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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject Re: Dashboard design, Wiki (incl HTML/CSS)
Date Wed, 08 Feb 2012 14:52:32 GMT
Hi !

On Wed, Feb 8, 2012 at 8:39 AM, Joachim Dreimann
<> wrote:
> Good to see that some discussion is ongoing, and that work on some on
> the architecture of the dashboard has already started.


> I believe it would help to refocus our efforts by making the designs I
> sent previously more concrete by creating them in HTML.

yes, thnx .

> I did this
> yesterday with the Bootstrap framework that seemed to have been quite
> popular when it was suggested [1]. You can see the result here:

... from the coder perspective :

1- we need a report outputting data just like shown under "dashboard"
    header (and figure out how to make it look like ) . I'd appreciate
    if somebody can provide the SQL for it ;)
2- ... or implement another widget looking just like that , though IMO
    it's a bit redundant to have a gorgeous report engine and still
    write SQL queries *by hand* ... but it's possible in the end ;)
3- considering the fact that there's no multi-proj support yet ,
    widget at the bottom will be replaced by something else .
4- Activity widget is ready so ... ;)
5- Bootstrap layout should be no big deal , as I mentioned before ;)

... and please , tell Warren to stop saying the same thing over
and over ... two days and still the same speech ...

> This is our initial goal for the design. I will create further pages
> over the next few days.

cool !
now that I have some HTML , I'll update theme + dashboard to make it
look as similar as possible .


> I will now start to document the actual functionality of this page in
> the Bloodhound Wiki, but please be aware that this won't contain
> significant information for another few hours:
> I would strongly suggest that we only implement functionality as
> described in this Wiki article. Anyone that wants to get edit access,
> please ask on this list, providing the username of your choice.

/me wants to access
username : olemis

> Gary
> will then contact you with initial login details that can be modified
> within Bloodhound. This is only an initial process and we'll have to
> come up with something more sustainable in the medium term.

OpenID ?



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