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From "Eddie O'Neil" <>
Subject Re: Error while doing a build
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2008 22:06:45 GMT

  It appears that you have the netui-compiler.jar file in your
classpath while you're trying to build Page Flows.  The error you're
seeing occurs because the NetUI annotation processor requires a value
for the web.content.root, which must be passed as a -A option to the
annotation processor.

  There are two ways to avoid this problem:

1) Remove the netui-compiler.jar file from your classpath entirely and
build Page Flows and Controls separately using the <build-controls>
and <build-pageflows> Ant macros.  For example:

2) Avoid using the <build-*> Ant macros and instead use the <apt> task
directly.  Note, this passes a value for the "web.content.root"
annotation processor option.  For example:



On Jan 17, 2008 9:19 AM, Jayanti, Sreeramam
<> wrote:
> Hi,
> Iam trying to convert an application from WebLogic 8.1.5 to Apache
> Tomcat. I used the weblogic workshop 9.0 to convert the application. Iam
> using beehive 1.0.2. Iam able to convert it with some minor changes and
> compile it.
> In current application I have about 8 directories which have .java
> files. I was thinking of putting them into a directory by name utilities
> (this directory was not existing earlier). I copied them and changed all
> the references of these in the entire application. When I try to build
> the application I get below given error.
> I tried copying all the files to one existing directory by the name
> Utils and still got the same error.
> Iam not sure what Iam doing wrong. Appreciate if I could get some help
> in resolving this issue.
> Output from the ant build command in a command window
> ------------------------------------------------------
> C:\cvs\adsystems_web\cprApache>ant -version
> Apache Ant version 1.6.2 compiled on July 16 2004
> C:\cvs\adsystems_web\cprApache>ant build
> Buildfile: build.xml
> deploy-beehive:
>      [echo] Deploy NetUI to webapp C:\cvs\adsystems_web\cprApache\build
> deploy.beehive.webapp.runtime:
>      [echo] Deploy NetUI to webapp rooted at:
> C:\cvs\adsystems_web\cprApache\bui
> ld
> build:
>      [copy] Copying 23 files to C:\cvs\adsystems_web\cprApache\build
>      [echo] Building Controls
>       [apt] Compiling 103 source files to
> C:\cvs\adsystems_web\cprApache\build\W
> EB-INF\classes
>       [apt] error: The "-Aweb.content.root" option is required.  It is
> specified
>  by passing "-Aweb.content.root=<value>" as an option to apt.
>       [apt] Note: Some input files use or override a deprecated API.
>       [apt] Note: Recompile with -Xlint:deprecation for details.
>       [apt] 1 error
> C:\cvs\adsystems_web\cprApache\build.xml:84: The following error
> occurred while
> executing this line:
> C:\apache-beehive-1.0.2\ant\beehive-tools.xml:75: Compile failed; see
> the compil
> er error output for details.
> Total time: 41 seconds
> C:\cvs\adsystems_web\cprApache>
> Thanks
> Sreera,

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