comment Ostatic link as it has been broken for a few weeks
     new 5385d55  This closes
     new 06535af  Support unkown length iterables for IterableCoder in python SDK
     new 13db84b  This closes #2081
     new ec5a826  [BEAM-1036] Support for new State API in Flink Batch Runner
     new 2a23374  This closes #2114
     new e7f825c  [BEAM-1116] Support for new Timer API in Flink Batch runner
     new 2e072a0  This closes #2126
     new ed602aa  Correct Apex translation of Single-input Flatten
     new 8998cb9  This closes #2125
     new d953b88  Emit a warning when no SDK is provided. We set sdk_location to empty only in unit tests.
     new 466599d  This closes #2104
     new d442766  Upgrade dataflow worker
     new a41afdc  This closes #2129
     new bf0c119  Better name for batch implementation of GroupAlsoByWindow.
     new 32a9d61  Implementation of GroupAlsoByWindowViaWindowSet for the Spark runner.
     new 8c37970  Utils for SparkGroupAlsoByWindowViaWindowSet.
     new 96abe4f  Refactor translators according to new GroupAlsoByWindow implemenation for the Spark runnner.
     new 9f14350  Fix streaming translation of Flatten and Window, make CreateStream eager.
     new 96d373f  Test triggers, panes and watermarks via CreateStream.
     new c25a02f  Remove streaming tests that were needed before supporting the model.
     new 2bcd40c  Use TestSparkRunner in tests.
     new b21de69  Handle test failures in "graceful stop peroid".
     new da5f849  Serialize state stream with coders for shuffle and checkpointing.
     new 24ab605  Add multi stream and flattened stream tests.
     new f47e0eb  Make TimestampTransform Serializable.
     new 3867dcd  Batch executions should block without timeout.
     new b88e54a  Tests that can should run with TestSparkRunner.
     new 82d754c  Batch doesn't use checkpoint dir so nothing to clean.
     new c08e7d8  Fix runnable-on-service profile in the Spark runner.
     new bd41d9a  Build trigger state machine from Runner API Trigger proto directly
     new 4ca5680  Use a PipelineRule for test pipelines.
     new 123f482  Move LateDataUtils and UnsupportedSideInputReader to runners-core.
     new 62ddca6  Make CreateStream a TimestampedValue Source.
     new 3c94ff2  Spark GABWVOB to use UnsupportedSideInputReader.
     new 2c70743  Streaming tests, especially the ones using checkpoints, need a time buffer to finish.
     new 61e31e6  This closes #2050
     new 2d59b10  Make side inputs a map, rather than embedding the name in the message.
     new 3f4e008  Closes #2124
     new b498e11  Update output stream cython declaration
     new 2a03dd4  Include cython tests in presubmits for linux platform
     new 352af85  Closes #2128
     new aa10fc1  Use UnsupportedSideInputReader in GroupAlsoByWindowEvaluatorFactory
     new 63b63f0  This closes #2130
     new a7c60cc  BEAM-1420 GroupByKey should comply with PTransform style guide
     new 0b9afe8  BEAM-1421 Latest should comply with PTransform style guide
     new a8e2387  BEAM-1423 Sample should comply with PTransform style guide
     new 4f34caa  BEAM-1424 ToString should comply with PTransform style guide
     new fffd2c5  BEAM-1426 SortValues should comply with PTransform style guide
     new b87621e  BEAM-1416 Write transform should comply with PTransform style guide
     new f5056ef  BEAM-1419 Flatten should comply with PTransform style guide
     new 9957c89  BEAM-1417 Count should comply with PTransform style guide
     new d66029c  This closes #1943
     new 6e9f7ad  [BEAM-1517] Garbage collect user state in Flink Runner
     new 79b1395  This closes #2127
     new d390406  Inline rather than reference FunctionSpecs.
     new d84b067  Closes #2131
     new 52e2d3a  [BEAM-351] Add DisplayData to KafkaIO
     new 3b3d6b8  This closes #2111
     new 4256801  [BEAM-1297] Update maven shade plugin, fix typo and remove unneeded version
     new b49ec3f  This closes #1985
     new 44624c3  [BEAM-111] Move WritableCoder to hadoop-common
     new a81c457  This closes #2118
     new 3408f60  Remove PipelineRunner#apply
     new b2428ea  This closes #2119
     new 018b6ff  Upgrade dill to 0.2.6 and pin it
     new afd7106  This closes #2088
     new b34e50c  Adding per-stage matching to metrics filters
     new bc1a301  Closes #2122
     new 71a3fd7  Update javadoc ant to include runners/ and exclude modules with a wildcard
     new 7d22dbc  This closes #2137
     new 05a006a  Fix DataflowRunner message about uploaded vs cached files
     new ca678d8  This closes #2138
     new eaf9b9b  Do not Reassign Windows when WindowFn is null
     new 599a8ed  This closes #2101
     new 1a770ef  [maven-release-plugin] prepare branch release-0.6.0
     new d6125f4  [BEAM-325] Add Slack details to website
     new 15e1495  [BEAM-1565] Update Spark runner PostCommit Jenkins job.
     new 6a33dc6  This closes #2141
     new 6e8091c  [BEAM-325] This closes
     new a7f69bd  BEAM-1567 hashStream should be closed in PackageUtil#createPackageAttributes()
     new b322a5d  This closes #2121
     new 4f3c5bd  Deprecate Pipeline.getOptions
     new dd32c26  [BEAM-1188] Python Bigquery Verifier For E2E Test
     new de9e852  This closes #2064
     new 97a7ae4  Updates Python SDK source API so that sources can report limited parallelism signals.
     new 8f5f19d  Closes #1890
     new 131c9f9  DataflowRunner: experimental support for issuing FnAPI based jobs
     new 0a6211b  This closes #2140
     new eb87ffc  [BEAM-1310] Add running integration tests in JdbcIO on Spark and Dataflow runners
     new 1783819  [BEAM-1310] This closes #2090
     new 7b94c99  Only Override CreatePCollectionView in Streaming
     new 079966c  Remove SingletonCombine
     new 3de44a3  Add a Test for windowed CombineGloballyAsSingletonView
     new 7e9233b  This closes #2152
     new 6253aba  Implement Single-Output ParDo as a composite
     new bb8cd72  This closes #2145
     new c578331  Updating Dataflow API client protobufs
     new 3fde7b2  This closes #2143
     new b58117c  Dataflow streaming config for WordCountIT and WindowedWordCountIT
     new 11a381b  Revert "[maven-release-plugin] prepare branch release-0.6.0"
     new 4febd95  [BEAM-1625] BoundedDataset action() does not materialize RDD
     new 59451bc  This closes #2161
     new e11d6d2  Update Guava version from 19.0 to 20.0 in example projects
     new 9541f8f  This closes #2164
     new 630df6f  Java 8 examples: add SNAPSHOT repository to the pom.xml file
     new 90c8094  Java 8 examples: add shade configuration for producing bundled/fat jar
     new 0360b1b  Java examples: move shade plugin into default lifecycle
     new 2f96bc3  This closes #2165
     new b31be1c  Revert "DataflowRunner: experimental support for issuing FnAPI based jobs"
     new 47c8092  [BEAM-1626] Remove cache of MapWithStateDStream on read.
     new 69d9512  This closes #2163
     new d8bc618  [BEAM-1623] Transform Reshuffle directly in Spark runner
     new 34b38ef  This closes #2160
     new 8766b03  Revert "Implement Single-Output ParDo as a composite"
     new 9cc8018  This closes #2170
     new a4e8bef  Fix tox warning for non-whitelisted find command
     new 626bc38  This closes #2148
     new 5d120bd  This closes #2172: Revert "DataflowRunner: experimental support for issuing FnAPI based jobs"
     new c00c819  Typo fix in "Reading Data Into Your Pipeline" example.
     new 75c5d79  This closes
     new 5788624  Add tests for serialization of BigQueryIO.TableRowInfoCoder
     new 410534b  This closes #2173: Add tests for serialization of BigQueryIO.TableRowInfoCoder
     new 4dda585  [BEAM-1556] Make PipelineOptions a lazy-singleton and init IOs as part of it.
     new 1fd52f5  This closes #2169
     new a889597  [BEAM-1636] UnboundedDataset action() does not materialize RDD
     new c79bd95  This closes #2180
     new 4eb50d1  [BEAM-79] Add SideInput support for GearpumpRunner
     new e06a583  Fixed typos (from distributed to distributed)
     new 57a221b  This closes
     new 21700da  [BEAM-1635] TypeError in AfterWatermark class's __repr__ method
     new 388b82e  This closes #2178
     new fb30c8f  [BEAM-1546] Specify exact version for Python in the SDK
     new 73b9dd6  This closes #2097
     new 33f7082  Flink: register known IOChannelFactories
     new a859ec5  This closes #2176
     new 3115dbd  Make all uses of CountingOutputStream close their resources
     new 5b068ec  [BEAM-1633] Move .tox/ directory under target/ in Python SDK
     new 6f0fb9d  This closes #2179
     new 4eb5a00  [maven-release-plugin] prepare branch release-0.6.0
     new b74e186  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 0694344  Change Json parsing from gson to jackson for ElasticsearchIO
     new b45381d  This closes #2167
     new 11e3029  Update python SDK version to the next version.
     new 4c3fce1  This closes #2183
     new 7927f65  [BEAM-1646] Remove duplicated bigquery dependency
     new 5ee960c  Enable WindowedWordCountIT on Flink runner in presubmit
     new 0fa1d90  This closes #2186
     new 5587319  Fix typo in proto: widow -> window.
     new 690e1e2  This closes #2191
     new 9a9aaa5  Add ServicesResourceTransformer to all shading configuration
     new 37c17f2  This closes #2182
     new b25ffdb  Explicitly GBK before stateful ParDo in Dataflow batch
     new c7a06a6  Upgrade Dataflow container version to beam-master-20170307
     new 1d8be974 This closes #2147: Explicitly GBK before stateful ParDo in Dataflow batch
     new e6ec273  [BEAM-1649] Fix unresolved references in Python SDK
     new 29d9bd3  This closes #2194
     new e307231  Update archetypes
     new 61c23ff  Fixup typo in WindowingStrategies
     new 59909c6  This closes #2199
     new f14b274  This closes #2201: Fixup typo in WindowingStrategies
     new f117913  Bump Dataflow ROS timeout to 120 minutes
     new 32e17d4  Jdbc k8 & data loading: add teardown and update names/docs
     new 6e24a86  Jdbc k8 script: postgres data store only accessible inside test project
     new c37e550  This closes #2174: updates to JdbcIO k8 scripts & data loading
     new d40f474  [BEAM-1184] Add integration tests to ElasticsearchIO
     new 7954896  [BEAM-1184] This closes #2177
     new 2e30846  Test runner to stop on EOT watermark, or timeout.
     new efc701e  This closes #2168
     new 013365f  This closes #2181: Make all uses of CountingOutputStream close their resources
     new 8775edb  Finding a typo in a code block
     new 62a91c9  This closes
     new ef256df  This closes #2142: Deprecate Pipeline.getOptions
     new d01620c  HadoopInputFormatIO with junits
     new b79dd64  This closes #1994
     new c646912  Fix possible erranous naming conventions reference
     new 8b17412  This closes
     new f13a84d  This closes #2197: Bump Dataflow ROS timeout to 120 minutes
     new 3bb125e  Auto-generated runner api proto bindings.
     new bc76a18  Runner API context helper classes.
     new aad32b7  Runner API encoding of WindowFns.
     new 5b86e1f  Runner API translation of triggers and windowing strategies.
     new b2da21e  Add license to new files.
     new deff128  Move pipeline context and add more tests.
     new 2c2424c  Closes #2190
     new 3dc8fc8  enable ParDoTest
     new bf6d274  Move GC timer checking to StatefulDoFnRunner.CleanupTimer
     new 1a8e1f7  Introduce Flink-specific state GC implementations
     new 94bef14  [BEAM-797] A PipelineVisitor that creates a Spark-native pipeline.
     new c12d432  This closes #1868
     new 818e521  [BEAM-1661] Shade guava in the JdbcIO
     new dbfcf4b  Properly deal with late processing-time timers
     new fdba784  [BEAM-1661] This closes #2205
     new 752ad8a  [BEAM-1686] Use random MQTT clientID when not defined to avoid NPE
     new 818fc94  [BEAM-1686] This closes #2219
     new d41fe1d  Remove Pipeline.getRunner
     new 7daf9ab  add unicode type to the typeDict attribute in Python SDK
     new 54390a3  This closes #2210
     new 75fe559  This closes #2217: Fix Flink State GC
     new e31cb2b  This closes #2144: Remove Pipeline.getRunner
     new e3cafb4  [BEAM-1551] Allow `PAssert`s to take a message
     new 0d08d2a  Javadoc changes
     new 2485a4c  Added a test of default PAssert failure reason
     new 59fd45b  Added assertion failure tests for `PAssert#thatSingleton`
     new ed5cb8a  Remove duplicated dependency from Dataflow runner pom.xml
     new 3669146  Remove exception suppression from PAssert.SideInputCheckerDoFn
     new 9299e26  This closes #2221
     new 15a8ad6  This closes #2150: Add SideInput support for GearpumpRunner
     new ec6da89  Add README to python tarball.
     new 39688d8  This closes #2222
     new 12016e5  Ignore results from the tox clean up phase
     new f29bf89  This closes #2224
     new 466e83f  Generate zip distribution for pyhthon
     new 7c78480  This closes #2225
     new d167153  This closes #2109: Allow `PAssert`s to take a message
     new 874c8d0  [BEAM-1629] Init metrics/aggregators accumulators before traversing pipeline
     new b6ca062  This closes #2171
     new 839c906  Revert BigQueryIO bit of 'Make all uses of CountingOutputStream close their resources'
     new 781e417  This closes #2226
     new 3f91798  Merge branch 'master' of into gearpump-runner
     new b616505  Add `validate` argument to tfrecordio.ReadFromTFRecord
     new 7447147  This closes #2208
     new b3c52b6  Support DRAINING and DRAINED in the DataflowRunner
     new 367d66c  This closes #2146
     new 454bbaa  Better error on missing gcp dependencies.
     new de40c14  This closes #2233
     new b3cb505  Filling up TBDs in
     new ebd2ee0  This closes #2236
     new 79c9b8e  [BEAM-1651] Add IntelliJ code style xml to the project repository
     new 329d165  [BEAM-1651] Test code style
     new 9ad01fb  This closes #2195
     new acc6786  Add IntelliJ files to .gitignore
     new f762147  [BEAM-1689] Apply changes for Flink's StatefulDoFnRunner to the primary StatefulDoFnRunner
     new e362e6b  This closes #2229
     new 64cd3a1  This closes
     new d56d745  Stop Double-finalizing checkpoints in the DirectRunner
     new 30033cc  This closes #2237
     new 869002c  Prevent Double-Close in UnboundedReadEvaluatorFactory
     new 843b663  This closes #2242
     new 257d0d2  [BEAM-1694] Fix docstring inaccuracies in Python-SDK
     new cfc0a99  This closes #2228
     new 03d7809  [BEAM-1092] Shade commonly used libraries (e.g. Guava) to avoid class conflicts
     new 2b55e07  [BEAM-1092] Replace hyphens in artifactId with dots in shading relocations
     new cc12fd3  This closes #2096
     new b693b6e  [BEAM-1652] Code style instructions for IntelliJ in contribution guide.
     new 3dfe177  This closes
     new 8652843  Documentation changes for 0.6.0 release.
     new f9431b3  This closes
     new 30f3634  Remove two unused fields
     new 825338a  Condense BigQueryIO.Read.Bound into BigQueryIO.Read
     new 7d1f440  Condense BigQueryIO.Write.Bound into BigQueryIO.Write
     new d6b3e11  Makes NameUtils recognize AutoValue classes
     new 32cba32  Use AutoValue for BigQueryIO.Read
     new 5c71589  Use AutoValue for BigQueryIO.Write
     new 1adcbae  Simplify configuration of StreamWithDedup
     new 1a252a7  Replace BigQueryIO.Read.from() with
     new 101715a  Replace with BigQueryIO.write().to()
     new 806c53c  This closes #2149
     new 47837c3  Add htaccess back
     new f2a8d8c  This closes
     new ffd777d  [BEAM-1660] Update JdbcIO JavaDoc about withCoder() use to ensure the examples runnable
     new 3eab6a6  [BEAM-79] Fix gearpump-runner merge conflicts and test failure
     new bb9ae73  [BEAM-1660] This closes #2203
     new b43eea4  [BEAM-547] Version should be accessed from pom file
     new 7c71036  This closes #2187
     new 4382509  Add Create.TimestampedValues.withType
     new 6e808b2  This closes #2234
     new 5dd8442  Add ValueProvider options for DatastoreIO
     new 04c6ef4  This closes #1369
     new 6d1c904  Add ValueProvider class for FileBasedSource I/O Transforms
     new 49c29f1  This closes #1945
     new 8f7c320  Increment shade-plugin version back to 3.0.0
     new f8c6836  This closes #2249
     new 76a05ac  Revert "[BEAM-547] Version should be accessed from pom file"
     new 88c2fe1  This closes #2250
     new 0245413  Revert "Add ValueProvider class for FileBasedSource I/O Transforms"
     new 477e789  This closes #2252
     new c0b5476  A few comment fixups in BigQueryIO
     new 004d307  This closes #2254
     new 71f6e30  Disable Guava Shading in Google Cloud Platform IOs
     new db005ff  This closes #2257
     new dd1b001  Fix shading opt out in io/google-cloud-platform
     new b75888e  This closes #2259
     new f11a44c  [BEAM-547] [BEAM-1730] Cleanup
     new 444edae  This closes #2255
     new 2352c29  [BEAM-1687] Parallel ValidatesRunner Tests
     new a0b8a85  This closes #2220
     new edfabcc  Changes to web site related to recently released Python SDK
     new 1c1077b  This closes
     new 34ad7ce  Typo fix
     new 1182480  This closes
     new 776006d  Use underscore in Datastore V1TestOptions kind name
     new 31473a7  This closes #2260
     new 784a6cd  Remove duplicate build-helper-maven-plugin
     new a4142a3  This closes #2261
     new b5641d6  Populate Display Data in Window.Assign
     new 960f3e6  This closes #2258
     new 4d0f9a2  Blog post for 0.6.0 release with python sdk
     new 716add0  This closes
     new 58cc359  Do not Shift Timestamps in Reshuffle
     new 25b52c5  This closes #2246
     new 2395d18  Add Elasticsearch 2.x version check in the ElasticsearchIO
     new 969acb7  This closes #2230
     new 45feb34  Migrate ForwardingPTransform to core-construction
     new c6cad20  Implement Single-Output ParDo as a composite
     new ef6a500  This closes #2248
     new 76b7991  Simplify and improve exception unwrapping in TestFlinkRunner
     new 7b154e6  Bump dataflow.container_version to 0314
     new d48c0f3  Capture assertion site in PAssert
     new b672cde  This closes #2247
     new 555842a  This closes #2241: merge master to gearpump-master and fixup
     new cced531  Add jkff as committer
     new 3a57e1a  This closes
     new cf2d10e  Add iemejia as committer
     new b909108  This closes
     new ecf7bd9  New container
     new 3f0fe91  This closes #2270
     new 58a328f  Add Pipeline I/O section to website - outline + move some existing content
     new 119c5d5  This closes
     new 8f567ef  Add chamikara as a committer
     new e9fec32  This closes
     new 272d030  Add aviemzur as committer
     new 37a6ab3  This closes
     new af07f1d  Improve committing website changes section in the contribution guide
     new 2185e59  Fix timezone to America/Los_Angeles
     new 6c25562  This closes
     new 158e10e  [BEAM-1752, BEAM-1582] execute tests that recover from checkpoint in post-commit. Add UsesCheckpointRecovery tag to mark Spark runner tests that recover from checkpoint.
     new faa9645  This closes #2272
     new 302f74e  Change peihe company affiliation to Alibaba.
     new 3bb1eb6  This closes
     new 3b52fcd  [BEAM-1644] Move PipelineOptions for IO ITs into shared location.
     new 53d7682  [BEAM-1644] This closes #2253
     new 63c4fdd  [BEAM-1569] Add support file patterns containing spaces in HdfsIO
     new 6b8bfc7  [BEAM-1569] This closes #2132
     new d2d0482  Add performance tests to Jenkins
     new c4339a0  This closes #1751
     new 918a07c  Add JDBC Performance Tests
     new d47ae87  This closes #2196
     new 6400ca8  Simplify merge process section
     new dd3a8f4  This closes
     new 097573a  Cleanup BigQueryIO
     new b793fe0  Move ValueInSingleWindow from testing package to values package
     new 6816d98  This closes #2238
     new 636185e  Only advance Index in CreateSource if an element exists
     new 00f55f8  Do not call advance when all elements are consumed
     new 6fa1fca  This closes #2262
     new 32f7e0c  This closes #2155: Dataflow streaming config for WordCountIT and WindowedWordCountIT
     new 1d9772a  This closes #1662: Prune branches in Jenkins build
     new 6de412a  Support for querying metrics in Dataflow Runner
     new 59aa0da  Closes #2223
     new 50ceb95  Add windowing section to programming guide
     new 5a403aa  This closes
     new 656d195  BEAM-1568 neffective null check in IsmFormat#structuralValue
     new 9b48a2d  This closes #2227
     new 30b5fe5  Make error message python 3.6 compatible
     new 8d24098  This closes #2275
     new 695936f  Remove Aggregators from BigQuery and PubSub
     new 4ffd43e  This closes #2277
     new a53c9b7  Simplify python quick start.
     new e1d9e99  This closes
     new be22413  Clean source files from dataflow/google references
     new f785584  This closes #2278
     new 81bcbb4  [BEAM-1771] Clean up dataflow/google references/URLs in examples
     new 5b51579  Fix flags in common_job_properties, JDBC
     new 0895ec1  This closes #2283
     new aa716b4  [BEAM-1769] Travis should run all tox tests
     new 030528f  This closes #2280
     new c39b02d  [BEAM-1768] Fix assert_that for empty inputs
     new 47da10c  Fix bad test obscured by falsely passing assert_that.
     new bea4f5a  Closes #2279
     new 68d42f9  add TensorFlow TFRecordIO
     new 92d1a66  This closes #2066
     new d1caa1c  Upgrade to bigtable-client-core
     new 7e97820  This closes #2265
     new 75100f8  Fix Output Windows in OnTimerContext
     new e1dc7a8  This closes #2285
     new f1badfd  Add a test for FlattenPCollectionList on a singleton list
     new 2d9bf27  This closes #2120
     new caacf29  Support waitUntilFinish, cancel in the DirectRunner
     new 9ae9b7c  add code snippet to page design-your-pipeline
     new 8abc294  This closes
     new 752a4c9  This closes #1115
     new b296425  Use PKB's repository for PKB Benchmarks
     new c31b633  This closes #2287
     new 9f970fa  Deprecate GetAllowedTimestampSkew
     new 7c7bb82  This closes #2264
     new 1bc240b  BeamFileSystem implementation instead of IOChannelFactory
     new dd0f8d9  This closes #2136
     new 362e7e8  Fix two checkstyle violations
     new eb347bf  This closes #2294
     new 08de9e9  Updates BigQuery read transform to correctly process empty repeated fields.
     new 7bc2938  This closes 2289
     new e1b339c  [BEAM-1778] Clean up pass of dataflow/google references/URLs in Java SDK
     new 65135fd  This closes #2293
     new fa6f5f0  [BEAM-1715] Fix Python WordCount on Dataflow Mismatch
     new 70efdd0  This closes #2244
     new a2f16d8  Log job state on unsuccessful cancel
     new d6f6351  This closes #2292
     new 85af898  Provide methods for validating Surgery completion
     new fdc2edd  Port the DirectRunner to the Batch Surgery API
     new 75b6567  This closes #2274
     new b650897  Revert "Revert "DataflowRunner: experimental support for issuing FnAPI based jobs""
     new 5e1be9f  This closes #2297
     new 94814e8  Make distinguished URNs public
     new eb0d333  [BEAM-972] Add unit tests to Gearpump runner
     new 623a569  [BEAM-1074] Set default-partitioner in SourceRDD.Unbounded
     new 9ac1ffc  This closes #2288
     new daa10dd  [BEAM-649] Analyse DAG to determine if RDD/DStream has to be cached or not
     new be0b239  [BEAM-1717] maven-javadoc-plugin execution id should match the id in apache parent.
