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From "Eddie O'Neil" <>
Subject Re: jpetstore sample appliation
Date Wed, 18 Aug 2004 21:08:36 GMT

  Yes, I considered that but already had petstore mostly working and had 
graphics (styles / images) that could go with it.  I've run into 
licensing problems in the past with some of the artwork contained in 
other samples.  And, example applications tend to present better when 
they're pretty.  <g>

  In addition, it's pretty small and focuses on the web-tier and 
business objects without getting overly complicated.

  It's certainly the case that one could add web services (and JSF for 
that matter) to the petstore application.  In the long run, it'd be 
great to have the petstore use a pluggable service layer that supports 
an in-memory object store and a database / web service layer balances 
between between being easy to run and being more real-world. 

  And, as always, having more than one example is never a bad thing.


Ias wrote:

>How about Adventure Builder? It already uses JSF 1.0 and J2EE 1.4 including
>web services. Adventure Builder can demonstrate:
>- Web Services Metadata
>  - Developing web services based on JSR 181
>  - Deloying web services assisted by EWS (JSR 109) with JSR 181, i.e. JSR
>181 J2EE model
>  - Possibly some extensions of JSR 181 useful in real cases.
>as well as the features you mentioned below. 
>Here's its official site: .
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: Eddie O'Neil [] 
>>Sent: Wednesday, August 18, 2004 3:17 PM
>>To: Beehive Developers
>>Cc: Beehive Users
>>Subject: jpetstore sample appliation
>>  One of the things that is in the works is a version of the 
>>classic Petstore webapp that demonstrates some Beehive 
>>features including:
>>- Custom Controls used to implement business services
>>- The Page Flow programming model
>>  - nesting
>>  - webapp security integration
>>  - page flow scoped forms
>>  - shared flow (webapp-level flow controller)
>>  - page inputs
>>  - declarative (JSR 175 metadata) validation
>>- The NetUI JSP tags
>>  - general tag features (forms, use of JSTL, etc)
>>  - data binding using JSP 2.0 EL
>>  - using the template tags to do site layout
>>  - internationalization using the "bundle" data binding context
>>  - editing data sets using the <netui-data:repeater> tag
>>- Using XMLBeans with controls and Page Flows
>>The plan is to check this into the SVN and make it part of 
>>the Beehive tree.  Hopefully, this will help by providing 
>>some examples of the Beehive functionality.  Since this is 
>>happening in my spare time, I'd guess that it will be ready 
>>to checkin in the next three weeks.  <g> 
>>But, an end-to-end sample is coming. 

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