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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject Re: Dashboard design, Wiki (incl HTML/CSS)
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2012 13:19:13 GMT
On Thu, Feb 9, 2012 at 7:34 AM, Joachim Dreimann
<> wrote:
> In terms of option 2, Bootstrap can be modified on the page itself:
> ..but also using LESS:
> It all depends on what modifications you are looking for exactly.

thnx for the pointer

> From my insights into Trac so far there is no CSS that is currently
> provided which Bootstrap doesn't also cover in some way.

that's cool indeed .

> Please take
> the next bit with a pinch of salt because my focus is less technical:
> I would think mapping all current CSS references in Trac to the single
> Bootstrap file instead is a starting point. We have already
> established earlier that Bootstrap and Genshi are not in conflict per
> se.

I already did that for trac.css as it contains generic . JFTR the
missing piece in the puzzle is that specific modules (e.g. wiki) add
their own rules & CSS classes . In theory , if Trac

1- didn't provide generic rules (e.g. p { /* whatever */ } ) and ...
2- use different CSS classes

... then it would be possible to obtain expected result relatively quick . So

- In order to work around #1 above I suggested to replace trac.css
with bootstrap.css
- The links you provided before might help to achieve #2

I'll provide more feedback later today .

> We will then see what breaks, and should decide how to best map those
> instances to Bootstrap on a case by case basis, recording these
> decisions in patches that can then also be applied to Apps (currently
> called TracHacks/plugins) to maintain compatibility, or at least
> highlight what exactly needs to be changed to be compatible.


> The upshot of this is that we should be able to try this quickly and
> if too much breaks to be worth fixing we've ruled out one option.

... agreed . I just mentioned the three options to get feedback from
you and be in synch
Thnx for your reply .

> In fact I'll go further than that and volunteer myself to try it this
> afternoon (with Gary's help). I'll post here again later to say how it
> went.

I look forward to see your conclusions .



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