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From Joachim Dreimann <>
Subject Product / Version view
Date Wed, 15 Feb 2012 16:51:12 GMT
I have now created HTML mockups for the Product and Version views
within Apache Bloodhound:

Product view:
Version view:

The idea behind both of these is to provide the description and status
of what you are looking at (Product/Version) and a peek into the level
below. When you look at the Product page for example, you'd be allowed
to use the tabs to cycle through different Versions associated with
this. Once you have decided you want to dive deeper into that version,
you click the heading to take you to the version view.

Initial feedback I received said that the user would have expected to
go straight to the Version when clicking on the relevant tab, rather
than just the tab-content changing. My response was that when clicking
on a tab, the tab content should be shown - this interface allows the
user to quickly check different versions when they are unsure which
one to look into further.

I have not had the time yet to fully document the functionality and
setup of these screens, but an initial outline of this will follow
tomorrow in the Wiki:
Product view:
Version view:

As a side note, some of the links between the mockups now also work.
The idea behind that is that once a few more screens are designed we/I
will be able to test how well navigating for use cases works.

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