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From "Heather Stephens" <>
Subject Sun JDK5 builds 59 & 60 released
Date Tue, 03 Aug 2004 19:59:26 GMT
Hi gang-

Sun released B59 and B60 of JDK5, formerly known as JDK1.5.  I'd like to
update BUILDING.txt to instruct people to use the latest build of Sun

That assumes two things:
1.  DRTs pass on the most recent JDK5 builds.
2.  We don't end up with icky (yes, that's a technical term) backwards
compat issues between Sun builds.

I will run DRTs on both to satisfy #1 and get us rolling this time.

Regarding #2, I propose the following:
**We will lead our contributors to use a recent JDK5 build.  I will
point people to in
BUILDING.txt so they can decide what to download from Sun.

**If anyone finds that DRTs don't pass on a particular Sun JDK5 build,
we do several things:
   1.  Enter a bug in jira.
   2.  The committer on point for this bug analyzes the Beehive failure
and determines if we need a fix in Beehive or need to request a fix from
   3.  If appropriate, the committer on point for this bug updates
BUILDING.txt to direct people to use the last known working Sun JDK
build until we have a resolution to the bug in #1.

Does anybody have any other suggestions or refinements to this process?


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