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From Jeremy Whitlock <>
Subject Re: Including Bootstrap + Prettify and maybe other JS template libs in Bloodhound as a dependency WAS: Bloodhound UI basics
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2012 17:18:55 GMT
On Feb 1, 2012, at 9:40 AM, Olemis Lang wrote:

> On Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 10:54 AM, Jeremy Whitlock <> wrote:
>> Hello all,
> :)
>>        There were too many thread to respond to inline so I'll just address things
>> 1) Bootstrap is just a CSS framework with a few very lightweight JavaScript plugins
built on top of jQuery.
> There's also the case for using something like JsViews [1]_ , and
> ICanHaz [2]_ ( powered by Mustache ? [3]_ ) which are real
> fully-featured client-side template systems . Maybe some tighter
> integration with Trac is required ...

Well, I guess it depends.  If Geshi is in the backend but to a lesser capacity, we wouldn't
*need* something like this but it could still be useful for performance reasons since these
client-side templating systems allow for client-side caching of templates.  If we get rid
of Geshi completely, we would most likely want to use a client-side templating system coupled
with some framework like backbone.js.  Again, I've got some experience with backbone.js and
here is a very simplistict, but somewhat cool, backbone.js example (GitHub feed reader that

>> 2) Geshi filter's performance is a concern that we should address sooner rather than
> +1 Genshi performance in general ;)


>> I know that trying to get something out quick likely will not leave much room for
a templating system overhaul now but I think the problem Geshi is solving on the backend could
be alleviated by using a good framework on the frontend.
> that looks nice ; so I look forward to more precise comments on this
> subject in this *new* thread .
> Excuse me for my previous indiscipline . I should have started a new
> thread since long time ago
> :-/

Yes.  I think it would be a great idea to start talking about what we want/need instead of
making Trac's architecture a requirement.  Trac is a great tool but hasn't exactly stayed
up with the times as far as its architecture.

>> 3) I know Geshi does more for Trac than just help render it's frontend, it also helps
do syntax highlighting of the sources being displayed in the repository browser and such.
> afaik Genshi is not (heavily) used for syntax highlighting . afaicr
> that's a whole different subject delegated to Pygments , ...

Yes, you are correct.  I was crossing the streams as I use Geshi in Drupal for syntax highlighting.
 This is the last time I try to be useful first thing in the morning.  ;)

>>  I'm not an immediate +1 on removing it but again, I have a suggestion for a client-side
solution that will help make our backend much leaner and performant: Google Code Prettify
(  This is a client-side syntax highlighter
that I used on a private project I wrote and it was great.  Just something to think about.

Jeremy Whitlock <>
Twitter: jcscoobyrs

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