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From "Eddie O'Neil" <>
Subject Re: page flow -- session locking tweak
Date Tue, 30 May 2006 13:41:40 GMT
  FWIW, this is done.  This is done -- to obtain a mutex for the
current session, do:

  Object mutex = ServletUtils.getSessionMutex(httpSession);

If the HttpSessionMutexListener is wired into web.xml, a simple Object
will be returned as the mutex; otherwise, the HttpSession will be
returned.  Note, it's up to the caller to satisfy the correct locking
semantics for their servlet container.  In some circumstances, the
HttpSession *can not* be used to lock the session.

  Carlin, I don't know the scoping code that well -- could you take a
look and make sure that the "right" thing is happening with the mutex
and a scoped session?  It might be the case that the Listener and
utility method need to tunnel into the "real" HttpSession.

  Let me know if you've got questions.


On 5/26/06, Eddie O'Neil <> wrote:
> All--
>   I'm about to make a slight design change to the way NetUI does
> user-wide locking.  This is currently done on the session, which works
> often but not all the time depending on the implementation of the
> HttpSession object.  In order to ensure that this works correctly on
> all containers and session implementations, I'm going to add an
> optional HttpSessionListener that will create a session-wide mutex
> object that can be used to serialize a change in the session.
>   This will be used in two places:
> - where the DeferredSessionStorageHandler persists changes to the HttpSession
> - where the NameService adds itself to an HttpSession
> I don't expect any problems with this -- it's a reasonably simple
> change.  If the HttpSessionListener isn't wired up, the implementation
> will fall back to using the HttpSession.
> This will affect the following code:
> - add an o.a.b.n.p.HttpSessionMutexListener class that adds / removes
> a private inner class Mutex object
> - add an Object getSessionMutex(HttpSession session) method to
> o.a.b.n.u.i.ServletUtils
> - add a Stirng contasnt to ServletUtils that defines the key used to
> store the mutex in the session.
> This follows a pattern similar to that used in Spring to provide a
> user-scoped lock that isn't the HttpSession object.
>   Comments welcome.
> Eddie

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