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From Eddie O'Neil <>
Subject beehive-904 issue with URL templating
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2005 15:35:54 GMT
  In switching the Page Flow runtime off of the XMLBean config
document and onto POJOs, I ran into one issue that is worth
discussing.  The default templated URL formatter class set as the
default value in the beehive-netui-config.xsd doesn't exist:


and seems like it should be replaced with:


With this replacement in the XSD and the same fix in
o.a.b.n.u.c.b.UrlConfig, the
PageFlowContextListener.getTemplatedURLFormatter() method will always
run and create an URL formatter.  Then, it seems like these lines in

            // if there's no TemplatedURLFormatter in the config file,
use our default impl.
            if ( formatter == null )
                formatter = new DefaultTemplatedURLFormatter();

can disappear and be replaced with:

  assert formatter != null;

because the default URL formatter class name is always available from
the UrlConfig object and the "defaultness" is coded in exactly one
place -- UrlConfig.

  Thoughts?  If this solution is workable for everyone, I'll update
the patch in BEEHIVE-904.


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