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From "Eddie O'Neil" <>
Subject Re: Early feedback from building Beehive
Date Sat, 17 Jul 2004 23:40:31 GMT

  Well, one other thing to try would be to up the NetUI Log4J priorities 
to "debug".  To do this, change the file:


to reset the <priority> levels from "error" do "debug" -- he output will 
show-up in the Tomcat console.  Then, rebuild the coreWeb application in 
the same directory as Shell 2 below by running:

ant build
ant undeploy
ant deploy

This will recompile the coreWeb webapp including the Controls, JPFs, and 
XSDs and then reload the webapp.  Then, try hitting the same URL as before.

  Also, could you send me the output from your Tomcat console window, 
the Tomcat log from 
$BEEHIVE_HOME/installed/jakarta-tomcat-5.0.25/logs/..., and the output 
from the test window?  You can zip them up and send them to me directly 
(no reason the spam the list, but if anyone else wants them, let me know).

  Thanks very much for helping and for being patient!


Sebastian Gozin wrote:

> Ok I've tried to do the test manually by launching tomcat in a 
> seperate shell and then running the tests in another. There doesn't 
> seem to be a difference. I can hit http://localhost:8080/coreWeb/ but 
> when I follow any of the links to run a test I get your typical error 
> page. I gather this is the web equivalent of the errors I am seeing 
> through junit testing.
> re-running bootstrap didn't seem to change anything.
> I am using Windows XP and I appear to have forgotten the service pack 
> again. SuSE 9 is having trouble spawning tomcat from ant so I gave up 
> there. I'll give it another go in the morning.
> In the mean time thanks for your help,
> Sebastian
> Eddie O'Neil wrote:
>>  Okay, we're making progress.  :)
>>  One possibility is that the server is running but the coreWeb/ 
>> webapp is deployed in a weird stage (have seen this locally a couple 
>> of times) and isn't accessible.  The exception below is in the 
>> "client" piece of our test infrastructure -- called the Test Recorder 
>> -- which is making HTTP requests against a running Tomcat instance.
>>  When running correctly, it should be accessible with a browser at 
>> the URL "http://localhost:8080/coreWeb".
>>  I realize that there isn't documentation on the test infrastructure 
>> yet -- that's coming.  In the meantime, open two shells with a 
>> Beehive environment in the Beehive root directory and try this:
>> Shell 1 -- start Tomcat:
>> cd netui/test/webapps/drt
>> ant start
>> Shell 2 -- run the NetUI tests:
>> cd netui/test/webapps/drt
>> ant undeploy
>> ant deploy
>> ant drt.running
>> The first set of commands will start Tomcat.  The second set of 
>> commands will undeploy and then deploy the "coreWeb" webapp.  The 
>> "deploy" and "undeploy" targets use the corresponding Tomcat Ant 
>> tasks.  The "drt.running" command will run the Test Recorder client 
>> against the running Tomcat instance.  Also, once the webapp is 
>> deployed, you should be able to hit the URL above and walk the tests 
>> by hand.
>>  A draconian step to take would be to delete 
>> $BEEHIVE_HOME/installed/jakarta-tomcat-5.0.25/ and re-run "ant 
>> bootstrap" to just reset the state of Tomcat.
>>  Finally, what's your OS?  Might help in diagnosing some of this 
>> locally...
>>  Documentation on the test infrastructure, how to run the tests, and 
>> how to fix these kinds of issues will come over the next couple of days.
>>  Hope this helps...
>> Eddie

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