     new 61f179d  This closes #2303
     new 8729ec3  Remove false disclaimers about state/timers from javadoc
     new c045b0e  This closes #2301
     new 82b7b86  [BEAM-649] This closes #1739
     new ba2b76a  [BEAM-1780] BigtableIO: better handling of bad split requests
     new c48fa27  This closes #2298
     new e4f1a4b  This closes #2188: Enable WindowedWordCountIT on Flink runner in presubmit
     new ddc7595  This closes #2299: Make distinguished URNs public
     new 9ca6511  This closes #2281: Clean up dataflow/google references/URLs in examples
     new 88e934c  Make testShiftTimestampInvalid NeedsRunner instead of ROS
     new 47ba7b0  This closes #2305
     new 081664e  Makes DataflowPipelineJob.cancel() idempotent.
     new def96a2  This closes #2295
     new 036b3da  Add WindowMappingFn
     new 890bc1a  This closes #2284
     new 28a840d  Remove need for Streaming Flag in Dataflow
     new 87c8ef0  This closes #2276
     new ee1b835  Make Canonical ViewFns Public
     new 14aba81  This closes #2309
     new 92cdc08  Remove unused field in FlinkRunner
     new 7412427  This closes #2310
     new f10509e  append to #2135, add 1). fix issue of NO_TIMESTAMP type in 10; 2). rename field to 'timestamp';
     new 5c2da7d  This closes #2267
     new ae31f55  Hide the isStreaming PipelineOption
     new 5903e69  This closes #2315
     new 282c3ff  [BEAM-1794] BigtableIO: update user agent computation for new bigtable-client-core
     new 8044408  This closes #2306
     new b98c797  Add a link to the contributor's guide to
     new 9b8e16f  This closes #2320
     new 7453766  Allow customizing the GCE metadata service URL.
     new c80ef18  Closes #2319
     new fe352a3  BigtableIO: trivial fixes to log messages
     new d63235c  This closes #2324
     new 4c1f2e4  Always require an UnboundedSource to provide a Checkpoint Coder
     new a5630f9  Clone before Resume in DirectRunner Unbounded Reads
     new 2723d38  This closes #2323
     new 0f91068  Fix EmptyFlattenAsCreateFactory
     new 54a7de1  Explicitly duplicate input PCollections in Dataflow
     new 6bfde5d  Reenable Flatten Tests in the Dataflow Runner
     new e5f1a64  This closes #2325
     new b436263  [BEAM-1803] Fixed bug in metrics filtering.
     new fe23699  This closes #2317
     new 0ec8146  Fix caching in the Spark streaming, doing the cache update in the streaming context
     new 3473055  This closes #2314
     new 7a6e6c2  [BEAM-1802] Stop Spark context on terminal pipeline state
     new 348d335  This closes #2327
     new b32f048  [BEAM-1810] Replace usage of RDD#isEmpty on non-serialized RDDs
     new c9e55a4  This closes #2328
     new b49bae3  Fix Regex#AllMatches javadoc
     new b92b966  Fix Regex#FindAll javadoc
     new 026aec8  This closes #2329
     new 63e953c  [BEAM-1617] Add Gauge metric type to Java SDK
     new b26e10b  This closes #2151
     new a58a741  Port Java modules from RunnableOnService to ValidatesRunner
     new 488dc99  Remove deprecated RunnableOnService
     new 4f3b2cd  [BEAM-1808] Fix typo isPastEndOfWindow => pastEndOfWindow
     new feb165c  This closes #2312
     new 8eafd0d  Fix checkArgument error message args
     new c6bd668  This closes #2335
     new e854909  Stop emailing individual committers in Performance tests
     new 61fad2a  This closes #2336
     new 1d36d32  This closes #2157: Port Java modules from RunnableOnService to ValidatesRunner
     new 7f7d285  Pin the python postcommit jenkins nodes
     new 815c9fa  This closes #2308
     new 0ade8f2  Reword RunnableOnService to ValidatesRunner
     new e991e61  Do not reify timestamps in Reshuffle in Dataflow
     new 88ffc97  This closes #2269
     new 61bb6b4  Make WindowMappingFn#maximumLookback Configurable but Final
     new 1ea3b35  This closes #2307
     new 07a50b4  [BEAM-1778] Second clean up pass of dataflow references/URLs in Java SDK
     new ced1e5c  This closes #2311: Second clean up pass of dataflow references/URLs in Java SDK
     new 24eee22  Update Dataflow Worker Image
     new 44472c7  This closes #2337
     new 021e2a0  Fix Python Dataflow default job name
     new 07274bb  This closes #2322
     new c7c153a  [BEAM-1693] Detect supported Python & pip executables in Python-SDK
     new affcca6  This closes #2243
     new b85535a  This closes
     new aa64a63  [BEAM-1778] Clean up unused dataflow javadoc directory
     new 6d62753  This closes #2316
     new b98bde9  Querying of both structured and unstructured metrics in dataflow.
     new e581552  This closes #2290
     new c8d251f  Add region option to Dataflow pipeline options.
     new fe441e3  This closes #2342
     new 241ded9  [BEAM-1792] Use MetricFiltering in Spark runner.
     new 85b820c  This closes #2304
     new 65b5f00  [BEAM-1397] Introduce IO metrics
     new 48fee91  This closes #2162
     new cb05a20  Fix typo in test pipeline enforcement message
     new d35e1b0  This closes #2345
     new 25569ea  [BEAM-1815] Force a "default" partitioner based on Spark default parallelism to avoid unnecessary shuffles in the composite GBK implementation.
     new 434eadb  This closes #2334
     new 2cc2e81  Refactor BigQueryIO helper methods into a BigQueryHelpers class. Move helper transforms for BigQueryIO.Read into individual files. Change private to package in BigQueryHelpers.
     new d6ef010  Refactor BigQueryIO.Write helper transforms into separate files.
     new 2381dee  Move a few more functions into BigQueryHelper
     new 1339dd7  This closes #2271
     new 329f5f2  Use CreatePCollectionView explicitly in CombineGloballyAsSingletonView
     new 118da81  This closes #2156
     new 8cff744  Rename RunnableOnService to ValidatesRunner in poms and Jenkins jobs
     new 0582eb9  This closes #2343: Rename RunnableOnService to ValidatesRunner in poms and Jenkins jobs
     new e6754eb  Add PTransform#getAdditionalInputs()
     new caba841  This closes #2338
     new d0349ee  Removes ParDo.Unbound and UnboundMulti
     new 6b5a9af  Removes accidentally left over class in test
     new c6252ab  Renamed ParDo.Bound to ParDo.SingleOutput
     new f6dd583  Renamed ParDo.BoundMulti to ParDo.MultiOutput
     new 6628367  This closes #2153
     new 23e6752  Update Dataflow Worker
     new 78a8d7d  This closes #2349
     new 32f218d  Replace gsutil with storage API calls
     new f138b35  This closes #2333
     new a679ab1  Fix bugs in fileio in the Temp IOFactory
     new c489686  This closes #2350
     new 91fb481  Improves logging of FileBasedSource size estimates
     new 99056df  This closes #2351
     new 6671b5b  [BEAM-1827] Fix use of deprecated Spark APIs in the runner.
     new 8a33591  This closes #2354
     new a3c87ef  Update Dataflow Worker Image
     new 8fa1159  This closes #2361
     new 6933465  Remove View indicator classes
     new 5d460d2  This closes #2360
     new d43391d  Add first two mobile gaming examples to Python.
     new 4d633bc  This closes #2352
     new 4a963fe  Ensure that assert_that takes a PCollection as its first argument.
     new 70aa0a4  This closes #2214
     new f4f2333  This closes #2302: Add unit tests to Gearpump runner
     new 7cfc34f  Switched to using "destroy" instead of "unpersist" for broadcasts.
     new 5363431  This closes #2355
     new d07ef53  [BEAM-59] Beam FileSystems: add match(), copy(), rename(), delete() utilities.
     new 769398e  This closes #2175
     new 3876f83  Extracted captures to static classes to prevent them from capturing the scope.
     new 2a40534  This closes #2356
     new 1a02c60  Added a specific signature so that Kryo doesn't have to look for it using reflective exploration.
     new 22d368b  This closes #2357
     new 5bfc21b  Translate pipeline graph to and from Runner API protos.
     new ffd8755  Closes #2296
     new d0462f5  Fix NPE in Kafka value writer.
     new 66f2499  This closes #2369
     new 9ead0a2  Improves logging in FileBasedSource splitting
     new cfd1643  This closes #2375
     new 82aba4b  [BEAM-1795] Upgrade google-cloud-bigquery to 0.23.0
     new d4de137  This closes #2378
     new 065a545  Increase the memory threshold for the direct runner test
     new 07d9bd5  This closes #2384
     new 6ceae06  [BEAM-1441] Fix size check for windows and improve error message
     new 3b4e0fb  This closes #2382
     new 077ee5e  Reopen BigQuery utils after #2271
     new 7057d1e  This closes #2366
     new aa42067  Fixed: small documentation issue in HDFS IO
     new b1c287b  This closes #2346
     new ad9df5b  Fix PubSubIO write attribute issue
     new 1e2ad65  This closes #2209
     new ea9f5b1  [BEAM-1838] GlobalWindow: add equals() and hashCode().
     new 935ecd4  This closes #2371
     new dc75e65  [BEAM-1846] Update os-maven-plugin to for building shade file on RHEL/CentOS
     new 7150624  Update Capability Matrix: Flink supports state/timers in batch mode
     new 68522aa  This closes #2391
     new 9deff3d  Fixed typos in the Python SDK examples. ( tornatoes -> tornadoes )
     new 813839a  This closes #2390
     new 054fbad  Improve PTransformMatcher ToStrings
     new d9b053d  This closes #2386
     new 4bcc641  Include the creating PCollection in PCollectionView
     new 62473ae  This closes #2372
     new 55db47d  Add TestStream to Python SDK
     new 023e6ab  This closes #2389
     new a092f6a  Removes unused name parameter
     new 3563c4b  Fixes a few warnings in Window
     new 876d13d  Uses AutoValue in Window
     new 6b67e54  Replaced static Window.blah() methods with Window.configure().blah() except Window.into()
     new 6848950  Replaces Window.Bound with simply Window
     new 132d3c5  This closes #2362
     new 207de81  Change side inputs to be references rather than full PValues.
     new affb926  Closes #2388
     new 4a8547c  use custom hostname for datastore
     new c81f83b  This closes #2367
     new d89e9d7  Use Batch Replacement in the Apex Runner
     new 16486e2  This closes #2381
     new 3df8dcc  Adds requested number of splits to display data in DatastoreIO
     new 0b8932f  This closes #2385
     new 37b0d45  KafkaIO : Add withTopic() api that takes single topic.
     new 5f72b83  This closes #2364
     new 69d0b30  Separate View Evaluation and Overrides
     new 0749982  This closes #2347
     new c9ff44a  Only encode PCollection outputs in Runner API protos.
     new bd40c5a  Ensure transforms are picklable before materializing to protos.
     new 60901f8  Closes #2396
     new 07daf3a  Fix side inputs on dataflow runner.
     new 03dce6d  Closes #2395
     new 42e690e  [BEAM-1337] Infer state coders
     new e31ca8b  This closes #2133
     new 5824bb4  [BEAM-1855] Support Splittable DoFn on Flink Runner
     new ea33e33  This closes #2235
     new 0358d1b  This closes
     new 38e00f3  [BEAM-1048] Added a read duration metric to SparkUnboundedSource.
     new fe1d412  This closes #2073
     new 1ce88e1  Add a Dataflow-specific primitive for creating a view
     new 9beb04e  This closes #2387
     new beb7595  [BEAM-1684] Add unit tests for
     new af8f586  This closes #2397
     new 4fa9a28  Remove Direct Runner "doneness" configuration
     new 018513e  This closes #2348
     new d174a24  Use Batch Replacement in the Flink Runner
     new 8b119bc  This closes #2380
     new 5959110  JavaDoc for function `PaneInfo.getTiming()`
     new 8a8dbcf  This closes #2411: JavaDoc for function `PaneInfo.getTiming()`
     new f3385b2  [BEAM-1719] Remove test modules from PyDoc
     new 6d223bb  This closes #2410
     new d3a3127  Fix the link to the apache ICLA
     new a69485b  This closes
     new 2a95b8f  Update PR template with correct ICLA link
     new 570d0e2  This closes #2414
     new ffe8355  Update integration tests in post commits
     new 3711c0c  This closes #2393
     new 7553a14  [BEAM-1711] Add information about extra requires in Python Quickstart
     new 49948a1  This closes
     new 6b7593b  DataflowRunner: automatically determine container image type
     new 844e53e  This closes #2407
     new 3d53b72  Remove GetProducingTransformInternal
     new cda944d  Docker server command should run non-incremental build
     new 32cc7ea  This closes
     new ef75c07  DataflowRunner: disable PAssert use of metrics when FnAPI is enabled
     new 6970632  This closes #2412
     new 2dc61f6  This closes #2416: Remove getProducingTransformInternal
     new 65b03eb  Add example to BoundedCountingInput javadoc
     new de36e83  This closes #2402
     new b4541a1  Test waitUntilFinish(Duration) in the DirectRunner
     new 866e08f  Fix style on waitUntilFinish(Duration) test for the DirectRunner The call to .cancel() is removed too, it is apparently unneeded.
     new cc8e0b9  This closes #2408
     new 6f7defd  [BEAM-1875] Remove Spark-runner-custom Hadoop and Avro IOs
     new 45f63eb  This closes #2419
     new 6d502fa  [BEAM-1550] Fix HBaseIO tests and change HBaseIO to use shaded dependencies
     new 2b93963  [BEAM-1550] Enable parallel test execution for HBaseIO
     new 498ce9f  This closes #2370
     new 1e9089f  Add GroupIntoBatches
     new db3144b  This closes #2211
     new 7efee54  Use Batch Replacement API in the Dataflow Runner
     new 22ff898  This closes #2379
     new 797f4f8  Rename filePath to filePattern in NumbedShardedFile
     new a41bbbb  Avoid Runner API translation of pipelines with PDone.
     new 50fc63a  Closes #2400
     new 475bf13  Change BigQueryIO.Write return type to allow for future new functionality
     new 65ffd6c  This closes #2404
     new 9c6c32b  Make Pubsub ackBatch safer
     new 5eb78ae  This closes #2368
     new 0fd9622  Do not have empty side input names
     new fcf3b56  This closes #2429
     new 1e2168a  Add ValueProvider class for FileBasedSource I/O Transforms
     new 6df661b  This closes #2383
     new d96a95c  [BEAM-1777] In certain circumstances PipelineEnforcement shades pipeline's exceptions.
     new 646cbdb  This closes #2403
     new 6addc95  Add windowing support to FileBasedSink
     new 496db38  Add CreateViewWithViewFn PTransformMatcher
     new 645d0bb  This closes #2373
     new 10e5a22  [BEAM-778] Make filesystem._CompressedFile seekable.
     new e2a2836  This closes #2392
     new 5436081  Update refcounts after pipeline reconstruction.
     new 8e5cfde  Closes #2432
     new bc907c5  This closes #1926: Allow unbounded windowed PCollections for FileBasedSinks
     new 3eef246  Revert "Add ValueProvider class for FileBasedSource I/O Transforms"
     new e32a025  Closes #2435
     new 7313358  Add WindowMappingFn to PCollectionView
     new 3126df2  This closes #2434
     new 25cc480  Exclude UsesTestStream Tests for more builds
     new 6edf2be  This closes #2438
     new 5fe19dd  Clarifies BigQueryIO javadoc
     new 0c063c2  This closes #2418
     new 92803d6  Suppress TestStream tests in Dataflow
     new 6fedd7f  This closes #2439
     new 852ee76  [BEAM-1881] Exclude protobuf-lite and replace with protobuf-java
     new d565f12  This closes #2433
     new bd57ff5  Do not send on_success_matcher to remote executors
     new 9fb4fc3  This closes #2441
     new 753bc9c  Remove single-matcher replacement API
     new 4b69d24  This closes #2424
     new 28a0ea8  Revert "Revert "Add ValueProvider class for FileBasedSource I/O Transforms""
     new 3500d69  This closes #2443
     new 174b631  Fixed a comment in AfterWatermark
     new 74f7995  This closes #2444
     new badac8d  [BEAM-1269] Update bigtable library dependency
     new 697b19f  This closes #2377
     new 7fad739  Replace Any type with a KV type for inputs of a GroupByKey step
     new cc5f78d  This closes #2409
     new 9e8cf0c  Use WinodwMappingFn where possible
     new 447fb2c  This closes #2436
     new 9b5d66e  Add Initial Materializations
     new 9704f22  This closes #2440
     new 1e4cd26  Remove unused import in ViewFn
     new 512ad13  This closes #2448
     new 09580a7  DataflowPipelineJob: handle concurrent cancel and finish
     new 2078895  This closes #2428
     new f6e9147  Fix Compile Break in PTransformMatchersTest
     new 5fd5828  This closes #2449
     new 56fe0f1  Add javadoc to getEstimatedSizeBytes
     new 766a02d  This closes #2405
     new 9c284d6  Fix checkstyle issue
     new 174436b  HadoopInputFormatIO with junits
     new 82694fe  This closes #2193
     new 8d0e6b5  [BEAM-1856] Use the same configuration in master thread and slave thread in the HDFSFileSink
     new f87597e  [BEAM-1856] This closes #2399
     new 378b3f5  [BEAM-1892] File size estimation process reporting
     new 37e4cc1  This closes #2445
     new fa47527  Rename FunctionSpec and UrnWithParameter to their (hopefully) final names
     new 0a17645  This closes #2452: Rename FunctionSpec and UrnWithParameter to their (hopefully) final names
     new 24c0495  Rename CombiningState to GroupingState
     new ef480a3  Rename AccumulatorCombiningState to CombiningState
     new 33259d0  Rename combiningValue to combining in StateSpecs
     new 359040e  Upgrade Dataflow worker image to beam-master-20170405
     new 3e922ed  Remove DirectSideInputReader, PTuple
     new 61790f0  This closes #2453
     new 07a49e9  This closes #2425: Rename filePath to filePattern in NumbedShardedFile
     new 0683ac1  Remove NeedsRunner category tags from non-core libraries
     new f388cc7  Remove ValidatesRunner category tags from non-core libraries
     new bb18384  This closes #2359: Remove NeedsRunner and ValidatesRunner category tags from non-core libraries
     new b92032f  This closes #2413: Rename CombiningState and friends to be more user-friendly
     new 604be67  Revise MapState and SetState APIs to leverage ReadableState
     new a8edbb8  This closes #2353: Revise MapState and SetState APIs to leverage ReadableState
     new f091a62  Add "In-Progress" info to the Built-in I/O Transforms page
     new 4bd65f5  This closes
     new 7f12460  Add Read Transform content for Authoring I/O Transforms - Overview
     new 4188a61  This closes
     new 5b1d73f  BEAM-1851: Update documentation for for fixedSizeGlobally to be clear about memory constraints.
     new e0df458  This closes #2451
     new aac8b03  Use absolute import for dataflow iobase test.
     new 661c066  This closes #2437
     new aaae9d7  [BEAM-778] Fix the Compressed file seek tests on windows
     new 0a8ac35  This closes #2456
     new e05e601  Clean up in textio and tfrecordio
     new 82c5e89  This closes #2461
     new b8a9453  Add to in-progress IO list and alphabetize
     new ef344ee  [BEAM-1823] Improve ValidatesRunner Test Log
     new 4fd8dc4  This closes #2464
     new 8179d8c  Cleanup: removes two unused constants
     new 03a99b4  [BEAM-65] Adds HasDefaultTracker for RestrictionTracker inference
     new 4a694ce  This closes #2462
     new 19f407c  Clarifies doc of ProcessElement re: HasDefaultTracker
     new dad7ace  Fixes SDF issues re: watermarks and stop/resume
     new 29c2802  Adds tests for the watermark hold (previously untested)
     new 1594849  This closes #2455
     new 8484ef9  BEAM-1887 Switch Apex ParDo to new DoFn.
     new 7f55746  This closes #2450
     new 042b28a  TestDataflowRunner: better error handling
     new 0c3dc00  This closes #2465
     new 42f6334  Fix for potentially unclosed streams in ApexYarnLauncher
     new 810db7f  This closes #2469
     new 9e294dc  [BEAM-1737] Implement a Single-output ParDo as a Multi-output ParDo with a single output.
     new a0cfccd  This closes #2420
     new d958796  [BEAM-1294] Long running UnboundedSource Readers
     new efd785f  This closes #2033
     new 6da0b27  [BEAM-1921] Expose connection properties in JdbcIO
     new 713701d  [BEAM-1921] This closes #2477
     new 6b2659c  better log message for bigquery temp tables
     new e4c3ecf  This closes #2480
     new f44b6e1  BEAM-1390 Update top level to include Apex Runner
     new e53f959  This closes #2472
     new 6622914  [BEAM-386] Move UnboundedReadFromBoundedSource to core-construction-java
     new e0e39a9  This closes #2481
     new a3a15a5  enable test_multi_valued_singleton_side_input test
     new 80d2548  This closes #2467
     new 74e31c3  BEAM-1053 ApexGroupByKeyOperator serialization issues
     new 836e8e4  This closes #2473
     new 33d4a02  Create as custom source
     new fc10065  This closes #2446
     new b7d7adc  Add SdkComponents
     new 8afa623  This closes #2459
     new 0f31b42  This closes
     new 11a3af8  Upgrade dependencies.
     new 1c7a974  This closes #2484
     new 6788330  Skip query metrics when creating a template
     new 1761d1c  This closes #2475
     new 9e453fa  Fix GroupByKeyInputVisitor for Direct Runner
     new 7fd9c65  This closes #2470
     new 40b3668  Move WindowingStrategies to runners-core-construction
     new 0a0b1c8  This closes #2486
     new 62e23b7  Removes DoFn.ProcessContinuation completely
     new 159ac58  Bump Dataflow worker to 20170410
     new c58f4f8  This closes #2468
     new 5f7c772  PubsubIO: remove support for BoundedReader
     new 84a9629  This closes #2471
     new b615013  Move HashingFn to io/common, switch to better hash
     new c46b256  This closes #2463
     new 17733e3  Flip dependency edge between Dataflow runner and IO-GCP
     new 986fcef  This closes #2489
     new 01e5a8d  Add Coder utilities for Proto conversions
     new 8beea73  This closes #2487
     new c08b7b1  Improve HadoopInputFormatIO DisplayData and Cassandra tests
     new d255fa2  This closes #2460
     new ee7965c  Remove Jdk1.8-tests/.toDelete
     new 38cf23e  This closes #2491
     new 732610d  Fix build breaks caused by overlaps between b615013 and c08b7b1
     new 77712c9  This closes #2492
     new a168357  Ignore more python build artifacts.
     new a5a5bf9  Closes #2494
     new 0e5737f  Remove Orderdness of Input, Output expansions
     new 7c169a6  This closes #2430
     new db81205  Improve Work Rejection handling
     new 7587d29  This closes #2493
     new 3fb3a0c  DataflowRunner misc cleanups
     new bef2d37  This closes #2497
     new 69f412d  DataflowRunner: send windowing strategy using Runner API proto
     new 17a41ab  This closes #2495
     new ee92b96  Throw specialized exception in value providers
     new 132d4c5  This closes #2496
     new f473672  DataflowRunner: remove dead code
     new a2d328a  This closes #2498
     new 041b636  Clean HFIOWithEmbeddedCassandraTest before Execution
     new ccf247c  This closes #2499
     new e7f4337  Triggers: handle missing case
     new 82f2f2c  This closes #2504
     new 7a021af  Add JSON as a planned IO to built-in IOs page.
