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From Mat Booth <>
Subject Re: Bloodhound UI basics
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2012 16:01:10 GMT
On 1 February 2012 15:54, Jeremy Whitlock <> wrote:
> Hello all,
>        There were too many thread to respond to inline so I'll just address things
> 1) Bootstrap is just a CSS framework with a few very lightweight JavaScript plugins built
on top of jQuery.  It is not a templating engine nor is it going to have any impact on what
we use on the backend to generate the markup sent to the client.  That being said, we could
easily update the current Trac templates to generate markup that is suitable for Bootstrap
and move on.  I have a good bit of familiarity with Bootstrap so once we start working on
this, I'd love to help.
> 2) Geshi filter's performance is a concern that we should address sooner rather than
later.  Based on my understanding of how it's used, we could remove the dependency on it
by having a real UI framework like bootstrap in place.  Since all of the UI stuff is handled
by Bootstrap, the backend templating system would not have to do as much as it does now which
might make its importance diminish.  I know that trying to get something out quick likely
will not leave much room for a templating system overhaul now but I think the problem Geshi
is solving on the backend could be alleviated by using a good framework on the frontend.
> 3) I know Geshi does more for Trac than just help render it's frontend, it also helps
do syntax highlighting of the sources being displayed in the repository browser and such.
 I'm not an immediate +1 on removing it but again, I have a suggestion for a client-side
solution that will help make our backend much leaner and performant: Google Code Prettify
(  This is a client-side syntax highlighter
that I used on a private project I wrote and it was great.  Just something to think about.
> Those are the only things I wanted to address.
> Take care,
> Jeremy Whitlock <>
> Twitter: jcscoobyrs

Thanks for the clear reply, Jeremy.


Mat Booth
Software Engineer
WANdisco, Inc.

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