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From Patrick Osborne <>
Subject New Test Recorder Feature
Date Wed, 11 Aug 2004 18:18:35 GMT

Hi All,

I've put together a patch that allows the Test Recorder to perform 
playback against multiple webapps.  What this means is that a category, 
or suite, like 'drt' can be run against the core webapp and the jsf 
webapp and the results will be displayed in a single JUnit report.  This 
feature will allow us to run drts or bvts against all, or a selection 
of, webapps with a single command and generate a single JUnit report.  
The feature is fully implemented in the patch but the ant build files 
have not been modified to take advantage of the feature.

In order to implement this feature a new config file is required by the 
client side of the tool. The XML config file can be found here: 
.../netui/test/conf/testRecorder-server.xml, and it describes how to 
contact the server and the webapp context for each webapp.   The test 
recorder client uses the config file to contact each webapp and obtain 
the full configuration for that webapp via HTTP. 

I also cleaned up a few items while I was at it:
* two HTTP sessions are now used by the Test Recorder, instead of two 
sessions per test.
* removed some unnecessary jars from the test recorder build classpath.
* cleaned up ant files used to invoke the test recorder playback

Send any questions or comments my way.


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