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From "Eddie O'Neil" <>
Subject Re: patch for jira 129
Date Wed, 15 Dec 2004 23:53:14 GMT

   Hey; actually, these lines serve a purpose there.  When starting a 
server that isn't immediately available, these are intended to 
continually ping a server until the specified "waitfor.url" is 
available.  If a server takes a while to start, the HTTP port may not be 
running yet, and this keeps the build from failing out immediately after 
forking the server.

   But, I think you've hit on the issue here -- the "waitfor.url" passed 
from netui/test/webapps/drt/build.xml is looking for a webapp that's 
running at http://localhost:8080/coreWeb.  The first time the tests run, 
that's obviously not available yet, which is why the tests fail.

   You might try taking a crack at changing this waitfor.url to 
http://localhost:8080 to try to hit the default webapp and see if that 
helps solve the problem.

   Thanks for digging on this one.  :)


Eddie O'Neil wrote:
> Bryan--
>   Hey, thanks.  Great that you took a look at this.
>   I'll give it a look over and should be able to submit here in a bit.
> Eddie
> Bryan Che wrote:
>> Hi, I submitted a patch for jira 129 earlier today but didn't see any 
>> e-mail alerts sent out about it.  So, I figured I'd e-mail out to let 
>> people know so that someone can apply it.
>> Bryan

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