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From Joachim Dreimann <>
Subject Re: Initial version of Bloodhound WAS: Dashboard design, Wiki (incl HTML/CSS)
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2012 14:37:29 GMT
As I said on Google Plus, this is a very good starting point.

On 9 February 2012 21:06, Olemis Lang <> wrote:
> Yeehaw !
> There is a new version of the theme based on Bootstrap , very similar
> to what Joachim sketched before ( while True : print "Thanks Joachim
> ... Keep up the good work" ) . Please take a look at it here [6]_ , as
> you can see a bit more of CSS-fu still needed ;)
> Important Notes (top-down):
> - `Preferences` label rather than `Settings` . Trac-core modification required.
> - `View More` link under `Apps` dropdown menu is useless => removed
> - Only `wiki`, `tickets` and `browser` main nav items are visible in tabs area
>   [1]_ .

Noted. I've updated the html mock up [1] too where necessary. I think
we should use the terminology consistently though as Tickets, Wiki and
Source (ie drop 'View' from 'View Tickets').

> - `Browse source` item is not visible in there as there's no repository
>   configured in that environment.

I believe it should still show when there is no repository. The page
will then display a message of how to set up the link to the
repository, or hide the tab and explain how to add it later.

> - Reports look empty due to the fact that it's a brand new Trac=0.13
>   environment (tickets number = 0) . [4]
> - Pay attention to duplicated search box [5]_

Redesign of the search results page is almost ready. Essentially the
search box should be removed from it and the checkboxes rearranged,
more good stuff in v2 + onwards

> - IMO what mainnav items are always visible should be set in trac.ini . So
>   default configuration will the one shown in screenshots , but people can
>   configure and make their own decisions

I'm happy for it to be represented there. Options to change this via
the interface may follow in later versions.

> - Nonetheless, if some other main nav item (e.g. `Admin`) is active it is also
>   added in there [2]_ as I thought it was useful to be aware of that fact.

I believe that when something that is in the Apps dropdown is selected
(ie Admin in your example), Apps should be highlighted. The Admin tab
shouldn't suddenly appear next to the others (which would set the
expectation that it can be found there) just to disappear again once
something else is clicked (causing confusion).

The question whether 'Admin' should be a tab on its own is a separate
one, it's just an example above. What I described should be true for
all Apps in the main navigation - they should stay where they are
unless intentionally moved.

>   If this is not ok for you then my suggestion is to add `active` class to the
>   corresponding (active) mainnav item in the dropdown menu . (i.e. highlighted
>   in blue background color)

Sounds liks that's more along the lines of what I described above.

> - TODO: Styles for notices, warnings and messages are not available in Joachim
>   HTML , therefore I didn't know how to add something like that . This how
>   it looks at present [3]_ .

Other than the type you've shown in your screenshot, what other types
of notices / warnings / messages would appear?

> - `Search anything ...` hint inside search box is not displayed in Firefox
>   but it shows up in Chrome & Opera [7]_ ... :-/

Works correctly in Firefox 10 on Mac OS X, can try other O/S if you need.

Two changes I've made since the last Email:
1. Updated the breadcrumb to now be in the style of Bootstrap
2. Added Help back to the metanav.

- Joe


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