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From Gary Martin <>
Subject Re: Public demo instance hosted by third party
Date Thu, 10 Jan 2013 15:12:02 GMT
On 10/01/13 12:18, Nick Burch wrote:
> On Thu, 10 Jan 2013, Joachim Dreimann wrote:
>> We've been trying to get a demo instance of Bloodhound set up for some
>> time. Currently the effort is still stuck with ASF Infra [1].
> It might be worth engaging with infra on this. It's possible that by 
> asking several different things in one ticket (vm, build infra etc), 
> it has confused things. Hopefully someone from infra could advise on 
> what's needed to get it all moving (potentially by splitting out the 
> build queries)
> Nick

It may well be that we have not pushed hard enough on the ticket but it 
is the first ticket we have raised that did not generate some kind of 
response relatively quickly. I've updated the ticket to remove the extra 
question, leaving the details of what I think we want and a few details 
of how we will subsequently use the resource.

Any other advice would be good!

I don't think Joe is suggesting that we stop trying to get the VM of 
course. I still work on the assumption that we will get the VM 
eventually or get given appropriate advice on infra provided alternatives.


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