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From "Eddie O'Neil" <>
Subject RE: drt - Playback FAILED for test( FormatTags )
Date Mon, 16 Aug 2004 01:08:45 GMT
  The failure of the FormatTags on a non-US locale should't keep you from developing with
NetUI in Beehive.  
  Beehive itself isn't failing in your locale -- just a specific instance of a test using
a <netui:formatDate> tag.  This is because the test itself was recorded in a US locale
and that Locale just isn't being set / picked-up correctly for the given JSP page.
  The ModuleConfigLocator test you mentioned was another Locale-related failure we've seen
in the last few weeks -- the diff showed that the "lang" attribute on the <html> tag
was showing up localized rather than "en".  
  Hope that helps.  Have fun!

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	From: Rotan Hanrahan [] 
	Sent: Sun 8/15/2004 5:50 PM 
	Subject: drt - Playback FAILED for test( FormatTags )

	[ Developing with NetBeans4 (a beta, but fairly ok for Java 1.5), on WinXP and SuSE 9.1 ]
	I can build: clean deploy drt
	but the drt build has one little error:
	     Playback FAILED for test( FormatTags )
	which, as you know, is likely caused by locale problems.
	I'm building on a machine configured for my locale (English language, Irish environment)
and I prefer not to make any global changes because that would break other things I'm working
	I've isolated NetBeans4 into its own execution environment so that (for example) its JAVA_HOME
is JDK1.5.0, and not the 1.4.2 I use normally. Having to further isolate the build environment
into a temporary US locale defeats the purpose of the test, so I'll leave it alone. Should
I have any further reason to worry if I continue to experiment on Beehive while in a locale
it fails on?
	And did ModuleConfigLocator have a problem with locale? Or was it just a coincidence that
it previously failed at the same time as FormatTags (which *did* have a problem with locale)?
	I've attaced the ant build output to this message if anyone is interested (though I'm unsure
about how the Apache mailer handles attachments).

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