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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject Re: [BEP-0003] Request for comments : DB configuration vs ConfigParser
Date Mon, 07 Jan 2013 04:36:53 GMT
On 1/4/13, Olemis Lang <> wrote:
> ... so I'd like to know beforehand if anybody has anything to say
> about that subject . Comments ? Objections ?

A few more comments , based on my recent experience building a solution for #115

  - I noticed that `ModelBase.update` method invokes
    `TicketSystem.reset_ticket_fields` inside a
    DB transaction. I wander if this is still needed for models
    not related to tickets at all (e.g. product settings) .
  - It'd be nice to modify the signature (or provide an alias)
    for `ModelBase.__init__` in order to be able to invoke it
    using keyword arguments i.e. Model(env, {x=... , y=...})
    will be Model(env, x=... , y=...)
    * franco had the idea and started to do a similar thing
      so I guess he might be able to provide one such solution
      in the near future .
  - We should add batch operations in ModelBase . That includes
    batch inserts , batch updates and removal of multiple DB records.
  - Some modules make use of `with` statements without __future__ import
  - Current implementation of `ModelBase.delete` seems not to offer
    the possibility of executing these modifications in the context of
    an existing DB transaction . IOW , `` includes `db`
    parameter but `ModelBase.delete` doesn't . Should it be added ?
    AFAICT the same happens with `ModelBase.insert` , etc ...
  - In `ModelBase.__setattr__` there is a snippet shown below . However
    in that case self is bound to an instance of `ModelBase` direct
    object descendant . Execution of else branch should raise a type error
    isn't it ? Besides I don't understand what is  it for .


    if data and fields and name in fields:
        self._data[name] = value
        dict.__setattr__(self, name, value)


  As a matter of fact it seems to me this might be the cause why these
  lines of code do not work as they are supposed to , unless I'm
  missing something . In that case setting.value is always None , even
  after attribute assignment .


  class ProductSetting(ModelBase):

  setting = ProductSetting(env)
  setting.value = value

  However , maybe it's just that is empty ... I'm not sure .

If some of these deserve new tickets I'll move forward and
create some.



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