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From Carlin Rogers <>
Subject checkin request NetUI - Tiles support
Date Tue, 21 Dec 2004 00:27:52 GMT
The patch file attached below contains the following changes
for beehive NetUI.

- Added support for Tiles:
   - The PageFlowRequestProcessor is now a subclass of
   TilesRequestProcessor (required condition for the
   correct tiles initialization via the TilesPlugin).
   - Added annotations for Jpf to indicate the location
   of the tiles definitions XML files (either from the
   webapp root or relative to the JPF directory) and
   the specific tiles definition to forward to for a
   given JPF action. Multiple definition files can be
   listed in new controller annotation. I.E.
         tilesDefinitionsConfigs = {
         forwards = {
                 name = "continue",
                 tilesDefinition = "defaultLayout")

   - The generated page flow struts configuration file will
   include the TilesPlugin plug-in element.

- Added a new BVT for tiles.

- Also changed the coreWeb/WEB-INF/web.xml to include the
   struts-tiles.tld tag lib.

- Modified the undeploy.netui.runtime target in
   webappTemplate.xml so that we also remove the pageflow
   generated validation files, jpf-validation-*.xml, in the
   WEB-INF/.pageflow-struts-generated/ directory.

BB: self (WinXP)


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