     new b394158  This closes
     new 5bcb8c5  [BEAM-1722] Move PubsubIO into the google-cloud-platform module
     new 7e603d5  This closes #2503
     new e0fd0a2  Use SdkComponents in WindowingStrategy.toProto
     new 571631a  This closes #2490
     new b114844  [BEAM-115] Update timer/state fields on ParDoPayload to use a map field for consistent tag usage
     new 435c3b4  [BEAM-115] Update timer/state fields on ParDoPayload to use a map field for consistent name usage
     new 4d1feeb  [BEAM-1882] Update postgres k8 scripts & add scripts for running local dev test
     new f314354  [BEAM-1882] This closes #2431
     new 3bf6c6b  Removes MapElements.MissingOutputTypeDescriptor
     new 831b11f  Removes FlatMapElements.MissingOutputTypeDescriptor
     new b7ddab2  This closes #2363
     new 4854291  Revert "Throw specialized exception in value providers"
     new 0f5c363  Revert "Revert "Revert "Add ValueProvider class for FileBasedSource I/O Transforms"""
     new a405a2c  This closes #2515
     new 024b6e0  [BEAM-911] Mark IO APIs as @Experimental
     new 1788cef  [BEAM-911] This closes #2510
     new 66b20af  Move travis/jenkins folders in a test-infra folder
     new 5758899  Move jdbc's postgres k8s scripts into shared k8s dir
     new 34b9507  Move HIFIO k8s scripts into shared dir
     new 94c9e38  This closes #2466
     new 6f3fd35  [BEAM-1222] Chunk size should be FS dependent
     new 8479094  This closes #2483
     new facdc10  Move Triggers from sdk-core to runners-core-construction
     new dc672f4  This closes #2513
     new f3138dd  [BEAM-972] Add more unit test to Gearpump runner
     new fdabd41  [BEAM-1950] Add missing 'static' keyword to MicrobatchSource#initReaderCache
     new 21a2b96  This closes #2514
     new 7120440  Test all Known Coders to ensure they Serialize via URN
     new 4c4fdf2  est all Known Coders to ensure they Serialize via URN
     new 5a517f8  Represent a Pipeline via a list of Top-level Transforms
     new 8f1b4e4  This closes #2505
     new bb8a771  Improve Empty Create Default Coder Error Message
     new 2f400e2  This closes #2401
     new ce44e10  Pin versions in tox script
     new cd77033  This closes #2524
     new 46a20cb  Update
     new 60834a9  This closes #2525
     new 549b950  [BEAM-1101, BEAM-1068] Remove service account name credential pipeline options
     new 2c8071e  This closes #2526
     new defb1ac  Improve gcloud logging message
     new 69343a6  This closes #2527
     new 233a9bd  [BEAM-1708] Improve error message when GCP not installed
     new 75d7b27  This closes #2485
     new 6832668  Remove from SDK entirely
     new 8761d86  This closes #2529
     new 3956b0b  Update
     new 59d91fa  Merge PR#2423: Add Kubernetes scripts for clusters for Performance and Integration tests of Cassandra and ES for Hadoop Input Format IO
     new 3fb75d3  This closes #2423
     new fad2f98  This closes
     new d2a7d1e  [BEAM-1964] Fix lint issues for linter upgrade
     new 08da94d  This closes #2532
     new f7af9a2  fix the simplest typo
     new 930196a  This closes #2534
     new 710b480  Update java8 examples pom files to include maven-shade-plugin.
     new 4daac66  This closes #2535
     new 25d77b1  [BEAM-1347] Update protos related to State API for prototyping purposes.
     new 6bf4262  [BEAM-1347] Update protos related to State API for prototyping purposes
     new 79f0d11  Free PTransform Names if they are being Replaced
     new b2329a7  This closes #2506
     new 8dcfa54  Add PCollections Utilities
     new eea96ff  This closes #2516
     new dfbe954  ApexRunner: register standard IOs when deserializing pipeline options
     new 735a82b  This closes #2528
     new 4017a37  Avoi repackaging bigtable classes in dataflow runner.
     new cf9ac45  This closes #2541
     new bf474a0  [BEAM-1964] Fix lint issues for linter upgrade -2
     new bd79f4d  [BEAM-1964] Fix lint issues for linter upgrade -3
     new 89ff0b1  This closes #2539
     new 113471d  Rename DoFn.Context#sideOutput to output
     new f30d5b9  This closes #2512
     new e03cc49  [BEAM-1964] Fix lint issues and pylint upgrade
     new 3c2b855  This closes #2542
     new f3b4960  Update Signature of PTransformOverrideFactory
     new fdbadfc  This closes #2501
     new 3e24388  [BEAM-1915] Removes use of OldDoFn from Apex
     new a3b5f96  Removes final minor usages of OldDoFn outside OldDoFn itself
     new f7d727c  This closes #2500
     new c62d698  Add javadoc to getCheckpointMark in UnboundedSource
     new 9b8f230  This closes #2406
     new 7cf06f5  Fix javadoc warnings
     new 946778c  This closes #2550
     new dc84626  [BEAM-1922] Close datasource in JdbcIO when possible
     new 588a4d0  [BEAM-1922] This closes #2482
     new faece41  Update Dataflow Worker Version
     new 14e5cd2  This closes #2551
     new f83a7d5  Javadoc fixups after style guide changes
     new 8302783  This closes #2533
     new 704728d  [BEAM-1949] Associated doc changes for renaming sideOutput to output
     new 092783f  Closes
     new b061047  add CoGroupByKey to chapter 'Using GroupByKey'
     new 4ae4e7d  Remove reference to the isStreaming flag
     new 075b621  This closes #2554
     new 79b066d  Remove getSideInputWindow
     new 32a576a  This closes #2426
     new efa82fa  Add no-else return to pylintrc
     new 85cfd0c  This closes #2553
     new 1f66fbd  Update assertions of source_test_utils from camelcase to underscore-separated.
     new 4ff244d  This closes #2536
     new 8330e15  Only compile HIFIO ITs when compiling with java 8.
     new a25c7d3  This closes #2546
     new b9e6577  Set the Project of a Table Reference at Runtime
     new 9b0cc98  This closes #2557
     new 3bbdbce  clean up description for sdk_location
     new 36e4355  This closes #2560
     new 7c858a8  [BEAM-1991] Sum.SumDoubleFn => Sum.ofDoubles
     new c52ce7c  This closes #2565
     new b43c92f  [BEAM-59] Register standard FileSystems wherever we register IOChannelFactories
     new e556858  [BEAM-59] This closes #2569
     new 7c46d2c  remove extra streaming refs in capability matrix: Flink state/timers
     new 6c85f31  This closes`
     new f654ff4  Enable flink dependency enforcement and make dependencies explicit
     new 5fce8d2  Fix Javadoc warnings on Flink Runner
     new 88513db  Remove flink-annotations dependency
     new fac4f3e  This closes #2549
     new d8213fa  [BEAM-1993] Remove special unbounded Flink source/sink
     new 686b774  This closes #2574
     new 16e3d3f  Translate PTransforms to and from Runner API Protos
     new 4f0146a  This closes #2540
     new 4d98d43  Clean up DirectRunner Clock and TransformResult
     new d4ce94f  This closes #2570
     new 9697e8c  Remove overloading of __call__ in DirectRunner
     new 034bcb4  This closes #2571
     new f9d3c1e  Making metrics usage in datastore_wordcount consistent
     new 0e11a93  This closes #2575
     new 8ff43ba  Fix Hadoop pom.xml
     new 8f4bb01  This closes #2566
     new d3b0646  Track RestIO in In-Progress I/O Transforms
     new 43ad985  This closes
     new d357aea  Revert "Removes final minor usages of OldDoFn outside OldDoFn itself"
     new 4124cc6  This closes #2580
     new 62464b5  [BEAM-1272] Align the naming of "generateInitialSplits" and "splitIntoBundles" to better reflect their intention
     new 3101e69  This closes #2523
     new fc977a3  [BEAM-1272] Align the naming of "generateInitialSplits" and "splitIntoBundles" to better reflect their intention
     new 4d59262  Closes
     new 7115ed8  [BEAM-1990] Comment: Don't use Window.Assign
     new 22d84c9  This closes #2564
     new 3418863  Rename SideOutputValue to OutputValue
     new 6f9d2a7  This closes #2562
     new ebbb613  This closes #2521: Add more unit test to Gearpump runner
     new 2bea915  runners-core-construction-java fix artifact name
     new 0be61db  This closes #2581
     new 88d2c69  Gets rid of TFRecordIO.Read.Bound
     new f5d92a4  Converts TFRecordIO.Read to AutoValue
     new 76de0e4  Gets rid of TFRecordIO.Write.Bound
     new b77b6fb  Converts TFRecordIO.Write to AutoValue
     new 88ae3b7  Removes unused validation parameter
     new 3076c86  This closes #2559
     new f654a79  Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert "Add ValueProvider class for FileBasedSource I/O Transforms""""
     new e99a394  Revert "Revert "Throw specialized exception in value providers""
     new f774958  Remove options_id concept from templated runs.
     new eb2e6aa  This closes #2545
     new 5ec8ca2  [BEAM-1949] Doc changes for Python SideOutputValue to OutputValue rename
     new 6b32f59  This closes
     new 74037fd  [BEAM-1741] Update direct and Cloud Dataflow runner pages with Python info
     new 6680756  This closes
     new 910d6fa  [BEAM-1964] Upgrade Pylint
     new ed52d32  This closes #2583
     new 1c1742f  Update overview page.
     new 4dd5910  This closes
     new be92f59  [BEAM-1871] Create new GCP core module package and move several GCP related classes from beam-sdks-java-core over.
     new 6d3fe51  [BEAM-1871] Create new GCP core module package and move several GCP related classes from beam-sdks-java-core over.
     new a2401b3  Delete deprecated AttemptAndTimeBoundedExponentialBackoff
     new ad95862  Remove deprecated method in IOChannelUtils
     new 403a736  Remove deprecated/unused code from Pipeline
     new c9e6132  Delete AttemptBoundedExponentialBackoff
     new 2549ad4  Delete IntervalBoundedExponentialBackoff
     new 16322b2  Delete AppEngineEnvironment
     new b1880e6  Upgrade worker to not depend on deprecated now deleted code
     new ee18dd5  update release notes post 0.6.0 release
     new 0c73212  This closes
     new d988150  This closes #2568
     new 09e0f77  Changed snappy version to 1.1.4-M3
     new a9bcc8b  This closes #2572
     new a51bdd2  Separates side input test and side output test
     new 3fd8890  ProcessFn remembers more info about its application context
     new 1cc16b0  Minor cleanups in ParDoEvaluator
     new 7e1a267  Extracts interface from PushbackSideInputDoFnRunner
     new b93de58  Creates ProcessFnRunner and wires it through ParDoEvaluator
     new 6ac3ac5  Explodes windows before GBKIKWI
     new e0df7d8  This closes #2556
     new c939a43  Use tableRefFunction throughout BigQueryIO. Constant table writes use ConstantTableSpecFunction.
     new 67a5f82  Add PrepareWrite transform.
     new 58ed5c7  Refactor streaming write branch into separate reusable components.
     new 8581caf  Refactor batch load job path, and add support for data-dependent tables.
     new 760a945  Refactor batch loads, and add support for windowed writes.
     new b486137  Fix tests to properly fake out BigQueryService, and add tests for dynamic-table functionality.
     new 7d13061  Separate streaming writes into two pluggable components - CreateTables, and StreamingWriteTables. Also address many code review comments. Also merge with master.
     new 57929fb  This closes #2415
     new d0c0a60  [BEAM-1914] XmlIO now complies with PTransform style guide
     new 470808c  [BEAM-1914] This closes #2558
     new a9c7226  Update flink page ref from language-python to language-py and add toggle
     new 542892a  This closes
     new 28b692d  Pin default commons-compress version to beam-parent pom
     new 8a00f22  This closes #2588
     new cdd2544  [BEAM-1994] Remove Flink examples package
     new 8319369  This closes #2576
     new 97c6678  [BEAM-1441] Remove deprecated ChannelFactory
     new 714fdd2  This closes #2544
     new 418c304  Ensure all Read outputs are consumed in Dataflow
     new 29e054a  This closes #2587
     new 1533e2b  Cache result of BigQuerySourceBase.split
     new 391fb77  This closes #2594
     new 546aa61  [BEAM-2015] Remove shared profile in runners/pom.xml and fix Dataflow ValidatesRunner PostCommit
     new 19ae877  This closes #2592
     new 32044ff  [BEAM-919] Remove remaining old use/learn links from website src
     new f63eeed  This closes
     new be4f8b7  [BEAM-2014] Upgrade to Google Auth 0.6.1
     new 7515c26  [BEAM-2014] Upgrade to Google Auth 0.6.1
     new 0650d66  [BEAM-2013] Upgrade to Jackson 2.8.8
     new d54ace4  [BEAM-2013] Upgrade to Jackson 2.8.8
     new 4c28c99  [BEAM-2017] Fix NPE in DataflowRunner when there are no metrics
     new 4ab74bf  This closes #2596
     new c0baf4c  [BEAM-1871] Remove another depedendency by moving TestCredential
     new 1721cea  [BEAM-1871] Remove another depedendency by moving TestCredential
     new 8c88d6a  Modify types for input PCollections of Flatten transform to that of the output PCollection
     new 6224556  [BEAM-1956] Modify types for input PCollections of Flatten transform
     new 28a2682  added module option, use more common zero test, show module name in log
     new 3ef614c  This closes #2579
     new 83dc58e  add temp dataset location for non-query BigQuerySource
     new 104f982  This closes #2582
     new 46c41fc  Merge branch 'master' of into gearpump-runner
     new b8434ac  [BEAM-1948] Defend against absent Aggregators
     new 4e0c833  This closes #2573
     new 1bc1bdd  [BEAM-662] Fix for allowing floating point periods in windows
     new 4e0d5f5  Closes #2600
     new 72f5020  Make stage names consistent.
     new d98294c  Require deterministic window coders.
     new 68c0042  Enable IntervalWindowCoder test check.
     new 4b9029a  Remove obsolete and unused Runner.clear
     new 2c34719  Rename AfterFirst to AfterAny for consistency with Java.
     new 7019aa7  Closes #2552
     new 815bbdc  Remove bigshuffle from python examples
     new e26bfbe  Closes #2604
     new c25380b  Remove vestigial Read and Write from
     new 4121ec4  Closes #2586
     new 0c030d4  [BEAM-1886] Remove TextIO override in Flink runner
     new 252ebf1  Exclude UsesSplittableParDoWithWindowedSideInputs in Flink Stream Runner Tests
     new 56398fc  This closes #2537
     new a77cc22  Fix KafkaIO javadoc typo
     new bf16b4a  This closes #2508
     new 113917b  Add javadoc to the Metric interfaces
     new 321ec8d  This closes #2599
     new 7a645fb  Fix javadoc typo
     new b47fd52  This closes #2614
     new 6a6a1a8  Remove Sink in favor of FileBasedSink
     new 3c811f5  [BEAM-1786, BEAM-1871] Add the ability to register coder factories for classes allowing TableRowJsonCoder to move to sdks/java/io/google-cloud-platform
     new 36a12d0  [BEAM-1786, BEAM-1871] Add the ability to register coder factories
     new 1a3f350  [BEAM-1871] Move over GcsPath to gcp-core
     new 33078d2  [BEAM-1871] Move over GcsPath to gcp-core
     new 4c0bdd6  Make crashing errors in Structs unchecked exceptions
     new 4f8b1cc  This closes #2447: Remove Sink in favor of FileBasedSink
     new 49b8b23  [BEAM-59] FileBasedSource: convert to FileSystem
     new e449188  This closes #2563
     new eb56f99  [BEAM-1992] Move Count.PerElement javadoc to a public place
     new 8be1dac  This closes #2577
     new c9ed8f9  Derive Dataflow output names from steps, not PCollection names
     new 0259126  Fix erroneous use of .expand() in KafkaIO
     new aa899e4  This closes #2617
     new 2ab6f39  Remove _unused_options_id
     new 524165a  This closes #2608
     new e4eae7b  This closes #2618: Use step-derived PCollection names in Dataflow
     new abe9e94  [BEAM-2012] Remove BoundedSource.splitIntoBundles for real
     new 2866549  This closes #2621
     new 7e64a8d  Upgrade autovalue
     new 6680311  Inline and remove POutputValueBase
     new bda1607  [BEAM-2040] Upgrade autovalue
     new 3b6490d  Fix GCP import check in
     new b382795  This closes #2567
     new 0a7e6c3  [BEAM-773] Implement Metrics support for Flink runner
     new 2c69d25  Add IO metrics to Flink runner
     new 217f24b  Ensure all Read outputs are consumed in Flink runner
     new 8160924  This closes #2300
     new 44d21ac  Update gearpump-runner against master changes.
     new ea0f37d  This closes #2623: Inline and remove POutputValueBase
     new 4078c22  This closes #2610: Merge master into gearpump-runner branch
     new e308938  Improve GlobalWindow, IntervalWindow Coders
     new f3806f6  This closes #2630
     new f4fef66  [BEAM-825] Fill in the documentation/runners/apex portion of the website
     new 5385e57  Fix Apex runner instructions (pending review comments and other changes) closes
     new bd6db50  This closes
     new 1ebae83  [BEAM-1452] Add composite transforms section to programming guide
     new 17d4de1  This closes
     new 4efd7eb  Validates that input and output GCS paths specify a bucket
     new 0527f6b  Validates that input and output GCS paths specify a bucket
     new 79d187c  Makes cachedSplitResult transient in BigQuerySourceBase
     new 6a1f581  This closes #2635
     new 78f8267  Update Dataflow Worker Version
     new 552ddb4  Update Dataflow Worker Version
     new f8a10ff  Coder.structuralValue(T) should never throw
     new bebee2a  This closes #2625
     new 82dcfc6  [BEAM-1988] Add join operation to the filesystem
     new a2047ac  This closes #2585
     new 06cf0b5  Change dataflow Job log from info to debug
     new cf5450f  This closes #2639
     new e3b2521  Remove DeterministicStandardCoder
     new a79bf57  This closes #2606
     new 1479b23  [BEAM-1786] Post Dataflow worker CoderRegistry clean-up
     new eab04b0  [BEAM-1786] Post Dataflow worker CoderRegistry clean-up
     new 50622ee  [BEAM-1871] Remove unnecessary runtime dependencies for Google Cloud Storage.
     new 022d5b6  [BEAM-1871] Remove unnecessary runtime dependencies for Google Cloud Storage
     new 393a90c  [BEAM-1871] Move Xml IO and related classes to new sdks/java/io/xml package.
     new 62f041e  [BEAM-1871] Move Xml IO and related classes to new sdks/java/io/xml package.
     new 88c6612  Introduces GenerateSequence transform
     new 6a9a24c  Replaces all usages of CountingInput with GenerateSequence
     new 57eeaae  Deletes CountingInput
     new dffa6a8  Replaces fromTo() with from().to()
     new 781c155  This closes #2601
     new e8f28dd  Make SimplePCollectionView Visible
     new 459630e  This closes #2641
     new 0587706  [BEAM-2044] Upgrade HBaseIO to use HBase client version 1.3.1
     new 4a8e5d5  [BEAM-2044] This closes #2629
     new f420e62  [BEAM-1428] KinesisIO should comply with PTransform style guide
     new be696fc  This closes #2620
     new 59a5807  Rename openWindows => windowsThatAreOpen
     new f5c0121  [BEAM-2044] Downgrade HBaseIO to use the stable HBase client version (1.2.x)
     new 1dce98f  [BEAM-2044] This closes #2648
     new 9b7bbc2  [BEAM-1988] Migrate from utils.path to BFS
     new a670197  This closes #2643
     new 9b6e74e  Adding validatesrunner test for sources
     new e5507d8  This closes #2593
     new fe26348  Update pom.xml
     new 9c39682  [BEAM-2054] Update pom.xml: upgrade dataflow.version to v1b3-rev196-1.22.0
     new ffc7781  [BEAM-2060] Allow to specify charset in XmlIO
     new 7c7ece3  [BEAM-2060] Use withCharset(Charset) for the user facing API
     new d6dddee  [BEAM-2060] Allow to specify charset in XmlIO
     new 8f407c5  Remove unnecessary semicolons
     new f8d6168  This closes #2650
     new 14a8590  Use Structural Value when comparing Window(AndTrigger) Namespaces
     new 2cf6873  This closes #2626
     new 5e62e6f  Add ValueProvider tests to
     new 37e5321  This closes #2658
     new e8f0922  [BEAM-1148] Port PAssert away from aggregators
     new 7a2fe68  Closes #2417
     new cf96ac4  TextIO & AvroIO no longer validate schemas against IOChannelFactory
     new a0f9c7b  Increase post commit timeout from 600 seconds to 900
     new 0191e04  This closes #2661
     new 11103af  Add instructions to regenerate Python proto wrappers.
     new 2a59b05  Generate python proto wrappers for runner and fn API.
     new fbeb7e1  Add apache licence to generated files.
     new 488f3c6  Adapt to PR #2505 changes to protos.
     new d7e7af8  Closes #2632
     new ff1fe7f  [BEAM-1871] Move ProtoCoder to new sdks/java/extensions/protobuf package.
     new 57535f3  [BEAM-1871] Move ProtoCoder to new sdks/java/extensions/protobuf package.
     new c443986  Properly Declare Protobuf extension dependencies
     new 02e60a5  Properly Declare Protobuf extension dependencies
     new 7ad9efc  Stop Extending AtomicCoder
     new 7e6f1b7  This closes #2612
     new e5e1b08  This closes #2663: TextIO & AvroIO no longer validate schemas against IOChannelFactory
     new 664ccb0  Pin apitools to 0.5.8
     new 6f68172  This closes #2667
     new 27bbf58  Fix error with the artifactId on Flink runner after refactor
     new dc387d1  This closes #2674
     new 9984b97  [BEAM-2075] Update flink runner to use flink version 1.2.1
     new 75728a4  This closes #2675
     new d4a9f60  [BEAM-1772] Support merging WindowFn other than IntervalWindow on Flink Runner
     new 3178f07  This closed #2331
     new 63327dd  [BEAM-1812] Add externalized checkpoint configuration to FlinkPipelineOptions
     new 6aed130  This closes #2442
     new 1efaa1e  ByteKey: remove ByteString from public API, replace with ByteBuffer
     new 000378d  This closes #2531
     new cdbca15  [BEAM-1877] Use Iterables.isEmpty in GroupIntoBatches
     new 6bca928  [BEAM-1877] Use Iterables.isEmpty in GroupIntoBatches
     new f2572fa  Add `Filter#equal`
     new ebd3bff  This closes #2622
     new 512b2c0  Add HadoopResourceId
     new 9fdefe1  This closes #2671
     new e9cfb48  Add Cloud Object Translators for Coders
     new 1a79635  This closes #2642
     new 46c4caf  Revert "Add HadoopResourceId"
     new ed97edd  This closes #2677
     new 918c0a1  Fix in dataflow metrics
     new 1d97bdf  This closes #2676
     new 904b413  Removing Aggregators from Examples
     new 1fe11d1  Removing Aggregators from runner-specific examples and tests
     new 6f26db8  Removing Aggregators from PipelineResults and subclasses
     new 4fabaef  Closes #2184
     new c0fa747  [BEAM-2068] Update to latest version of apitools
     new 652a919  This closes #2684
     new 6f9f7bc  [BEAM-1871] Move Bigquery/Pubsub options to sdks/java/io/google-cloud-platform
     new 2e3c17a  [BEAM-1871] Move Bigquery/Pubsub options to sdks/java/io/google-cloud-platform
     new cbcec7c  Make Most StandardCoders CustomCoders
     new 0d69611  This closes #2668
     new ad6dcf4  [BEAM-1988] Add FileSystems Interface for accessing underlying FS correctly
     new b8c568f  This closes #2665
     new 13177b8  [BEAM-1989] Fix the syntax warning from import star
     new 9213f34  This closes #2687
     new 6571bae  [BEAM-1749] Upgrade to pycodestyle
     new 1675f03  This closes #2686
     new 6abc21e  Datastore: fix use of deprecated function
     new afb96d7  This closes #2690
     new df4b5f5  Remove unused private fields
     new 7db375d  Updates DoFn invocation logic to be more extensible.
     new 0094699  This closes #2519
     new 03d4784  [BEAM-1871] Move ByteStringCoder to sdks/java/extensions/protobuf
     new b29d1c8  [BEAM-1871] Move ByteStringCoder to sdks/java/extensions/protobuf
     new ff0baa8  Update maven surefire and failsafe plugins to version 2.20
     new c7eccbb  This closes #2701
     new 5029f1e  [BEAM-1871] Move functionality from AvroUtils to AvroSource hiding visibility of internal method, also remove deprecated method.
     new e6dfd03  [BEAM-1871] Move functionality from AvroUtils to AvroSource hiding visibility of internal method, also remove deprecated method.
