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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject Re: Access to issue tracker (Was: Re: Relaxing access control to the Bloodhound source)
Date Thu, 10 Jan 2013 03:12:20 GMT
On 1/9/13, Gary Martin <> wrote:
> Given the aim of removing technical barriers to contributions from
> apache committers, I was wondering if we could also do something to
> lower the barriers for committers to our issue tracker.
> I am not yet sure what is currently technically possible between
> Bloodhound and infrastructure, but it strikes me that it would be nice
> to be able to either automatically allow committers to have access or to
> have common authentication with the rest of
> Obviously we would need to make sure that the existing non-apache
> committers can continue to contribute

that would be nice . I guess this should be possible (LDAP + something
else ) via PAM , apache2 modules , and/or account manager plugin .
I've been able to integrate MS Active Directory users this way but
also notably via OpenID (in this particular case using gracie [1]_ ) .
If you ask me I'm really fond of allow people to login using their
preferred OpenID provider . I don't know whether there such a thing
for Apache members / committers / ... but that's another option for
lowering the barriers for people to contribute . I'm one of the
persons who often stays away just because there's a new registration
form in the middle , a new passw to remember , ...

> and I suspect that we would also
> continue to look after permissions.

even before setting up something for apache committers there are a few
things to consider in this direction . However please notice that
everything I'm mentioning here is not based on my experience but
feedback I got from persons that I know who have tried to express
themselves via i.a.o , but  desisted . I do have been granted with
permission . So CMIIW

For instance , even after login users seem not to be able to modify
certain aspects of tickets (e.g. add to CC list , not sure about
adding comments and attaching patches ...) . I've also heard that it's
not possible either to edit wiki pages . What may (not) logged in
users do ?

Of course no need to worry about all these for anonymous access .

.. [1] gracie @ PyPI

PS: btw one such person is user alek6cu @ i.a.o . I kindly request you
to provide him access to interact with the issue tracker (in a similar
way like franco once upon a time) . Thanks in advance

PS: PS: gracie binaries are also available in Debian , Ubuntu , ...
repositories .



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