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From Joachim Dreimann <>
Subject Re: Bloodhound UI basics
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2012 11:36:19 GMT
+1 for Bootstrap (third) from iteration 1. Also Bootstrap v2 will be
released soon (was due yesterday) with better mobile / tablet support

On 31 January 2012 22:23, Olemis Lang <> wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 12:07 PM, Joachim Dreimann
> <> wrote:
> [...]
> cool !
> Below I mention a few ideas , mainly focused on how to get this
> implemented in the theme itself
> ;)

That's great actually, I think we should go straight from these rough
drafts to implementation. I'm more happy to refine the design in html
than to come up with things that may be easy to mock up but difficult
to implement.

> This means that parts of this message are not just about the design ,
> but also about the underlying machinery to make the theme magic happen
> :-/
> [...]
>> 2. Content should be shown in a pane larger than half the screen width
>> on the left.
> good to know . I was thinking of using a 50% - 50% layout initially
> :$
> 66% - 33% should be ok ? or maybe some combination of fixed & relative
> width (i.e. using height & max-height) will be better ?

Yes, 66% + 33% width will be fine to start with. My thinking here is
that content should always be your focus, Activity is just a view of
what happened to the content recently.
Once we have something up and running we can have a play around with
different fixed/relative widths for either half, I'll happily get
involved with that.

>> 3. Activity relating to the content is shown on the remaining width on the right
>>    (this is essentially Trac's timeline feature with context-specific
>> filters applied).
> once I reviewed previous mockup I was thinking of considering activity
> to be yet another widget in the dashboard ... afaics the idea now is a
> bit different than that ... isn't it ?

Yes, I actually found the Activity view useful in all parts of the
ticket system. For example the Component view:
( Mockup

This is consistent across the dashboard, project, version, milestone,
component and ticket views.
In some future version this would also be the natural place to show
activity graphs (see .png above), but that's not needed for our
initial work.

> [...]
>> The basic page setup would stay consistent throughout all of the
>> Ticket system in Bloodhound.
> ... so my aforementioned impression of including the timeline as part
> of the dashboard is not valid anymore , isn't it ?

As above, this applies everywhere in the ticket system. The Dashboard
is only special in that it pulls in data relevant to the user from
everywhere - all other screens just provide a narrower focus.

> if that's the case , options to get this done are as follows :
> 1- implement component outside core (e.g. side-by-side with
>    plugins migrated from Trac-Hacks ;) that detects that both
>    ticket and timeline systems are enabled and , if this is
>    the case , inserts the timeline (i.e. using ITemplateFilter ... afaicr )
> 2- implement such behavior and package that component in
>    the theme itself
> 3- modify genshi templates in core components to include timeline
>     and/or implement that idea in core distribution
>     (maybe in TicketModule itself, but maybe others ...)
> ... beware of the fact that timeline and ticket modules are separate
> entities in Trac .
> why do I mention options above ? So as to know if the theme should
> be changed or something else needs to be implemented
> [...]
>> Mockup files here (these will be updated regularly:
> ... about logo file ; it'd be nice to have a similar picture in
> transparent background ...

I'd go one further and say that we need a vector graphic of the logo,
at least of the hound. I've never met the person that created the
logo, does anyone else know whether we can still get this? If not we
may go down the road of tracing it..

- Joe

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