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From Gary Martin <>
Subject Re: Access to issue tracker (Was: Re: Relaxing access control to the Bloodhound source)
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2013 16:58:44 GMT
On 09/01/13 16:40, Branko ─îibej wrote:
> On 09.01.2013 17:32, Gary Martin wrote:
>> Given the aim of removing technical barriers to contributions from
>> apache committers, I was wondering if we could also do something to
>> lower the barriers for committers to our issue tracker.
>> I am not yet sure what is currently technically possible between
>> Bloodhound and infrastructure, but it strikes me that it would be nice
>> to be able to either automatically allow committers to have access or
>> to have common authentication with the rest of
>> Obviously we would need to make sure that the existing non-apache
>> committers can continue to contribute and I suspect that we would also
>> continue to look after permissions.
>> Any thoughts?
> This implies that you'd have two user databases, one for external
> contributors, and one (hooked into LDAP?) for committers. I suppose
> you're looking for a MultiAuthn plugin for Trac/BH? :)
> -- Brane

I *think* that the AccountManagerPlugin can deal with multiple auth 
sources. We could of course just ask current contributors to re-register 
if non committers are allowed accounts for the other issues.a.o 
trackers. That could be a bit of a pain for everyone though.

I would be surprised if we also had the ability to automatically provide 
a different set of permissions to committers at the moment though so for 
editing rights they would probably still have to request this through 
the bh-dev mailing list.


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