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From Greg Stein <>
Subject backup
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2012 10:05:08 GMT
Now that the VM is up and running, I wanted to pass along [from Infra]
the fact that it is *not* backed up.

First, that means that any httpd config, any manual installs, etc,
should be stored into SVN. If the VM goes "poof" and disappears, then
we need repeatable instructions recorded for setting that VM up again.
What packages were installed? Where? What config? What elements can be
checked in, and what needs to be recorded as "edit this file?" Mark:
I'm assuming you did the setup? Can you get those instructions into
svn? That information could also be useful for eventual users of
Apache Bloodhound. (maybe most of it is a copy of Trac's install docs
for now)

Second, the data generated by the installed app is not backed up. For
now, I told Infra "no big deal, we can lose it." My suspicion is that
most data entered into the self-host install will be testing. If/when
we get to "real" issues recorded, then it may be advisable to get that
data backed up. Please file a ticket with Infra to make that happen.


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