     new e09efea  Add surefire-plugin.version property to archetype pom.xml
     new 9023df8  This closes #2707
     new 451e074  Remove AtomicCoder
     new f3cff36  This closes #2693
     new 41d52be  [BEAM-1958] Standard IO Metrics in Java SDK
     new 30dbaf8  This closes #2538
     new 095531b  Fix small typo in comment in CoderRegistry
     new 99cf72e  This closes #2699
     new a503d34  [BEAM-1871] Remove deprecated methods from AvroCoder
     new c5cf90c  [BEAM-1871] Remove deprecated methods from AvroCoder
     new 4364747  [BEAM-2060] Add charset support in XmlSink
     new 9ff22a4  [BEAM-2060] Add charset support in XmlSink
     new 31e340f  [BEAM-1871] Move RetryHttpRequestInitializer and remove deprecated methods
     new 85aaa62  [BEAM-1871] Move RetryHttpRequestInitializer and remove deprecated methods
     new e07ba68  LocalResourceId: make toString end in '/' for directories
     new bdee44f  FileSystems: make tolerant of and more efficient for empty lists
     new 080c339  LocalFileSystem: create parent directories if needed
     new 869465e  This closes #2697
     new b567386  Add getElementCoders to UnionCoder
     new de9d89c  [BEAM-2021] Add getElementCoders to UnionCoder
     new 4faa8fe  Make it possible to test runners that don't support all metrics
     new f23dd67  This closes #2633
     new 6912695  Make WindowedValueCoder an Interface
     new cd2bcaf  Make WindowedValueCoder an Interface
     new eae58ab  [BEAM-1871] Drop usage of Jackson/CloudObject from CoGbkResultSchema
     new a8d7660  [BEAM-1871] Drop usage of Jackson/CloudObject from CoGbkResultSchema
     new d841e5d  [BEAM-1573] Use Kafka serializers instead of coders in KafkaIO
     new af8ead4  This closes #2330
     new 7c17420  Remove aggregators from Dataflow runner
     new 7339882  Closes #2613
     new f38e427  Replace OutputTimeFn UDF with TimestampCombiner enum
     new a32371e  This closes #2683: Replace OutputTimeFn UDF with TimestampCombiner enum
     new 11a20ff  [BEAM-1871] Clean-up org.apache.beam.sdk.util, move BitSetCoder from util to coder
     new 7d76e10  [BEAM-1871] Re-add BitSetCoder to sdk/util for Dataflow worker.
     new 650ee8e  [BEAM-1871] Clean-up org.apache.beam.sdk.util, move BitSetCoder from util to coder
     new bcde998  Do not depend on message id in DataflowRunner
     new 3961ce4  This closes #2696
     new 1360c21  [BEAM-1316] start bundle should not output any elements
     new 26c61f4  This closes #2715
     new 97c9b17  Per-transform runner api dispatch.
     new d096b19  Translate flatten to Runner API.
     new a95fc19  Translate WindowInto through the Runner API.
     new 87a475e  Factor out URN registration logic.
     new 412b610  Closes #2595
     new ea230f1  update JavaDoc for Count.globally
     new a0b077f  This closes #2603
     new d835a6e  Add Registrars for Coder Cloud Object Translators
     new 330bc1a  This closes #2716
     new 0d64ae2  FileBasedSink: fix typos
     new bb12a56  This closes #2723
     new 83d41fc  Revert "Replace OutputTimeFn UDF with TimestampCombiner enum"
     new d8b6196  Revert "Make WindowedValueCoder an Interface"
     new 3bcbba1  This closes #2726
     new b82cd24  This closes #2725: Revert "Replace OutputTimeFn UDF with TimestampCombiner enum"
     new 9c9ce7a  Use parent pom version of hadoop, move common deps into the hadoop parent pom
     new b57ae26  This closes #2703
     new 1119711  This closes #2655: Rename openWindows => windowsThatAreOpen
     new 6ca7c51  This closes #2652: Remove unused private fields
     new 6f24437  Change to commons-lang dependency to commons-lang3 to be consistent with Spark
     new 8a3588d  This closes #2700
     new af53621  [BEAM-2091] Typo in build instructions in Apex Runner's
     new 196f4ba  [BEAM-2091] This closes #2735
     new ed8bd62  Do not rely on metrics in streaming TestDataflowRunner
     new 634bf4e  This closes #2731: Do not rely on metrics in streaming TestDataflowRunner
     new 62fc648  BEAM-1766 Remove Aggregators from Apex runner
     new 26798fb  XmlIO and XmlSource now take an optional validationEventHandler to throw a runtime exception when validations failed (by example)
     new 0c26d02  [BEAM-2062] XmlIO and XmlSource now take an optional validationEventHandler
     new e6f94a8  This closes #2742
     new d8ac603  Mark Pipeline#getPipelineOptions Experimental
     new 1babed2  This closes #2358
     new 235a79a  [BEAM-59] Move IOChannelUtils.constructName to FileBasedSink
     new 0c740f4  This closes #2724
     new 0aed801  [BEAM-1871] Move several options/auth classes around in gcp-core
     new 730b14e  [BEAM-1871] Move several options/auth classes around in gcp-core
     new d9595d3  Add extra message to deprecated annotation
     new 42e3a6f  This closes #2719
     new 9174ebf  [BEAM-1695] Improve Python-SDK's programming guide
     new 884935c  This closes #2738
     new e047b69  [BEAM-2096] Make DataflowMetrics more resilient
     new fdf2de9  This closes #2739
     new f93a277  [BEAM-59] Add FileSystems#matchNewResource
     new 14a90d7  This closes #2728
     new d3b399f  Remove Coder Encoding IDs
     new c493695  This closes #2717
     new 1925a50  [BEAM-2029] NullPointerException when using multi output ParDo in Spark runner in streaming mode.
     new a46eb1a  This closes #2746
     new cf25971  [BEAM-1011] Add triggers content to the programming guide
     new 6249633  This closes
     new 9a3b830  [BEAM-59] LocalResources: helper utility to create LocalResourceId
     new f71395b  This closes #2751
     new 95fdb8f  WriteFiles: trivial message fix
     new 674ae9a  This closes #2755
     new 06f4ef4  Add a simple snippet for a composite transform.
     new 948f7ef  This closes #2756
     new e1d5174  [BEAM-2031] Add support to PipelineOptionsFactory/ProxyInvocationHandler for auto registration of Jackson modules
     new 185dc47  [BEAM-2031] Add support to PipelineOptionsFactory/ProxyInvocationHandler for auto registration of Jackson modules
     new 34c3ee7  [BEAM-59] Remove IOChannelFactory usage from NumberedShardedFile/ExplicitShardedFile
     new 47aaf11  This closes #2749
     new f37d954  BEAM-1981 Fix ApexTimerInternals serialization error.
     new 40a924d  [BEAM-1871] Remove irrelevant runtime dependencies.
     new 849e39d  [BEAM-1871] Remove irrelevant runtime dependencies
     new ce88c88  [BEAM-2005] Move getScheme from FileSystemRegistrar to FileSystem
     new ddabab3  [BEAM-2005] Move getScheme from FileSystemRegistrar to FileSystem
     new fa422b9  Remove missing references to the flink examples package after refactor
     new d08b728  This closes #2760
     new 594705d  [BEAM-2094] WordCount examples produce garbage for non-English input text
     new bff84e2  This closes #2740
     new 34054ab  Fix Javadoc warnings
     new ccfff5f  This closes #2705
     new c1ceab7  Add getFilename method to ResourceId
     new a8a04a2  This closes #2754
     new 3423bfd  [BEAM-2119] Fix FileSystems to have the local filesystem installed by default.
     new 1a265e3  [BEAM-2119] Fix FileSystems to have the local filesystem installed by default.
     new 4041519  ResourceId: Add #isDirectory
     new 6b97fb1  This closes #2761
     new 83872f4  TextIOTest: shrink size of test data
     new f9406c7  This closes #2766
     new 2bd668f  This closes #2734: Fix ApexTimerInternals serialization error.
     new 4e6dbf8  Remove IOChannelUtils from a few ITs
     new 0c269cc  Use getFileName in NumberedShardedFile
     new dbd44fa  This closes #2768
     new b16e29c  [BEAM-2114] Wrap inferred KafkaIO Coders with NullableCoder
     new a3e7383  This closes #2767
     new 864e2ad  [BEAM-2031] Add support to pass through zero or more Hadoop configurations through as PipelineOptions
     new 7478da9  [BEAM-2031] Add support to pass through zero or more Hadoop configurations through as PipelineOptions
     new 15d8eac  Retire Travis-CI coverage in Apache Beam
     new 29b8282  This closes #2769
     new d1395dc  Rollforwards "Replace OutputTimeFn UDF with TimestampCombiner enum""
     new 1a74b4e  Update Dataflow worker container to 20170428-2
     new a83524c  [BEAM-2005] Swap to use Lists within MatchResult instead of arrays.
     new b236104  [BEAM-2005] Swap to use Lists within MatchResult instead of arrays.
     new 8152ad8  [BEAM-1695] Improve Python-SDK's programming guide
     new ad2c9e9  This closes
     new d233a24  This closes #2741: Rollforwards "Replace OutputTimeFn UDF with TimestampCombiner enum"
     new 2d13bac  Rename StandardCoder to StructuredCoder
     new 8cc4d59  This closes #2720
     new ed0b63a  Java-Serialize Coders Directly
     new e2b5d6e  Use Runner API Encodings in the Fn API
     new 2b6cb8c  This closes #2773
     new eb86038  BEAM-2022 fix triggering for processing time timers
     new 2384e46  Fix broken build
     new bac0633  This closes #2781
     new 5911773  [BEAM-2057] Add a test for metrics reporting in Spark runner.
     new 81474ae  This closes #2730
     new 930c27f  [BEAM-1398] KafkaIO metrics.
     new 47821ad  This closes #2344
     new c1b35f4  [BEAM-1871] Hide internal implementation details of how we create a DefaultBucket for GCP Temp Location
     new f29444b  [BEAM-1871] Hide internal implementation details of how we create a DefaultBucket for GCP Temp Location
     new 15802de  [BEAM-2098] Walkthrough URL in example code Javadoc is 404 not found
     new be88366  [BEAM-2098] Walkthrough URL in example code Javadoc is 404 not found
     new f6ebb04  Move stable name validation to
     new 4291fa6  Remove PipelineOptions from createWriteOperation()
     new c15fe05  Add comments to
     new 19aa8ba  Move PTransform.validate to post-construction, modulo BigQueryIO
     new 77a2545  Supply PipelineOptions at
     new f5e3f52  This closes #2666: Remove some construction-time uses of PipelineOptions
     new f4d0460  Converts PubsubIO.Read to AutoValue
     new 5d8fbc4  Renames PubsubIO.Read builder methods to be style guide compliant
     new 9e81548  Remove override of topic by subscription and vice versa
     new df6ef96  Converts PubsubIO.Write to AutoValue
     new 42c975e  Renames PubsubIO.Write builder methods to be style guide compliant
     new 079353d  Adds PubsubIO.readStrings(), readProtos(), readAvros()
     new f065114  Adds PubsubIO.writeStrings(), writeProtos(), writeAvros()
     new 8853d53  Renames {id,timestamp}Label to {id,timestamp}Attribute throughout SDK
     new 14d60b2  This closes #2750
     new 0a90162  Remove useless return statement
     new e522281  Remove useless return statement
     new f5304b1  Remove redundant private on enum constructors
     new 33358eb  Remove redundant private on enum constructors
     new cc7cfcc  Remove useless continue statements
     new fc55d2f  Remove useless continue statements
     new 202aae9  This closes #2782: fix triggering for processing time timers
     new 10b3e3e  [BEAM-2114] Fixed display data for Kafka read/write with coders
     new 10fc5f8  [BEAM-2114] Throw instead of warning when KafkaIO cannot infer coder
     new 34e0046  [BEAM-2114] Tests for KafkaIO: use ExpectedException rule
     new 3d47b33  This closes #2780
     new fab43fb  Fix hamcrest-core version in parent pom
     new a19ceaf  This closes #2790
     new 4fd4450  Do not prune branches in Jenkins
     new 46ca02a  This closes #2785
     new 1ecc6eb  [BEAM-59] Minor style cleanups to WriteOneWindowPerFile
     new a198f8d  This closes #2792
     new 7e04924  Remove KeyedCombineFn
     new 07ca542  Update Dataflow worker version to beam-master-20170430
     new 9f2733a  This closes #2636: Remove KeyedCombineFn
     new 401eef0  Do not repeat log messages in DataflowPipelineJob
     new b51e860  [BEAM-59] DataflowRunner: Sink is always a FileBasedSink now
     new 1197bef  This closes #2791
     new 5dac56f  [BEAM-2129] Fix flaky KafkaIOTest#testUnboundedSourceMetrics
     new b414f8d  This closes #2797
     new 3b6f4f6  [BEAM-2072] Fixed MicrobatchSource.reader stops reading after reaching maxNumRecords for the first time.
     new 254470e  This closes #2698
     new fcb61ae  [BEAM-2074,BEAM-2073] Fixed SourceDStream's rate control usage.
     new 535761a  This closes #2733
     new 7e33508  Use a new ReflectData for each AvroCoder instance
     new 8a1fab1  [BEAM-1970] Use a new ReflectData for each AvroCoder instance
     new 13435e6  [BEAM-2130] Ensure the options id is never null.
     new fe2a320  [BEAM-2130] Ensure the options id is never null.
     new d1e4875  Add A CoderTranslator Interface
     new 23609ef  This closes #2689
     new a6590c0  Re-enable WindowedWordCountIT on Flink runner in precommit
     new 87236ce  [BEAM-720] Re-enable WindowedWordCountIT on Flink runner in precommit
     new 3fff52d  This closes #2796: Do not repeat log messages in DataflowPipelineJob
     new 21d7458  Add Cloud Object Translators for Coders
     new 3ae9441  This closes #2679
     new 0788d3d  [BEAM-1676] Internalize ClassPath from Guava 21.0 to fix the failures related to having whitespaces in resource names.
     new c2a5557  This closes #2799
     new 0f01000  [BEAM-1871] Hide CloudResourceManager client in sdks/java/extensions/gcp-core
     new ba539b6  [BEAM-1871] Hide CloudResourceManager client in sdks/java/extensions/gcp-core
     new c0a6474  [BEAM-1925] Remove deprecated context param from DoFn
     new 36ed6dc  This closes #2712
     new cc51913  Remove IOChannelUtils from BigQuery TableRowWriter
     new a2292a7  This closes #2798
     new a572680  [BEAM-1908] Allow setting CREATE_NEVER when using a tablespec in BigQueryIO
     new 87499f7  This closes #2474
     new fbb6b64  [BEAM-59] Switch mimeType from mutable protected field to constructor
     new cd813fb  This closes #2793
     new 2ce9756  Add CloudObjectTranslators for Avro, Serializable
     new 4867c99  [BEAM-2020] Add CloudObjectTranslators for Avro, Serializable
     new 7976f88  [BEAM-1441] remove manual join from apiclient
     new b8131fe  This closes #2802
     new a856fcf  Fn API support for Python.
     new 7c425b0  Closes #2644
     new 9d3aebe  Rename OutputValue to TaggedOutput.
     new 7f50ea2  Closes #2810
     new 79b364f  Copy CloudObject to the Dataflow Module
     new 3afd338  [BEAM-2020] Copy CloudObject to the Dataflow Module
     new a752cfd  [BEAM-1871] Remove deprecated org.apache.beam.sdk.options.GcsOptions after updating Dataflow worker
     new 6d443bc  [BEAM-1871] Remove deprecated org.apache.beam.sdk.options.GcsOptions after updating Dataflow worker
     new 2fa3c34  Fixes javadoc of TextIO to not point to AvroIO
     new 0166e19  Moves AvroSink to upper level
     new 1499d256 Removes AvroIO.Read.Bound
     new ff7a1d4  Adds AvroIO.readGenericRecords()
     new 439f2ca  Converts AvroIO.Read to AutoValue
     new d1dfd4e  Removes AvroIO.Write.Bound
     new abb4916  Moves AvroIO.Read.withSchema into read()
     new e0d7475  Converts AvroIO.Write to AutoValue; adds writeGenericRecords()
     new 27d7462  Moves AvroIO.write().withSchema into write()
     new caf2fae  Scattered minor improvements per review comments
     new 034565c  This closes #2778
     new 47569f5  maptask_executor_runner_test: build fix
     new 7fa0064  This closes #2815
     new 23d16f7  [BEAM-2005, BEAM-2030, BEAM-2031, BEAM-2032, BEAM-2033, BEAM-2070] Base implementation of HadoopFileSystem.
     new a3ba8e7  [BEAM-2005, BEAM-2030, BEAM-2031, BEAM-2032, BEAM-2033, BEAM-2070] Base implementation of HadoopFileSystem.
     new 19ae45b  [BEAM-2005] Fix build break, ignore test due to change in TestPipeline/FileSystems interaction
     new 4253a60  Remove aggregators from DoFn contexts and internal SDK usage
     new 87cf88a  [BEAM-775] Remove Aggregators from the Java SDK
     new e83e562  [BEAM-59] Core tests: stop using gs:// paths
     new a77ed33  [BEAM-59] TFRecordIOTest: cleanup
     new afc3921  [BEAM-59] DataflowRunnerTests: configure FileSystems in test
     new de36c6e  [BEAM-59] AvroIOTest: use absolute paths for display data
     new e92ead5  This closes #2814
     new fdbff49  Remove Aggregators from StatefulDoFn runner
     new b20d983  Removing Aggregator from core runner code
     new 650e868  Remove accumulators from DoFn tester.
     new fad07f6  This closes #2744
     new a76a20e  Remove unneeded elements from the POM files
     new ae72456  This closes #2704
     new 05722ac  Use processing time for synchronized processing time in Flink runner
     new 8e94f8f  [BEAM-1764] Remove aggregators from Flink Runner
     new 19105d9  This closes #2822
     new 97949e1  Update github PR template after travis removal.
     new f9243e1c This closes #2820
     new b8a27d6  Add retry logic for job creation
     new 43443c9  This closes #2800
     new 7b3cce4  Add an @Internal Annotation
     new a907323  Revert clean else-return lint changes.
     new 97dde95  Closes #2813
     new 9114eb3  This closes #2830: Add an @Internal Annotation
     new 06f5a49  [BEAM-2135] Move gcp-core to google-cloud-platform-core
     new 4c3174b  [BEAM-2135] Move gcp-core to google-cloud-platform-core
     new eec903f  This closes #2653 Add comments to
     new 8fe59c3  Simplify type parameters of StateSpec and related
     new 190422c  Make DoFnSignatures robust to StateSpec subclasses
     new b40b265  This closes #2627: Remove extraneous type variable from StateSpec
     new c2c89ed  This closes #2826: Use processing time for synchronized processing time in Flink runner
     new ef4658a  Removes leftover no-op withoutValidation methods
     new 9631520  Removes TextIO.Read.Bound
     new 987b4e6  Converts TextIO.Read to AutoValue
     new 4f5098d  Removes TextIO.Write.Bound
     new 681b5d6  Converts TextIO.Write to AutoValue
     new 7b725c2  Moves TextSource and TextSink to top level
     new 3161904  This closes #2774
     new bacd33c  [BEAM-2135] Move hdfs to hadoop-file-system
     new 9f6377f  [BEAM-2135] Move hdfs to hadoop-file-system
     new abfd006  [BEAM-2141] Disable JDBC tests
     new aaa5e55  This closes #2835
     new 059b351  BigQuery: swap from asSingleton to asIterable for Cleanup
     new 3bd8a0f  This closes #2832
     new 0b523b6  [BEAM-2020] Convert all unknown Coders into CustomCoder CloudObjects
     new 0ce01b6  [BEAM-2020] Convert all unknown Coders into CustomCoder CloudObjects
     new 5ec48c5  [BEAM-539] Fixes several issues of FileSink.
     new 87a12af  This closes #2770
     new ab55ef3  [BEAM-1316] Remove the usage of mock from ptransform tests
     new 4d6f6a1  This closes #2836
     new 6f8f821  [BEAM-2135] Fix pointers to GCP-core
     new 6d9b239  Skip null options when converting back to argv
     new 78b2572  Instantiate runner briefly in Pipeline
     new 2047d8f  [BEAM-2135] Fix pointers to GCP-core
     new 6a1a400  [BEAM-2135] Fix pointers to sdks/java/io/hadoop-file-system
     new de0fdbc  update JavaDoc for BoundedWindow
     new 986d727  [BEAM-2135] Fix pointers to sdks/java/io/hadoop-file-system
     new 403a64b  [BEAM-2093] Use the jackson version from the maven property in maven archetypes
     new ccbb00e  This closes #2737
     new 00bee9b  [BEAM-59] Delete old restrictions on output file paths
     new b5561f7  This closes #2818
     new b2283bf  [BEAM-2139] Disable SplittableDoFn ValidatesRunner tests for Streaming Flink Runner
     new a552fb8  [BEAM-2139] Disable SplittableDoFn ValidatesRunner tests for Streaming Flink Runner
     new 027dd77  This closes #2795: Restore status quo relationship between PipelineOptions initialization and PipelineRunners
     new bc91825  Triggers for Java SDK post submit tests
     new b2a4ae2  [BEAM-59] Move GcsFileSystem to gcp-core
     new 5bfd3e0  This closes #2834
     new e2985f0  Fix broken HDFS link on built-in IO page
     new 615761a  Full removal of Aggregators in Java SDK and Runners
     new 4682238  This closes #2838
     new 166171d  Fix broken HDFS link on built-in IO page
     new 6d5e1ff  Include LICENSE and NOTICE in python dist files
     new 3bb0f8e  This closes #2245
     new 444da27  Deprecate <pipeline>.options usage
     new 30e6116  Closes #2801
     new 3838ada  [BEAM-2142] Add composite transforms Python snippets to programming guide
     new e524e94  This closes
     new 9495048  Remove Coder.asCloudObject and related methods
     new d7151fb  [BEAM-2020] Remove Coder.asCloudObject and related methods
     new 7a48ddd  Updating Dataflow API protos and client
     new 2d22485  This closes #2845
     new 73cdd99  Add Additional CloudObjectTranslators
     new 1797b3ee Add Python snippets to Mobile Gaming.
     new 0809946  This closes
     new dc0fdcb  [BEAM-2020] Add additional CloudObject Translators
     new 25dc94b  Removed coder and parseFn from PubsubIO.Read
     new 429c613  Removed coder and formatFn from PubsubIO.Write
     new eca553f  Introduces read/writePubsubMessages
     new 7d6f8bd  This closes #2634
     new 9a59ea3  Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into gearpump-runner
     new 3b61f6a  This closes #2849: Triggers for Java SDK post submit tests
     new 84255c4  Use LinkedHashMap for step contexts in BaseExecutionContext
     new a7d6ddc  Remove IoChannelUtils from PackageUtil
     new 1b0400f  This closes #2775
     new f33039b  This closes #2858: Use LinkedHashMap for step contexts in BaseExecutionContext
     new cda1405  Use Thread context ClassLoader as parent in AvroCoderTest
     new fb9ebb6  [BEAM-59] FileChecksumMatcherTest: switch from IOChannelUtils to java file API
     new 0d19d3c  This closes #2860
     new cc4ca8c  Mark all PCollectionView methods internal
     new 320f9af  This closes #2842
     new a5627b1  [BEAM-1871] Move GCP specific serialization CloudObject and supporting translation code to Dataflow runner module
     new aafa1bb  [BEAM-1871] Move GCP specific serialization CloudObject and supporting translation code to Dataflow runner module
     new a4a430d  [BEAM-969] Add a gearpump runner web page
     new 81877e3  This closes Add a gearpump runner web page
     new 678c400  Minor touch-ups to Gearpump listing on overview
     new b263cb7  This closes #2861: Use Thread context ClassLoader as parent in AvroCoderTest
     new 9edd859  Reduce visibility of DirectRunner classes
     new f55d002  This closes #2863
     new d8e2522  Retry on correct error codes for datastoreio
     new 9b6b906  This closes #2865
     new 289d2de  Try PTransform-based coder inference before using fallback coder.
     new 3e6b02a  Fix coder inference ambiguity in CombineFnsTest.
     new 57f449c  Closes #2771
     new 3eae059  add SQL_DSL to page 'work-in-progress'
     new a516742  This closes
     new 0ddf8d4  Remove job name usages from BigQueryIO at pipeline construction time
     new 17f0843  This closes #2846: BigQueryIO: Remove PipelineOptions.getJobName usages at pipeline construction time
     new 35db745  Fully general dynamic tables (including schemas) in BigQueryIO.
