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From "Ias" <>
Subject RE: Beehive JSR-181 implementation -- proposal
Date Tue, 17 Aug 2004 19:11:29 GMT
> The general practice on JSRs is to do a "clean room" 
> implementation of the javax.* classes, taking special care to 
> not introduce any additional public or protected variables or 
> methods, or alter any of the method signatures (doing any of 
> this would cause a failure of the signature tests in the TCK 
> later on).  That's what Tomcat did for the servlet and JSP 
> api calsses (in the CVS modules jakarta-servletapi-4 and 
> jakarta-servletapi-5), and what Geronimo did in one of their 
> modules as well.

Thanks for your guidance. What I'm thinking is that JSR-181 APIs contains
only public annotation types, so there's no problem to publish them as they
are on Beehive SNV. I'll take care of making a "clean room" implementation
of javax.* packages for JSR-181 in case we can't use those from JSR-181 ED
(Probably we can figure it within a week). In the mean time, we need to
decide directory structure for WSM. I'll post a suggestion for that on wiki



> Craig

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