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From "Ken Tam" <>
Subject RE: EOL situation with jar files on initial checkout
Date Sun, 18 Jul 2004 08:25:33 GMT
Strange.  I assume you are talking about the junit.jar in
external/junit?  That file has the svn:mime-type property set to
application/octet-stream, so svn should be treating it as a binary file
and not doing any EOL translation.  I just tried creating a working copy
when under Cygwin, and the copy of junit.jar that is brought down is
identical (non-corrupt) to the one in my cmd-based working copy.

What happens if you don't use Cygwin?

Have you modified your Subversion configuration re: auto-prop and eol
handling as described in DEVELOPING.txt?  If not, try that.. the way the
docs read, those settings should only matter when adding/committing to
the respository, but perhaps we're missing something.

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From: Karr, David [] 
Sent: Saturday, July 17, 2004 10:36 PM
Subject: EOL situation with jar files on initial checkout

My platform is Cygwin on XP.

I was able to do the initial checkout, but I had problems on the build.
The first problem I hit was problems interpreting the "junit.jar" file.
I inspected the contents with "od -h", and I saw that it had been
corrupted with EOL translation.  I haven't changed any settings for eol
translation.  The BUILDING.txt file doesn't indicate this.  Should it?

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