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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject Including Bootstrap + Prettify and maybe other JS template libs in Bloodhound as a dependency WAS: Bloodhound UI basics
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2012 16:40:30 GMT
On Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 10:54 AM, Jeremy Whitlock <> wrote:
> Hello all,


>        There were too many thread to respond to inline so I'll just address things
> 1) Bootstrap is just a CSS framework with a few very lightweight JavaScript plugins built
on top of jQuery.

There's also the case for using something like JsViews [1]_ , and
ICanHaz [2]_ ( powered by Mustache ? [3]_ ) which are real
fully-featured client-side template systems . Maybe some tighter
integration with Trac is required ...

> 2) Geshi filter's performance is a concern that we should address sooner rather than

+1 Genshi performance in general ;)

> I know that trying to get something out quick likely will not leave much room for a templating
system overhaul now but I think the problem Geshi is solving on the backend could be alleviated
by using a good framework on the frontend.

that looks nice ; so I look forward to more precise comments on this
subject in this *new* thread .
Excuse me for my previous indiscipline . I should have started a new
thread since long time ago

> 3) I know Geshi does more for Trac than just help render it's frontend, it also helps
do syntax highlighting of the sources being displayed in the repository browser and such.

afaik Genshi is not (heavily) used for syntax highlighting . afaicr
that's a whole different subject delegated to Pygments , ...

>  I'm not an immediate +1 on removing it but again, I have a suggestion for a client-side
solution that will help make our backend much leaner and performant: Google Code Prettify
(  This is a client-side syntax highlighter
that I used on a private project I wrote and it was great.  Just something to think about.

looking forward to see how this can be integrated into Trac . This
will certainly remove some server-side processing .

> Those are the only things I wanted to address.

good to know about those
interesting indeed

> Take care,


Please it'd be nice if anyone could summarize all these in the wiki .
I suggest a «potentially huge» area in the wiki (e.g. Proposals,
Brainstorm, Ideas, ...) maybe using nice wiki templates to standardize
how proposals should look like ... and summarize all this in there .
Then move forward and create tickets for tasks
(please reply preferably in a separate thread ;)

PS: Maybe it'd be nice to send notifications for wiki updates to
bh-commits ML or some other place ( IRC ? ) . Please discuss this in a
separate thread .

.. [1] JsViews: Next-generation jQuery Templates


.. [2] ICanHaz.js - Simple & powerful client-side templating


.. [3] janl's Mustache.js



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