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From "Rotan Hanrahan" <>
Subject SVN protocol gotcha
Date Thu, 29 Jul 2004 16:03:16 GMT
In case anyone is experiencing similar problems with SVN, here's a quick note of my experience

I've spent the past few days building a completely clean SuSE 9.1 system with all the features
necessary to support dev+test of Beehive. Looking at the code from tar.gz dumps is highly
inferior to sync'ing via Code Management, so I added the SVN module to NetBeans (3.6) and
attempted to check-out.

No success. Failure, actually. PROPFIND not supported by Puzzlement.

I tried all kinds of things, and eventually decided to leave it a day or two. (We were in
the middle of rehoming our corporate network, so there was plenty of firefighting to occupy
me anyway.)

Returned to it yesterday. Today: decided to do some packet analysis. (Ethereal is pretty handy.)

The evidence of the packet analysis revealed the problem. The "not supported" response was
not coming from Apache. It was coming from our firewall, which was running a transparent proxy
and filtering out what it considered to be "suspect behaviour". There's no simple way around
this, though perhaps a planned local firewall upgrade will help, whenever that gets implemented.

So, if you've been having difficulties getting SVN to work, check for transparent firewall
HTTP proxies.


PS This can also affect HTTP PUT operations, in case you use such a mechanism for updates.

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