     new a1d82c2  This closes #2609
     new 415d4bb  Fixes PubsubIO.Write translation in Dataflow runner
     new b4bafd0  This closes #2875
     new 1735824  Convert WriteFiles/FileBasedSink from IOChannelFactory to FileSystems
     new 1bc50d6  This closes #2779
     new ef27abd  Inline TypedPValue
     new 8f3fbc0  [BEAM-2157] Fix HDFS Test That Failed in Other JDK Versions
     new 5b0a868  [BEAM-2157] Fix HDFS Test That Failed in Other JDK Versions
     new e57b501  Provides a default coder for PubsubMessage
     new 210e216  Moves PubsubMessage to upper level and renames payload
     new ad12f63  This closes #2885
     new d0a2249  BigQueryIO: Remove tempLocation usage at pipeline construction time
     new f3f8810  This closes #2873: BigQueryIO: Remove tempLocation usage at pipeline construction time
     new 878981f  Removal of Aggregator class. Also removal from comments.
     new 34d25f4  This closes #2851
     new ff6bb35  This closes #2867: Inline TypedPValue
     new 12b9719  Update gearpump-runner against master changes
     new f911ab3  Transfer some content from Create Your Pipeline to the Programming Guide.
     new 9772f47  This closes
     new f4dfbb2  Annotate internal methods of PCollection
     new c1b26a1  Annotate internal pieces of sdks.transforms
     new 49cf433  Tighten access control and internal annotations for triggers
     new 9b8a4e5  The transforms.reflect package is not for users
     new fe51cc0  Annotate internal-only bits of Java sdk.runners
     new 58298d8  Tighten access in sdk.options
     new 362d0be  Annotate internal methods on Pipeline
     new f43b61a  This closes #2852: Tighten up access and use internal annotations a bit in the Java SDK
     new 1f1c897  [BEAM-2165] Update Apex to support serializing/deserializing custom user types configured via Jackson modules
     new 02b72d6  [BEAM-2165] Update Apex to support serializing/deserializing custom user types configured via Jackson modules
     new e5729b5  [BEAM-2165] Update Dataflow to support serializing/deserializing custom user types configured via Jackson modules
     new 749b33f  [BEAM-2165] Update Dataflow to support serializing/deserializing custom user types configured via Jackson modules
     new f53e5d4  [BEAM-2165] Update Flink to support serializing/deserializing custom user types configured via Jackson modules
     new 3c5891b  [BEAM-2165] Update Flink to support serializing/deserializing custom user types configured via Jackson modules
     new cc654f0  [BEAM-1871] Migrate ReleaseInfo away from Google API client GenericJson
     new 98e92a0  [BEAM-1871] Migrate ReleaseInfo away from Google API client GenericJson
     new 8a2dcdb  DataflowRunner: integration test GCP-IO
     new e1d4aa9  This closes #2870
     new 1671708  [BEAM-1491]Identify HADOOP_CONF_DIR(or YARN_CONF_DIR) environment variables
     new 588f57a  [BEAM-1491]Identify HADOOP_CONF_DIR(or YARN_CONF_DIR) environment variables
     new fba3d87  Split Coder's encode/decode methods into two methods depending on context.
     new d929300  [BEAM-2166] Split Coder's encode/decode methods into two methods depending on context.
     new 690ec3b  [BEAM-2162] Add logging to long BigQuery jobs
     new ade5cbe  This closes #2882
     new 17ad1ef  Use BinaryCombineLongFn in GroupIntoBatches
     new d1afdd8  This closes #2859
     new 70dad36  [BEAM-2152] Remove gcloud auth as application default credentials does it
     new 9302094  This closes #2869
     new c102d27  AvroIOTest: stop using IOChannelUtils, remove invalid test
     new e5a38ed  DataflowRunner: switch from IOChannels to FileSystems for creating files
     new dc9e004  DataflowPipelineOptions: use FileSystems, not IOChannelUtils, to resolve staging location
     new 5519fe5  Stop registering IOChannelFactories in SDK harness, runners, tests
     new f4e7c02  FileSystems: add match(String) for single spec
     new d050477  WriteWithShardingFactoryTest: switch to FileSystems
     new 56b1280  ReadTranslator: remove outdated comment
     new 7e3d572  TFRecordIO: switch to FileSystems from IOChannelUtils
     new 6a95e5e  This closes #2887
     new ab8f92f  Remove POutput#recordAsOutput
     new e3a0e26  [BEAM-1199] Remove POutput#recordAsOutput
     new c141ebc  One more TaggedOutput name change.
     new ca12be5  Closes #2884
     new 4cdfe36  Update JavaDoc of checkpoint, and expose `` for more visible.
     new f8ae118  This closes #2837
     new 48c8ed1  Use CloudObject encodings in the Beam Fn Harness
     new 95ade45  [BEAM-1763] Verify PAssert execution in runners which support metrics.
     new 5555040  [BEAM-1726] Fix empty side inputs in Flink Streaming Runner
     new 7c44935  [BEAM-1726] Fix RuntimeException throwing in FlinkStateInternals
     new 0e2bb18  [BEAM-1726] Fix Flatten with input copies in Flink Streaming Runner
     new 8d91a97  [BEAM-1763] Replace usage of PipelineRule with TestPipeline in Spark runner tests
     new b73918b  This closes #2729
     new 731f9d9  GCP-IO: manage versions in top level pom
     new 24c6ff4  This closes #2895
     new 40dc844  Remove IOChannelUtil/Factory from BigQueryIO
     new 70e53e7  This closes #2889
     new 58546ac  This closes #2888: Merge master into gearpump-runner branch
     new 55351dc  Eliminate Pipeline.getOptions
     new 1b363ae  This closed #2857: Eliminate Pipeline.getOptions
     new 7f19e7a  Cleanup old cython files before testing again
     new e2aa889  Closes #2897
     new 4f93492  [BEAM-1727] Add align and offset to Timer
     new 7ece164  Fix initial watermark of DoFnOperator in Flink runner
     new 9fffa7e  This closes #2273: Add align and offset to Timer
     new 78ae528  [BEAM-59] Remove IOChannelUtils, IOChannelFactory
     new 44589c6  This closes #2898
     new 1d9089c  Move thrown.expect to correct place
     new 7274765  This closes #2899
     new 2607381  Note when checkpoints may be committed.
     new 8af5c28  This closes #2266
     new 513ef11  Activate WindowedWordCountIT on Apex runner
     new 0bc8f15  Add trademark symbol to the Downloads page
     new c1c37de  This closes
     new d59d9b7  Split StartBundleContext and FinishBundleContext
     new defb554  This closes #2695
     new d9943a3  [BEAM-2170] PubsubMessageWithAttributesCoder should not NPE on messages without attributes
     new c9b7fe4  Makes PubsubMessagePayloadOnlyCoder not require whole-stream context
     new 9d15249  Moves coder choice into PubsubSource
     new 3c1d411  This closes #2900
     new 78e0acc  Move Java sdk.util.state to sdk.state
     new ac01ec7  Add @Internal and @Experimental to state package
     new ca41af8  Move user-facing timer-related classes out of util
     new b4c808a  Mark TimeDomain experimental alongside Timers; improve javadoc
     new b61e5bb  Move WindowingStrategy from util to values
     new 1d4b1ed  Move PathValidator adjacent to other filesystem bits
     new 6542eaf  Move SideInputReader to runners/core-java
     new e0b3f80  Move Reshuffle and ReshuffleTrigger out of util
     new b2553ca  Move ValueWithRecordId to sdk.values, annotated
     new c83cc74  Move some PCollectionView bits out of util
     new 02e80a7  Update Dataflow worker to 20170504-2
     new a5faa41  [BEAM-2144] Remove transform.reflect and utils from Javadocs
     new 2f4dd8d  This closes #2904
     new 3042d76  This closes #2891: Vital moves of user-facing stuff out of util
     new 040dbd4  Update expectation in ProcessBundleHandlerTest
     new 5fc3d33  This closes #2906
     new c158e05  [BEAM-1871] Move out test only utilities used only in examples/java out of sdks/java/core.
     new 9f27c33  This closes #2905
     new b130d7a  Revert "This closes #2905"
     new 6be71c9  Adjust error message expectation in DoFnSignaturesTest
     new 7903e59  This closes #2909: Adjust error message expectation in DoFnSignaturesTest
     new c1811a4  No parallelism for Apex WindowedWordCountIT
     new fc4534c  [BEAM-1862] SplittableDoFnOperator should close the ScheduledExecutorService
     new 3bffe0e  This closes #2421
     new 0066ca8  [BEAM-2180] update Apex version to 3.6.0
     new 7512a73  [BEAM-2016] Delete HdfsFileSource & Sink
     new 610bda1  This closes #2908
     new 625c996  This closes #2902: Activate WindowedWordCountIT on Apex runner
     new c2f4751  Run Optimize Imports on the Repository
     new 2ac2a34  Move AppliedPTransform into the Runners package
     new 6d85900  This closes #2764
     new 72be5c7  Convert Coder into an Abstract Static Class
     new 69846f5  This closes #2914
     new 60f86db  [BEAM-59] Fully delete IOChannelUtils
     new 0d2a0ae  This closes #2918
     new 9740c6e  [BEAM-2141] disable beam_PerformanceTests_Dataflow
     new a99d43c  This closes #2923
     new a1425e1  This closes #2912: update Apex version to 3.6.0
     new c640e74  Move PipelineRunner to toplevel sdk package (automated refactor)
     new b64f9ac  Exclude sdk.runners from javadoc
     new 15be5df  Javadoc that the sdk.runners package is internal
     new a629f73  This closes #2920: Move PipelineRunner to user-facing package; make sdk.runners package internal
     new c6fe1f9  Use uuid for temp directory
     new 86a9499  This closes #2922
     new 655947b  Re-add AtomicCoder
     new 63258c6  Add default implementations of Coder methods to Coder
     new 987c2cb  Reparent many Coders to Atomic or StructuredCoder
     new c7f3e3c  Make CustomCoder extend Coder directly
     new 0490d6b  This closes #2829
     new 0afb140  Metrics are queriable from Python SDK
     new da164a3  This closes #2874
     new 2e37923  Archetypes: fix build order
     new e6ee299  Examples: allow java8 bytecode since the examples are java8
     new 50262be  This closes #2916
     new cbe182e  [BEAM-1585] Filesystems should be picked using the provided scheme
     new 1ecb111  This closes #2807
     new ae70e50  [BEAM-2165] Update Spark to support serializing/deserializing custom user types configured via Jackson modules
     new 319bb27  This closes #2877
     new b709f9a  Fix merge bug in SparkRuntimeContext
     new 6505988  This closes #2928
     new f8e2cf8  [BEAM-2174] Update CoderRegistry to allow creating coders through CoderFactory for a wider range of types
     new 947fa68  [BEAM-2174] Update CoderRegistry to allow creating coders through CoderFactory for a wider range of types
     new 56a83c7  [BEAM-2187] Fix build break in SparkRuntimeContextTest
     new 047338e  [BEAM-2187] Fix build break in SparkRuntimeContextTest
     new bf51670  [maven-release-plugin] prepare branch release-2.0.0
     new 7d93b17  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 5ce3adf  Update archetype reference after changing version identifier
     new 4675f38  [BEAM-806] Use filtering for the version of the reference test project
     new 1aaca2b  PR polish: move testResources section from all-archetypes level to starter-archetype level
     new 0608897  This closes #2911
     new 5fdb405  Fix default temp location for DataflowRunner
     new e919083  This closes #2907
     new d026b4c  [BEAM-2181] Upgrade to Bigtable
     new 04e3261  This closes #2926
     new e287544  Update python dataflow worker
     new db0ec99  This closes #2935
     new 46c2f93  [BEAM-1672] Make MetricsContainers accumulable.
     new 009cd6e  [BEAM-1672] Use Accumulable MetricsContainers in Spark runner.
     new 8c2da9a  [BEAM-1672] Use Accumulable MetricsContainers in Flink runner.
     new 019d300  This closes #2649
     new eb043d0  Register the TestDataflowRunner via registrar
     new b46e7b9  Move TestDataflowRunner into dataflow package
     new 78a99be  Remove context from size estimate operations.
     new 55a7cd4  [BEAM-831] ParDo Fusion of Apex Runner
     new b64c8ce  [BEAM-831] Fix chaining, add test. closes #2216
     new 96de8d7  Remove uses of context in coder size estimation calls.
     new dabad1a  [BEAM-2166] Remove context from size estimating operations.
     new 53dd0a5  This closes #2940: Move TestDataflowRunner into dataflow package
     new 1a4ca9a  This closes #2927: ParDo Chaining in Apex Runner
     new 938cb2f  Fixing typo in
     new 2b470ea  This closes #2946
     new 385cd5d  Only cythonize files within apache_beam
     new 3f419db  Closes #2945
     new 8ef9861  [BEAM-1723] deduplication of UnboundedSource in Flink runner
     new a0da7be  This closes #2476
     new 44c9385  [BEAM-2190] pom.xml: do a better job of dependency management
     new 2b0e699  This closes #2934
     new 5bac40e  [BEAM-2212] FileBasedSource: improve message when logging.
     new 9423bab  [BEAM-2212] FileBasedSource: refactor to remove uses of fileOrPatternSpec.get()
     new e1791c3  This closes #2956
     new 13e51c9  Convert Executor Services to use Daemon Threads
     new 63c6bea  This closes #2954
     new 50a4c56  [BEAM-2206] Move pipelineOptions into options modules
     new 604c2f5  This closes #2925
     new d3fc7d1  TableDescription is allowed to be null.
     new c481396  This closes #2953
     new 1fd15bd  Shortens PubsubIO names for reading/writing messages.
     new d1914ed  This closes #2950
     new b7635aa  Remove apex This information is already in the website in quickstart and apex runner pages. moves small bits of missing content.
     new 962e879  This closes #2962
     new fba4c01  Remove files that are covered in web site
     new 152c5bc  This closes #2966
     new 31d4b4a  Remove references from the website
     new edfcf9c  This closes
     new 78c2923  [BEAM-2224] Fix temp file management on Windows.
     new f315cc9  Closes #2965
     new fd1dda0  [BEAM-2154] More scalable dynamic BigQueryIO.Write
     new 6a2586a  This closes #2883
     new 87578a6  Use guava Base64 encoding instead of google api client
     new 367fcb2  Remove google api BackOff usage from sdks/core
     new 88e044f  [BEAM-1871] Remove Google API client dependency from sdks/core
     new 16f355f  [BEAM-2211] DataflowRunner: remove validation of file read/write paths
     new 23731fe  This closes #2968
     new 27e9a06  Remove explicit used of nested contexts.
     new 996dce3  Remove contexts from coders where they'll never be used.
     new b7f3341  automated context removal or redirection
     new 45e09b2  get it compiling
     new 4486730  Remove en/decodeOuter and default encode/decode methods.
     new 2d379dd  fixup! Swap to use encode/decode in anonymous inner class coder and @AutoValue coder
     new 4c00272  Reviewer comments + a couple of extra fixes. All compiles.
     new ebd86e1  lint error
     new d9d02f2  checkstyle
     new 43037a3  Use latest dataflow worker.
     new fda3a43  Explicitly mark Coder context as experimental as well as deprecated.
     new 3a09ed5  [BEAM-2166] Use contextless encode/decode by default.
     new 70680b5  Don't log full exception traceback in direct runner.
     new 9241fc6  Closes #2975
     new dc186fd  [BEAM-2184] Rename OutputTimeFn to TimestampCombiner.
     new 844762d  Closes #2971
     new 9283a5e  [BEAM-1925] validate DoFn at pipeline creation time
     new d96fd17  Closes #2963
     new 81b89ac  [BEAM-2095] Made SourceRDD hasNext idempotent
     new e10fbda  This closes #2854
     new 1f19405  Actually run after-count tests.
     new 395d14e  Closes #2976
     new 3bf8860  [BEAM-1283] Finish bundle should only emit windowed values
     new 9575694  This closes #2753
     new 672a2c4  Remove sdk & example that are covered in web site
     new 5e4fd1b  This closes #2967
     new 7d165a7  [BEAM-2211] Move PathValidator into GCP-Core
     new 28180c4  This closes #2972
     new f03c04a  Handle Errors in the DirectRunner
     new b0a3261  Shade Dependencies of the DirectRunner
     new 72b361e  This closes #2714
     new b7b5602  Remove old imports meant for backwards compatibility
     new 9fc8198  This closes #2977
     new d3ff8da  KafkaIO API clean up
     new fdd1089  KafkaIO javadoc fixups
     new 4e8c5f3  This closes #2986
     new 0bc87df  [BEAM-2229] GcsFileSystem: handle empty files
     new 6efb4af  This closes #2992
     new 07084ad  Make PCollectionViewWindow package private
     new ecbf5fd  Migrate hadoop inputformat to website
     new 0778865  This closes
     new a5e6a0f  This closes #3005
     new 849f122  Revise javadoc for sdk, state, options, annotations, window, (and misc)
     new b44e99b  This closes #2987: Revise javadoc for sdk, state, options, annotations, window, (and misc)
     new fd93ff6  Remove templates from wordcount example
     new 8ecc450  This closes #3007
     new 1f631eb  Remove hadoop io readme
     new 2e29840  This closes #3014
     new ded60a7  Shade JSR305 in the DirectRunner
     new 5b2d494  This closes #3006
     new 566469e  Update Apache Beam Python version to
     new c4adbd3  This closes #3020
     new 95d33c5  Register TestSparkPipelineOptions only in src/test to avoid hard hamcrest dep
     new 038febb  Add per-runner profile to Java 8 examples
     new b9ea415  This closes #3002
     new dae9fc7  Remove trailing whitespace
     new c567550  This closes #3025
     new 62f2173  Shade dependencies in sdks/core
     new 098e6f2  Fix checkstyle error
     new 9443ee8  Include 'sun.reflect' in GcpCoreApiSurfaceTest
     new 78a4b8e  This closes #3004
     new c028349  [BEAM-2236] Move test utilities out of python core
     new e2be696  This closes #3017
     new 3499c70  Mark PValue and PValueBase Internal
     new 8312b6f  This closes #3033
     new b17cfa5  Move extension README files to website
     new 53d01ce  This closes
     new 12c9ba1  Mark PipelineVisitor and AppliedPTransform as internal.
     new b1a2dbe  This closes #3027
     new cc3d07a  Renames some python classes and functions that were unnecessarily public.
     new 1fafaa8  This closes #3036
     new 77712ea  Remove Readme files.
     new b138296  This closes #3030
     new c755921  Remove Timer.cancel() from user-facing API
     new 6dc39cd  This closes #3035: Remove Timer.cancel() from user-facing API
     new af525e0  [BEAM-2211] Delete deprecated NoopPathValidator
     new 4abb9cb  This closes #3022
     new 0b15956  Improve DirectRunner Javadoc
     new 01b3f87  Update Coder Documentation
     new ddea2d1  This closes #3032
     new 439fd20  Remove verifyDeterministic from StructuredCoder
     new c54670f  This closes #3051
     new 758fee8  Use text output for first two mobile gaming examples
     new a4f7a9c  This closes #3024
     new 4a5133a  [BEAM-2249] Correctly handle partial reads in AvroSource
     new 298ca25  This closes #3050
     new ab6824d  [BEAM-2250] remove experimental and internal things from pydoc
     new df04303  This closes #3057
     new 5bbc042  Renames FileBasedSink inner classes
     new 2d5fbf6  Implement dynamic-sharding for windowed file outputs, and add an integration test.
     new a09a3ec  Simpler code for setting shard numbers on results in FileBasedSink
     new bb6df58  Splits WriteBundles into windowed/unwindowed versions
     new d0085e6  This closes #3023
     new 9a83803  Add quickstart step re: Python 2.7.x requirement
     new 1badcb7  Adds dependency on findbugs to examples/java
     new df1704b  This closes #3059
     new baa1783  [BEAM-2240] Always augment exception with step name.
     new 7af5937  Closes #3012
     new 70216c2  [BEAM-2242] Ensure that jars are shaded correctly by running the jar plugin before the shade plugin
     new 16e4c74  [BEAM-2242] Ensure that jars are shaded correctly by running the jar plugin before the shade plugin
     new e29e99b  This closes
     new 8641675  Allow any throwable in PAssert to constitute adequate failure
     new 1a8a217  TestDataflowRunner: throw AssertionError only when assertion known failed
     new b79c888  Re-enable UsesTimersInParDo tests in Dataflow runner
     new d32213b  This closes #2988: Fix TestDataflowRunner, PAssertTest, UsesTimersInParDo
     new 22d8778  Fix a typo in TestDataflowRunnerTest
     new 8994afa  This closes #3063: Fix a typo in TestDataflowRunnerTest
     new 2c7abac  Skip generating empty jars for parent poms
     new 40d7306  Skip generating empty jars for parent modules
     new 5a4e131  Update SDK Coders to return the Empty List from getCoderArguments
     new c6ac3ec  Update SDK Coders to return the Empty List from getCoderArguments
     new 968a59f  Correct javadoc for mobile gaming examples
     new 03a7f92  This closes #3068: Correct javadoc for mobile gaming examples
     new 8cd98bd  [BEAM-2244] Move details of Metrics to Runners Core
     new a39960b  This closes #3053
     new 416b89b  bump time of precommits
     new 62ee275  This closes #3071: bump time of precommits
     new 316ff6b  [BEAM-2150] Relax regex to support wildcard globbing for GCS
     new 15bd3a3  This closes #2866
     new b86eba3  fix typos in hadoop io documentation
     new 158d0b8  This closes
     new 86486e2  Add support for local execution to PubsubIO using the google cloud emulator
     new ea8116c  This closes #3079
     new 875735a  minor typo fix in comment
     new f5ace5c  This closes #3077
     new aee9187  Remove protobuf and http-client dependency from runners/google-cloud-dataflow
     new ff589c7  Remove protobuf and http-client dependency from Dataflow runner
     new 0fa97ab  Add internal usage only comments to util/
     new 3eb76a7  This closes #3070
     new c4d7ece  [BEAM-1345] Mark windowed value as experimental
     new 4bce392  This closes #3087
     new 67831c3  [BEAM-2179] Archetype cleanup the existing sources before rsync
     new 25f6358  [BEAM-2179] This closes #2913
     new 711f79b  [BEAM-2260] Improve construction-time errors for Text and AvroIO
     new 6d9e91b  This closes #3084
     new f703dbc  Mark internal modules in python datastoreio
     new 0b0bb41  This closes #3088
     new bbe31fc  [BEAM-1345] Clearly delineate public API in apache_beam/options
     new 5eab219  This closes #3095
     new 1b89697  [BEAM-1345] Mark Pipeline as public.
     new c831734  [BEAM-1345] Clearly delineate public api in runners package.
     new b1c51cc  Closes #3096
     new 05557c8  [BEAM-1345] Clearly delineate public api in apache_beam/coders.
     new 47cbabb  Closes #3090
     new e969aef  Release guide: fix instructions
     new 8018f08  This closes
     new b819629  [BEAM-1340] Adds __all__ tags to classes in package apache_beam/io.
     new 0cc6dd7  Closes #3089
     new 101141d  Add __all__ tags to modules in package apache_beam/testing
     new d26f27b  Closes #3076
     new b5cc8b8  fix lint error in
     new e92ac6f  This closes #3098
     new dbb850c  Use a consistent calculation for GC Time
     new 171befa  This closes #3080
     new e10662d  [BEAM-2256] Add the last previous range filter
     new 2e6451d  [BEAM-1340] Add __all__ tags to modules in package apache_beam/transforms
     new 463f1ee  Closes #3075
     new 4c28f05  Add internal comments to metrics
     new 0fd0409  This closes #3099
     new d531219  [BEAM-1345] Annotate public members of pvalue.
     new 16a3fff  [BEAM-1345] Mark apache_beam/internal as internal.
     new 7881fd5  [BEAM-1345] Clearly delineate public api in apache_beam/typehints.
     new 4a62fab  Closes #3094
     new 0b7356e  Move assert_that, equal_to, is_empty to apache_beam.testing.util
     new 1b31167  Closes #3086
     new 98e685d  Remove some internal details from the public API.
     new fe62567  This closes #3065
     new d76349b  Don't deploy jdk1.8-tests module
     new 37e0b43  This closes #3097
     new fc3e28d  Fix due to GBKO name change.
