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From "Eddie O'Neil" <>
Subject Re: Should the wiki have something about getting started in Beehive?
Date Fri, 13 Aug 2004 17:44:25 GMT

  Yes, absolutely!  We've just had the wiki setup, and you're right -- 
there's not much content up there yet.

  There will be a bunch of stuff getting up there soon about how to 
download / build Beehive (focused on the Beehive dev) and how to use 
Beehive (focused on app developers) for Controls, NetUI, etc.

  If you've got something you'd like to put up there, feel free and it 
will just evolve as we go forward.



Rotan Hanrahan wrote:

>The wiki could be a good place for documenting how to get started in Beehive. Although
my colleagues at work are Workshop users and are regular users/creators of Controls, that's
not my focus(*). So I decided to start with nothing and build up, piece by piece, an environment
that will let me get, build, modify and test Beehive, and ultimately move my observations/suggestions/modifications
back into the Beehive community.
>Rather than continue to share my observations during this early stage via short bursts
on the mailing lists, perhaps it would be better documented in the wiki. That way, others
can contribute their experiences too, and our documented mistakes/successes will help others
to avoid/replicate them.
>I looked at the other Apache wikis, but couldn't find a good example of what I'm proposing,
though some of the pages in the James project seem close:
>PS I'm also a wiki novice, so this is going to be doubly interesting...
>(*) My focus is device/content/workflow metadata - how to represent it, change it (dynamically)
and use it within the a multi-channel (multi-device) occassionally (dis)connected environment.

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