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From Gary <>
Subject Re: MultiProduct -- Was: Re: svn commit: r1242755
Date Fri, 17 Feb 2012 10:06:49 GMT
On 02/17/2012 09:59 AM, Mat Booth wrote:
> On 17 February 2012 09:47, Gary<>  wrote:
>> On 02/16/2012 06:50 PM, Mat Booth wrote:
>>> Also relevant:
>>> Now that I have fixed my personal website, I'd like to share a couple
>>> of plug-ins I've written in the past for Trac. The first is
>>> rudimentary support for multiple products, as a patch to the Trac core
>>> and a companion plug-in, rather uninventively named MultiProduct:
>>> It was written a couple of years ago now so it was written for Trac
>>> 0.11 but it does exciting things like add a new ticket field type to
>>> facilitate having product dependant components and product dependant
>>> versions. You can read more at the link above and by all means Gary,
>>> steal as much of it as you like if it is useful to your multi-product
>>> effort -- it's proven too as I know of at least two companies using it
>>> in production in their internal Trac installs in addition to my
>>> personal Trac at :-)
>>> We should sit down and discuss merging our efforts, maybe. What are
>>> your thoughts Gary?
>>> The second plug-in I'm responsible for is called TicketValidation:
>>> Which was created in response to make certain ticket fields mandatory
>>> for certain ticket types. Basically it's a way of configuring boolean
>>> expressions to determine if a ticket field is mandatory based on the
>>> values of the other fields. It also supports hiding fields from view
>>> in a similar way. It's a little more rough and ready than my
>>> MultiProduct plug-in, but again there is at least company I know of
>>> using it production.
>>> I would be happy to move these two plug-ins wholesale to the
>>> BloodHound project if you guys like them. I can then spend some time
>>> updating them to work with the latest version of the Trac code base.
>>> Enjoy!
>> That is fantastic. Personally I would be very happy to see this work put
>> into bloodhound as there is some very useful work there. I was under the
>> impression that your multiproduct plugin was looking at a different level to
>> my work but, even if that is true, it should go a long way towards solving
>> other problems.
>> Thanks Mat!
>> Cheers,
>>     Gary
> Changed the subject cause I hijacked the thread ;-)

Good move :)

> Yes, I guess it does work at a different level. If what you want to is
> to make products or projects a way of partitioning lists of tickets a
> la Jira then you can think of my plug-in more as merely adding
> per-component subcomponents and per-component versions. But you can
> use the new field type that the patch adds to define relationships
> between any drop-down selection fields you can think of.

I think that subcomponents is something that we are likely to want at 
some point so that should be perfect.

I wonder if there are now appropriate extension points in Trac to allow 
this to work without patching. Possibly something to consider further 
down the line though.


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