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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject Re: Initial version of Bloodhound WAS: Dashboard design, Wiki (incl HTML/CSS)
Date Wed, 15 Feb 2012 20:40:16 GMT
On Tue, Feb 14, 2012 at 9:37 AM, Joachim Dreimann
<> wrote:
> As I said on Google Plus, this is a very good starting point.


This is the latest version [8]_ after incorporating Bootstrap and your
design in the dashboard itself .

> On 9 February 2012 21:06, Olemis Lang <> wrote:
>> Important Notes (top-down):
>> - `Preferences` label rather than `Settings` . Trac-core modification required.
>> - `View More` link under `Apps` dropdown menu is useless => removed
>> - Only `wiki`, `tickets` and `browser` main nav items are visible in tabs area
>>   [1]_ .
> Noted. I've updated the html mock up [1] too where necessary. I think
> we should use the terminology consistently though as Tickets, Wiki and
> Source (ie drop 'View' from 'View Tickets').

That requires to modify Trac source code . Now that we have an issue
tracker , is it a good idea to use it ? If so, please feel free to
identify all enhancements needed, create a ticket, and assign it to
olemis (<= /me ;) .
I think that's a good way for me to remember this needs to be done
(... later ... maybe next week ;)

>> - `Browse source` item is not visible in there as there's no repository
>>   configured in that environment.
> I believe it should still show when there is no repository. The page
> will then display a message of how to set up the link to the
> repository, or hide the tab and explain how to add it later.

... another ticket ? ... :$

>> - Reports look empty due to the fact that it's a brand new Trac=0.13
>>   environment (tickets number = 0) . [4]
>> - Pay attention to duplicated search box [5]_
> Redesign of the search results page is almost ready. Essentially the
> search box should be removed from it and the checkboxes rearranged,
> more good stuff in v2 + onwards

ok, I look forward to your proposal

>> - IMO what mainnav items are always visible should be set in trac.ini . So
>>   default configuration will the one shown in screenshots , but people can
>>   configure and make their own decisions
> I'm happy for it to be represented there. Options to change this via
> the interface may follow in later versions.


>> - Nonetheless, if some other main nav item (e.g. `Admin`) is active it is also
>>   added in there [2]_ as I thought it was useful to be aware of that fact.
> I believe that when something that is in the Apps dropdown is selected
> (ie Admin in your example), Apps should be highlighted. The Admin tab
> shouldn't suddenly appear next to the others (which would set the
> expectation that it can be found there) just to disappear again once
> something else is clicked (causing confusion).

I c your point . I just thought users should know what section of the
site they are browsing at a given moment . If «Apps» is highlighted
then users still might not know «relatively quickly» ... as there're
many options in there .

> The question whether 'Admin' should be a tab on its own is a separate
> one, it's just an example above. What I described should be true for
> all Apps in the main navigation - they should stay where they are
> unless intentionally moved.
>>   If this is not ok for you then my suggestion is to add `active` class to the
>>   corresponding (active) mainnav item in the dropdown menu . (i.e. highlighted
>>   in blue background color)
> Sounds liks that's more along the lines of what I described above.


>> - `Search anything ...` hint inside search box is not displayed in Firefox
>>   but it shows up in Chrome & Opera [7]_ ... :-/
> Works correctly in Firefox 10 on Mac OS X, can try other O/S if you need.

Maybe it's my version of Firefox ... not sure whether it's a big deal or not .

> Two changes I've made since the last Email:
> 1. Updated the breadcrumb to now be in the style of Bootstrap
> 2. Added Help back to the metanav.
> - Joe
> [1]

I'll finish these later today . Thnx

.. [8] Report and activity widgets in the dashboard (using Bootstrap) .



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