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From Eddie O'Neil <>
Subject Re: About supporting JSR 109 in WSM
Date Thu, 03 Nov 2005 13:51:21 GMT

  This would be great!  I'll describe where WSM is today; there are a
couple of big cleanup tasks left to do:

- change the format of the serialized web service information from a
serialized Java object to an XML file
- take a close look at type mapping relative to integrating with Axis;
this is just messy code, and there has to be a better way.  :)

  But, if you want to just jump in on JSR-109 support, that would
probably be fine.  We use a new architecture for annotation processing
that is basically a pipeline that does:

- annotation checking for JSR-181 compliance including some light WSDL
contract validation
- web service model creation.  Instead of creating a WSDL, the
infrastructure creates a BeehiveWsTypeMetadata JavaBean that
represents the service implementation.  I'm definitely not wedded to
this and would be open to changing it if there's a Better Way.
- code generation.  Code generation takes the JavaBean model above and
then produces any source / XML artifacts.

Take a look at beehive/trunk/wsm/src/core to see all of this code; the
APIs that drive the process are:

  Jsr181AnnotationChecker -> BeehiveWsMetadataFactory ->
BeehiveWsTypeMetadataFactory -> WsmResourceGenerator

There are a couple of other changes that are coming:

- complete decoupling from XMLBeans.  It would be great to support
XMLBeans as a native type, but it would be great if we didn't
*require* it.
- renaming the Beehive* and Wsm* classes to remove those monikers
which are encoded in the package names

  That's where WSM is today -- I'd really like to pass the JSR-181 TCK
in the next couple of months, but go ahead and get started on JSR-109
if you're interested.  Should just be a matter of plugging in as a
WsmResourceGenerator, though I'm sure it won't be quite that simple. 


On 11/3/05, Changshin Lee <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to start to work on JSR 109 (MR 1.1) support of Beehive WSM.
> Do you have any suggestions and comments on that?
> Thanks in advance,
> Ias

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