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From Jim Callahan <>
Subject Re: Bloodhound thoughts
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2012 20:54:17 GMT
Thanks for that.

I got the path vs location deal now. I totally misunderstood, my bad

On 2/20/12 2:50 PM, "Joachim Dreimann" <>

>On 20 February 2012 19:27, Jim Callahan <>
>> On 2/20/12 1:16 PM, "Joachim Dreimann" <>
>> wrote:
>>>The breadcrumb should reflect this structure, which handily is also
>>>existant in the Trac Wiki by default. As I understand it
>>>BreadCrumbsNav doesn't do this currently. Also, pages last visited
>>>should be returned to via the back button of the browser!
>> I'd be afraid of complicating the BC functionality. Is there an example
>> out there where this multi-level BC functionality is implemented
>> successfully. I'm not saying it's not, just that I can't think of one
>> the top of my head.
>Apologies Jim for not being clear. Most breadcrumbs show the
>*location* (ie File systems, Websites, etc), which is what I believe
>Bloodhound should do too. Some breadcrumbs show the *path* of how the
>user got there, which is what I understand BreadCrumbsNav does.
>(Wikipedia for further brief definitions:
> ).
>It seems to me that the plugin chose path over location because Trac
>doesn't have a structure as such, while Bloodhound will have some
>> My bread crumbs use case is more complicated than a simple click on a
>> button. I am constantly managing work for multiple milestones and
>> enhancements in multiple different online apps. The BC plugin is key to
>> being able to remember what I've done and go back just a little bit. I
>> won't necessarily even have a history tomorrow that isn't gummed up by
>> 85,000 other links.
>> But, that may just be me.
>I'm sure that's not just you! I'm at least one other person, and I can
>see this being quite a common use case.
>Bloodhound provides more functionality to help you with this though:
>- Activity (Timeline in Trac) is now very prominent in the UI, and it
>makes perfect sense to allow you to filter this by your own actions
>- Custom Query Activity - I believe Custom Queries should have the
>option to show Activities as well as Tickets, with you being able to
>filter both in the same way.
>- Dashboard - While it currently only shows you Tickets allocated to
>you or watched by you, in future Bloodhound will allow you to watch
>anything: eg Projects, Products, Milestones, etc. That will allow you
>to keep track of things across all of the Bloodhound instance.
>- Projects allow you to keep track of anything (Tickets, Milestones,
>etc) across one or more Products.
>- Joe

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