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From Gary Martin <>
Subject Access to issue tracker (Was: Re: Relaxing access control to the Bloodhound source)
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2013 16:32:39 GMT
Given the aim of removing technical barriers to contributions from 
apache committers, I was wondering if we could also do something to 
lower the barriers for committers to our issue tracker.

I am not yet sure what is currently technically possible between 
Bloodhound and infrastructure, but it strikes me that it would be nice 
to be able to either automatically allow committers to have access or to 
have common authentication with the rest of

Obviously we would need to make sure that the existing non-apache 
committers can continue to contribute and I suspect that we would also 
continue to look after permissions.

Any thoughts?


On 09/01/13 13:58, Gary Martin wrote:
> It seems that everyone who is for this has made a very good case. I 
> took a bit of time to play devil's advocate to see if I could find 
> good enough objections for our usage but I think everything is covered.
> Just to check.. is this is a decision we can make independently of the 
> Anyway +1 to the suggestion.
> Cheers,
>     Gary
> On 08/01/13 11:20, Greg Stein wrote:
>> We made the change just a week or so ago, so yeah: no metrics yet.
>> Branko put it well: why not remove technical barriers. If an Allura dev
>> shows up with a patch/tweak, and we say "ooh. nice", then our devs 
>> merely
>> say +1 and the contributor commits. No ACL or LDAP changes. No patch
>> downloaded/applied. Just an email saying "thanks".
>> This is version control. Anything can be rolled back. I like to turn the
>> question around: why *should* we erect technical barriers? (yes, we 
>> still
>> have social barriers, and expect people to engage)

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