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From "Karr, David" <>
Subject Comments and meta-comments about Controls Assembly and Binding in Beehive wiki
Date Mon, 16 Aug 2004 22:47:18 GMT
I'm very much a wiki newbie, so some of my meta-issues may just be being
uninformed about wikiness.

First of all, is it reasonable to submit comments on wiki content here,
or is there some way that I missed in the wiki interface?

I noticed that sidebar text (TBD, REVIEW, etc.) is not wrapping in my
browser (Firefox 0.9.3), even in the printable view.  I also noticed
that the top of each page that contains the top-level links and icons is
slightly scrozzled, with the icons displaying over some of the text

In section 1.2, "Declaring Controls Usage", it refers to the acronyms
"PI" and "CB".  I don't know what those are.  You should make it clear
what those are.

Also in this section, the TBD asks how this will work for non-Java
clients.  At what level is Beehive supposed to be usable by non-Java
clients?  How can it possibly be more than an RMI/IIOP interface?

Section 1.3, "The Controls Client Manifest", really has a bad smell to
me.  It really seems odd to generate a non-editable properties file.
Nevertheless, in this file, and in the "Implementation Binding"
properties file, I think it might be worthwhile to make the syntax a
little clearer.  When you have a properties file syntax where the keys
"look like" the values, where in this case they both are class names, it
would be worthwhile to make the "key" and/or "value" syntax use a prefix
to differentiate it from the value syntax.  For instance, using a prefix
like "bean." and "impl." for the "key" and "value" syntax, respectively.

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