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From Gary <>
Subject Re: Catching up
Date Mon, 06 Feb 2012 11:58:52 GMT

For some reason I thought that I had responded to this thread. Sorry 
about that..

As noted we have the VM on which an instance of Trac is running. We 
could do with deciding on how various types of users should be able to 
interact with this - and therefore we probably need to know if there are 
any rules Apache have for this. So do we want (or are we allowed):

  * Full anonymous access for wiki page creating/editing and ticket
    opening/closing or
  * User self-registration for the same actions

or any other options? I haven't looked at configuring mail to allow for 
users to look after themselves yet so I'll probably have to test 
configurations to make sure that I can get it working. Talking of which, 
I wonder if it would be overkill to have some kind of staging server 
that we can test changes to the trac/bloodhound vm before they go live?

Another aspect of the Trac setup I have not touched yet is working out 
how to integrate with the bloodhound svn repository. I think that Trac 
generally expects this to be on the same server as itself. I assume that 
this is not the case here.

Particular work I am interested in getting arranged is CI. Is this 
something that Gavin would be able to get involved with or have 
recommendations for? I believe that Buildbot and Jenkins are the readily 
available choices. It would be nice to have a solution that 
Trac/Bloodhound would be able to integrate with but it is not a strict 

At this point there is still no real code in the repositories to for CI 
to test and so I think that it would be good if we could ask Olemis to 
contribute his work on the theme and dashboard to the svn repositories. 
That will also have the advantage that everyone can play with his code 
and contribute patches back. I'm hoping to get some code down in there 
too shortly.

Have I missed anything important?


Best wishes,

Gary Martin
Lead Developer
WANdisco, Inc.

On 01/31/2012 11:09 PM, Gavin McDonald wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've been away for 2 weeks on personal leave but am now ready to join in
> with whatever needs doing.
> My initial goals were to help getting the infrastructure + related software
> up and running.
> I notice Tony of Infra has created a VM. (someone mentioned that it was
> disabled for password logins, good! it
> will stay that way, get a key!)
> Please can I have a summary of the situation so far, what's been done, what
> are we waiting on, etc, what queries
> do you have. I'll get started when I know what we need doing first.
> Thanks
> Gav...

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