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From Cliff Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Moderator(s) needed for beehive mailing lists
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2005 19:39:21 GMT
I am still a moderator, and I just passed your two (was that all of
them?) commit msgs through.  They should not get moderated in the

Can't remember if we ever did set up other moderators.  I see Rich
volunteered below; if he's still up for it, he could send mail to
apmail at a.o and ask to be added as a moderator.  Or better yet, we
could do one last check of who can moderate each list and then send
one consolidated change list to apmail.  -commits is not a hard list
to moderate: just give committers always-allow status after their
first post and then ignore everything until the next new committer.


On 11/4/05, Carlin Rogers <> wrote:
> Cliff,
>  I was wondering if you were still the moderator for the -commits mailing
>  list or if this has been passed along to someone else. Please let me
>  know who I should contact to make sure that the posts from my beehive
>  svn commits show up in the -commits mailing list. Thanks!
>  Kind regards,
>  Carlin
>  -------- Original Message --------
>  Subject: Re: Moderator(s) needed for beehive mailing lists
>  Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 18:06:49 -0600
>  From: Richard Feit <>
>  Reply-To: Beehive Developers
> <>
>  To: Beehive Developers <>
>  References: <>
>  I'd be willing to moderate -commits...
>  Cliff Schmidt wrote:
>  >Would any committer be up for volunteering to moderate one or more of
>  >the four beehive mailing lists (-dev, -user, -commits, -ppmc)?
>  >
>  >I've been doing all four, but I'm going to need to take a break.
>  >Heather currently moderates -user and -dev, but I'm the only one doing
>  >-ppmc and -commits.  No one else is moderating any of the lists.  I
>  >just want to make sure that each list has at least one or two
>  >moderators other than me before I remove my name.
>  >
>  >It's not really that big of a deal; it just means that you get a
>  >little more spam to save the rest of us from getting any, but it's not
>  >too bad.  See
>  >
>  >Thanks,
>  >Cliff
>  >
>  >
>  >

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