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From Bryan Che <>
Subject expected controls detailed.tests output?
Date Tue, 01 Feb 2005 20:42:13 GMT
Hi, I just tried running the detailed.tests target in 
controls/test/build.xml on Linux and got the following results:

       [tch] TOTALS
       [tch] -------
       [tch] TOTAL TESTS:          54
       [tch] SUCCESSES:            37  (68.52%)
       [tch] FAILURES:             13  (24.07%)
       [tch] ABORTS:               4  (7.41%)
       [tch] SKIPS:                0  (0.0%)
       [tch] VALIDATION SKIPS:     0  (0.0%)
       [tch] TIMEOUTS:             0  (0.0%)

       [tch] INVALIDATIONS:        0
       [tch] SCRATCHES:            0
       [tch] ABANDONS:             0

Are other people getting the same failures/aborts?  The controls 
drt/checkin tests run with no problems (It's also a bit strange that the 
checkin/drt tests run more tests than the detailed tests).

I'm asking because I have local changes to my build/test system and am 
looking for a sanity check.  From the errors, it doesn't look like I've 
done anything to make the tests fail, but I want to be sure.

I'm at SVN revision 149432.



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