     new 07e5536  Closes #3101
     new a45d63f  Remove unused test data
     new fc77ca7  This closes #3106
     new c39c9ae  Enable SerializableCoder to Serialize with Generic Types
     new 652fcb7  This closes #3109
     new 2f17782  Rename filesink to filebasedsink
     new 36a6cd6  This closes #3111
     new db7d71a  Mark More values methods Internal
     new d6ac39a  [BEAM-1345] Mark More values methods Internal
     new 5228f7d  [BEAM-2153] Move connection management in JmsIO.write() to setup/teardown methods
     new 13c06bf  [BEAM-2153] This closes #3116
     new e8d8298  BigtableIO should use AutoValue for read and write
     new 4206643  This closes #3113
     new 6a90b9d  [BEAM-2277] Fix URI_SCHEME_PATTERN in FileSystems
     new 0acf362  This closes #3115
     new abe62fe  [BEAM-2279] Add HDFS support to Spark runner profiles in archetypes and examples
     new c2a3628  This closes #3126
     new fbb0de1  Remove '/' entirely from determining FileSystem scheme
     new a6a5ff7  [BEAM-2277] Add ResourceIdTester and test existing ResourceId implementations
     new ec956c8  Mark FileSystem and related as Experimental
     new 15df211  [BEAM-2277] HadoopFileSystem: normalize implementation
     new f3540d4  Rename FileSystems.setDefaultConfigInWorkers
     new 3921163  Fix shading of guava testlib
     new 9f81fd2  This closes #3121
     new f53ceec  internal comments
     new 89289e4  This closes #3128
     new 7bade36  [BEAM-2279] Fix archetype breakages
     new 9a43da7  This closes #3132
     new 7b92349  Revise WordCount Example Walkthrough
     new 8c98337  This closes
     new 504bd6a  [BEAM-2290] Fix issue where timestamps weren't set when using CompressedSource
     new d4df907  This closes #3131
     new 8060d66  Reduce Log Level of PubsubUnboundedSource
     new 6e8d8d6  This closes #3145
     new 7b03e95  Quick start should not default to java quickstart
     new 2669b18  This closes
     new d4fd51a  Rewrites the section on Coders to not talk about them as a parsing mechanism
     new 48bb50f  [BEAM-1353] Style Guide fixups
     new de1adef  readAvros should't have proto Message upper bound
     new 2dda41d  This closes
     new 88ec008  This closes #3149
     new 15ec2cd  Fix GcsResourceIdTest in postcommits
     new 926157d  Fix GcsResourceIdTest in postcommits
     new 911128b  Moving the data file for trigger tests to testing/data
     new 9b5a8e6  This closes #3144
     new 96906ae  Remove "Dataflow" from apache_beam file
     new cd91eb2  This closes #3148
     new 044d183  [BEAM-2299] Run maven install on Windows machine for build/test coverage on Windows
     new 13e1be2  [BEAM-2299] Run maven install on Windows machine for build/test coverage on Windows.
     new b3f7404  Fix documentation for the shard_template_name
     new 69522fe  This closes #3153
     new f5efca0  ApexRunner SDF support
     new 754d5d8  This closes #2855
     new 0a17c3d  Use built-in cmp python function in comparing datastore paths
     new aad8555  This closes #3155
     new 902f27a  Adding support for subnetwork in Python Pipelineoptions
     new 529f251  This closes #3154
     new 9d86bcd  Improve Pruning performed by the DirectRunnerApiSurfaceTest
     new 32fd49a  This closes #3019
     new 00b4a30  Bump Dataflow containers to 0512
     new 6127f53  Removes OldDoFn and its kin from runners-core
     new 2417949  Fixes an accidentally found bug in SimpleDoFnRunner
     new f314ab3  This closes #3125
     new e0f9e20  [BEAM-501] Large visual refresh of Apache Beam website homepage
     new 5149443  Closes
     new 3fbe04e  Shorten quotes and fix a typo
     new 1fbe5a4  [BEAM-501] fix quotes
     new 61be25e  Update latest version metadata information
     new 31f0a3f  Add version 2.0.0 to Downloads page
     new 4e73773  Python: fix links to PipelineOptions after move from utils to options module
     new 8c53b1d  Closes and closes
     new 8adfc4a  Update Java Quickstart to stop using snapshot repos
     new 1f7d0e7  Closes
     new 383a4ad  [TRIVIAL] runners-core: delete placeholder
     new d6cc850  This closes #3160
     new 3733035  Add a draft of the Beam FSR blog post
     new 18522b0  This closes
     new 1a05a6a  Translate a Pipeline in SdkComponents
     new 6c45ebf  Use stable naming strategy for ByteBuddy invokers
     new 467e68f  This closes #3169
     new 5e3c5c6  This closes #3151: Use stable naming strategy for ByteBuddy invokers
     new bc8da29  Merge branch 'master' of into sync-master
     new 6c06967  Update gearpump-runner against master changes
     new 9b51674  Restore non-recursive globs in GcsUtil
     new 1835800  This closes #3173: Restore non-recursive globs in GcsUtil
     new 66e564e  [BEAM-1702] Document how to use BigtableIO with local emulator
     new 99221e7  This closes #3172: Sync gearpump-runner with master
     new 8ef812d  This closes #3141
     new a8d2125  [BEAM-659] WindowFn#isCompatible should provide a meaningful reason
     new 8c572ef  This closes #2985: WindowFn#isCompatible should provide a meaningful reason
     new 26a615e  Remove incorrect `Message` bound on writeAvros
     new 6a7eeeb  This closes #3176: Remove incorrect `Message` bound on writeAvros
     new 790e7fe  Add ParDos
     new 2e0cf00  This closes #2597
     new 7a2e829  Splits SplittableParDo into a core-construction part and a KWI-related part
     new c93b3aa  This closes #3156
     new 54808be  [BEAM-2318] Ensure that tables that don't exist are not created
     new f458065  This closes #3179
     new 1da8da7  [BEAM-2391] Clone Scan in HBaseReader
     new 4924508  This closes #3178
     new f969ea4  [BEAM-2252] Use pluginManagement instead of redefining maven-shade-plugin to inherit build order from root pom.xml
     new ea5b9da  [BEAM-2252] Use pluginManagement instead of redefining maven-shade-plugin to inherit build order from root pom.xml
     new 3efb34b  update dataflow python container
     new a58275a  This closes #3182
     new bac7bde  [BEAM-2164] Fix if directory contains space
     new ce00d24  This closes #3171: [BEAM-2164] Fix if directory contains space
     new c7bd2b4  Move snappy-java version to dependencyManagement
     new c4d14f8  Comply with byte limit for Datastore Commit.
     new de95c7f  Make the large entities test neater.
     new dcf4056  End-to-end test for large entity writes.
     new 9a6baef  This closes #2948: [BEAM-991] Comply with byte limit for Datastore Commit.
     new 383329d  [BEAM-1345] Remove FileSystems.setDefaultConfigInWorkers since Dataflow no longer depends on this
     new 086148f  [BEAM-1345] Remove FileSystems.setDefaultConfigInWorkers since Dataflow no longer depends on this
     new 6c6d787  [BEAM-2293] Rename Top.{Largest,Smallest=>Natural,Reversed}
     new 64cea06  [BEAM-2293] Rename Top.{Largest,Smallest=>Natural,Reversed}
     new 2ed68f7  [BEAM-2253] Use resource transformer plugin to use versions defined in root pom.xml within maven archetype poms
     new 82ddd4e  [BEAM-2253] Use resource transformer plugin to use versions defined in root pom.xml within maven archetype poms
     new 5c163c7  [BEAM-2334] Fix OutOfMemoryError
     new d7a4e49  [BEAM-2334] Fix OutOfMemoryError
     new 4a63970  Add TransformPayloadTranslatorRegistrar
     new 6a68e65  This closes #3192: Add TransformPayloadTranslatorRegistrar
     new 5e9fceb  Remove Pipeline reference from TransformHierarchy
     new a7ad0c2  Fix GroupAlsoByWindowEvaluatorFactory doc
     new 46a9209  This closes #3174
     new b68f46c  This closes #3185: Move snappy-java version to dependencyManagement
     new 143334c  Minor touch-ups to new BoundedWindow javadoc
     new e83fcec  This closes #2784:  update JavaDoc for BoundedWindow
     new 10357c2  Remove Unused DoFnInfo methods
     new 888a5e6  Extract the Main Input PCollection in ParDos
     new 996782b  This closes #3190
     new 43e2910  Cleanup k8s scripts naming & don't create insecure svc by default
     new fff82b0  This closes #3196
     new 13d2012  [BEAM-1999] Remove resolved todo from value providers
     new 509baac  This closes #3197
     new 39e8d37  Update Dataflow BATCH_ENVIRONMENT_MAJOR_VERSION to 6
     new 983a449  This closes #3198
     new b633abe  This closes #3187: Remove Pipeline reference from TransformHierarchy
     new 7f35c98  Add ReadTranslator
     new 9336230  Include Additional PTransform inputs in Transform Nodes
     new 465f438  This closes #3188
     new bb3db2a  Add WindowIntoTranslator
     new 3c10c0b  This closes #3191: Add WindowIntoTranslator
     new a32bef9  This closes #3201: Add ReadTranslator
     new 9da46fd  Fix compile error from bad merge
     new 3c0f599  Comply with byte limit for Datastore Commit.
     new 597b07e  This closes #3043
     new 6ed1527  Re-rename fat jar so that install doesn't install the bundled jar as the default jar.
     new 16ad7e9  This closes #3204
     new 94e619d  Revert "Include Additional PTransform inputs in Transform Nodes"
     new d0601b3  This closes #3206
     new 3a62b4f  Automatically convert examples to use with syntax.
     new 474345f  Closes #3180
     new 98a7555  Move StepContext to top level
     new bed1c53  Remove StepContext.noteOutput
     new 8b7a1f6  Rename BaseExecutionContext.StepContext to BaseStepContext
     new 59322d5  Move BaseStepContext to the top level
     new 248c808  Remove extraneous ExecutionContext parameter to BaseStepContext
     new 5ac24e0  Implement StepContext directly in the DirectRunner
     new 32c6cb1  Remove writePCollectionViewData from the Beam codebase
     new 0be3cf3  Inline and delete BaseExecutionContext
     new 97c230a  Delete unused ExecutionContext
     new acce24c  Remove unused StepContext name methods
     new dc58551  Delete unused remnants in DirectExecutionContext
     new 62115b2  Delete unused BaseStepContext
     new 0dc0334  Shorten excessive name in DirectExecutionContext
     new d425b27  Revise StepContext javadoc
     new b32a1c3  Remove unused pieces of DirectStepContext
     new c84d3da  This closes #3203: Eliminate ExecutionContext and strip down StepContext to what we actually need
     new 329e4bd  Fix lint error in datastoreio_test
     new 774d897  This closes #3209
     new 2e86f4f  [BEAM-2338] Fix the limit counter in gcsio reads
     new 4ec3366  This closes #3210
     new 940819e  Rename PCollections to PCollectionTranslation
     new 9b6728e  Rename PTransforms to PTransformTranslation
     new 4460938  Rename ParDos to ParDoTranslation
     new bc4f44f  Rename WindowIntoTranslator to WindowIntoTranslation
     new b35e91d  Rename ReadTranslator to ReadTranslation
     new 7e37b70  Rename Coders to CoderTranslation
     new c8b2119  Rename WindowingStrategies to WindowingStrategyTranslation
     new 4fa38e2  Rename Triggers to TriggerTranslation
     new efc8f42  upgrading python sdk dependencies
     new 924dd63  This closes #3202
     new 7fb2938  Do not ever shrink allowed lateness
     new 6dd5585  This closes #3163: [BEAM-163] Warn the user when a PCollection (via Window.into) has smaller allowe...
     new 6a792f3  Adds large key tests to GroupByKeyTest
     new 6418bcf  This closes #2979: Adds large key tests to GroupByKeyTest
     new 5b899a8  Add CombineTranslation
     new 0637df1  This closes #3216: [BEAM-2333] Runner API translation renames
     new 5c2f1e3  TikaIO JIRA number fix
     new 9cd6c3b  Initial implementation of SpannerIO.Write
     new e53dc91  Minor style, compilation, javadoc fixups
     new 8871ead  Fix spanner dependency management
     new 216b972  Delete SpannerCSVLoader
     new 65e740e  Refine Spanner API tests
     new e207022  SpannerIO.Write cleanup and style fixes
     new 539e229  This closes #3146
     new bb2b706  Automatically generate Python proto and grpc files.
     new c2e85da  Remove auto-generated proto and grpc files.
     new 24fb4cd  Closes #3214
     new e9cb40d  A couple of worker fixes.
     new 4084f71  Closes #3170
     new f32cacb  Adding a snippet for metrics
     new c0d19f9  Closes #3200
     new eed7471  This closes
     new 014be8a  Added Cloud Spanner Connector
     new 8b0e4bc  Update maven-dependency-plugin to version 3.0.1
     new 6fce7d7  Closes
     new 3643676  This closes #3219
     new e9aaf33  Add 'how to run' directions to WordCount for all runners.
     new 26c9368  Make SdkComponents public for TransformPayloadTranslator
     new 1dc134c  Centralize primitive URNs in PTransformTranslation class
     new 877408e  Add URN for Splittable ProcessElement pseudo-primitive
     new 0bf4ddb  Allow getting URN for class of transform via translator
     new afaebb1  Add registration for Read and WindowInto translators
     new d91c840  Register ReadTranslator
     new 69bb1be  Register WindowIntoTranslator
     new 121631c  Add trivial FlattenTranslator to access URN
     new 8e09596  Add transform-analysis helpers to ReadTranslation
     new 663ad88  Add RawPTransform, which can just vend its URN and payload
     new 0e29cc5  URNs for DirectRunner TransformEvaluator and RootInputProvider
     new 6b21ea6  More robust gen_protos on jenkins.
     new a03a638  Closes #3224
     new 73fbcba  Clarify that PTransform#expand shouldn't be called
     new 1be6f67  This closes #3215
     new 2040e2b  This closes #3199: Add CombineTranslation
     new 73305d6  Fixup CombineTranslation
     new 281eaab  Cleanups in SimpleDoFnRunner and ParDoEvaluator
     new 2d28ece  This closes #3194: Cleanups in SimpleDoFnRunner and ParDoEvaluator
     new fe608c4  Closes
     new dde35bb  remove note about JIRA
     new 77221d0  Changing Aggregators to Metrics in capability matrix
     new 8e8e797  Closes
     new f64fc2e  fixups
     new b4ad7cb  Fixes path in gitignore
     new f10ee01  This closes #3227: Fixes path in gitignore
     new a75f41c  Additional explicit file cleanup in gen_protos.
     new 7bb10a6  Closes #3229
     new 14329b8  [BEAM-2354] Add a ReadStringsFromPubSub/WriteStringsToPubSub PTransform
     new 50200f2  [BEAM-2354] Add a ReadStringsFromPubSub/WriteStringsToPubSub PTransform
     new 9cd1290  This closes #3195: [BEAM-2333] Key DirectRunner translators off URN
     new 4e8c388  [BEAM-2276] Add windowing into default filename policy
     new deee5b3  [BEAM-2276] This closes #3142
     new de38410  fix FlinkAccumulatorCombiningStateWithContext read null accum bug
     new 7568f02  This closes #3234
     new bd1dfdf  Visit a Transform Hierarchy in Topological Order
     new 8eb09aa  Update Apex Overrides
     new 2e2ae9c  Roll-forward Include Additional PTransform inputs in Transform Nodes
     new 6bb204f  This closes #3211
     new c8478fe  Mark CombineFnWithContext StateSpecs internal
     new b0dc523  Allow translation to throw IOException
     new 9497e5e  Flesh out TimerSpec and StateSpec in Runner API
     new 8fc2eb0  Add case dispatch to StateSpec
     new a250ce5  Make Java serialized CombineFn URN public
     new cd0de01  Do not use BeautifulSoup prettify, which is known to corrupt HTML
     new f6b1419  Closes
     new 39220db  Implement TimerSpec and StateSpec translation
     new c687887  This closes #3233: [BEAM-115] Runner API Translations for StateSpec and TimerSpec
     new 247f9bc  Revert "Roll-forward Include Additional PTransform inputs in Transform Nodes"
     new 6ad6433  Revert "Visit a Transform Hierarchy in Topological Order"
     new 99e60f4  This closes #3238
     new a251d01  [BEAM-1542] SpannerIO sink updates
     new c7a37b4  This closes #3241
     new 6ec64b9  [BEAM-2366] Don't try to pickle gen_protos in tests.
     new b70e25c  Closes #3228
     new ba142aa  Add Missing Space in DataflowMetrics
     new f47dadc  This closes #3243
     new 3878556  [BEAM-2372] Only run Apache RAT at root pom.xml
     new 884ac51  This closes #3240
     new 4d86cec  [BEAM-2369] HadoopFileSystem: prevent NPE on match of non existing file
     new b0fb5b2  [BEAM-2369] HadoopFileSystem: prevent NPE on match of non existing file
     new 86912a2  [BEAM-2365] Use the highest pickle protocol available.
     new 2994fce  Closes #3226
     new f6ed520  Fix Python Dataflow execution errors due to #3223
     new 27dd7a9  This closes #3242
     new 320756d  Upgrade Avro dependency to version 1.8.2
     new 2cb4b03  This closes #3249
     new 9afe395  [BEAM-2380] Forward additional outputs to DoFnRunner in Flink Batch
     new 838035a  Fix flushing of pushed-back data in Flink Runner on +Inf watermark
     new 711faff  This closes #3258
     new dd79d5a  fix javadoc of View
     new aff406b  This closes #3257
     new 84a831e  [BEAM-2379] Avoid reading projectId from environment variable in tests. SpannerOptions.Builder requires projectId to be not-null.
     new 2d3e9fe  [BEAM-2379] This closes #3259
     new 60779e2  [BEAM-1347] Remove the usage of a thread local on a potentially hot path
     new 49067b1  [BEAM-1347] Remove the usage of a thread local on a potentially hot path
     new d29e353  [BEAM-2248] KafkaIO support to use start read time to set start offset
     new 94d677d  This closes #3044: [BEAM-2248] KafkaIO support to use start read time to set start offset
     new 6e45ebc  Updates contribution guide to include development and testing instructions for Python SDK.
     new 2ddaaea  Clean up pyc files before running tests
     new f9431a3  This closes #3262
     new 2f9a38e  [BEAM-1544] Java cross-JDK version tests on Jenkins
     new 2fa24d8  [BEAM-1544] Java cross-JDK version tests on Jenkins\n\nThis closes #3184
     new 636eaff  Refactor HadoopInputFormatIO to use SerializableConfiguration from hadoop-common
     new 185deeb  Make SerializableConfiguration more robust by using Hadoop based serialization
     new 006fde4  This closes #2812
     new 11bf825  [TRIVIAL] InstantCoder: stop boxing Longs unnecessarily
     new dc70383  This closes #3270
     new 6a78bd3  Reduce Prevalence of PValue in the DirectRunner
     new 19c33df  This closes #3269
     new 9b55c24  This closes
     new a0444b8  Flink*DoFnFunction: fix check for single-output dofns
     new 5780fc5  Add RawUnion code to FlinkDoFnFunction
     new 4884d48  This closes #3263
     new a158fc1  [BEAM-2246] Use CLIENT_ACK instead of AUTO_ACK in JmsIO
     new 2df9dbd  [BEAM-2246] This closes #3073
     new 2ee7d69  Add WriteFilesPayload to Runner API well-known transforms
     new 0093cf5  Make WriteFiles config publicly readable
     new 5cf5a1b  Rename class Logger object names to the standard convention 'LOG'
     new b833006  This closes #3251
     new be3c39f  Rephrases messages on RetryHttpRequestInitializer
     new 8f9f5f1  Rephrases messages on RetryHttpRequestInitializer
     new fdf7e33  Add template examples to
     new ffd99cb  This closes #3230
     new f3ed5a4  Add WriteFiles translation
     new 87e0fdc  fix python lint errors
     new 63bcd39  This closes #3278
     new 82b81e5  This closes #3274: Add WriteFiles translation
     new 3dd2fb1  Add GroupByKey translation
     new 9b80524  Fetch only relevant PR
     new ca657c4  This closes #3264
     new 217f085  This closes #3280: Add GroupByKey translation
     new fa23fa2  [BEAM-1348] Add Runner API constructs to ProcessBundleDescriptor.
     new 7a075cc  [BEAM-1348] Add Runner API constructs to ProcessBundleDescriptor.
     new de75786  Unify Java and Python WindowingStrategy representations.
     new b490e84  Add known window serialization for Java.
     new 4c20bfa  Ignore all proto generated files.
     new 99907b9  Increase dataflow worker version.
     new 2f9428c  Closes #3222
     new c5918b2  [BEAM-2378] support FULL OUTER JOIN
     new f1386c1  This closes #3267
     new 9c3fbc3  Add translation convenience for non-composites
     new f5e30c5  Add TestStreamPayload to Runner API proto
     new 47cea78  Expose internal constructors for TestStream events
     new 0cedc61  Add TestStream translation
     new c8fce2f  Bumps dataflow container version to 0530
     new e201c37  Removes unused PropertyNames
     new eee6726  This closes #3265: Property names cleanup
     new a57ff0e  Dead-letter support for BigQuery. Allow users to specify a retry policy, and get failed inserts back.
     new 53c9bf4  This closes #1609: BEAM-1151 Add failure handling to BigQueryIO.Write
     new 1bc84fb  Allow the Distinct transform to deduplicate elements across panes
     new 9cdae6c  This closes #3165: Allow the Distinct transform to deduplicate elements across panes
     new 5e5fbed  [BEAM-2175] [BEAM-1115] Support for new State and Timer API in Spark batch mode
     new 43c4423  This closes #2917
     new d17c013  Fix race condition when outputting pushed-back elements in Flink Runner
     new ef56ea4  This closes #3285
     new fbc6cc5  [BEAM-2401] Update Flink Runner to Flink 1.3.0
     new 1866a01  This closes #3284
     new b8035ae  Flink runner: specify CheckpointingMode through PipelineOptions.
     new 802f10a  Flink runner: specify checkpointTimeout  through PipelineOptions.
     new 462335c  This closes #3245
     new 9e6c906  Merge branch 'master' of into sync-master
     new 0cba43e  This closes #3283: [BEAM-3271] Add TestStream translation
     new c9aac96  Update against master changes
     new 3c7e3e6  Activate Gearpump local-validates-runner-tests in precommit
     new 98854d4  Respect WindowFn#getOutputTime in gearpump-runner
     new 52df03a  [BEAM-2406] Fix NullPointerException when writing an empty table
     new 09d75a0  This closes #3293: [BEAM-2406] Fix NullPointerException when writing an empty table
     new 7e82bc4  Remove the requirement to visit PCollectionViews in Dataflow
     new 6543e56  This closes #3272
     new 94d8547  Make batch loads repeatable across different invocations of the same template job.
     new ad2c1f1  This closes #2657: [BEAM-2058] Generate BigQuery load job at runtime
     new 9511257  [BEAM-1347] Migrate to Runner API constructs within the Java SDK harness
     new bf2d300  [BEAM-1347] Migrate to Runner API constructs within the Java SDK harness
     new 7905def  [BEAM-1347] Add additional logging
     new 1cc6dc1  [BEAM-1347] Add additional logging
     new ae7bc1d  Clarify javadoc on PTransformTranslation
     new c3b036a  Add CreatePCollectionView translation
     new 6d64c6e  This closes #3281: [BEAM-3271] Add CreatePCollectionView translation
     new 77c0b21  Add HadoopInputFormatIO example to read from Hive's HCatalog
     new b3e0531  This closes
     new e764167  [BEAM-2276] Cleanups on the windowed DefaultFilenamePolicy
     new 88f78fa  [BEAM-2276] This closes #3232
     new b0601fd  [BEAM-1498] Use Flink-native side outputs
     new e8f2608  Remove the FnOutputT parameter from DoFnOperator
     new aebd3a4  This closes #3290
     new dbab052  Flink runner: support MapState in FlinkStateInternals.
     new a054550  This closes #3289
     new ae3dc5f  Do not fail when gen_protos cannot be imported
     new 7c608c3  This closes #3279
     new 840492d  Fix RawPTransform translation
     new 1b00d95  Improve Splittable ParDo translation
     new 513c952  This closes #3282: [BEAM-3271] Improve Splittable ParDo translation
     new b5c257d  Migrate Python tests to not depend on fix sharding for file output
     new e3139a3  This closes #3299
     new 5113950  soft-enable the use of streaming flag
     new fa3922b  This closes #3305
     new 1498684  [BEAM-2405] Write to BQ using the streaming API
     new fdfd775  This closes #3288
     new dcfb31f  Whitelist find for tox environments
     new 6853d8e  This closes #3304
     new 39674ca  Increase visibility of some Metrics methods
     new 3a9c00a  Generate a random table name. Assume Spanner database exists.
     new be26dd3  This closes #3298
     new efe8e1f  Fix imports in sdk_worker.
