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From Joachim Dreimann <>
Subject Re: Initial version of Bloodhound WAS: Dashboard design, Wiki (incl HTML/CSS)
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2012 21:29:19 GMT
I'll address points made throughout the last few Emails by Olemis in
one below, in chronological order:

> PS: So far bootstrap CSS needs a patch in order to render breadcrumbs correctly

That's fine. A small, well documented patch is worth a thousand big
patches, right?

> I'll move forward and implement a components cloud (widget) so as to complete dashboard

Apologies if you've started with this already, but it seems like we'll
approach this issue differently. Instead of providing the <well>
</well> for Components, we'll have a button bar above the list of
tickets that allows you to select this or other options. You can see
this already on the Version view for example:

I'll be able to update this for the Dashboard tomorrow.

> - Colors for reports
> - Styles for timeline events
> - Context navigation in dashboard page
> - Links to download widget contents inserted in dropdown
>  menu at widgets header

I would leave the download links out for now. We should definitely
provide them in the Custom Query and Reports interface though -
because that's where the user has a whole lot more control over the
query itself and can therefore easily generate the right information
to export.

I'm not quite sure what impacts the other points have? (Styles for
timeline events, colors for reports?)

In regards to the colors highlighting priority in the Dashboard: I
much prefer showing high importance via left-alignment in the Priority
columns of High priority items (while Medium and Low priority are
aligned right in the column). With the colors you may get in a
situation otherwise where they constantly repeat for every day, which
could result in a double rainbow :)

> Besides I also added another widget displaying a tag cloud similar to «Projects» in
Joachim's proposal .

Oops, sorry! This will most likely be replaced with a button bar, as
described above (and shown in the Version view). Since you've built it
though, there may be other places where it could come in handy.

- Joe

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