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From Gary Martin <>
Subject Re: Relaxing access control to the Bloodhound source
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2013 11:16:13 GMT
I can't see any particular problem with this as I don't expect we will 
get huge volumes of changes that we cannot cope with. I would also 
expect committers to generally be self-regulating and some basic 
etiquette like discussion on the dev list would result. Obviously we 
would also be able to revert any changes that we are not happy with.

Although we could just try it out, we probably want to review and 
perhaps get involved with related discussions before making a final 
decision. There appears to be a related discussion going on here:


On 08/01/13 10:28, Peter Koželj wrote:
> I guess the SVN's change probably isn't long enough to have any feedback on
> how well that works,
> but I do agree that this is an option worth trying. I guess we
> can always switch back if it does not work.
> Peter
> On 7 January 2013 22:58, Joe Dreimann <> wrote:
>> I see a far bigger risk of not receiving contributions than of receiving
>> poor quality / malicious contributions at this point. If this is a proven
>> approach for svn, I have no objection to the change.
>> - Joe
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>> On 7 Jan 2013, at 21:06, Branko Čibej <> wrote:
>>> There was recently a long debate on the (private) members@ list about
>>> lowering technical barriers for commit access. As a result, the
>>> Subversion project has already changed its access control settings so
>>> that any ASF committer can make changes to the Subversion source code.
>>> I propose that Bloodhound does the same.
>>> I have to point out that making this change would /not/ mean that
>>> everyone has license to fiddle with the Bloodhound source code without
>>> prior consent from the BH dev community. Project member status must
>>> still be earned, but the proposed change means that contributions from
>>> ASF committers would use up a lot less of the BH developers' time.
>>> The proponents of this change are hoping that eventually, most of the
>>> ASF projects will move to a more relaxed access control model.
>>> Bloodhound, having a relatively small and homogeneous community, would
>>> likely profit by lowering the bar for new contributors.
>>> -- Brane
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>>> Branko Čibej
>>> Director of Subversion | WANdisco |

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