     new 6fed177  This closes #3308
     new 171a993  Fix the staging directory path in copying from GCS
     new 1d2000d  This closes #3300
     new b6347d0  This closes #3307: Increase visibility of some Metrics methods
     new e641997  [BEAM-2405] Override to sink interface in the batch dataflow BQ
     new 3cc4ff6  This closes #3306
     new 0b0bb3d  [BEAM-245] Add CassandraIO
     new c189d5c  [BEAM-245] This closes #592
     new 78b6e3c  Sort IO by alphanumeric order
     new d302a0f  [BEAM-1231] Add missed "kind:bytes" to CloudObjectKinds/CloudObjectTranslators
     new b2de3db  [BEAM-1231] Add missed "kind:bytes" to CloudObjectKinds/CloudObjectTranslators
     new 62b942a  [BEAM-2407] Fix Flink CoderTyperSerializer ConfigSnapshot
     new c1dc8f5  [BEAM-1779] Port UnboundedSourceWrapperTest to use Flink operator test harness
     new 8f4fa43  [BEAM-2408] Fix watermark emission in Flink UnboundedSourceWrapper
     new 609016d  This closes #2286
     new 5f7e73b  This closes #2286
     new 1cdb80c  [BEAM-2421] Swap to use an Impulse primitive + DoFn for Create when executing with the Fn API.
     new caecac3  [BEAM-2421] Swap to use an Impulse primitive + DoFn for Create when executing with the Fn API.
     new 9c83ffe  Shutdown Flink Streaming Pipeline when reaching +Inf watermark
     new 32f22b7  This closes #3294
     new f2e3088  Remove support for NativeSinks from the Python DirectRunner
     new 66460cb  This closes #3321
     new d94ac58  Make BytesCoder to be a known type
     new 0a0a1bc  [BEAM-1226] Make BytesCoder to be a known type
     new b5852d2  Add coder info to pubsub io
     new 86e1fab  Closes #3317
     new ccf7344  Expand all PValues to component PCollections always
     new e066a9d  This closes #3303
     new 4ebebfd  Avoid flakiness in data channel for empty streams.
     new d81ed21  Avoid flakiness in data channel for empty streams.
     new 3e04902  Refine Python DirectRunner watermark advancement behavior
     new fdfc70e  This closes #3322
     new 156f326  Raise entity limit per RPC to 9MB.
     new b53e6f0  This closes #3302
     new ca7b9c2  Add Runner API oriented PTransformMatchers for DirectRunner overrides
     new d8d9087  DirectRunner override matchers using Runner API
     new 4aef938  This closes #3239: [BEAM-2371] Port DirectRunner override matchers to language-agnostic construction APIs
     new 36aea2d  Use inner module for non-public coders.
     new 7c5a70e  Closes #3325
     new 349898c  Implements HCatalogIO
     new 911bfbd  This closes #3220: Implements HCatalogIO
     new 82a6cb6  Slight debuggability improvements in BigtableIO
     new bc2f97c  This closes #3331: Slight debuggability improvements in BigtableIO
     new 7689e43  Move Runner API protos to portability/runners/api
     new e980ae9  This closes #3315
     new 7caea7a  [BEAM-2410] Remove TransportClient from ElasticSearchIO to decouple IO and ES server versions
     new 1c6861f  [BEAM-2410] This closes #3328
     new 78aa228  Add support for "no-toggle" code snippets
     new 429ab80  Add Beam Runner Guide
     new 321828e  This closes [BEAM-2360] Add Beam Runner Guide
     new b7ae7ec  Fix compile error occurs in some JDKs
     new 97957ea  This closes #3320
     new fb61c54  Use beam.Map rather than beam.ParDo for PubSub encoding.
     new d2c4093  Closes #3332
     new 261e7df  Visit a Transform Hierarchy in Topological Order
     new 33883ed  This closes #3329
     new 696f8b2  Roll-forward Include Additional PTransform inputs in Transform Nodes
     new b4c7716  This closes #3337: Include Additional PTransform Inputs in Transform Nodes
     new 8630eab  Update IO with CassandraIO
     new 73b90e7  This closes
     new 34a529d  Add Hive (HCatalog) to the list of available I/O transforms
     new 8c5b57e  Port ViewOverrideFactory to SDK-agnostic APIs
     new 02dbaef  Port DirectGroupByKey to SDK-agnostic APIs
     new ed6bd18  Port DirectRunner WriteFiles override to SDK-agnostic APIs
     new eaaf45f  Port DirectRunner TestStream override to SDK-agnostic APIs
     new 1597f3c  This closes #3338: [BEAM-2371] Port some DirectRunner overrides to SDK-agnostic APIs
     new 7653e7e  Fix side input handling in DoFnFunction
     new 8362bdb  [BEAM-2423] Abstract StateInternalsTest for the different state internals
     new 559e3c3  This closes #3292: Merge master into gearpump-runner
     new f9d51aa  This closes #3313
     new 809f178  Reverse removal of NativeWrite evaluator in Python DirectRunner
     new 86e0489  This closes #3346
     new f0f98c7  Cleanup Combine Tests with Context
     new ce3dd45  This closes #3345
     new 1ac18b2  Check for Deferral on Non-additional inputs
     new 32d5532  This closes #3347: Check for Deferral on Non-additional inputs
     new 6859f80  [BEAM-2412] Update HBaseIO to use HBase client 1.2.6
     new fe3d554  [BEAM-2412] This closes #3327
     new 4c36508  Use CoderTypeSerializer and remove unuse code in FlinkStateInternals
     new 10b166b  [BEAM-1483] Support SetState in Flink runner and fix MapState to be consistent with InMemoryStateInternals.
     new 4d18606  Add set and map readable test to StateInternalsTest
     new 7126fdc  This closes #3309
     new e71eb66  Actually test the fn_api_runner.
     new bd83612  Closes #3339
     new b547b5a  Make unique test names for value-provider arguments
     new e906fe9  This closes #3341
     new ee728f1  Fix WindowValueCoder for large timestamps
     new c33e9b4  This closes #3350
     new 33662b9  Adds ability to dynamically replace PTransforms during runtime.
     new 7d0f24a  This closes #3333
     new 3a48e47  Improves message when transitively serializing PipelineOptions
     new 996e35c  This closes #3344: Improves message when transitively serializing PipelineOptions
     new 9115af4  SpannerIO: Introduced a MutationGroup.
     new 646caf2  This closes #3319: [BEAM-1542] SpannerIO: Introduced a MutationGroup
     new 7e4e51f  Move Runner API protos to portability/api
     new eebff90  Closes #3354
     new 8a850af  Do not produce Unprocessed Inputs if all inputs were Processed
     new dd9abc3  This closes #3353
     new 0b600d2  Choose GroupAlsoByWindows implementation based on streaming flag
     new c962083  This closes #3318
     new 329bf1e  [BEAM-1585] Add beam plugins as pipeline options
     new 42c88f4  Closes #3359
     new 37679ca  This closes
     new be09a16  Migrate DirectRunner evaluators to use Beam state API
     new 6fc70b3  This closes #3362
     new 628366c  [BEAM-1348] Mark Runner API like types declared within Fn API as deprecated.
     new 346a77f  [BEAM-1348] Mark Runner API like types declared within Fn API as deprecated.
     new 81a7219  Fix getAdditionalInputs, etc, for DirectRunner stateful ParDo override
     new c528fb2  This closes #3352: Fix getAdditionalInputs, etc, for DirectRunner stateful ParDo override
     new 581ee15  [BEAM-2423] Port state internals tests to the new base class StateInternalsTest
     new d5261d7  This closes #3348
     new 027d89c  Use the appropriate context in CombineTest Coder
     new 901e968  This closes #3369
     new c597a02  Fixed handling of use_public_ips. Added test.
     new f2a32b2  This closes #3379
     new 5aee624  Introduce pending bundles and RootBundleProvider in DirectRunner
     new 54f3078  This closes #3370
     new c9c1a05  [BEAM-1347] Break apart ProcessBundleHandler to use service locator pattern based upon URNs.
     new aa555f5  [BEAM-1347] Break apart ProcessBundleHandler to use service locator pattern based upon URNs.
     new 9a6a277  Tests for reading windowed side input from resumed SDF call
     new e827642  This closes #3335: Tests for reading windowed side input from resumed SDF call
     new 4519681  Populate PBegin input when decoding from Runner API
     new 0cabdf6  Closes #3373
     new fed98c8  Merge branch 'master' of into sync-master
     new f61822d  upgrade to gearpump 0.8.4-SNAPSHOT
     new a7b5d98  Fix PCollectionView translation
     new 11caa97  Fix kryo exception
     new d7715b7  [BEAM-1348] Model the Fn State Api as per
     new 2ab482d  [BEAM-1348] Model the Fn State Api as per
     new bcd4396  Python streaming Create override as a composite of Impulse and a DoFn
     new c12d6ba  This closes #3349
     new cf654a0  A few cleanups in CombineTest
     new 1fb4304  This closes #3380: A few cleanups in CombineTest
     new c2683e8  Add dry run option to DataflowRunner
     new 1476f34  Closes #3385
     new 87be64e  [BEAM-975] Improve default connection options, javadoc and style in MongoDbIO
     new b400f4a  [BEAM-975] This closes #3118
     new 6d27282  Make HBaseIO tests faster by only using the core daemons needed by HBase
     new c6c8d9e  This closes #3392
     new 595ca1e  [BEAM-1348] Fix type error introduced into Python SDK because of PR/3268
     new 2304972  [BEAM-1348] Fix type error introduced into Python SDK because of PR/3268
     new 1ec59a0  [BEAM-2411] Make the write transform of HBaseIO simpler
     new d42f633  [BEAM-2411] Add HBaseCoderProviderRegistrar for better coder inference
     new eae0d05  This closes #3391
     new 6e43572  Retries http code 0 (usually network error)
     new c1a2226  Retries http code 0 (usually network error)
     new 5e12e9d  Remove notifications from JDK versions test.
     new 0eb4004  This closes #3403: Remove notifications from JDK versions test.
     new b7ff103  Increases backoff in GcsUtil
     new 59598d8  Increases backoff in GcsUtil
     new a0523b2  Fix dataflow runner test to call instead of
     new f51fdd9  This closes #3393
     new 08ec0d4  Port fn_api_runner to be able to use runner protos.
     new e4ef23e  Closes #3361
     new f69e3b5  FlinkRunner: remove the unused ReflectiveOneToOneOverrideFactory.
     new 5279409  Flink runner: refactor the translator into two phases: rewriting and translating.
     new 608a9c4  This closes #3275
     new 42a2de9  Support ValueProviders in SpannerIO.Write
     new 10e4764  This closes #3358: [BEAM-1542] Support ValueProviders in SpannerIO
     new 69b01a6  Add spilling code to WriteFiles.
     new 698b89e  This closes #3161: [BEAM-2302] Add spilling code to WriteFiles.
     new 4f6032c  Bump Dataflow worker to 20170619
     new a06c8bf  [BEAM-1377] Splittable DoFn in Dataflow streaming runner
     new fd40d4b  This closes #1898: [BEAM-1377] Splittable DoFn in Dataflow streaming runner
     new ef19024  Add a cloud-pubsub dependency to the list of gcp extra packages
     new 223dbb4  This closes #3404
     new cbb922c  BEAM-1438 Auto shard streaming sinks
     new 7b4f5ee  This closes #1952: BEAM-1438 Auto shard streaming sinks
     new 5a95d62  None should be a valid return element
     new a40d11c  Closes #3408
     new 6b6d20d  Return a valid Coder for any subtype of Mutation on HBaseCoderProviderRegistrar
     new f96a127  This closes #3407
     new 6681472  [BEAM-2481] Update commons-lang3 dependency to version 3.6
     new 50acc6c  [BEAM-2481] This closes #3401
     new 56041b7  Use state / timer API for DirectRunner timer firings
     new d1d7812  This closes #3405
     new 65a6d66  Turn notifications for broken Windows test off.
     new 2d25b68  This closes #3413: Turn notifications for broken Windows test off.
     new c11f0ff  Fix minor issues on HCatalogIO
     new 28c6fd4  This closes #3412
     new 3520f94  Allow production of unprocessed bundles, introduce TestStream evaluator in DirectRunner
     new f0467b7  This closes #3409
     new c6d0d79  Remove GroupedShuffleRangeTracker which is unused in the SDK
     new 3746d4c  This closes #3414
     new cd88630  ReduceFnRunner.onTrigger: skip storeCurrentPaneInfo() if trigger isFinished.
     new e015168  This closes #3235
     new 17c5012  [BEAM-2495] Add Python test dependency six>=1.9
     new ae50fdd  This closes #3416
     new aa65ea1  Add example for Bigquery streaming sink
     new b3099bb  This closes #3399
     new 20820fa  [BEAM-2359] Fix watermark broadcasting to executors in Spark runner
     new 22dbb50  Move Spark runner streaming tests to post commit.
     new e2ee595  This closes #3343
     new 4c48815  [BEAM-1585] Fix the beam plugins installation
     new 3785b5b  This closes #3421
     new 8cab153  Java Dataflow runner harness compatibility.
     new 2a55200  Closes #3418
     new 7471e27  Clean up test_stream_test and remove stray print statement
     new 3dc454a  This closes #3423
     new 0292a24  [BEAM-2439] Dynamic sizing of Datastore write RPCs
     new 9ed0af8  [BEAM-2439] Dynamic sizing of Datastore write RPCs
     new c057644  DataflowRunner: Reject SetState and MapState
     new 5506be8  This closes #3420: DataflowRunner: Reject SetState and MapState
     new 497cfab  Add window matcher for pane info
     new d4e5db5  Tidy LateDataDroppingDoFnRunner
     new 1c1f239  ReduceFnTester can advance clocks without firing timers
     new 795760d  ReduceFnTester assertion for windows that have data buffered
     new 412fd7e  Drop late data in ReduceFnTester
     new 50c43d9  Do not GC windows based on processing time timer!
     new fda589c  Add test reproducing BEAM-2505, ignored
     new d2b384a  Add tests for corner cases of processing time timers
     new 7645c44  This closes #3425: Fix processing time timer handling in ReduceFnRunner
     new 5d6ad19  Remove fn api bundle descriptor translation.
     new a882e8f  Remove unused (and untested) initial splittling logic.
     new 7a9f762  Closes #3424
     new 6f12e7d  Bump Dataflow worker to 0622
     new 799173f  Uses KV in SplittableParDo expansion instead of ElementAndRestriction
     new 8860cce  This closes #3417: [BEAM-1377] Uses KV in SplittableParDo expansion instead of ElementAndRestriction
     new b21fa04  Remove unused codes
     new cab4d89  DataflowRunner: Reject merging windowing for stateful ParDo
     new 99f4f8b  This closes #3388: Sync gearpump-runner branch with master
     new 5f8cfa7  This closes #3419: DataflowRunner: Reject merging windowing for stateful ParDo
     new 649994b  Allow output from FinishBundle in DoFnTester
     new b3c3625  This closes #3367: Allow output from FinishBundle in DoFnTester
     new 8dcda6e  [BEAM-2497] Fix the reading of concat gzip files
     new 336b7f1  This closes #3428
     new f291713  [BEAM-2489] Use dynamic ES port in HIFIOWithElasticTest
     new 6cef5c7  [BEAM-2489] This closes #3411
     new fd8f15f  [BEAM-2745] Add Jenkins Suite for Python Performance Test
     new af69e97  This closes #3426
     new 3209548  Fix python fn API data plane remote grpc port access
     new 9acce71  This closes #3431
     new 903da41  Avoid pickling the entire pipeline per-transform.
     new a90e40a  Closes #3433
     new cf1080e  Mention python sdist and link to its docs
     new e45f522  Fix a typo in function args
     new 16f87f4  This closes #3435
     new 86bd5be  This closes
     new 926f949  Remove old deprecated PubSub code
     new 1ea1de4  This closes #3440
     new ea622b3  [BEAM-2437] Input path should be flexible in quickstart
     new bc522c4  This closes
     new bec32fe  Reintroduces DoFn.ProcessContinuation (Dataflow worker compatibility part)
     new 2052cc7  Bump Dataflow worker to 0623
     new 95e6bbe  This closes #3383: [BEAM-2447] Reintroduces DoFn.ProcessContinuation (Dataflow worker compatibility part)
     new eb379e7  Implement streaming GroupByKey in Python DirectRunner
     new 8036001  This closes #3444
     new 9452f47  Add Amazon DynamoDB example using HadoopInputFormatIO
     new b8bc829  This closes
     new cbfcad8  [BEAM-1237] Create AmqpIO
     new 9df865a  [BEAM-1237] This closes #1725
     new 01b3feb  [BEAM-2514] Improve error message on missing required value
     new 99ef92b  [BEAM-2514] Improve error message on missing required value
     new d33d646  Removed uses of proto builder clone method
     new e93c064  [BEAM-2392] Remove uses of proto builder clone
     new 8dd0077  Enable grpc controller in fn_api_runner
     new 3907489  This closes #3445
     new 0c34db9  [BEAM-2522] upgrading jackson to 2.8.9 (mitigating #1599)
     new 9dc40d6  [BEAM-2522] upgrading jackson to 2.8.9 (mitigating #1599)
     new d6855ac  Use installed distribution name for sdk name
     new 2365e71  This closes #3448
     new 7fee4b9  Add WindowFn#assignsToOneWindow
     new beb21f4  This closes #3452
     new 03741ba  [BEAM-1187] Improve logging to contain the number of retries done due to IOException and unsuccessful response codes.
     new 0b19fb4  [BEAM-1187] Improve logging to contain the number of retries done due to IOException and unsuccessful response codes
     new 80c9263  Bump spanner version
     new 454f1c4  Pre read api refactoring. Extract `SpannerConfig` and `AbstractSpannerFn`
     new a21a6d7  Read api with naive implementation
     new e5929bd  This closes #3395: [BEAM-1542] Cloud Spanner Source
     new 58fba59  Add utility to expand list of PCollectionViews
     new a66bcd6  Fix getAdditionalInputs for SplittableParDo transforms
     new 4238276  Use PCollectionViews.toAdditionalInputs in ParDoMultiOverrideFactory
     new ed476dd  Use PCollectionViews.toAdditionalInputs in ParDo
     new 27674f0  Use PCollectionViews.toAdditionalInputs in Combine
     new 16f8000  This closes #3351: [BEAM-2371] Fix getAdditionInputs for SplittableParDo transforms
     new b1ed975  [BEAM-2488] Elasticsearch IO should read also in replica shards
     new 6573e2e  [BEAM-2488] This closes #3410
     new 2cb2161  Add Experimental annotation to AMQP and refine Kind for the Experimental IOs
     new 49bfab2  Update to more recent Flink version in example
     new f09cd3c  Add note about Scala version when setting up Flink cluster
     new 1ab9c02  This closes
     new 23a34f5  This closes #3458
     new fecd64f  [BEAM-2389] moved GcpCoreApiSurfaceTest to corresponding module, adapted exposed packagees
     new 1e16aa2  [BEAM-2389] moved GcpCoreApiSurfaceTest to corresponding module, adapted exposed packagees
     new 6ade842  Add a Combine Test for Sliding Windows without Context
     new ed815be  Upgrade beam bigtable client dependency to
     new b47e41d  This closes #3464: [BEAM-2533] Upgrade beam bigtable client dependency to
     new 90cc2bc  Visit composite nodes when checking for picklability.
     new 0d4c85d  Closes #3466
     new 4f9820b  Removed OnceTriggerStateMachine
     new b1ece01  This closes #3363: [BEAM-765] TriggerStateMachine does not need to be separate from OnceTriggerStateMachine
     new 38dd12d  WindowingStrategy: add OnTimeBehavior to control whether to emit empty ON_TIME pane.
     new 2efb0d5  ReduceFnRunner.onTrigger: add short circuit for empty pane, and move inputWM and pane after the short circuit.
     new 997bf40  This closes #3446
     new dbeba09  Only use ASCII 'a' through 'z' for temporary Spanner tables
     new 4d41e25  This closes #3459: [BEAM-2529] Only use ASCII a-z to generate Spanner database names
     new fb7ec28  Add PubSub I/O support to Python DirectRunner
     new 2dd1907  This closes #3454
     new 39a2ed0  Ditch apache commons
     new f46a40c  Use SDK harness container for FnAPI jobs when worker_harness_container_image is not specified. Add a separate image tag to use with the SDK harness container.
     new bf5aa1b  This closes #3468
     new c6de423  Define the projectId in the SpannerIO Read Test (utest, not itest)
     new ae3a752  This closes #3471
     new 5744fa8  [BEAM-2373] Upgrade commons-compress dependency version to 1.14
     new 3690073  [BEAM-2373] Upgrade commons-compress dependency version to 1.14
     new dc1dca8  Select SDK distribution based on the selected SDK name
     new 99b5b05  This closes #3474
     new 0acfe70  GCP IO ITs now all use --project option
     new ab7f6f6  Don't call .testingPipelineOptions() a second time
     new 52cea71  This closes #3465: [BEAM-2537] GCP IO ITs now all use --project option
     new 7fc73d7  This closes #3462: Add a Combine Test for Sliding Windows without Context
     new 893bf42  This closes #3472: Remove Apache Commons dependency which DataflowRunner appears to not stage
     new f158257  Merge branch 'master' of into sync-master
     new 7b8cd64  Properly convert milliseconds whether there's less than 3/more than 9 digits. TimeUtil did not properly convert (and returned null) when the number of digits for fractions of seconds was less than 3 digits or more than 9 digits. The solution is to pad with zeros when there is less than 3 digits and to truncate when there is more than 3.
     new f75dfe7  Properly convert milliseconds whether there's less than 3/more than 9 digits.
     new 627ae0b  This closes #3479: [BEAM-79] Merge master into gearpump-runner branch
     new 56cb6c5  Add support for PipelineOptions parameters
     new 0e429b3  This closes #3355: Add support for PipelineOptions parameters
     new f99ab1a  Fix DoFn javadoc: StateSpec does not require a key
     new ce4e517  Make modules that depend on Hadoop and Spark use the same version property
     new 11010cf  This closes #3291
     new 75475ef  [BEAM-2530] Fix compilation of modules with Java 9 that depend on
     new 0bd47c0  [BEAM-2530] This closes #3460
     new 68f1fb6  For GCS operations use an http client with a default timeout value.
     new b8ac326  This closes #3486
     new 51877a3  [maven-release-plugin] prepare branch release-2.1.0
     new 7f0723c  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 14fa7f7  Update Python SDK version
     new 06897b1  Website Mergebot Job
     new f0549b4  This closes #3485
     new 6ca410a  [BEAM-2553] Update Maven exec plugin to 1.6.0 to incorporate messaging improvements
     new 39c80f6  [BEAM-2553] Update Maven exec plugin to 1.6.0 to incorporate messaging improvements
     new e241699  Remove references to Travis.
     new 29c2bca  Disallow Combiner Lifting for multi-window WindowFns
     new 63f66d6  This closes #3489: Fix DoFn javadoc: StateSpec does not require a key
     new 23e385f  Update SDK dependencies
     new ea9f7fb  This closes #3497
     new e8fdd37  This closes #3496: Disallow Combiner Lifting for multi-window WindowFns
     new a75202f  Fix PValue input in _PubSubReadEvaluator
     new bf6dda3  This closes #3499
     new 2259c30  [BEAM-2534] Handle offset gaps in Kafka messages.
     new 85a99e2  This closes #3461
     new 4ed7f45  This closes
     new 29c35cd  Update Dataflow container version to 20170706
     new f608c11  No longer working title
     new cdda3b1  This closes
     new f2bde03  Update build-in IO list with AMQP
     new d3cd7c4  Remove AMQPIO from in-progress list
     new 5c677e0  Fix missing closing element
     new 80fcbe8  This closes
     new 526037b  Add timeout to initialization of partition in KafkaIO
     new b8f8d18  This closes #3492: [BEAM-2551] KafkaIO reader blocks indefinitely in case of network issues
     new bd631b8  Ignore processing time timers in expired windows
     new 935c077  Process timer firings for a window together
     new 628dace  This closes #3429: [BEAM-2502, BEAM-2505] More fixes to ReduceFnRunner.onTimers
     new da92256  Made DataflowRunner TransformTranslator public
     new 17d7e59  This closes #3467: Made DataflowRunner TransformTranslator public
     new 17bc3b1  Fix bad merge
     new c8d9833  Simplified ByteBuddyOnTimerInvokerFactory
     new 440c7d4  This closes #3470: [BEAM-940] ByteBuddyOnTimerInvokerFactory: key the cache with a (Class, id) tuple or OnTimerMethod
     new 35061e8  Fix javadoc generation for AmqpIO, CassandraIO and HCatalogIO
     new 9e565f2  This closes #3508
     new c2d3fbc  Merge branch 'master' of into sync-master
     new 2206827  Upgrade to gearpump 0.8.4
     new 4a2f674  This closes #3510: Update Dataflow container version to 20170706
     new 725f547  Fix ParDoTest#testPipelineOptionsParameter
     new 3621b95  Move DirectRunner knob for suppressing runner-determined sharding out of core SDK
     new 90ba753  This closes #3516: Move DirectRunner knob for suppressing runner-determined sharding out of core SDK
     new 175ff2f  Reject stateful ParDo if coder not KvCoder with deterministic key coder
     new f62586a  This closes #3502: [BEAM-2486] Reject stateful ParDo if coder not deterministic KvCoder
     new 2295b90  [BEAM-1347] Rename DoFnRunnerFactory to FnApiDoFnRunner.
