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From Joe Dreimann <>
Subject Re: Project Website
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2012 18:49:06 GMT
I agree Greg. However I don't have commit access, this is a workaround until I do.

As these files don't exist in svn I can't produce patches against them with updates either,
which was suggested to me regarding the wireframes.

I'd have to Email a current committer with the files every time, and on an average day I may
work on 15 or so files. In fact my lack of commit access is why the other 25 Mockups aren't
in svn yet.

Long story short, with commit access I would do all my work in svn. :)

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On 1 Feb 2012, at 18:32, Greg Stein <> wrote:

> On Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 12:48, Joachim Dreimann
> <> wrote:
>> I have now replaced the "Everything you need to run Bloodhound will be
>> provided within." with "Everything you need to run Bloodhound with
>> your favourite web server and database will be provided." and changed
>> the sentence before form "easy to use installer" to  "easy
>> installation process".
>> What does everybody think?
> If you ask us what we think, then we have to respond in email and wait
> for you to update your draft.
> It is better to just check your work into source control. That allows
> others in the community to tweak and alter the website. ie. move away
> from a dependency on you, to enabling the community as a whole to make
> changes.
> Please just commit your work. My feedback will done via svn.
> In general, I'd like to see more work done in version control rather
> than on personal websites (such as or dropbox). When
> it is in version control, then we can all participate. Newcomers can
> also find the work in version control much easier than tracking down
> these personal sites based on links found in some random email on the
> mailing list.
> Thanks,
> -g

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