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From "Ken Tam" <>
Subject Control concept names
Date Tue, 10 Aug 2004 01:24:12 GMT
Consider a general inheritance chain of interfaces for controls,
annotated thusly (base interfaces on the bottom):

@ControlExtension public interface Foo   <--- this is an interesting
.. etc
@ControlInterface public interface Bar   <--- this is an interesting
.. etc

There is a BarImpl.jcs present.

This results in the generation of:

class FooBean
class BarBean

(as well as Bean classes for the intermediary @ControlExtension and
@ControlInterface interfaces in the chain that I've left nameless).

What do we call these artifacts?  Here's a proposal:

When discussing Foo:
  Foo - "the control type"
  Bar - "the control public interface"
  FooBean - "the control bean"
  BarBean - not interesting
  BarImpl.jcs - the control implementation

When discussing Bar:
  Foo - not interesting
  Bar - "the control type" _and_ "the control public interface"
  FooBean - not interesting
  BarBean - "the control bean"
  BarImpl.jcs - the control implementation

I'm open to replacing "control type" with "control interface" or
"control interface  type".  I think "control interface" is somewhat
confusing when paired with the above usage of "control public
interface", but perhaps "control type" is just a little too odd?


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