     new 7da08c9  [BEAM-1347] Add DoFnRunner specific to Fn Api.
     new 56e4251  [BEAM-1347] Create a DoFnRunner specific for the Fn API
     new 1fa3bfe  Set the type of batch jobs to FNAPI_BATCH when beam_fn_api experiment is specified.
     new dba5140  This closes #3522
     new 25d3baa  [BEAM-2570] Fix breakage after cloud-bigquery updated
     new f467d6b  This closes #3523
     new 71d9d54  Add JingsongLee as committer
     new 3a7f71b  Restore index.html and fix order
     new a885979  This closes
     new cb5061e  BEAM-2575 ApexRunner doesn't emit watermarks for additional outputs
     new d3998c2  update apex runner properties example
     new 6da8f3f  This closes
     new 9f904dc  This closes #3529: BEAM-2575 ApexRunner doesn't emit watermarks for additional outputs
     new 1ce60b4  This closes #3515: Sync gearpump-runner with master and upgrade to gearpump 0.8.4
     new c6f9fde  Reflect #assignsToOneWindow in WindowingStrategy
     new 311547a  Use URNs, not Java classes, in immutability enforcements
     new 521488f  [BEAM-1348] Remove deprecated concepts in Fn API (now replaced with Runner API concepts).
     new 9d48bd5  [BEAM-1348] Remove deprecated concepts in Fn API (now replaced with Runner API concepts).
     new 77ba7a3  Adds DynamicDestinations support to FileBasedSink
     new c14a318  This closes #3356: [BEAM-92] Allow value-dependent files in FileBasedSink
     new 20ce075  Rehydrate PCollections
     new 165dfa6  Add more utilities to ParDoTranslation
     new de39f32  Include PCollection in rehydrated PCollectionView
     new fa61ed1  Enable SplittableParDo on rehydrated ParDo transform
     new 1ac4b7e  Port DirectRunner ParDo overrides to SDK-agnostic APIs
     new be9a387  Fix misleading comment in TransformHierarchy
     new 1518d73  Fix null checks in TransformHierarchy
     new b6b1c8b  This closes #3509: [BEAM-2371] Port DirectRunner overrides to SDK-agnostic APIs
     new eeb0432  This closes #3453: Reflect #assignsToOneWindow in WindowingStrategy
     new 0e89df3  This closes #3536: Use URNs, not Java classes, in immutability enforcements
     new 3099e81  Split bundle processor into separate class.
     new af08f53  Closes #3503
     new 21fd302  Reformatting Kinesis IO to comply with official code style
     new 138641f  This closes #3389
     new 435cbcf  Add client-side throttling.
     new a22f1a0  [BEAM-2556] Add client-side throttling.
     new aaffe15  Remove dead (and wrong) viewFromProto overload
     new 011e279  This closes #3542: Remove dead (and wrong) viewFromProto overload
     new cd216f7  Adds TextIO.readAll(), implemented rather naively
     new 8468210  This closes #3443: [BEAM-2511] Implements TextIO.ReadAll
     new 2b86a61  Cleanup and fix ptransform_fn decorator.
     new 91c7d3d  Closes #3544
     new 9dea3d6  Remove incorrect info from testing page.
     new 043db52  This closes
     new e8670db  Drop the word reviewer from the contribution guide
     new 8da862f  This closes
     new 9bdfb80  Fix broken links
     new c6bd74a  Update to latest version
     new 8269e27  Address review comments
     new f973732  Address review comments
     new 7e587e7  This closes
     new 1bff4a7  [BEAM-2447] Reintroduces DoFn.ProcessContinuation
     new 66b4a1b  This closes #3360: [BEAM-2447] Reintroduces DoFn.ProcessContinuation
     new 016baf3  Implement retries in the read connector.
     new 64997ef  Unbundle Context and WindowedContext.
     new 889776f  This closes #3558
     new 5f972e8  This closes #3539: Unbundle FileNamePolicy Context and WindowedContext
     new a6201ed  JdbcIOIT now uses writeThenRead style
     new 5fd2c6e  This closes #2507: JdbcIOIT now uses writeThenRead style
     new eb951c2  [BEAM-2595] Allow table schema objects in BQ DoFn
     new e8c5574  This closes #3556
     new 5d9fe88  Test GBK immediately followed by stateful ParDo
     new 621f20f  This closes #3562: Test GBK immediately followed by stateful ParDo
     new 78fcbd7  [BEAM-2491] Move package org.apache.beam.runners.core.metrics to
     new f77d035  This closes #3422
     new c5c0961  BQIO.Read option for use with repeated template invocations.
     new 47273b9  This closes #2123: Provide implementation of BQIO.Read that does not use Source API
     new ca40663  Fixes sharding and cleanup for dynamic file writes
     new 1f1df27  This closes #3546: [BEAM-2601] Fix broken per-destination finalization.
     new ce440a3  [BEAM-2608] Closes the reader in TextIO.readAll()
     new 36c55eb  This closes #3567: [BEAM-2608] Closes the reader in TextIO.readAll()
     new 53ce582  [BEAM-2578] Fix DebuggingWordCountTest on Windows platform
     new ae0de1b  [BEAM-2578] This closes #3535
     new 095e791  datastoreio: retry on socket errors
     new 7e4719c  This closes #3559
     new f1b4700  Fix split package in SDK harness
     new 7257507  Improving labeling of side inputs for Dataflow
     new 532256e  Closes #3520
     new e7059e5  [BEAM-1502] GroupByKey should not return bare lists in DirectRunner.
     new 02905c2  Closes #3578
     new f6daad4  [BEAM-933] Fix and enable findbugs in Java examples
     new 1996869  This closes #3534: [BEAM-933] Fix and enable findbugs in Java examples
     new 4c6fa39  Adjust pull request template for Jenkins and mergebot world
     new 04d364d  This closes #3575: Adjust pull request template for Jenkins and mergebot world
     new c5ebbff  Make Dataflow Counter Name Parsing more Robust
     new 0f06eb2  This closes #3463
     new d495d15  Splits large TextIOTest into TextIOReadTest and TextIOWriteTest
     new 3547e20  Includes Splittable DoFn in the capability matrix
     new 9aa3feb  This closes
     new 7c36318  This closes #3442: Splits large TextIOTest into TextIOReadTest and TextIOWriteTest
     new a48eefa  [BEAM-2084] Adding querying facility for distribution metrics in Java
     new d2201f9  This closes #2896
     new b827f65  Change PR template from 1234 to XXX
     new 5a0b74c  This closes #3587: Change PR template from 1234 to XXX
     new 2c2d8a3  This closes #3577: Fix split package in SDK harness
     new d14cef0  [BEAM-1963] Update Quickstart link in README
     new 2d5b6d7  This closes #3589
     new fcac815  [BEAM-2500] List Amazon S3 File System as a planned I/O.
     new 76a558a  This closes
     new 111603a  Accept Region in Dataflow Monitoring Page URL
     new dd9e866  This closes #3455
     new 911edba  [BEAM-2544] Fix flaky AvroIOTest by eliminating race condition in "write then read" tests.
     new be5b934  This closes #3475: [BEAM-2544] Fix flaky AvroIOTest
     new 1e94704  Add GroupByKey tests for Multiple & Merging windows
     new 0d927ef  This closes #3576
     new bdf5bd6  [BEAM-2630] TestPipeline: construct job/app names based on Description in junit TestRule.
     new d510175  This closes #3582
     new e86c004  [BEAM-2532] Memoizes TableSchema in BigQuerySourceBase
     new 7fde976  This closes #3584: [BEAM-2532] add a Serializable TableSchema Supplier in BigQuerySourceBase
     new d290114  [BEAM-2306] Add checkstyle check to fail the build when @Deprecated is used without @deprecated javadoc (or vice versa).
     new a6f460f  This closes #3531: [BEAM-2306] Fail build when @Deprecated is used without @deprecated javadoc
     new 51427a6  [BEAM-2642] Update Google Auth to 0.7.1
     new 3837067  Port of Google doc
     new 3ff4afd  IO Testing, unit tests: update after readthrough
     new a8f9d2d  fixup! IO Testing, unit tests: update after readthrough
     new 130cfacc fixup! fixup! IO Testing, unit tests: update after readthrough
     new a284851  This closes
     new 4d1db22  [BEAM-2642] Update Google Auth to 0.7.1
     new b424aa0  Increase the gRPC message size to max value
     new eb0850e  Increase the gRPC message size to max value
     new d128c3b  [BEAM-2636] Make sure we only override the correct class
     new 2e51bde  This closes #3595
     new 1473935  [BEAM-2638] Add Elasticsearch (v2 and upcoming v5) and MQTT to Built-in I/O Transforms page
     new 7c44287  This closes
     new 0a5157e  Dynamic sizing of Datastore write RPCs.
     new c8e3744  This closes #3585
     new 95e9c28  Introduces SpannerIO.readAll()
     new afeba37  This closes #3591: [BEAM-1542] Introduced SpannerIO.readAll
     new 4192ac6  Add maven support for invoking perfkit benchmarker to run IO ITs
     new 2f9cbec  io-it-suite-local independent of io-it-suite, k8s properties -> root pom
     new 7e63d2c  This closes #3588
     new c52a908  Minor changes to AvroSource in preparation for refactoring
     new d4026da  Gets rid of opening Avro files in createForSubrangeOfFile codepath
     new 1d9160f  This closes #3590: [BEAM-2628] Makes AvroSource not open files while splitting
     new cfadecb  Uniquify application nodes in TextIOReadTest and only run pipeline once
     new ad20239  [BEAM-2126] Add JStorm runner to ongoing projects.
     new 8038fee  This closes
     new e655f53  Revert accidental changes to sdks/java/pom.xml
     new daa7566  Upgrade BEAM version to 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT in gearpump-runner
     new c2110c9  Register a PTransformTranslator for Combine
     new b6f126d  This closes #3597
     new 01492e6  Use RehydratedComponents for memoized rehydration
     new f870bf5  This closes #3601: Use RehydratedComponents for memoized rehydration
     new e38dc5f  Use dehydration-insensitive APIs in WindowEvaluatorFactory
     new 8bd6475  This closes #3609: Use dehydration-insensitive APIs in WindowEvaluatorFactory
     new fa3a5ab  Use dehydration-insensitive APIs in ParDoEvaluatorFactory
     new 4b35584  This closes #3610: Use dehydration-insensitive APIs in ParDoEvaluatorFactory
     new 81c2e90  This closes #3608: Uniquify application nodes in TextIOReadTest and only run pipeline once
     new 49d4ed5  Add beam-runners-gearpump dependency to javadoc
     new 4f7d0b4  Unbreaks AvroSource compatibility with Dataflow worker
     new f398748  This closes #3616: Unbreaks AvroSource compatibility with Dataflow worker
     new a7c1849  [BEAM-2662] Fix Java quickstart for Spark to include Spark version
     new b1adbfb  ReshuffleTest: replace Iterable equal tests with matchers.
     new 49d4cf4  This closes #3593
     new 5f1d136  [BEAM-2662] This closes #3620
     new 8449931  [BEAM-2571] Change DoFnOperator to use Long.MAX_VALUE as max watermark
     new b03c4f0  [BEAM-2571] Clarify pushedback variable name in DoFnOperator
     new 1825087  [BEAM-2571] Respect watermark contract in Flink DoFnOperator
     new f54072a  This closes #3600
     new dfa983c  [BEAM-2314] Add ValidatesRunner test for merging custom windows
     new 0064fb3  This closes #3286
     new efe2dc1  Add stub DisplayDataTranslation
     new 12c277f  Fix tests that passed invalid input to DynamicDestinations
     new 4348159  Add Pipeline rehydration from proto
     new 8ca4591  Dehydrate then rehydrate Pipeline before
     new 01408c8  This closes #3334: [BEAM-2333] Go to proto and back before running a pipeline in Java DirectRunner
     new 22b8296  ReduceFnRunner: test when watermark leapfrogs EOW and GC
     new 73da9cc  This closes #3598: ReduceFnRunner: test when watermark leapfrogs EOW and GC
     new 2e8ed5a  Let IsBounded take True value.
     new 71196ec  Closes #3580
     new e80c83b  Adds ValueProvider support to AvroIO.Read
     new eaf0b36  Extracts common logic from TextIO.ReadAll into a utility transform
     new ee1bcba  Introduces AvroIO.readAll() and readAllGenericRecords()
     new d919394  This closes #3615: [BEAM-2656] Introduces AvroIO.readAll()
     new d9bb4cb  Deactivate integration-tests for gearpump-runner by default
     new 483abc0  We shouldn't write to re-created tables for 2 mins
     new a9fdc3b  This closes #3630
     new 56a1bce  Sets desired bundle size on AvroIO.readAll
     new bc72c94  This closes #3642: Sets desired bundle size on AvroIO.readAll
     new a282165  Require java 8 for precommit tests and add gearpump-runner
     new 809a7f8  [BEAM-2658] register DefaultCoder first and SerializableCoder last
     new 69a51c9  [BEAM-2658] register SerializableCoder last
     new 22e49e6  Use runner API for read operation.
     new 24b39e4  Disable abc metaclass due to issues with pickling.
     new 2d307f2  Create common superclass for all Sources.
     new b67a30b  Closes #3635
     new 82cc1e1  Translate combining operations through the Runner API.
     new 673937b  Closes #3640
     new 51867ad  Migrate checkCombineFn in TestUtils to CombineFnTester
     new e206b1a  Closes #3628
     new 18daed9  Override maven-enforcer-plugin for precommit tests
     new bf15483  Remove gearpump-runner in precommit tests
     new 86e3355  [BEAM-1984] Fix scope for dependencies needed only for test purposes
     new 892a2cf  [BEAM-1984] This closes #3652
     new f58acd4  Add initial text for I/O Integration Test documentation
     new e16cb0f  fixup! Add initial text for I/O Integration Test documentation
     new 12384ab  Updated IO IT docs based on PR feedback
     new e0cabb3  Update JDBC IO IT docs based on PR feedback.
     new a07b379  This closes
     new f61e797  [BEAM-2541] Check Elasticsearch backend version when the pipeline is run not when it is constructed
     new 0249da5  Fixes BigQueryIO.Write javadoc for to(ValueInSingleWindow)
     new 5727ad2  This closes #3645: Fixes BigQueryIO.Write javadoc for to(ValueInSingleWindow)
     new f515c22  [BEAM-2640] Introduces Create.ofProvider(ValueProvider)
     new 476efa6  [BEAM-2641] Introduces
     new e333577  Adds
     new 68bb7c0  This closes #3639: [BEAM-2640, BEAM-2641] Introduces TextIO/
     new 6ca5305  [BEAM-2541] This closes #3493
     new 0884be5  Fix View.asMultimap javadoc.
     new d9fc36a  Add missing displayData to ElasticsearchIO.Read
     new da3b8bf  This closes #3655
     new 7ab8954  This closes #3656: Fix View.asMultimap javadoc.
     new c35febf  This closes #3637: [BEAM-79] Prepare for merging gearpump-runner
     new 62c922b  Introduces TypeDescriptors.extractFromTypeParameters
     new ebd0041  [BEAM-2677] AvroIO.parseGenericRecords - schemaless
     new c16947e  Removes TransformingSource that is now unused
     new a94d680  This closes #3632: [BEAM-2677] AvroIO.parseGenericRecords - schemaless
     new 6ea2eda  Perform a Multi-step combine in the DirectRunner
     new 1f2634d  This closes #3579
     new 9f2622f  [BEAM-92] Supports DynamicDestinations in AvroIO.
     new 540fa9b  This closes #3541: [BEAM-92] Supports DynamicDestinations in AvroIO.
     new 04f2700  [BEAM-2623] Introduces Watch transform
     new 95a2ead  This closes #3565: [BEAM-2623] Creates Watch transform for watching new elements in a family of growing sets
     new 8b60fcb  Programmatically Create Beam Jenkins View.
     new 870551c  This closes #3374
     new 42638e2  [BEAM-2530] Upgrade maven plugins to the latest versions
     new 2816b15  [BEAM-2530] This closes #3665
     new 14563c6  [BEAM-2690] HCatalogIO needs provided scope dependencies on Hadoop, Hive
     new 3c81766  This closes #3660
     new 64cf18f  Remove References to CloudObject from the Java Harness
     new 53c2c8f  This closes #3647
     new 7d64b76  Translate ParDo operations through the Runner API.
     new 3c0c337  Streaming fixes.
     new b179eca  Translate GroupByKey[Only] through the Runner API.
     new 2ee7422  More informative references in the proto representation.
     new ba5e314  Closes #3650
     new e239644  Add the Beam Job API service definition
     new 0a358c7  This closes #3676
     new ff4b36c  [BEAM-2670] Fixes SparkRuntimeContext.getPipelineOptions()
     new 7db051a  Introduces SerializablePipelineOptions in core-construction
     new 339976c  This closes #3654: [BEAM-2670] Deduplicates serializable wrappers over PipelineOptions from Spark, Flink and Apex, and removes buggy SparkRuntimeContext
     new a919f8e  [BEAM-2708] Configure BZIP2 to read all "streams"
     new 9582840  [BEAM-2708] This closes #3669
     new fc0f9c7  [BEAM-1542] Specifies a User Agent in Spanner Client
     new 8ac796c  This closes #3574: [BEAM-1542] Specifies a User Agent in Spanner Client
     new 9cbc0d3  Fix typo in dataflow_runner.
     new 520a51b  Closes #3671
     new 01f1d94  Remove unneeded surefire configuration for hadoop-file-system
     new de0148c  This closes #3658
     new b5017bf  Add local filesystem as default and strip away prefix from local files in pipeline options.
     new d2133d3  [BEAM-2298] Making LocalFileSystem default and stripping file spec prefixes.
     new 1e582e6  Improving naming of steps that consume side inputs
     new 55bb423  Closes #3659
     new 5d46243  Adds support for reading concatenated bzip2 files.
     new d4f9e92  This closes #3678
     new ac7f973  [BEAM-1347] Add utility to be able to model inbound reading as a single input stream
     new 38f1890  [BEAM-1347] Add utility to be able to model inbound reading as a single input stream
     new e017a0e  Makes all Source classes override getOutputCoder instead of getDefaultOutputCoder
     new bb1bf3c  Requires specifying a Coder on PCollection.createPrimitiveOutputInternal
     new 95e2a00  Removes all overrides of PTransform.getDefaultOutputCoder and deprecates it
     new 48690bc  Remembers the output coders of SplittableParDo
     new 9e6530a  This closes #3649: [BEAM-2686] Towards deprecating PCollection.setCoder()
     new 5e71d53  Refactor FnApiRunner to operate directly on the runner API protos.
     new 72bd73a  Closes #3682
     new fc00ce9  [BEAM-1584] Add clean up in bigquery integration test
     new f731de0  This closes #3673
     new b10c1c3  [BEAM-2729] Allow GBK of union-typed PCollections.
     new 8d337ff  Closes #3690
     new 5e43b23  Adds coders for boolean, ResourceId and Metadata
     new db9aede  Introduces EmptyMatchTreatment parameter to FileSystems.match()
     new fe002c2  [BEAM-2512] Introduces TextIO.watchForNewFiles() and Match
     new df36bd9  This closes #3607: [BEAM-2512] Introduces TextIO.watchForNewFiles() and the Match transform
     new 97b12d5  [BEAM-2734] Unbreaks some Dataflow ValidatesRunner tests
     new aadbe36  This closes #3693: [BEAM-2734] Unbreaks some Dataflow ValidatesRunner tests
     new f48bb4b  [BEAM-1274] Add SSL mutual authentication support
     new 02f11d3  [BEAM-1274] Add SSL/TLS in the comments, add the self signed policy support for the SSL context
     new 545946a  Suppress Attempted Metrics tests in Dataflow Batch
     new 9781983  This closes #3695
     new 7dbe906  Add GRPC to Compilation of the Runner API
     new 086ec77  This closes #3687
     new 6c81a3a  Delete list job creation -- creates in wrong place.
     new c9abd15  This closes #3697
     new 89236e3  This closes #3636: Merge GearpumpRunner to master branch
     new 2fa4fde  Fix compile break
     new d00ff9e  [BEAM-2657] Create Solr IO
     new f5714f2  This closes #3618: [BEAM-2657] Create Solr IO
     new 2b9b050  Use bytes instead of Any in RunnerApi.FunctionSpec
     new 9ed2cf4  This closes #3193
     new 76db0aa  [BEAM-2431] Add experimental python rpc direct runner
     new fb85d84  This closes #3667
     new cc699ec  Add support for Python's native type hint types in Beam's type hint annotations.
     new db4b093  This closes #3672
     new 04f5bc6  [BEAM-1274] This closes #3626
     new 6aadf24  Preparing support for Structured Names in Dataflow counters
     new 2e17311  This closes #3684
     new 70cd34c  Updates BEAM_CONTAINER_VERSION to 2.2.0.
     new 7a34042  This closes #3701
     new a17978a  [BEAM-1584] Add file clean up util for integration tests
     new 0a5deea  This closes #3688
     new fcce5e1  Update a dead link to Jenkins builds.
     new 001b453  This closes Update a dead link to Jenkins builds.
     new 08b51bd  Add Apache Solr to the list of Built-In I/O Transforms
     new 07534d7  This closes Add Apache Solr to the list of Built-In I/O Transforms
     new cc7689c  [BEAM-2760] Disable testMergingCustomWindows* validatesRunner tests in Gearpump runner
     new cd4f5a2  This closes #3712
     new 24ee742  Update Custom Window Merging Tests
     new 4e01fc1  This closes #3698
     new 5034418  A couple of fixes to website
     new 9e755fb  This closes A couple of fixes to the website
     new 5e99853  Adds two new Read PTransforms that can be used to read a massive number of files.
     new 9088a3e  This closes #3661
     new 64f0809  Expands the sections on Coders and Validation in Style Guide
     new 02418a9  This closes Expands the section on Coders in Style Guide
     new 02eb091  [BEAM-2684] Fix flaky AmqpIOTest by introducing ActiveMQ AMQP broker instead of peer-to-peer mode
     new 07e8cd5  [BEAM-2684] This closes #3714
     new 1b27727  Update company affiliation
     new 34d9d91  Updating protobuf for dataflow api
     new d035a34  This closes #3713
     new e1baf55  Makes Python API reference generation more strict
     new 84a2379  This closes #3613
     new 1f2dddd  Add initial bundle retry code
     new b0b6421  This closes #3679
     new dc1021d  Update PMC
     new bf710d98 This closes
     new d5ad396  Update PMC
     new 22fea31  This closes
     new 23db936  This closes
     new e73ae39  Throw an Exception if no files are found to stage
     new 0f8e8dd  This closes #3572
     new 075d4d4  Allow users to choose the BigQuery insertion method.
     new f7e8f88  This closes #3662: [BEAM-2700] Support load jobs in streaming
     new 9ff3ac3  Fix Javadoc for waitUntilFinish
     new 3a8b0b6  This closes #3718
     new 460ac0f  Add MapReduce and Tez runners to ongoing projects.
     new 8b57d16  This closes
     new ceec7ce  [BEAM-1612] Support real Bundle in Flink runner
     new 724eda3  This closes #3368
     new 06bd00c  Add client-side throttling.
     new d0deb6c  This closes #3644
     new cfb7988  [BEAM-1347] Plumb through a yet to be created state client through PTransformRunnerFactory
     new 8503adb  [BEAM-1347] Plumb through a yet to be created state client through PTransformRunnerFactory
     new 9caa547  Splittable DoFn blog post.
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